PALM SCANNERS Appearing In Supermarkets / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Oh my god what are they trying to do to us make us all into vacuum robots

    • The woman in the mask reminded me of the Amazing Polly video which featured people putting masks under an electron-microscope – there is a graphene nanoparticle that moves as if it is alive.

      • It is horrific. I recently watched a video about this put together by a group in Holland. Mercola also does a very good job of making the ownership of almost everything very clear. While Vanguard and BlackRock own near all of both the corporate media and Big Pharma, it is even more chilling that Van guard is the biggest shareholder in BlackRock (since March 2021). Even worse, BlackRock lends money to the US central bank and acts as an advisor to that private entity. And even worse the Rothschild, Orsini Bush, British Royal, du Post, Morgan, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller families are all primary shareholders in BlackRock. What I love about this careful identifying of ownership is that it provides a brief and clear way to respond to people who assert there is no faceless group of elites who own the world as we know it. They certainly are not faceless!

      • (Auto correct changed “du Pont” to “du Post” in my comment below.)

  2. This needs to be stopped now before it goes any further – it’s already gone to far, if people don’t wake up to this and fast it will be game over!

  3. the technology was in place last year as I have knowledge of technology advances and AI.

    • Soon they will FORCE to implant chips in your palm…if we don’t stop this madness and remove this GLOBALISTS PUPPETS from government

      • Maybe the chip is in the vaccine,.

    • Really, Shane?… Perhaps you can tell us how we can de-activate and show our displeasure at these darn super-tech things? Will a housebrick, carefully aimed directly at the reader, work? Or shall we just pour our milkshakes over it? Any suggestions, my friend?

  4. Soon they will FORCE to implant chips in your palm…if we don’t stop this madness and remove this GLOBALISTS PUPPETS from government

  5. Sick till proven healthy. Same here in China. What a joke!

  6. It’s dehumanising us, taking away human interaction and forcing us to interface directly with machines and technology as per you know who in his 4th industrial revolution. What do the shop workers think? A lot of them won’t be needed for much longer.

  7. Oh look micro-chip technology that may start in a glove but will quickly become installed in you…..Yet another conspiracy theory coming true….just like every conspiracy theory so far.

  8. The only thing we’re short of in this world now is conspiracy theories. All the old ones have come true.

  9. Hugo & other like minded people, I came across a bill that was passed in America.
    Bio sludge. . It’s real & it’s going to happen. Go look for it I’m not near my notebook to know where it is, I apologise. But Google it & see what you can find. Dark days are all ready here. Humanity is for😪

    • human waste they put it on the field and they say eat healthy get your 5 a day 5 what dollops poop???

  10. Yes indeed, this nightmare Brave New World is being rolled out at lightning speed. So, what I want to know is what plans have this evil cabal got for the unvaxed? Do they hope that we will all perish this coming winter to viruses shed from the vaccinated? do the elite 1% plan to harvest our blood and organs ? We, the unvaxed are now the ones with untampered genetic profiles…….. Those that are vaccinated are the mutants. Somewhere there is a terrible plan for us all, the ones with personal integrity, who see through this wicked charade, this dark sea of lies. What exactly will be our fate?

  11. One of the secondary schools near me do the finger print scanner thing for school lunches.

  12. This is it, folks, we are looking at antichrist’s arrival very soon where he will pretend to be Jesus here to save us from this nightmare they are creating. DO NOT BE DECEIVED! God bless you and protect you all.


      • YES! I will never give in, even if I have to die yeah I would rather do that than betray God and burn in hell forever.

      • The important thing is to pray, stay calm and remember that Jesus himself warned us that the false christ will come first. He sets himself up on the throne pretending to be Jesus and many Christians will fall for it. It will be very difficult for us to not be deceived as he will come in peacefully and will appear to actually be everything we need in a savior. That’s when we’ll really be tested because he is an actor and a very good one at that. The bible is very clear: DO NOT FALL FOR THE DECEPTION.

  13. Yes, Hugo, enslavement to Satan. I keep saying this, (and will continue to do so), until we ALL worship the One,True God, that is Jesus Christ, humanity is doomed on this trajectory. Now, listen, I don’t care if you believe in God, ie: Our Lord, Jesus Christ, or not, you will when you’re standing in front of Him; by which time it will be too late. Everyone has to wake up to this reality, and quickly…

    • AMEN! This I believe will be the great falling away. Keep looking up brother and sister in Christ – our redemption draws nearer by the day. God bless and keep you


      • Thank you 😊 you too!

      • Maranatha, come Lord Jesus, come.

    • Absolutely! There is no other way but through our LORD & SAVIOUR! All need to repent and accept Him as their Saviour. Times are getting more & more evil daily!

  14. Interesting Hugo, as always. Thank you. I’d like to comment on what bible prophecy teaches the mark of the beast is. It is the mark of the authority of the system who is at the top of the governments, merchants and puppets. It is not politically correct to state this, but it is the bible truth that the reformers were burnt at the stake to defend: this power, the ‘beast’ of the prophecy, is the Roman Catholic church. You can read their own literature as well as the bible to find her ‘mark’. It is Sunday worship, in defiance of the Ten Commandments, which teach that the seventh day is sabbath, Saturday. The bible predicts that no man may buy or sell save he who has the mark. Sunday worship is coming, probably wrapped in some ‘climate change’ wrapper, but it is going to be enforced world wide according to Revelation 13, ultimately with the death penalty. But those who accept the mark of the beast to save their skin will lose their souls and also receive the seven last plagues before Jesus comes back, which will be very soon.
    For more information read The Great Controversy by Ellen G White or feel free to email me with any questions you may have at Josephine

    • Why do they use the “time convenient” phrase is all this marketing! Like contactless with card or even cash is such a time consuming event in every day life. Hahaha! There technology is pointless an time wasted. The world needs better energy sources not wrist scanners. Pathetic

    • Josephine, you really need to stop reading material/books written by false prophets and read the Bible itself. It is the true and final Word of God. Sunday worship has nothing to do with the mark of the beast. The antichrist will demand ALL to receive the mark. It is a physical mark in the right hand or forehead. You are being deceived. You are part of a false religion which is a cult and you need to get out NOW!! SDA is NOT true Biblical Christianity as it is works-based, along with every other religion, meaning you have to do something to earn salvation. Jesus paid it all. If salvation is based on our performance then it isn’t grace because grace cannot be earned, it is a free gift. Stop reading nonsence books and open up the Bible and ask the true Holy Spirit to illuminate the scriptures to you. For more information go to:

      God bless

      • Hi, the modern SDA church has indeed gone away from the Bible truth. But the original teachings of the SDA church are biblical and true, and those are the teachings that I believe and share.
        God bless as you search for truth.

      • Amen to that. Christians should not be worried about the mark of the beast. The Rapture will happen first and after will come the Tribulation. During that time the mark of the beast will be imposed. It is quite clear that we are at the end of time and Christians need to pray without ceasing for the conversion of unbelievers to the Only True God, our LOrd Jesus Christ . Nothing else matters.

    • According to ‘ice age farmer’ the global famine has already kicked off in the UK – the UK was first. The UK is in the grip of a food shortage, in the midst of a famine. No that you would notice by the fully stocked shop shelves 😀 And what is ‘ice age farmers’ solution to this famine? Grow your own food and raise your own animals 😀 How many of us really have the land or space for that? Can you imagine a herd of cows in your front room 😀 It is NOT scary – it is GUFF! 😀 There is no end to this guff 😀

      • I don’t know what supermarkets you go in, but around here there are already empty shelves regularly for fresh fruit and veg.

        The Italian tomato harvest being left to rot in the fields due to lack of steel for tins has also been reported in the MSM. The people growing it now are seeing it now, you won’t see it until the food doesn’t arrive at the store.

        As for shipping, I spoke to one guy who imports, it was $2500 all in for a 40ft container from China 18 months ago, it’s now $13,500 shipping alone, plus import costs, roughly another $1500.

        So many importers either can’t find shipping, or can not afford to ship goods in.

        You keep your head firmly up your arse and laugh, you won’t be laughing 3 months from now when there’s little supplies and inflation has ramped the prices up even more.

      • If you believe ‘ice age farmer’ there is a shortage of 70,000 HGV drivers in the UK, really? Haven’t we been through all this ‘food shortages just around the corner’ before what with ‘Covid’, ‘Brexit’ and yet as I survey the supermarket shelves I see no shortage of anything at all. There are still shelves full of canned tomatoes. What is the point of all this constant fear-mongering? Is it to cause panic-buying? How many of us still have pasta and tinned tomatoes from previous rounds of panic-buying that we will eventually end up throwing out. At least I didn’t buy a dozen fridge freezers like some people did 😀 People are not rational anyway as was proven by the Great Toilet Roll Panic Buy. In fact, we are totally bonkers. And who benefits from this fear-mongering? Who is behind it? The supermarkets? Well, they certainly coin it in. What is ‘ice age farmer’ selling? Diesel generators? Oh, that reminds me 😀 And yes, I will continue with my head up my arse laughing. I am sorry, but I refuse to live in a permanent state of fear and anxiety always in fear of what is ‘just around the corner’ – isn’t that the mainstream media’s job? 😀

  15. jab detectors next, and vending machines, no chip no food. I’d better order some seeds in, while i can still purchase, that’s the only real currency, till it becomes illegal to grow our own, wonder why that would happen Control!! I’m not excepting it, never will, I will stay organic like the animals and in natures ways, my soul is not being taken over by these soulless entity’s, there will be massive repercussions if this go’s ahead, be a lot of regret, as i know the answer right now. be better off living of grid away from it, don’t let this digital world seep in to our physical reality, instead of prioritising your smartphone prioritise people instead, then we will have a chance..

    • Stay real… Stay strong… stay street wise..

      • You took the words right out of my mouth 😀 This has to be one of the best, if not the best advice given out out one here 🙂

    • Caterpillars are the way to go, eh Hugo? they grow real quick, and they’re juicy… in winter we can switch to worms. If you can’t stomach worms or caterpillars use them to catch fish… Sorted.

  16. I’m a Christian and recognise this is not the mark of the beast but it certainly is a step in that direction. No fear with those in Christ.
    Really appreciate your videos hugotalks!

    • What a ridiculous thing to say! You don’t know her circumstances. She is obviously in the USA. It is probably a ‘legal requirement’ to wear a mask. By not wearing a mask she would risk being in confrontation with a security guard or a cop. She would risk being tasered or shot dead. Maybe she is in employment and cannot risk being ‘criminalised’ as she would lose her job. Are you going to support her if she ends up destitute? Thought not! Everyone’s circumstances are different. For instance, it is easy to shout “Take ya mask off ..sheep” if you on benefits, retired, have your own business, have no dependents, own your own property, are financially independent, have no rent/mortgage to pay, have no responsibilities. Cut people some slack for crying out loud.

  17. You can blame this technology on those who have entertained the idea that the mark of the beast is a future material fact. It is a technology of science fiction, just as with all science fiction, the flat screen displays we now have were mere science fiction in the 50s and 60s. The book of revelations is not a science fiction story, but a spiritual message in the form of words conveying pictorial imagery as as vehicle for abstract spiritual concepts. The church for over 1000 years has turned the book of revelation into a work science fiction, prophetic in nature, just as all science fiction alludes to telling the future. It has been in the mind of humanity so long it will be manifest as a material fact in the future, that is so long as we maintain the factual interpretation of fictional stories. Those who lead us know how mental power works, freemasonry and occultism know how the mental mind can shape materiality, and sure they are using that to control us now. The mark of the beast is as real as you want it to be, but I have dominion over my consciousness, at least in a greater degree than others have realised theirs. I’m not a perfect being by a long shot, but that which you entertain in consciousness will manifest externally as materiality. I feel that the mark of the beast that John tried to convey is ‘the actions of ones hand’ and or the ‘actions of ones thought in mind, in your head’. The fear of this so called mark of the beast is what will manifest it in the mind and therefore materiality of earth. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The kingdom of God is within you, Your conscious awareness is your individuality and that one is Part of the entire consciousness of man, which is God itself. For anything to take place on earth it must first occur in heaven. Heaven is where the consciousness of man unfolds. If this technology is not wanted, we must reject it in the conscious level, not fear it as though it is being done to us. I prayed that I could retire before I was 50, I had a major cardiac arrest and heart attack at 45 which has made me unable to work… So I am retired. Realise; that what we entertain in consciousness as reality can an will be done in earth.

  18. Thin edge of a well established ID system – Try looking into “Jetson” (seriously – someone has a sense of humour) laser vibrometry – The ability to identify you from a distance by laser, by knowing your unique heart beat – Fitbit anyone? – This was already a thing in 2019.

    • Fitbit was the first thing that came to mind – lulling you in to the technology

    • Like all similar devices Fitbits are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable; they struggle to take your pulse never mind map out your heartbeat 😀

      • laser vibrometry is extremely accurate and may be used by armed forces in real world combat situations as to how the bio-data would be harvested for civilian application I am unsure but given that GPS location is now down to 50cm accuracy rate, it seems that if required they could ID a person and retrospectively prove your presence with ease using it. My point is palm scanners are simple physical attribute, one step up on a finger print – we are light years beyond that already!

  19. Wrist bands (vaccinated identity bands) I’m guessing

  20. Without a mobile phone their technology is useless. Get rid of the mobile phone ask BT for a cable phone. When the phone was attached to the wall humanity was a bit more free.

  21. YES! Finally someone is mentioning the mark of the beast and how all the biblical prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled now more than ever;Israel under attack, rumours of wars(possibly ww3), worldwide famines, worldwide pandemics-‘covid-19′(which I DON’T believe in BTW😒), people hating and denying God…look at the world we live in today full of satanic imagery in music, tv, celebrities, the government ect…I think the government are under demonic influence because the devil knows his time is short… all I am saying is be ready people, if you are not a Christian TURN CHRISTIAN now while you still can, God loves you so much and if you don’t turn to him soon it will be to late for you and you will regret it. I am not saying the ‘vaccine’ IS the mark of the beast but I defo think it has sth to do with it. I am a Christian and have been spreading the gospel and telling people that we are in the end times for abt. 1 year now…some people listen…others don’t..some call me a conspiracy theorist, but just wait… REMEMBER THIS:the real Jesus will have 1 hole through each hand, he will come from the sky NOT from the ground, don’t be deceived. I am praying for us all, may God be with all of you xx 🙏🏻

    • You are so mistaken its unbelievable. Watch on YouTube “THE OTHER ISRAEL” by Ted Pike. Watch and learn what is the synagogue of satan, see what communism really is, see how Israel is in reality the cancer of the world. The Israeli flag represents the SEAL OF SOLOMON, which in the esoteric numerology of the jewish luciferian cabala represents the number 666. There is no such thing as a ‘star of David’, king David had no star whatsoever!!!
      More, the mark of the beast is no piece of modern technology…plus it’s not even called a chip or microchip, but a QUANTUM DOT!!! To be that mark, a spiritual ritual of Initiation into luciferianism [the jewish cabala] has to be made.
      Mate, judaism has nothing to do with the ancient Mosaic Law as pastor Ted Pike explains; judaism is pharisaism passed down through generations until today, it’s the MAN MADE TRADITIONS Jesus accused of annuling Gods Laws!!!
      But you were taught the “whore of babylon” is the Catholic Church, right?
      Wrong, Jesus never condemned any church, but a Mosque – for 1500 years there was only one faith and only one church: the Catholic!!!

      • Luis, why would Jesus condem a mosque? From GCSE RE don’t Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of theirs?

        And maybe you could clear up the term Judaeo-Christian?
        To me this is a non starter made up by the media to join the two together.
        They are very clearly two separate religions why use that terminology?
        Maybe invented by the owners and funders of the media who are all too often associated with one side of that phrase.

  22. No, it’s not the ‘mark of the beast’, because that mark will be the result of a ritual of Initiation into the jewish luciferian cabala – for gentiles it will be a pledge to the luciferian NOAHIDE LAWS, in which the break of any of them will carry punishment of decapitation [Rev 20:4]. The jabs dont even have microchips, technically they are called QUANTUM DOTS, digital nano-biosensors. These DOTS together with our DNA will be our DIGITAL ID…inside our bodies!
    Please research: ID 2020!!!
    ID 2020 ALLIANCE.
    Yes those who won’t have them won’t be able to ‘buy or sell’, but the “mark of the beast” is a spiritual mark, it is not just a piece of modern technology.
    Yes the quantum dots, the ID 2020 is within the mark of the beast framework, but on itself is no mark of the beast.

  23. Savers is a thrift store here, I used to go to this store. This is truly disturbing. I just started a new job in MA (first one I’ve been able to find) and they tell us to go into the office they need to scan all sorts of stuff: our face, hands, body, etc. It’s happening faster and faster…

  24. Oh, I forget to mention they slipped into their privacy policy that they are ALLOWED TO COLLECT EMPLOYEE BIOMETRIC DATA. I’m in Customer Support. In no way are they security risks or any need from my biometric details. This will be the “new normal” for everywhere. Horrifying.

  25. What if the “covid” vax is really a part of this palm scanning system. Maybe the palm scanners need whatever technology is in those “vaccines” in order to work.

    And they just pretend you can set it up with an app and a credit card and your palm?

    Do you understand what I mean?

  26. Notice the ‘woke’ mixed gender woman and the clumsy white males in the video. In the future the white race will be erased from earth and memory except for the so called horrible things they have done. It’s the wish and agenda of the people who don’t consider themselves white (but are) and who we are not allowed to critisize.

    • I don’t watch TV but when it has been on at a friend’s house I have noticed that the adverts all contain a mixed-race couple. In fact, the SAME mixed-race couple was in all four ads in the SAME ad break 😀 One for life insurance, a new car loan , first-time buyer mortgage, and a diarrhoea remedy 😀

  27. Thank you Hugo

    The girls voice in the Amazon video is HIGHLY ANNOYING
    It’s all becoming Very outstandingly overwhelming
    I thankfully don’t use online shopping anymore
    Go without .. most the stuff they sell is shite & other sites they don’t give a crap about us.
    Chips in wrist, constant jabs , passports but no one able go anywhere anyway unless ya minted 🙄.. so who ever still believes this is all the way forward needs real psychiatric help!

    Worlds gone bananas!
    Let’s hope the sane Hang on in there 👍🤞🏻
    Everyone is suffering
    Keep strong people

    Have great evening to All ✌️

  28. They didn’t knock those together is the last year. If we look at Tesco’s beheaviour over the last 10 years or so, installing self service checkouts and one by one makeing one at a time “card only” it was all part of this shit and it was so obvious. The only supemarket I use now is lidl as they don’t have self service checkouts but most of my stuff I buy at the local fruit and veg shop, quality is better and they know me by name which is a big plus.

  29. It is amazing how quickly this is all rolling out considering most peoples lives have ground to a halt

  30. Hugo perhaps the first stage of the beast system was to create a fear that would offer to all a vaccine which would satisfy the two purposes; one being control and the second reduction. Using a psychological method of offering what you already had ‘freedom’. The devil is the master of lies, remember, ‘ Jesus was tempted three times. The temptations were hedonism (hunger/satisfaction), egoism (spectacular throw/might) and materialism (kingdoms/wealth). The devil will try to fool you by offering you what you already have in exchange for his control over your soul (person).

    You could see the expression of delight when the millions took the vaccine and it was their own choice as the devil knows the choice has to be freely made regardless of any offers of coercion or temptations. Those that have faith and hope will not fall for the dictate of lies.
    The second stage is the devils mark this is in the hand on the forehead again this is the relinquishment of your soul in exchange for all that Jesus was offered as the example. Food, freedom and money to live for those that choose the beast.

    This has been planned since the beginning, as God would say ‘there is always one rotten apple in the barrel that will end up destroying many and fester in its larva of worms’. Unfortunately since the beginning of time the age of peace and harmony has been thwarted by the rotten apple that infected others to take control of the barrel.

    The message I was given ‘ The rice they eat is their own’, to reap what they sow. For those who will not listen or see it is their lack of faith in God and themselves.

    God Bless and keep you safe.

  31. Maybe not in your neck of the woods but all the Lidls around these parts have self-service. And don’t kid yourself about Lidl either. All these supermarkets are singing from the same hymn sheet. Around here Lidl was the first to go ‘cashless’ way back in March 2020 right at the very start of the plandemic. I abandoned my purchases and walked out 😀 Maybe they have been forced to back pedal since then, but I couldn’t care less – I haven’t set foot in a Lidl since 😀 As regards Tesco, my nearest one went ‘card only’ on the self-service but had to back pedal and rescue the cash machines from the skip, you can see the dents 😀 , now it is 50/50 😀 Despite what the media tell you, cash is as popular as ever. Keep using cash and let them stuff their ‘cashless’ guff where the Sun don’t shine 😀

  32. We just refuse to use them. Its taking jobs away to. I worked in a supermarket and saw the changes slowly creeping in. Refuse to use this technology. Stick with paying cash, or chip and pin bank card.

  33. Haa, they even have the cheek to say it’s a free service to allow you to pay!!!.

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