DELETED On Youtube – Former police officer reports government to police for murder and crimes against humanity over ‘vaccines’


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  1. We need ACTIVE police offers to report crimes it’s their bloody job. Normies aren’t going to listen and we need then to listen.

  2. i mean , COME ON!!! YELLOW CARD SCHEME IS USER BASED! It’s not FACT!!!! This guy is jokes. You can hear the conspiracy in his voice. Talking like he is still a cop when in reality he is a no one.

      • Yeah, classic herd mentality, like 90% of the muzzled sheep 😷 who are enabling this anti-humanity agenda. I hope they all hurry up and get triple doses of Kill Gates’s death jab which nobody needs, but which they’re convinced is an essential, life saving ‘vaccine’. 🤣
        We can do just fine, in fact a whole better as a society, without those brainless TV indoctrinated, group thinking zombies, who are helping the evil cabal to destroy us (and themselves of course), by their blind acquiescence and puerile obedience to the very tyrants that are in the process of exterminating them, or at the very least: totally destroying them and their whole way of life.
        They simply refuse to wake up, refuse to listen to simple common sense, so let ’em die.
        Lobotomized MORONS.

    • shit for brains or are you blaming your brainwashing on the BBC ?

      • More like a 77 warrior!

    • 😂😂 user based for everyone agreed a lawful requirement for NHS staff.
      Why are NHS staff being bullied into not reporting any death or adverse reaction.
      Strange that the EU countries health department do report and they have 20k deaths reported, or are all those health services in in the conspiracy as well.

    • Did this video hit a nerve? Do you have a problem with the public reporting their adr’s when they can’t see a GP? Blindness? Guess they’ve faked that. Death? Defo a conspiracy..

      You’re on the wrong platform. Fuck off.

      • Yes, I think we have a troll! Watch out Hugo

      • Om Ram is looking a lot like a 77th Brigade shill, they’re supposed to be the experts at infiltration & hiding in plain sight, bloody amateurs.

    • I don’t hear conspiracy in his voice. Everything he says I have read and/or heard elsewhere and I wish him the best of luck. I doubt anything will come if it as he will struggle to find someone in authority who isn’t either complicit, scared or both.
      Personally I think every citizen of this country should be doing the same as he is.

      • There are many men and woman fighting like yourself to get this message across. We can never give up.

    • The quotation on the yellow card system is purely to highlight the government recognition of problems in taking the jab and nothing more.

      The actual figures are expected to be much MUCH higher.

      But you knew this and are just not listening to the other government recognised or pier reviewed facts either.

      I think others here, reading your comments On Ram, will see you for what you are.

      Come back with a reasoned reply and you might save your credibility.

      Or just stop dribbling nonessentials like a gum diseased cat that can’t close it’s mouth properly due to tooth decay!

    • You can hear the worries in his voice, question,,, why would anyone lie about something that is safe and would save humanity. Think about that..

      • Save???
        you should think about what you are saying.
        You are crazy my friend

      • Danny, He speaks the truth, and he certainly is not the only one. Did you know 100,000 NHS staff have left their jobs because of the damages this vaccine is causing, they don’t want to be part of it. They to are speaking out.

    • Hope you enjoyed getting the jab. Be thankful he’s put that much time and energy in trying to end this crime.

    • You are probably one of these corrupt bloggers who use sites like these to spread doubt and misinformation to the vulnerable. You should be ashamed of yourself.
      You sound like a paid government agent. I hope you’ve had the vaccine. Good luck !

    • You absolute idiot. Either you are a complete brain dead sheep or you are a troll. Either way, go away and play with your empty headed mates. He states nothing but certifiable facts.

    • There was 3 other videos with this I seen them on YouTube and got really pissed coz thy got deleted and the channel thy where on!!! one of the videos was done by dr Adbul alim if any one can find it again we need it to be shared vaccine is what we have to b worried about not covid

    • Who are you to assume somebody is nobody? Id rather listen to him before trusting someone so obviously speaking from their ego and hatred for someone you don’t know. Why are you so defensive?

    • Go do one .he telling the truth dont say you haven’t been warned knob

    • He is a warrior , hope more come out gets these governments around the world in jail murderers the lot controlling us all that’s what deep down its about not a virus

    • You must be one of those coincidence theorists. Very dangerous.

    • Thank you Hugo! Your the one actually making a difference and you’ve saved life’s!

    • Doctors fill out the yellow card moron , research ! More often than not they avoid doing it due the lengthy process. So consider the real numbers . People are passionate because believe it or nor real people have experienced issues and worse with vaccines. Lets hope you dont find youve got chf 6 months from now

    • The Yellow Card Scheme is on the government website. Medical Doctors and Nursing staff have reported the adverse effects and deaths, its their duty to do so. Mark Sexton Ex police officer has been doing this for sometime now, as are many other members of the public. I myself have contacted First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, to the very fact’s that Mark speaks of. He certainly is not a Conspiracy Theorist. He has gained so much respect for all has done to stop the roll out if the mRNA Spike Protein injections ( as they are not vaccines) as its causing adverse effects and deaths to thousand upon thousands world wide. The government are planning on injecting children in September 2021 with this poison. We are all fighting to save our children from this. You continue to sit with your keyboard Om Ram ( or whatever your name is) and spout out your crap, and leave the real men and woman to fight for our children, our grandchildren, and future generations to come.

    • WE are all ‘a no ones’ as you put it. Some of us are instead ‘donkeys’. How about that Muffin?

    • Sad asleep human. I know more people now who have died since being vaxxed than before it, just a coincidence is now the leading cause of death.

    • Om Ram, I can see you are a useless piece of s*it. Least he is trying to do something while you do nothing. I bet you have had both jabs of poison and are looking forward to your your third, fourth, sixth and …….. jabs forever.

    • So, when you are dead, due to a serious adverse reaction, you can get your money back. The government is committing murder, and you support it.?

    • So he knows the process just like I do. We’ve been in law enforcement and understand how to report crimes. Clearly you are annoyed at anyone who is working against this anti-human agenda. What can I say? Take your vaccine then. If you willfully ignore warning signs, you deserve the consequences but you have no right to try to interfere with other people being properly informed before accepting a very dangerous experimental unapproved gene-therapy injection. Go stand in line and take your execution shot mate!

    • It’s estimated the Yellow Card system represents around 1% of what is happening in reality, mainly because most people are not aware of it. You have no idea of the work Mark Sexton has been doing… No idea at all. So you shouldn’t comment.

  3. Many on other social media saying its all fake controlled opposition.. One person on Facebook who is apparently a nurse and gives the jab saying its all false info.

    • Of course she would say that!

    • Come on, your not serious?? On Facebook says it all! Social media is main stream media. Facebook deleted the group reporting vaccine deaths and adverse reactions. Question every thing you see on Social media. The fact a nurse reported it on Facebook as false info probably means it is completely true.

      • Absolutely well said Andy….

    • Facebook!! That’s as bad as trusting the BBC. Of course they are going to say it’s false. Probably means that it’s completely true. Facebook deleted a group for people to report deaths and adverse reactions to the vaccine. Don’t listen to anything or trust anything on social media.

    • Ask her to go check how full the stroke and heart wards are in her hospital. Then take a wander down to the empty Covid ward.

    • This video is promoting the pandemic as real whilst pushing unnecessary and toxic alternative cures. Of course it’s fake controlled opposition.

    • Really, you get your source of information from social media. Do some proper research, if not for yourself, do it for your children, or grandchildren.

  4. What a surprise? Has Hancock been arrested yet??

    • An arrest is imminent 😀 The fighting fund is running low. Lawyers don’t come cheap. Please donate all you can 😀

      • Yeah trev I will donate £100

      • Thanks. Your donation will be much appreciated. A bench warrant is about to be issued so you can expect an arrest ‘any time soon’ 😀

  5. Thats true ! You will all see soon !!!

  6. Like to think its true…but like any thing it’ll be sweeped under the carpet

  7. They would have to act if every person reported it to their local police station!!! Wouldn’t they???

    • I wouldn’t. You would have to be nuts to even contemplate it. Nothing good is going to come from it. You are only drawing attention to yourself. You will end up on a ‘list’. One of the ‘community lists’ that are passed around. You will likely be detained in a mental institution under the Mental Health. And I bet you won’t be popping into your local cop-shop to report Matt Hancock for being in violation of the Nuremberg Protocol, crimes against humanity, contravention of the Bill of Rights Act 1846, contravention of the Magna Carta, as you stand under Common Law as a free wo/man of the land 😀 But you want other to 😀

      • I will try anything at this time, people cant stand back and watch. This is the problem, we’re all watching what’s going on and doing nothing. Peaceful protests are not working. If I get a knock on my door, so be it.

      • Lay off the black mirror.. we aren’t part of a social credit score just yet.



    • Thats why so many got vaced cos they didn’t believe this shit either

      • Drop dead you useless eater Jonboy2323.. Little boy

    • I admire Michael O’Bernicia but he has been trying to get Hancock et al into court for 6 months. I don’t hold out much hope sadly.

  9. Are you kidding ! He has EVIDENCE folks and tons of it ! Wake up !

    • Mark has got so much information, and is a real man, doing his bit for humanity. Well done to him.

  10. This ex police officer is a gentleman of integrity and honesty. I hope the acting Police officerd who deal with his information act in a similar manner

  11. She put it back up but others have been deleted, I’m glad you saw it ty hugo

  12. Why don’t people watch opening games ceremony 2012…this is a planned event… Johnson 🤔see 4:28

    Event 201 is a roll out of this
    Check World Economic Forum etc etc

    Every time they give you a release date, it will change… They have till March 2025

    If you go to sleep tonight and don’t wake up, where will your eternity be as eternity is written in the heart of man.

  13. What’s it with all the ‘ex-coppers’ who pop into the cop shop to report Matt Hancock for contraventions of the Nuremberg Protocol? A an ex-cop is the last person you would expect to do this. It is not in their mindset. It stinks to high heaven in the State of Denmark 😀

  14. Good video I caused shit with it and saved a girl from the vaccine well done to him and Hugo too

  15. Absolutely FABULOUS! This is extremely well documented by Mark Sexton. This is how to fight back. Through the system, so that those good people [the majority] see for themselves the corruption within the system and root it out. Only when the majority see the truth, can the narrative change. Sadly, the vaccine complicates things, for if it is true that it will make people very poorly, then this will be too late for us all! Well done though Mark! Shouldn’t we all be doing the same, with our own FOI requests?

  16. Dear Hugo, THANK YOU so much for posting this. This police officer has courage and has presented the facts clearly and with knowledge of due process that a non- police officer could not do. May God help him and the cause! And you, Hugo, for sticking your head over the parapet. God be with you.

  17. What a brave man and honest man. If this is hidden behind closed doors. then as far as I am concerned Government is corrupt. This should be out in the open. we need TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH

  18. The government are claiming kids are spreaders though.

  19. What is the safeguard we have against an attack on the people by its government? An ex copper in a police station? Riots would only result in Marshall law. So what is the answer?

  20. The 77th brigade are out in force on the comments section. This video hit a nerve.

    • 😂😂big time absolute scurge of society the lot of them buddy

    • This video is controlled opposition bullshit pushing the virus as real, and promoting unnecessary and toxic alternative cures.

  21. This gentlemen should be commended for his bulletproof investigation! BoJo and Hancock have nowhere to hide on this and should be tried with crimes against humanity for willfully inflicting genocide upon the people of the UK.

  22. Apparently the yellow card scheme and the American Equivalent vaers only catches about 1% of the actual data.

  23. Well that sort of thing can’t be encouraged,, probably wasting police time, police are there to obey government desires through dictate using the higherarchy in the police, in this instance the beautiful Cresida DICK.
    When you look at it from this more practical point of view it is wasting police time as they are doing things other than following orders and not available to follow orders and not availible to dance to the whims of goverment desire.

  24. Stay healthy eat organic and take CBD oil every night before bed.
    Good for all ages. 😂

  25. First, many if not most people get saline solution injections because if everyone would get the poison the damage would be to obvious. In the next round less people get a placebo etcetera.

    Second, most at the top in the court system are freemasons so it’s a waist of time to bring the criminals to justice. Furthermore the court system operates on the law of the sea.

  26. Good stuff. They all work for satan liars and deceivers. My sister had one of those symptoms. Repent and believe the truth is Jesus . God is in control and by the way ,the devil looses in the end . Hallelujah praise the Holy one of Israel.

  27. They may have deleted on YouTube 🙄but it’s been posted and not deleted on LinkedIn. For me that’s very very strange 🙄

  28. It’s all too late. Thousands have already seen the video,, also heard about the letter ftom Tess Lawrie from Bath, well qualified to give an op
    inion n the jab

  29. We have already won , don’t try to persuade anyone not to get the poison, let them get that mark of the beast , they soon be gone , it’s biblical.

    • They will suffer the 12 plagues of end times if they receive the true mark in the hand or forehead, they can no longer repent, they are changed no longer fully human their dna altered. People who try to save their lives in this world (system) by doing whatever to save it will lose it in the next. I am looking up, watching and waiting for the great escape, the Bible prophecies for the latter days are being fulfilled before our eyes!

  30. Everyone commenting seems to have missed the point that this video is promoting the fake pandemic as real whilst also pushing unnecessary and toxic alternative treatments.

  31. The yellow card scheme states that 1,300 people have died shortly after receiving the vaccine, if 30,000,000 have had the jabs then it’s not impossible that some would pass away within 7 days anyway. However, I do believe many deaths wont have been reported, and the adverse effects alone are still a huge worry and reason enough not to get it. Fact is, even if 100 people have died as a direct result of vaccine, that is clearly not acceptable given that covid is not very dangerous, if its even real at all. There was too much pre planning involved for it to be a genuine pandemic. At work we lost nobody to covid, but one colleague within a few days of jab, that tells more than any government statistics

  32. YouTube is Great. It tells you when you are over the target.

  33. Now that’s a good man! Bet he was a good copper, too!

  34. Dr Vernom Coleman said away back a year ago that the government is committing genocide. I believed him. The ex police officer is trying to save peoples lives.

  35. Well done Mr Mark Secton, well written presentation and to the point. It needed to be said, I’ve been saying similar on social media. MSM and the Government are covering up the issues with the vaccine. The vaccine needs to withdrawn immediately. Normally a new drug or vaccine that kills ten or more is withdrawn. Nearly 1,300 died in the U.K. and 6,000 died in the USA.

    • Its very frightening numbers isn’t it Robert, well done to you for making others aware of the dangers.

  36. This man Mark Sexton is a hero for making such a stand and trying to make a difference.

    Sadly It’s doubtful whether he will any success because the system is corrupt. If the likes of Mike Yeadon are rendered ineffective in their opposition, it’s an indication of just how totally corrupted the
    whole administration is.

    As Hugo reminds us, strength is in unity and rather than wasting time addressing the absurd negative comments that a few obvious trolls are making here, we all could quite easily, (for the same amount of keyboard time) follow Mark’s example do our bit too and write to:

    Nadhim Zahawi the vaccine rollout minister

    Voice our concerns …and demand he stop the roll out of this toxic treatment based on the disturbing evidence of the yellow card system due to the reported adverse reactions of the experimental gene therapy that is called the ‘covid-19 vaccination’

    Which stood on the 26 May ‘21 at:

    1,253 Deaths
    9,582 Cardiac disorders
    1,044 Anaphylaxis
    12,684 Blood disorders
    19,475 Infections
    2,961 Herpes
    90,475 Headaches
    14,089 Eye disorders including blindness
    17,407 Psychiatric disorders
    57,645 Skin and epidermal disorders
    2,345 Spontaneous miscarriages
    12,478 Vomiting
    1,035 Facial paralysis including Bell’s palsy (usually the result from a dysfunction of cranial nerve)
    185,047 Facial swelling
    185,474 Nervous system disorders
    11,801 Disturbances in personality traits
    1,774 Strokes
    308 Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rapid-onset muscle weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system, in some cases resulting in total paralysis
    26,473 Dizzyness
    9,827 Tremors and shaking
    4,663 Thrombosis and embolisms
    30,595 Respiratory disorders
    2,196 Nosebleeds
    1,996 Seizures
    722 Life changing Paralysis
    3,438 Haemorrhages
    6,270 Vertigo
    7,919 Reproductive and breast disorders

    (It’s generally accepted that only 10% of all adverse reactions are actually registered. GP’s won’t automatically register them or even inform their patient of the scheme’s existence, so it’s reasonable to believe these figures are far worse.)

    In addition there are the PCR tests that hospitals are running at 45 cycles rather than the recommended 25 which show a 97% false positive and should be served notices of liability.

    They contain nasty ingredients including:
    Ethylene Oxide (At room temperature it is a flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic and irritating)
    Lithium (Breathing lithium dust or lithium compounds which are often alkaline initially irritate the nose and throat, while higher exposure can cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs, leading to pulmonary edema) Hydrogel (a crosslinked hydrophilic polymer that does not dissolve in water)

    Mark Sexton has done his research and has presented a completely sound, concise evidence based allegation that should be taken seriously by the authorities (He doesn’t say whether the nurses and admin staff at the 4 hospitals he visited that confirmed the huge increases in adverse reactions were prepared to sign a written statement, obviously better if they had done). Who’d have thought that 2020 cremations would have been lower than the previous 5 years?

    Furthermore he relates that, upon sending an extremely compelling evidence based document requesting the cessation of all covid vaccination programmes and accusing the Minister responsible of committing what may well go down in history as the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust Nadhim Zahawi asks “are you are trying to reach me in my capacity as minster of covid vaccine deployment?”

    Is he taking the p*ss …of course he’s trying to contact you in your capacity? It doesn’t bode well if the guy in charge is a congenital idiot …although it does qualify him to be an MP, a war criminal and fall guy.

    Who is Nadhim Zahawi? …I hear you ask.

    • Nadhim Zahawi moved to the UK from Iraq with his family when he was nine years old
    • In 2000 he co-founded online market research agency YouGov and was its chief executive until he was selected as a Conservative parliamentary candidate in 2010
    • He was first elected as Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon in May 2010
    • In 2011 he co-authored a book with fellow MP Matt Hancock, now the health secretary, on the human behaviour behind the banking crash – called “Masters of Nothing”
    • In 2018 he became an education minister in Theresa May’s government.
    • Under Boris Johnson’s premiership he was appointed as a business minister
    • November 2020 appointed as vaccine rollout minister
    • He is married and has three children

    No doubt he’ll be writing another book with Matt Hancock titled “Masters of the End of Civilisation as we know it” or “How Scum always floats to the top”

    It’s up to us people!

  37. Mark Sexton asks the question “If this is a pandemic, where are the bodies”? Well here’s why there doesn’t need to be any bodies.

    If you asked most people to define what a pandemic is. They would tell you that it is disease which kills enormous numbers of people around the world. But they would be wrong. In recent years, the World Health Organization(WHO) changed the definition of pandemic, serology and herd immunity which made our present state of emergency a near certainty.

    According to WHO, prior to 2009, a pandemic would involve enormous numbers of deaths. In the public mind, such a pandemic, with enormous numbers of deaths, would justify the government declaring a state of emergency requiring lock-downs,masks, social distancing, etc, and possibly, even promoting a trial vaccine if the number of fatalities were enormous. Not so anymore. Now a virulent flu can be called a pandemic. And herd immunity ain’t what it used to be either. Now the WHO definition of herd immunity is grotesquely skewed towards vaccination. Who would have guessed?

    When is a pandemic not a pandemic?
    Since 2003, the top of the WHO Pandemic Preparedness homepage has contained the following statement: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.”

    However, on 4May 2009, scarcely one month before the H1N1 pandemic was declared, the web page was altered in response to a query from a CNN reporter. The phrase “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” had been removed and the revised web page simply read as follows: “An influenza pandemic may occur when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.” Months later, the Council of Europe would cite this alteration as evidence that WHO changed its definition of pandemic influenza to en-able it to declare a pandemic without having to demonstrate the intensity of the disease caused by the H1N1 virus.

    9June2020 WHO website, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Serology. Definition of Herd Immunity:
    Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection. This means that even people who haven’t been infected, or in whom an infection hasn’t triggered an immune response, they are protected because people around them who are immune can act as buffers between them and an infected person. The threshold for establishing herd immunity for COVID-19 is not yet clear.

    13Nov2020 WHO website, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Serology, antibodies and immunity.
    Definition of Herd Immunity:
    ‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.

    Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it. Read the Director-General’s 12 October media briefing speech for more detail.

    Vaccines train our immune systems to develop antibodies, just as might happen when we are exposed to a disease but – crucially – vaccines work without making us sick. Vaccinated people are protected from getting the disease in question. Visit our webpage on COVID-19 and vaccines for more detail.

    As more people in a community get vaccinated, fewer people remain vulnerable, and there is less possibility for passing the pathogen on from person to person. Lowering the possibility for a pathogen to circulate in the community protects those who cannot be vaccinated due to other serious health conditions from the disease targeted by the vaccine. This is called ‘herd immunity’.

    ‘Herd immunity’ exists when a high percentage of the population is vaccinated, making it difficult for infectious diseases to spread, because there are not many people who can be infected. Read our Q&A on vaccines and immunization for more information.

    The percentage of people who need to have antibodies in order to achieve herd immunity against a particular disease varies with each disease. For example, herd immunity against measles requires about 95% of a population to be vaccinated. The remaining 5% will be protected by the fact that measles will not spread among those who are vaccinated. For polio, the threshold is about 80%.

    Achieving herd immunity with safe and effective vaccines makes diseases rarer and saves lives.

    Find out more about the science behind herd immunity by reading our dedicated Q&A or watching or reading this interview with WHO’s Chief Scientist, Dr Soumya Swaminathan.

    These are topics which should have been discussed openly if we had an independent media and a government which did not take its instructions from WHO, the UN et al. We are being played!

    • Thanks Brad …might have known they’d shift the goalposts. Devious bastards.

      Next they’ll be rebranding experimental gene therapies as vaccines.

  38. RAF and big tec let the bio weapon out good luck with the pigs helping more chance of them dieing from the poison!

  39. Why does he call it a ‘vaccine’?
    It is not a vaccine.
    1) because it is not approved as a vaccine.
    2) it is admitted to be a gene therapy.

  40. Sadly in reality in spite of oaths, the police serve the government & corporate interests.
    There is no way they will take action against their masters.

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