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  1. I agree, it’s deliberate winding up and dividing us so thry can bring in martial law then that’s it game over

    • It’s about getting the public to shout off about non mask wearing celebrities then insist on more measures. Building your own prison.

    • Ascot was one of the government’s trial events, though Ascot had to foot the bill. Of course, they could have had a similar trial event at Newton Abbot, Salisbury or Beverley. And, as anyone seen the Canadian doctor wearing 5 masks blowing on his glasses. Yes, not even 5 masks, each of 3 layers, do not keep out aerosols.

    • You’re doing a great job Hugo, keep up the great reports and news!
      Your opinions and theories are also worthy of debate and thought, something strangely lacking from Government and MSM.
      WELL DONE!!👍

  2. You read from cards, today you couldn’t pronounce emphasis, who are you Hugo? Who is on your team giving you your script.

    • why don’t you do one Ruffs – u smell of shill

    • A script, influenced by the main stream for too long maybe. He’s very informative and just shows what they are doing. Chill

    • Simon we are in a plandemic new variants daily. The world in total madness. You are worried about pronunciation?

      • Seededgoble , are you joking because there are no variants and there is no pandemic.

      • Wake up sheeple your losing it

    • Definately a wind up Hugo and a distraction to the main topic …just like Simon really.

      Don’t fall for it people.

      By the way Simon, be careful to distinguish between an indirect question and a question that is embedded within a statement. I see you’ve failed to put a question mark at the end of your follow up question.Technically it should begin with a lowercase letter and end with a question mark unless it was a rhetorical question, which is still a question of course, but can start with a capital. I hope you don’t mind me emphasising that point.

    • Get lost troll! I’m sick of this! Good on the Hugo, keep going!😊 Agree completely

  3. Think the raab photo on the plane is definitely photoshopped feet are a massive give away

  4. To reinforce who your, ‘betters’ are. Get people pissed off enough to riot so they can bring in martial law. Hang on a minute, I thought the kill the bill protests were because they were threatening the right to protest.

  5. Just do what they do – no to vax, no to masks, and no social distancing throw your own party time for a bit of civil disobedience. Don’t let these ignorant slebs get to you.

  6. why doesn’t Simon Ruffs shill do one into the grave

  7. I think it’s a deliberate attempt to wind people up. It could also be another way to kill off a few more people. If people get angry enough, violence could break out. I’ve seen quite a few people in recent months suggesting that we should have a revolution. Are they also paid to cause that kind of trouble? I think many are.

  8. It’s interesting how much psychological manipulation these people need to use to try to get everyone to comply with what they want. It seems like they have no faith in their ability to just do as they please and be allowed to get on with it. Totally agree with what you are saying Hugo about them wanting chaos, wasn’t there a letter online which stated that they are planning to deploy the army in Q3 of 2021 (July-September)? I think they are hoping they can provoke us into doing something before then.

    Hugo- Please could you check the junk folders on your email accounts as I sent through a couple of emails on some quite spicy topics, however I am not sure if you have received them and other people I’ve emailed have said my messages got sent to their junk folders.

  9. They are all on Crack! Coked out their nuts!

    Awful isn’t it 🙄
    Ascots another yearly pedo get together!

    Thank you Hugo

  10. Kill the Bill was a psy op. Wouldn’t surprise me if the copper never even murdered Everard. Very odd story.

  11. Shame about Rod Stewart I always liked his music not anymore

  12. Next they will be suggesting a national ‘purge day’. They say the movies are based on the future!!!!

  13. They will just say, because it’s all outside it’s ok. But no mask to be seen! The sheep just accept this as normal… we are falling into dystopia with our eyes open..

  14. Agree. Only thing i am not sure about, isn’t that the Pimlico plumbers muppet as opposed to Rod Stewart?

  15. Mel K has said UN have an order to protect in the states. So if the people of America get pissed off the UN come in pretending its for the publics own good when it’s to bring in marshal law. Could it be the same in UK with the UN. I can’t find anything on it but its possible.

  16. My nephew has just started a new job maintaining the machines that produce masks… He’s just told me they’ve just signed a new “4 YEAR” contract… They’re not going away folks

  17. They know Civil War is Looming and the ‘Divide and Conquer’ War strategy is an exuse to bring in Martial Law.

  18. They really are vulgar , when I see them flaunting their freedom I imagine the Russians annihilating them all like they did their Tzars 🤞

  19. Dah Rulz: for thems that can payz: dah fines: and for thems that can’t: We are at the races: we are at the football: laughing: singing: hugging:
    lifes a peach ain’t it: No disease here : spike in the figures: ? Nah; its all for show: rub your nose in it: !! So in Eire: give us your password: for
    your phone ; or go to jail: yes: ask some of the Top hat toffs: about that: what do you reckon:?
    Stirring the pot: well :! Do you think they want a reaction;? How long have we lived : with the haves and the have nots: yeah; what’s new: telling
    where you place is: but here these fools are telling you the story: clear and proper: there is no virus: no fear; God Save the Queen: scoof a champers:
    Then there’s Raabe: a solitary figure: with his ritual face covering: getting off the plane: marle; pathetic and self indulgent: all for show and a hungry
    media: for more fantasy and fairytale: don’t fall for the fake; just gather the knowledge and use it against them: Thems is dah rulz: dats what theyz;
    wants youz afraid of: So; who pays the ferryman ( police) you reckon: the Government: or are they a private corporations:? It is when the
    Constable: upon oath to serve the people:is the need: Not: the belligerent bullies: private contractors: employed to enforce : the will and policy;
    of Government:

  20. Thoroughly agree Hugo. Its the Hegelian philosophy. Create chaos to show people they need order.

  21. Taking the royal piss out of us basically, especially that G7 photo op. Complete w*** stains, really.

  22. This flaunting comes down to one word.
    A private law.
    Just do as they do.
    Take their actions and use in your every day life.
    Yesterday was so called freedom day.
    Embrace it and lead by example.
    Did my weekly shop today.
    Bus, newsagent and supermarket without mask.
    No challenge. No issues.
    Bus driver had questions in his eyes but the realisation on his face after a few seconds was physically and immediately interpreted. He realised I was no threat. A calm, polite and friendly man just wanting to go about my life and journey.
    I was not the only one mask less. A young woman got on after me. Same attitude. Friendly and polite and of no risk to anyone.
    The more people unmask to continue life on their own terms the quicker the masses will realise.
    These little steps are the way to the ending of control.
    Once the vail is lifted (the mask) people will be more questioning of the other things.
    To wake up those asleep, show them the what they are missing and hiding from.
    If you still wear a mask. Be brave. Hold your head high and set the example for others to follow.
    The mask is our strongest weapon.
    Show your face, smile and lead the way for others to gain their own strength.
    Shed them like a child sheds a comfort blanket.
    This is how we grow.
    This is how we overcome.
    Thank you.

    • Like your style …spot on. The mask is a symbol of compliance and control, it’s de-humanising and reinforces the fear factor.
      Ditch the mask and if challenged just say you’re exempt.
      A simple gesture for like minded people.

    • Great comment I totally agree 💪
      I don’t wear one & yes people give strange looks & comments but as your comment says.. the more of us who don’t & show our faces & smiles is way forward
      Thank you 🙏

  23. Spot on, as always they want you to do it to yourselves. However just as with the va33ines the general retard will… especially mixed in with an ever crumbling economy. Just too many pressures!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  24. They want division to bring in more restrictions and control. If you want to see how it works, watch “The Handmaids Tale” (in plain sight!)

  25. Yes, it is very much looking that chaos is not too far away. But we need to assert our rights, without it feeling that we are retaliating. I have read of a call to refuse to wear masks for instance, and I have done this, but I seem to be in the minority. Yet again, only one or two people mentions and on some trips out, nobody at all says a word, but carries on with their masked faces anyway.. Perhaps a targetted ‘mask-free’ where all who are willing to rebel?

  26. I agree with the videos main point. But the police have been corrupt, especially to ethnic minorities in the West for decades.

  27. It is time that the sleeping masses woke up, but is it done to wake people up? If people just do what they want and stop wearing a mask and all that crap and just get on with life. I never stopped being free… well as free as i can

    • Yes, I fully agree, but we all need to do it. I am doing all I can, but I live in a sleepy village – now in more ways than one!

  28. Emergency sirens on our phones. Children having evacuation drills in schools. NHS telling us we all need an emergency backpack. They are winding us all up like a coil deliberately so that when we kick off, they’ll bring in martial law. The police are already in training for that as we can all see.
    The flaunting of the one rule for thee and another for me is all over the msm. The constant moving of freedom days, the petty micro-managing of us but not them, the bullshit variants. Its all deliberate.
    They know what they’re doing, make no mistake.

  29. hello hugo, aye -you`re on the ball as usual, that one cuts both ways in being repellent and/or attractive- depending on your perception of course, antagonism, l believe- used by birds to irritate inaccessible prey into fatal reaction or indeed by bojo`s relative to goad the `carpet- eater` into a desultory change of tactic in 1940.while it pays to know what you`re dealing with, the real trick in it- is when.

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