‘I’ll See You In Court’ VAN TAM INTERROGATED, HAS NOTHING TO SAY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


Video by Geza Tarjanyi

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  1. Thanks for your content…good to see this…who was the journalist?

    • His name is Geza Tarjanyi you’ll find him on Facebook. An ordinary guy doing extraordinary things !!

  2. hard of hearing and limping he is not in tip top health himself and niw getting the jab? funny how he could choose which one 😲

    • It’s Geza Tarjanyi, He’s from the north. A well known activist. He’s also did a protest, vigil for a couple of weeks in the first lockdown reporting back every day the comings and goings at Westminster. He never gives up.

      • Fabulous video exposing this evil piece of genocidal shit

      • Thanks for the info Teresa πŸ™

      • Geza Tarjanyi, we salute you.

        Massive respect, how about we start our own MoD?

        Ministry of Defiance!

      • Many thanks to Geza for this hard work. These government well deserve a Siberia gulag.

  3. confirmation of war on the people ,in the MOD

  4. I think they’ll shows all we need to see – him in the MoD to discuss the jab

  5. Is this a meeting for the compulsory roll out of the jib jab to our armed forces???

    • Google Ronald Maddison RAF lad – experimented on , It was sat on for 50 years before his family saw ANY kind of justice! from the Govt.

    • Something up his sleeve, this evil piece of crap JVT who the media want him to go on the BBC dancing show, hope his goes to jail for MURDER

  6. Ministry of defence .. army and weapons… vaccines…..

  7. I wonder if he’s there to discuss mandatory Jabs for the Armed forces?

  8. Yes!!!!!!!! To the person who filmed that – I want to buy you a drink! Forget violence as a tactic. Let’s see them in court – by any means necessary!

  9. There is so much more going on, that is the reason they are keeping everyone in this corrupt lock-down. Great interview, he would not let him get away. Briliant!

  10. This is gold!
    Jib Jab and MOD go hand in hand naturally!?

    Thanks Hugo βœŒοΈβž•β™₯️

  11. Good work!
    Why is he there??

    They (MPs) are all in place for a reason, which may never come out as the law will be there to protect them first.
    Shame really…

  12. Poor liar Van Tam was wearing a hearing aid so perhaps he couldn’t hear.

    • He could here ok, whilst outside. re acknowledged his inquisitor by agreeing that were are in the middle of a pandemic.
      Indoors the screen was creating an audio barrier.

    • Of course..solders would knot that’s why alot are not having the vaccy

    • Second Gulf conflict I and my colleagues were asked if we would take the anthrax vaccine pre deployment to Iraq. Very few took them up on the offer but I’ve heard rumours that people who did from other camps later in life sired disable children of differing levels of disablement. Oh and to add me/my squadron never actually ended up on the above said deployment.

  13. Van Tam? More like SHAM TAN, written all over his face.

  14. Creepy crawly scurrying away with reporter matey doing a marvellous job trying to swat it. Don’t like it up β€˜em, do they.

  15. Brilliant work Geza, an absolute star. We need more like you to make them feel like we have for the past 15 months or so…. like we have nowhere to turn as the walls start closing in on us. Where was the dirty skunk, Van Tam’s mask? Quite rightly questioned on it, as we all are on an effing daily basis. String β€˜em all up and get them to court. Trouble is, they are all in it together so who will now have the balls (and money!) to stand up to these bastards? Time will tell.

  16. Nobody will be going to court. Get rid of your mobiles, and, turn off the T.V, and, all this stops.

  17. I thought the guy on the desk was asking him which jabs he’d had which seems a bit bizarre, and he said I’ll discuss that with you in a moment, which might suggest he’s had neither? Or he knows there’s a more serious problem with one of them and didn’t want to specify which he’s had (I bet he’s had neither)?

    I can’t imagine there’s a meeting about AZ and another about Pfizer, that would be a bit odd, surely they’d just have a meeting about jabs and he’d need to be in both, and surely he hasn’t gone to the MOD to get a jab, that would be odd too.

    Very strange overall.

    • Very strange , like it was all staged, how was the guy filming allowed in the building and why did Van Tam have a conversation he knew was being recorded?
      The guy filming also mentions ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, reinforcing the idea that there actually is a new virus that requires these drugs to treat it.
      Completely controlled opposition bullshit.
      Van Tam seemed completely unbothered, even quite happy, to have the guy following and filming him.

      • Like you can just walk into a building in Whitehall completely unchallenged and the MOD building to boot πŸ˜€ Something really off about this video. Something stinks in the State of Denmark. More guff I reckon πŸ˜€

  18. Why don’t these people talk? Simple 2 min convo outside, like the guy said, would at least make us feel like they give 2 shits… saying nothing just smacks of deceit!

  19. Id love to of took a swing at that fat fucker

  20. He’s there because the RAF and big tec let the bio weapon out

  21. Now that’s what I call journalism great watch

  22. I was with Geza yesterday when he took this video & he did so well πŸ‘

  23. What an ignorant fucking pig. And what has the MOD got to do with these killer “vaccines” and why was the high tech US Government weapons manufacturer DARPA involved in their production ?

  24. For a weasle Van Tam has quite a suntan. This is priceless!

  25. Hugo, while it is great that you keep puting things out it is unfair that you do not credit the person who dose the work, guys like this need a deserve all the support they can get, it is this guy that is putting hyim self at risk of government abuse and capture, he obviously a relentless soul. Please credit him and all where possible.

    • It’s Geza Tarjanyi, he does state his name towards the end of the video. But I do get what you’re saying.

  26. Why wasn’t Van Tam wearing a mask? And what was he doing at the ministry of defence? And why was he smirking! He needs to answer these questions at his trial! And we must reinstate hanging for these evil genocidal maniacs! Hang em high!

  27. The Security at the Mod looks laughable. I worked there during the Falklands War.

  28. He looks so untrustworthy, even without uttering a single word.

  29. Why was he going into the MOD???? Quite easy to explain, he was there to sort out which poison AZ or Pfhizer they are going to try to poison our service personell with!!!

  30. I’ll waste any of them wankas if i ever see them in person

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