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    • I recommend that people visit the Darkhorse Podcast where the inventor of MRNA medicines, Robert Malone, discusses with Bret Winestein very concerning data on the Pfizer vaccine that clearly suggests that the lipid nanoparticles concentration – explained as the box that delivers the MRNA – escapes the shoulder muscle and lodges elsewhere in the body, most frighteningly in the ovaries and bone marrow, the implications of which we will only discover years down the line. This, I believe, is the reason for the ‘vaccinate the world’ policy, to make as many women as possible infertile, to facilitate the W.E.F.’s wish for depopulation.

  1. Good for all those who attended.

    They did not go gently into the night.

    • The government is using our money to thrive and to declare war AGAINST us

  2. A few hundred anti vaxxers weaponised children for their cultist beliefs -MSM

    • Max, what absolute bollox!

      There is a plan to minimise population and they are 1-2 generation down with the current jabbing they are aiming for 3.

      Said it before kids should Never Ever have the jab!!
      Fight it all the way…..

      • I reckon Max was quoting the potential Mainstream Media Headlines.

    • And the other side doesn’t do the same? give me a break.

      • He is saying what the MSM will say.

    • Come and join us on the 26th sweetie. Tell us all there’s a few hundred like the rest of your cultists. I was at the last one and had footage and one actually said, “No that was the kill the bill protest you attended and there about 200 there.” That is how absolutely simple your mask fellows are. Best of luck when this turns, you have some truly thick and scared little tools hiding behind masks on your side. Got to love a mong.

      • Toad, yes I was agreeing with Max.
        The MSM reporting is so biased, makes me sick… But not enough to go to hospital.

  3. “We are here for the children, what are you here for” the lady asks of the police. The Police reply should be something like ” we are here to enforce the fascism that is ruining everybodys’ lives apart from ours and we are laughing at you while we do it”

  4. I have always wondered why we allow old psychpathic types to destroy the lives of the younger generation

    • “All evil comes from the old. They grow fat on ideas and young men die of them”

      — Jean Anouilh

  5. May God have mercy on our souls. All part of satans plan. Division.
    Confusion and fear. The God I worship the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is a God of unity ,love and not confusion. Thank you Lord for our salvation. Repent ,believe and be baptised to be truly saved. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen.

    • No water baptism is needed, we are in the age of grace. Only faith alone in Christ alone is necessary for salvation (Romans 10:9-10). Rightly divide the word of God. Repent simply means “Change your mind and believe” that Jesus is who He claimed to be. No works are needed on our part because Jesus paid it all. It is FINISHED. Call upon His name today and be saved.

      • John 3:3

        3. Jesus answered and said unto him,Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    • They, the cult of maniacal ideologs, are always messing with the children to corrupt their bodies, soul or minds. From the 1st day of life, with the poison needle, mandatory jabs to attend school in the USA for mild childhood illnesses with almost 0 chance of death and my favourite the hepB jabs to children who will not have sex for a decade are the favourite tool.. The saddest part is if the parents did a little research they would never consent to this barbaric evil practice of introducing products of a disease body to a healthy person. Yes, they force the healthy to risk their health to protect the unhealthy. Sounds like this chi-communist bullshit. Interesting enough there’s a film called “the golden child” in which they, the cult through Hollywood told the public why they’re polluting the children bodies with unholy shite if you don’t believe just read what’s in these jabs.

    • Rather die on my feet than grovel to the new world order

  6. I really do wish more people would wake up and stop calling our children ” KIDS ” It is a Satanic term. They are young Human Beings not young Goats. Great to see the children protesting and demanding their rights though.

    • At last someone realises they are not baby goats CHILDREN INFANTS TODDLERS SONS DAUGHTERS. PLEASE NO MORE …

  7. Good for these parents, protecting there children from this experiment jab that will destroy children health. Let’s see more of this locally to in High Street’s

  8. So many people united by the same goal – do best for our children. Why not get together and arrange community schools and child support? Focus on what you want not what you don’t.

  9. I cannot understand why there are so few protesters. Are the crash test dummies going to willingly hand over their children for the slaughter. It’s just unbelievable the stupidity of people.

  10. There is one condition only to receive eternal life – To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. No works necessary, we are saved by faith alone in Christ alone. He paid it all so we could walk in complete freedom. (Romans 10:9-10, Acts 16:30-31). No contribution from us is needed, just believe and rest in His love. That is the simplicity of the gospel, nothing added and nothing taken away. Anything else taught is a false gospel…

  11. Shame on the establishment who will to enforce their devices on the young ones. But woe to anyone in their ranks who physically enforces the experiment, if they so much as even trouble the hair on their heads, their desolation cometh and their light shall be extinguished in obscure darkness.

  12. Anyone who can’t see this won’t see it until the popcorn pops (as Rachel Elnaugh put it on the Delingpod), once they start popping here and there, suddenly they all start popping. When that happens, expect things to accelerate rapidly, but lets make sure we don’t get the current scumbags replaced by a new set of shill scumbags who still want the same thing, because that’s what will probably happen.

  13. One wonders why subjecting children to such extents🤮🤕😭😭

    • Jo, it’s part of the depopulation programme.
      Plus if the parents are stupid enough to get them jabbed then they will be stupid enough to get boosters every year… Keeps them in a vicious cycle!!

  14. Insofar as the RoI is concerned, could get quite perilous for the authorities if they start testing and jabbing the kids of paramilitaries!

  15. Hi All “ has anyone else experienced this or anything similar? I was a regular commenter on Hugo, regularly getting notifications of other comments “and being part of the conversation/topic at hand “ then suddenly about 2 weeks ago “ I stopped getting notifications to confirm my account and don’t receive any when others comment, effectively keeping me out of the conversation “ really frustrating, as I enjoyed being part of the Tribe “

  16. Hopefully, a ‘celebrity ‘ will lose a child to the vaccine and then realise every human on the planet is important and precious. I can only hope but I doubt even celebs would sacrifice their child for an extra million in the bank. Or would they?!

  17. Blessings to all kids🙏
    they going suffer so much after we gone poor souls
    Thank you Hugo

  18. There is absolutely no reason to vaccinate healthy people. Our immune systems have developed over millions of years, most have already had Covid so they have developed antibodies and do not need the vaccine. Drugs or vaccines that have resulted in deaths of 10 or so people have always been withdrawn. We have had nearly 6000 deaths due to the vaccine in the USA alone. It’s actually criminal that Governments and health authorities haven’t stepped in.

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