Look πŸ‘€ What’s On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown


Link to UK Govt Human Augmentation

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  1. justified be a fake virus. where not coming out of this lockdown. there just buying time to implement this plan, get out in nature as much as possible and stay organic as possible, enjoy the summer months while there here now. this video needs to go viral….

  2. They can all go uck themselves, I have never seen a bigger shower of ankers than what we have sitting professing to be decromatic government at present and as for Elizibeth Windsor and her family shame on them!

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  4. Hugo I thought the same thing as you when I saw the pic of Jimmy Saville on the government website. But I suppose its not too much of a surprise. As everyone should know by now Jimmy Saville is Priti Patel’s hero

  5. David icke has been talking, and warning people about this for three decades now!
    There’s more of these so called conspiracies going to be made public in the future.
    2020 was just the start.

  6. Facebook/Zuckerberg experimented years ago to see if they could make people suicidal or exacerbate mental health problems.This was executed on the public.

  7. Every American controlled country has to spend 2-5% of their gdp on military arms. In America they spend shit loads more. Because usa continually replace guns, body armour etc etc The normal usa police are now the military from 10 years ago due to being forced to adopt a ‘everyone’s a threat/terrorist mindset. UK are very quickly catching up. If only uk citizens had access to the Internet they could make up their own minds!!! No Independent Thoughts allowed

  8. It’d be so much better and helpful if the link to such articles are properly published Hugo. In the description ??? What description where? I’m asking, many won’t and consequently end up ignoring it rather than promoting it elsewhere.

  9. Omg! Millions of people have already been jabbed with the genetically modifying vaccine! And more people are getting it every day! We’re all fucked!

  10. ah yes, `gods and monsters` springs to mind- a concept so wonderfully illuminated by ms shelley, and really worth bearing in mind.here. whilst man may maketh the machine to further maketh the man, now the machine may maketh the man, but further into a machine (arnie will have a right iron grin)- that was another wee joke- but l`m no really laughing.

    • Thankyou YES, a ‘plan’ is not a ‘guarantee’.

  11. Uber Eats are scamming 1000s of people every day, they are withholding payments from restaurant owners and taking money fraudulently out of people banks & paypal accounts!

    Have a look at their reviews on trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/ubereats.com

    Then take a look at all the comments on Ubers FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ubereatsuk/community/

    UK Restaurant Owner Being Screwed Over by UberEats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQFG5SlczAQ

    UberEats Stealing Customers Food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEAevMRMxY8


    – no access for customers to escalate complaints
    – no adherence to their own Terms & Conditions or policies
    – no accountability for breaches of Consumer Contract Regulations
    – Cancelling orders without issuing refunds
    – Only automated replies to genuine customer queries
    – Lack of accountability for aforementioned breaches and bad service
    – Misleading promotional codes that either do not work or are already expired at the time of sending
    – Deliberate obfuscation of all of their contact details
    – Taking money from peoples banks/paypal accounts fraudulently

  12. Anyone ever heard of or played a video game series called Deus Ex?

    Like many of the films, that particular video game is basically a foretelling (or Predictive Programming) of ALL the ideas presented in this presentation, eerily so.

  13. Nebuchadnezzars dream coming to fruition. The feet of clay mixed with iron… We are clay as God created us from the earth…. But taking what God made and messing with the DNA, creating a non human only takes a 1% change of the DNA.
    Welcome to Bible Prophecy folks.

    • Babylon is falling, just one more part to pass.

  14. Very sad…. I can’t believe what the rich dare do… I’m so happy I was born in the 80s, got to experience REAL life..
    Shame on the UK Government for giving in to the transhumanist rich. I feel for soldiers nowadays, they’ll be nothing but injected tools from now on..

  15. Isn’t this the same thing they already have in Sweden? ie a microchip in the wrist? Presumably the start at least……

  16. Do you think it was put into the public domain by mistake? Read ‘Conditions of release’ on the first couple of pages

  17. I can’t find the link to the document, where is it please

  18. When it is tied up to worship then that is the mark of the beast and no one can buy or sell without it ( trade!).
    All we are seeing is a pre-curser to that! The Bible warns that anyone who takes the Mark ( related to 666 ID number of His name )The Anti Christ system. they will face the wrath of Gos and All the plaques written in the book of revelation will be visited upon Them! I am outta here a.s.a.p Rapture airlines 777! All who call upon the name of The lord shall be saved! The world economic forum are Free masons… they worship the god (small g of this world) Satan the devil> This is a spiritual warfare, Don’t sit on the fence!

  19. Theres another article on there i dont think youve covered, its essentially chinese social credit system, but theyve changed the word score to something obscure, cannot bloody remember it atm ill try find it and link it

    • Idiots πŸ₯ΊπŸ™„

      People are breaking under pressure
      Hopefully πŸ™ people on here & other platforms won’t as Hugo kindly informing us really helps πŸ‘
      We need standby , assist each other as them in power clearly are out to en slave and I rather die fighting them!

      Take care ✌️

    • they said they are doing to get back normal, well there in for a rude awakening later down the line…

  20. I’m fearful for the future. Our children and grandchildren are doomed

  21. Goodness, my sister would love it! She’s already wired up to the internet, so this would be a step in the right direction for her! And we all know people like that, don’t we?

  22. I remember a few years ago the CDC in America put up a Zombie survival guide on their website, just for a laugh of course. Seeing this new one it makes me wonder what else these jabs are going to do to people.

  23. Ahhhh! That’s what the ‘vaccine’ is for! Getting us ready. Not for me.

  24. I’m type 1 diabetic, type 1 is very different to type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, the immune system turns on itself and kills the cells in the pancreas that make insulin so you can no longer metabolise sugar. (Yes I’ve had loads of vaccines, especially as a child, not the covid one tho,) I need to monitor my blood glucose all the time. I’ll die if I don’t take insulin injections many times a day. My point is, I’m a lifetime medical patient and they have now come out with a white button, called a Libre sensor. It sits on your skin with a tiny needle going inside to detect the blood sugar. It’s been great and really helped me monitor my blood sugar levels. BUT, is that the point? To make us dependant? To make it necessary, unavoidable, …your bioengineered self in exchange for your life. Many of these medical break throughs and mechanical leaps humanity is making have been wonderful, from the washing machine, car, planes, internet, pace-maker, artificial limbs. It’s not the technology that’s bad, it’s how and why it’s being used.

    • A girl passed me in the street the other day. Wow, what an unusual occurrence πŸ˜€ What was unusual is that she had artificial limbs on both legs joined at the knee. You should have seen the speed she was walking at. I had to do a double-take. Amazing. Fantastic technology. You could say that was good technology because otherwise she would be stuck in a wheelchair bereft of her independence and reliant on others. But that self-same technology could also be deployed in a Robocop – bad technology.

    • There’s a difference between a device that is genuinely useful like for diabetics, or artificial limbs for someone with no limbs, and taking people with no ailments, making them change genetically and physically to “upgrade” them.

      Where does it stop? I remember someone asking a question of if you have 1 neuron in your brain replaced by silicion, are you still human? What if 100 neurons are replaced? What if 10% are replaced? What if all of them are replaced?

      At what point do you distinguish between man and machine?

      If it’s necessary for survival then maybe that’s okay, if it isn’t that definitely isn’t okay.

      Perhaps we should just revert back to the natural order of things – when you die, you die and are replaced by the new.

      It seems to me the whole driving force of this is the desire to live forever, but for us it will be to be slaves forever, to endless new streams of humans, while we become robotic slaves.

    • Fabebook must of taken it down because it says xontent not found

  25. Well… Satan is letting us know the plans he has for us. And it’s subjugation and a lack of freedom. The logical conclusion of the rejection of the God of the Bible. Satan has been working hard to convince us that it’s the exact opposite, that Jesus is the one that inhibits our freedom when it was ALWAYS the exact opposite.

    Not much else to say folks but to encourage you to seek out the lord Jesus and reconcile with our true God. This is the only way out.

    The book of John is a great place to start. Get on board before the ship sails! I pray you hear his words today.


  26. The head of the British army did say by the end of 2030 we would have 30,000 robots

    • That would not surprise me at all!

      Problem is the army train them as β€˜robotic’ as it is
      They leave with PTS!πŸ₯Ί

  27. I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of all of this now, there’s clearly some seriously dodgy stuff being planned, and it seems like the aim is to reduce population of humans, and to convert the rest into cyborg slaves.

    I think the real genius of their plan is that they’ve terrified everyone so much about covid and how deadly it is (when it isn’t) that come winter when people are dropping like flies due to ADE, they will say it’s a new deadly killer strain, and then the solution will be – a new jab… and that will finish off anyone stupid enough to take it.

  28. Lisa C on yt still has hers up , must be something to do with subs , ty hugo

  29. Let us technologically improve the human species …… because GOD got it wrong ! …… this is the mind set of evil Satanic bastards. Most of us are very happy with our humanity thank you very much.

  30. It’s coming the mark of the beast we have to fight before it’s to late

  31. I predicted this last year ,nobody listened to me outside Family .

    • My family are the ones that won’t listen but I have friends that I’ve been talking about this with for years

    • Same as πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
      it’s been tough as people are still so idiotic going along with any of this

      Take care

  32. That logo of the person in a purple triangle with arms out to the sides – is actually the representation of ‘a goddess’ of child sacrifice to Ba’al. And Molech

  33. There was a ‘public consultation’ period on the use of microchips and/or quantum dot tattos a while back that only wasn’t made very public but only had a two week window to fill in. I found it a few days before that deadline, filled it in and spread it as far as I could but I knew it wouldn’t have any effect tbh, they don’t, won’t and have never listened to us

  34. Boris Johnson and his Clown Show could definitely be augmented with BRAINS, if they think this shit too is going into our bodies and the Opposition could definitely be augmented with BALLS because Starmer and the rest of those limp wristed wankers clearly haven’t got a single Bollock between them !

    • That’s one way to put it! Boris and his Cabinet rule by decree, that was set up from the very start of the cv crime. It means they can do whatever they want under the guise of a national emergency. In theory that should work but it’s all been set up on a falsehood, the cv scandal. It’s all been carefully planned out. Boris or our despot UK Govt are taking orders from the NWO/WHO/UN that’s Gates/Schwab/Sorros etc. and worse still the Queen Liz and Ponce Charlie are included in that. They want us dead too!
      The MPs are mostly just keeping seats warm, serve no purpose, at the start my MP sent me a statement basically saying, he’s in control, do as he tells me, expect no due process, like the idea of murder, torture and rape etc. Just insane but as it’s an official response from my MP it is taken a as legal statement. Just criminal. However there are a few MPs who have been aware of the crime from day one.
      That creature Blair said recently “we have our teams embedded in all govenments around the world to deal with the cv and the after events..” – which means, his criminal people are in our local Councils, police etc. We must seek and remove them.
      For those who get the jab, Bill’s digital tattoo, implant, there’s nothing much that can be done for them. For everyone else, educate πŸ˜‰

    • Rob, unfortunately there’s been an uptake in this across Europe especially the Dutch!
      Idiots who don’t see the bigger picture but want the latest tech.
      They’ll realise when it’s too late and maybe when it’s used against them.

      • The devil is very cunning. By the time you realise his tricks you will have lost everything.

      • In Holland we went completely mad. Totally agree with You!

    • Definately. we will see our Lord sooner than we think.
      Has anyone seen the 10 storey giants?

    • Indeed. We have been primed all along for so much of the nonsense they have brought in.
      I do it trying to wake people up.
      I call it sowing a seed!

    • Does anyone remember reading? Particularly a book from the late nineties, Author; Tad Williams, Title; Otherland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otherland I won’t give a detailed description, wiki does it better than I could. I read it with interest at the time, I was fairly new to online gaming and this futuristic possibility sounded ‘cool’. A way to really get ‘into’ your favourite game, be a ‘part’ of the digital world. Live forever in the virtual world. But of course there was the darker sinister side of it too, good vs. evil, the continuing fight for right and wrong. Not quite the all out gov. led total control of the populace, or was it? Pointing out the way that technology will lead us and eventually govern our lives. I might read it again to refresh my memory. An interesting read.

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