IRELAND LOCKDOWN NEWS ROUNDUP / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. They haven’t recovered from the bloody famine and this is going to encourage the populace to have children – not! Ruled by fuckwits – remember the Celtic Tiger anyone?

    • Ireland today England tomorrow
      Fascism well on the way thanks to all the sheep

  2. DELTA = Pyramid. Like the one with the all-seeing eye in it.

  3. Ireland will never wake up Hugo .i cant believe how brain dead they all are all gone .i actually believe everything these governments are telling them all. There no hope for them if dont act now

    • If we keep on with this government (deep state’s vassals) our future is bleak…Who is behind all this madness??? A GROUP OF MAD FASCISTS. NO LAWS EXIST FOR THEM.THIS IS WAS AGAINST ALL OF US…

      • It’s as if they’ve been offered something to help annihilate the indigenous Irish! I wonder how much 30 pieces of silver is worth in Euros? They are traitors who should be executed IMO!
        And to think that creep Varadker is telling us he’s going to e Taoiseach again from 2022-24, when we thought we’d got rid of him! They’re all serving something other than us now, probably Big Tech and the UN, plus the WEF!
        Still, most of our people ware walking to their doom, placidly and unawares!

      • If we don’t fight now it will have to be done in the future by arms like the second world war.
        People better wake up!!!

      • Yggg I do a lot of research via Richard D Hall on rich Loads of Scandemic vids. on there. One of great interest is entitled The Fall of the Cabal. Kill Gates gets star billing in most of the 8 parter. He could be controlled by a certain Warren Buffet ( not sure of spelling on surname ) not heard of him before ! Richard gives Hugo an airing in his latest 3 part Scamdemic Vids. Sounds like cyber attacks are the next big thing with Cyber. Polygon meeting on July 9th. To quote Richard “ Get the beers in for that 1 “

    • What the hell does these new legislations have to do with sickness or the current claimed pandemic?

  4. Who is behind all this??? – A group of mad fascists …We all need urgently arrange fight against FASCISM…otherwise it will be too late. THIS IS LONG PLANNED WAR AGAINST MANKIND. IF WE KEEP THIS GOVERNMENT ( DEEP STATE’S VASSALS) OUR FUTURE IS BLEAK …

  5. Ireland is the new East Germany – the border with the north is the Berlin Wall.
    The Garda are the Stasi.

  6. Ireland is the new East Germany.
    The border is the new Berlin Wall.
    The Garda are the new Stasi.

  7. I thought the Irish would have been the last people on the planet to accept this nonsense, where has everyone’s spirit gone, it’s beyond belief. It’s the same in the UK, did the fight go out of everyone after Brexit? We’ve become a nation of wet lettuces.

  8. Willie, Will you please explain how the Gardaí are the Stasi and how the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is the Berlin Wall.

    • You obviously don’t know your history. Look up Stasi and Berlin Wall and find the answer.
      Fascism is just round the corner

  9. Too many sheep in Ireland only conversation is What vacinne did you get like it is a trophy we are doomed because there is very little fighting Irish spirit the goverment are corrupt gangsters

  10. Ireland 6 Canada 3, you can only conclude that the general public have now gone completely Mad. Maybe they are already soulless robots!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  11. Desperate shower of dictator bastards and what’s worse the people are asleep at the wheel they will not wake up just lining up for their injections. It’s sad ireland is finished varadqueer is the demon king.

  12. Hugo all the restaurateurs and publicans are happy to stay closed they are taking the bribes and the money from the government they have done nothing right from the start they have stayed closed not a dickiebird from them because they took the money but they don’t realise this is going to end soon. They are all asleep.

  13. Ireland, a country that has not recorded 1 single death in the last 5 weeks. Has a total of 15 serious cases from a population of nearly 5 million (0.0003%)
    And yet is still under virtual martial law. Honestly I weep for them, there is no hope!

  14. You need to worry what’s really in this fast food junk!

    • I live in Ireland and I just despair as much for my children as myself. It is soul destroying living here . I seem to be the only one in my town thst doesn’t wear a mask when shopping and I’m not messing !!!

      • Rose I live in the North, I cannot believe how crazy the South is. Youre not alone, lots of people in my town are unmasking. The hard part is getting people to listen to Dr. Mike Yeadon and others like him who are debunking the bullshit. Stay strong, just keep telling people what is going on, with some the penny may drop with others not so much. We shall overcome as they same in 1969 during the civil rights marches here. Hope you and yours are all good. Get out, walk, Exercise do what ever you need to stay mentally and physically strong 💚💚

      • Good 👍 for you 💪
        Hold your head up high I am Irish decent I live England tho
        But I know how this Irish react to someone standing strong 💪
        You take care & good luck to you & your beautiful children
        God bless us All 🙏

      • I feel the same Rose! I’m usually the only one mask free unless the husband is with me and can count on one hand the times I’ve come across another mask-free person in a shop round here! That Crescent shopping centre in Limerick is the worst1 There’re far too many young, healthy people in their teens and twenties walking around outside with muzzles on!
        The brainwashing has been very, very successful!

  15. Get out of my life varadkar and take your virus with you

    • He’s a feckin disease alright! Like malaria, he keeps coming back! I despise them all, part from a notable few like Mattie McGrath and Carol Nolan but he’s the one I hate the most! He makes my flesh crawl! WHO votes for these creeps?

  16. i thought we are lead to believe there is a problem of BEEF running out …….where is macdonalds getting theirs ?? mmmm maybe , soon , they plan using fake lab meat!! God help us , never eat a macdonalds ,, pure poison

  17. So what do they actually hope to get from looking at someone’s phone?
    It’s personal stuff on there, messages, photos and generally social media.
    Will they be targeting the non mask wearers to see what they have been up to?
    They need to stand up to this invasion of privacy!
    Why are people happy to give up their rights??

    • I am sick of saying the same old thing WHY
      I can’t believe the Irish people accepting this without fighting for there rights.

      Bojo will be watching this in Ireland and bring this crap here.
      I had my say the weekend, had a great day out with some people i know, use a bus No Mask
      We went to a nice restaurant independent, nice owners didn’t worry about taking names had the QR on window, this the sort of business that we should support.

      Then it went down hill we went to a pub, 3 of us others went, You can’t have a drink inside point 1
      Took names gave a fake number one person i was with done QR
      We sit outside order a round of drink, i said do you take cash he said yes that one good thing, then it got a bit cold and starting ☔
      I went to the door some bar female staff member there, i said you took our names and( fake ) number can we sit inside she said no ‘ why i said ‘ because people are eating she said, no as i look people sitting there drinking empty table’s

      Then she said where your mask I EXEMPT she wanted to put my name on a exempt list in case the police come in i said i don’t care about the police as they can’t fight crime in the area.
      We was finally let in and got a table then she told one of the others to put a mask on to go the Toilet what the Fuck.
      I then left and snap at her as i left, sorry to go on a bit. but if we experience this we should challenge them and should not use there business again, find businesses like the restaurant i use that have common sense to welcome customers and feel human not robots.

      • I really like this comment because your totally right!
        If we don’t keep strong and say SOD OFF! Basically we get no we’re
        So fair play to you 👍💪💪

  18. Hi Hugo and all, I’ve been viewing since last year and this is my first time commenting, I am now feeling the urge to speak up here as speaking to most in my life is like talking to a Labrador about The Matrix, I’m in Ireland and totally sick of this shit. I feel like my eyes were open from the start but I complied with the rules of the game early on as it’s better to err on the side of caution when everything is upside down land. Looking back along the last year, I think hindsight is a great bullshit filter. We have been sold a lie & it is now being milked for what it is worth as it is plain to see they have the consensus of the public as the public now discuss & broadcast their collective opinion online and the political class to get real time polls. I believe this was Trumps technique for deciding on policies. It really is crazy to think that we are now living in a time when the gestapo is getting more powerful again, something which should be recognisable to most as it was on repeat on Discovery channels constantly, don’t see much of those type documentaries now in the covid era, bit too close for comfort maybe. Really sorry for the long stream of conscious rant but it has been backing up for over a year. I have one friend who sees the same way I do, that most of us here do, I said to him that we need to fight this marketing, neural linguistics bullshit with the same type of psychological Kung fu, we need to fight fire with fire, he said that’s rediculous, you fight fire with water. Anyway as Hugo says subscribe to the tribe, I think it might be, digital alas but a modern tribe of like minded people. Again, sorry for long winded rant, and just letting ye know we are getting the same jab propaganda here, “successful vaccination program” “massive uptake” “back to normal” “good days ahead”, the voice over the tannoy/radio really reminds me of Resident Evil and the Umbrella Corporation.

  19. Friend in Dublin just sold up and bought a house out in the country with a few acers of agreable land well away from the mading crowd, she said she couldn’t stay in Dublin any longer the people have gone vaccine and mask crazy and she can’t stand to look at them, they can’t see what they are doing with there compluance and stupidity.

  20. not been mcdonald’s over 15 years. you can definitely feel a police state in Ireland coming, and everywhere, time to boycott the city’s, 30000 euro fine and 5 years!! you should definitely throw it away if it gets that bad, phoneless is the way to go, once cash gets linked to the smartphone its game over because you will constantly need it, that’s the idea, after that it will be the microchip, then its goodbye freedom, then we will enter this technological nightmare dictatorship and there not friendly entity’s as you can feel it in the air now, its a horrible energy, so get rid of it now and get a old one or a landline till that gets cut off, got to be one step ahead of there game and prepare..

    • You don’t need to rustle around for an old phone. ‘Candy bar’ (2G) phones are still readily available. As for landlines the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) is due to be scrapped by 2025.

  21. It is written in the bible that the tribe of Dan where scattered and they are anti -God. An evil tribe . There is evidence some settled in Ireland. Hence names derived from their tribe. Praise God for you Hugo . May God bless and protect all who read this in the name of Jesus the Christ.
    bill gates is growing all macdonalds spuds !! That should help the farming community ( not)

  22. Morning thank you Hugo

    Just read some great comments above 💪💪
    I am obviously disgusted with this in Ireland & all over the world there is No Feckin Virus!!!!!
    Omg 😱 it gets tiring out when people stare at you without a mask or start argument s but Feck em! Believe me I may be really unwell now but people…
    I got plenty of good n fight left in me to stand by you all and others who are woken Not blinded by this BOLLOCKS!

    Have a great day Everyone 💪👍🙏✌️

  23. It wasn’t too long ago that it was unusual to see someone wearing a surgical mask out in public, now it’s the opposite. It just goes to show how cultural norms can be turned completely 360 within a short space of time with the appropriate narrative. I think it’s time we started to use the state slogans in our own context, hashtag holdfirm, ya hold firm in your own beliefs and your own gut instinct!

  24. I no longer go out, here in Ireland. I simply can not bear to see every ones faces enshrouded in death masks. It hurts.

  25. put your phone away – I mean: they try to threaten us, so that is my suggestion, threat them! And I know it is only a dream, but what, if it comes true, imagine: Everybody switches his phone of only one workingday per week as long as these restrictions are continuing …

    • Rage against the machine, the words of Elon Musk come to mind, when ai takes over we had better join it as we can’t beat, all while he contributes to building ai. We are at the edge of the next phase for our species, “the fourth revolution” where morals are roadblocks to the “elitist” or to be more accurate, the “parasite” class much like Queen Elizabeth & Co. in the natural world the Queen ant is the slave to the colony, in the human monarchical structure the queen and the upper echelons of wealth contribute nothing and take everything, only suppression of dissent and totalitarianism can keep this structure in place. But as history has thought us time and time again, the ones that contribute to crime on a global scale are either ignorant of the grande picture (Einstein & the Manhattan project) or at the top of the pyramid operating on a different code devoid of ethics. Do I have the answers, no, do I have a crystal ball, no. We are all just separatist individuals, but there is no going back to a simpler time, moving to the woods won’t cut it this time, crying about laws and human rights will not make a difference either. They call protesters mobs but the mob families are at the top, making large mountains move with money, guiding policy like wind to sails & selling perception to consumers through screens. We are privileged to be awake, like Neo in the matrix but remember, Neo had torn clothes and ate grool when he left the matrix, Jesus was a poor man financially but morally full to the brim. In conclusion, money is the root of all of this madness, it is the beast of our culture. The only path to freedom is total rejection of the current system and to live our true existence without the financial matrix pulling our minds into debt slavery and moral dilemmae.

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