TESCO ROBOTRON / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. When the gates of the pen are shut it will be to late for the sheep

    • Another member of the WEF aligned with the one and only Gates Microsoft.

    • No queuing ? They were queuing outside Amazon lol , Muppets

    • Wrap all chips in silver foil. Won’t be tracking you then. Works great on car tracking devices

      • How can you wrap a car in silver foil? 😀

  2. That’s one of Bill Gates Robots. That’s his nee

    • The truth is if no one uses it, it won’t work, the power is in our hands.

  3. I won’t use these shops! And I don’t use apps either!

    • One will not need shops then! Praise God . Thank you Lord . You are the way the truth and the light . You are sovereign. Mark of the beast. Then they will want you to worship these 21 giants in 21 cities . What are your thoughts Hugo? May God bless and protect you and all who read this. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ.

  4. I already avoid Tesco, the massive, ‘savings,’ on their clubcards aren’t savings at all, they are paying you for your data.

    • Yes; these “loyalty club” cards are actually a means of surveillance.
      There was an incident, during this past year, in which a Canadian man was “tracked and traced” to his residence for the “crime” of being unmasked while shopping!!

      A customer can request a cashier to use the “manager’s card” to receive discounts, while maintaining some privacy.

      The public must boycott any business, such as Tesco, that are complicit in implementing technocratic measures.

      We must be mindful that right to individual privacy, and the right to individually own private property, are hallmarks of freedom.

  5. I don’t use Ocado either, they are heading for driver-less deliveries alongside their robots picking items in the warehouse. These companies will never have my custom.

  6. Your right Hugo !mor and more automated checkouts popping up!

  7. I have been using, quite nicely second hand unwanted for years, apart from replacement parts etc. What happens to nice old crap. Nah, On the streets of London 26th June for the street party against tyranny

  8. I boycotted Tesco a while back after being filmed at the checkout. I complained to their CS team and said I wouldn’t be going in that store again and they were just “Whatever, do as you like”. So I chose to not use any of them.

  9. I don’t get how this sort of thing doesn’t scare the c**p out of people I really don’t! Now I don’t watch tv or even have one so excuse me if this very outdated and there are newer examples but this reminds me of two things from back when I did watch tv and they are the Terminator films and tje star trek Voyager series with the Borg and the line ‘we will assimlate you, resistance is futile’ because to my mind we’re heading towards some version of both

  10. It’s funny you talk about renting clothes, because in the recent G7 nonsense the media made a big thing about Carrie Symonds/Johnson was that every outfit she wore was rented.

    Anyway, without wanting to sound too whackadoo – you know there’s this report coming out next Friday from the Pentagon to the senate about UFO’s or UAP’s or whatever they call them now…

    Well a few years ago, and you won’t find much about it on the internet now, it’s been cleansed, in I think it was Zimbabwe, a UFO or more than 1 landed near a school and made contact with little kids, well the beings in the craft did.

    You’d imagine if little kids were making it up, with their limited imaginations, they’d say “the aliens warned us about global warming, or nuclear power, or pollution or wars, or etc”.

    But they didn’t, all these little kids said – they told us technology is bad, it’s really really evil and we need to stop it.

    Maybe this is why (if you believe that stuff) – it’s removing us from being biological beings, to pseudo robotic creatures?

    Anyway, another guy posted on Reddit 7 years ago (2014) stuff would start happening in 2021, and the aliens would arrive on July 18th, he then said they were angry with him and he couldn’t say anything else and he vanished off Reddit. No one saw anything from him again until earlier this month, he reappeared, said they are definitely coming on 18th July, I’m done for so I’m warning you, then deleted the account.

    It may be a larp, but he made nothing of it in the beginning for more than a day or so, has made nothing of it since apart from a day or so, and has made no money from it even though he could have made a small fortune.

    We’ll soon find out, but basically us mere mortals are doomed – the powers that be do not have good plans for us, so if the aliens come and also don’t have good plans for us – at least Schwab will get his comeuppance too.

    Bottom line – while they tell us every problem can be solved by technology, it can’t.

    • Interesting on the July 18th date,UK unlock the day after, get a weird vibe, kinda rings a bell for some reason, UFO fake invasion has already been put into the public, so expect that when they get really desperate.

      Expect the release will be 98% Redacted and pointless sadly, 5days to go and we’ll see.

      July 18th, 1st Contact Day here is hoping!!

  11. I’ve never used self service checkout for the same reason Hugo. That said I was pressured into using one at Wilko’s the other day, I mean really pressured, “I’ll guide you through it” she said, I knew how to do it but she insisted, she was the only one on the tills and there was a queue, she didn’t guide me through it she was too busy not showing other customers how to self check out. WH Smith is also not taking cash, I think it’s the preference of the staff there at the moment. Pound shop takes cash, so does Iceland. I do online at Tesco, have done for 12 years, NO car, not because of lockdown. It’s worrying for sure.

    • I have been into a couple of Wilko’s and their has only been one till taking cash. The other self serves usually serviced by one person are cards only. I am going to complain to the head office about this, I have done something similar with Tesco. Staff who don’t want to handle cash need to realise that there is no evidence that the virus can be caught be contact. They should resign their position if they don’t feel safe.

    • It is actually illegal for any business/institution to refuse payment in cash.
      Canadian bills, for example, are printed with the inscription “This note is legal tender”.
      I attempted to make a cash payment in a store last year; the cashier refused the money and stated that only debit or credit was accepted. I declined purchasing the items and never returned.
      One aspect that the employee failed to realize is that she ultimately had the same amount of contact through handling the unbought items (which I had touched) as she would have had by quickly taking a cash payment.

    • Thanks for posting chirsan …he is a hero for sure.


      It’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off the vaccine trolley!

  12. When I used to go to shops I never used the self service checkouts, it was obvious then what was happening! I agree with Hugo that fecking bleepy happy music is bloody awful!! Thanks Hugo for what you do, you’re one of the good hearts speaking truth 🙏❤

  13. About a year ago it was discovered that Victoria’s Secret was putting an RFID chip in bras. They said it was for inventory purposes. Makes you wonder if they may have been doing future product testing.

    Not gonna lie, I will never be down with renting used underwear.

  14. I’ve stopped using the big supermarkets for over a year, i support the local shops, I’m doing my bit. i go to a restaurant in my town, does great food don’t have to scan in or sign in or mask up, and its packed everyday so glad, great atmosphere, i’m put of going to these supermarkets now. now there’s more security at the doors, put of by the pubs i won’t even look inside now i walk straight passed, lockdown has done me good, got rid of a lot of bad habit’s like smoking drinking, eating healthy to prepare what’s next, got to keep strong minded and prepare for the worst, as there trying to connect us to A.I like cameras in the homes, fine machine on the wall. and i won’t allow it. because i know its bad what’s coming digital slave, not in my lifetime, will stay out of it for as long as possible.

    • Lockdown taught me to cut my own hair 🙂 I haven’t been in a barbers since March 2020 🙂

  15. you do notice the old fashion ways of doing things is slowing being taken from us, life was better in 80s and 90s my era. 60s and 70s were better so my dad said. think them smartphones ruined it, i do encourage anyone to get rid of it, it will be really hard for some people, they cause all relationship problems, no one talks anymore cause they are glued to it, phoneless works for me, it is to much baggage in my trousers pocket, so i leave my old flip phone at home

    • Spot on! Unplug it all, its surpressing our potential as conscious free living human beings. Hope it’s not to late, because from what I’m seeing it’s not looking good 🙏

    • Smartphones came about because it was imperative that everyone was on-line. It may come as a surprise but many people are too dumb to use a desktop/laptop. Smartphones are a dumbing-down. Same with ‘apps’. Again, it may come as a surprise but many people are too dumb to use a web browser. Again, apps are a dumbing down. As well as being better at tracking apps also act as means of funnelling traffic to an increasingly limited number of websites. Some people think that all the internet consists of are Fakebook, Twatter and assorted crap. All this crap also comes pre-installed on smartphones and is impossible to remove unless you ‘root’ the device i.e. wipe the drive and re-install the operating system which is going to be beyond the wit of most people. Apps also act as like ‘pre-sets’ on a radio/TV. Like great big ‘Teletubby’-style pre-sets. Most people will be too lazy to re-tune to find out what else is out there.

      Apps muscle in and grab your attention. It is all about grabbing the prime real estate. Kind of similar to the LCN (logical channel numbering) on Freeview. Back in the day TVs would always switch on at position one where BBC One was. So BBC One was in in with a huge advantage. But nowadays TVs ‘remember’ the last channel so that is out the window. Now the lower number on the ‘TV Guide’ the more valuable the real estate is. How many people do you see watching say BBC One on their huge TV sets in standard definition on LCN 1 when BBC One is available in high definition on LCN 101? That is because people are too dumb and lazy to venture up to 101 and beyond where the HD channels are. That is a measure of how dumb and stupid we are.

  16. I’ve went from a £30per hour IT Consultant for 25+ years to just doing a 5 hour pizza delivery shift for £45 – fuel so £35 maybe!!

    They better bring in universal basic income in, or this just won’t be fair to take all the jobs then sanction people for not trying hard enough, when there are zero jobs out there!! Although I’m against but better than trying to live on the dole!!

    • You are so misguided if you think UBI is the answer…..please fight against that, and use your greater instinct to somehow work, my daughter is making clothes and selling then on Depop earning about £500 a week……I taught her how to sew, learn a skill and get with it. Landscapers are crying out for people to work with them, as a Garden Designer I know this and I and my landscapers are busy.

      • Agreed, but it’s better than no jobs, no hope and next to no real money.

        Doing a HGV Course, loads of jobs for that, pays well for nights, 1am here, nights aren’t an issue, waking up before 11am is so suites me 🙂

    • UBI will have loads of conditions attached to it, including taking whatever jabs the government decides you need, avoid at all costs.

  17. What is wrong with giving to charity shops to recycle your old clothes (apart from the fact that most charities probably wouldn’t need to exist if it wasn’t for the greed of the governments and corporations in the first place). Those places have really suffered over lockdowns…

    • You could also feckin wear your own clothes until they’re worn out, and then repair them, until they are no longer wearable. (Instead of poncing around in something that some media merchant has told you is the thing to wear…!)

  18. Tesco are the worst, they have been pushing cash out for about 20 years. I hate the shop and now only use it as a last resort and buy as little as I can from them. A freind was just saying that every time she goes another checkout is card only.
    Imagine renting underware. Funny the way covid is suddenly responsible for what they want and have done for a very long time.

    • Why would you rent underware? Underware is not like a wedding dress you may only ware once every year 😀 Underware is everyday ware. Bras are a bit pricey but knickers are more or less disposable 🙂 like those silly face masks, or face knickers as I call them, that we are supposed to ware 😀

  19. Never have shopped at Tesco, before all this started I always thought of it as a supermarket for sheep, remember the horsemeat scandal they were embroiled in? wouldn’t surprise me if there was human meat there too, just a thought, couldn’t clarify that of course, maybe the same with McDonalds and many more. Cook from scratch people, don’t buy mince, you have no idea what is in mince…..!

  20. They already track with cameras, that’s why sometimes the self-checkout stops. Not because of you, but so they can put someone on to check you.
    ALSO, look into “OpenBanking”. It’s where apps get access to ALL your banking details, of everything you’ve done!! The UK is ahead in this field. They’re supposed to get permission from you, but i cant see how the banks can check that you’ve given these app your permission, for example if the apps make a misleading “T&C” accept box etc.

    • I pay cash whenever possible. One of the few retail chains promoting this is Aldi (slogan on their ATMs: “Cash is Freedom”).

  21. Always try to shop at Lidl, pay cash and never a mask. I’m old, which might explain it! Also, I have trouble reading the grey print on this site. Am I doing something wrong? Keep up the good work Hugo.

    • Don’t kid yourself about Lidl. Lidl were the first to go ‘cashless’ back in March 2020. I abandoned my purchases and walked out. I haven’t set foot in one since.

  22. Sounds like the end of the night and you’ve had a beer and you’re generally fed up. I think the rush to implement technology will be its own undoing. I think the elites have made a big mistake and have finally exposed themselves for who they really are. The internet was a juggernaut they weren’t smart enough to foresee. They’re fighting hard right now but the damage is done. Maybe the only option left is war; but if they try and pull that stunt again, this time the people will turn and come together.

    • If it comes to war, I shall do what Spike Milligan did and tell them I’m a coward! It just might work. (Although it didn’t for Spike).

  23. Yes, the great majority of sheeple seem to want to be robots. It’s obvious!
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us!

  24. Also, it’s really time to start using small independent shops. No cards. No masks…. just freedom! The time is now people! Fight as if you’re life depended on it… because it does!!!God bless and keep you all

  25. Every product from the major Corporations have had the nano chip in them for some time now ready for their cashless wet dream. Tesco’s started this training process long ago with the self service till and have now restricted the amount of tills that will take cash. Always use cash in Tesco’s etc, always use a human? cashier and if you have been queuing too long leave your stuff and walk out plus complain if you have time! Unfortunately not using these places is not an option as they become the only shops left and you need to keep up with the subtle changes they are bringing in as they try and normalise this to the braindead masses!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  26. Morning thank you Hugo

    Blimy I glad I never been into video games
    I remember pac man omg 😱 age concern lol 😂

    I don’t shop at Tesco that’s the truth also
    but after this video this is all becoming very sinister isn’t everyone 🙄

    As mentioned at beginning of vid Hugo this has been coming for Years!!!
    Poor all us AWAKE ! I won’t give in!
    And yes the music is Crap!!😂😂👍
    Sure they make that to Feck with the Sheep’s heads more!

    Have great day all
    And thank you again Hugo 🙏

    • Mark of the beast is here Revelation 13 Turn to the Lord God Jesus Christ 🙏

  27. I recon the first store checkout-less will be Stevenage, they use that store to do some of their adverts as it’s one of the biggest and nearest to welwyn garden city head office

  28. I don’t think this is a good idea and will not use any store like this. However the snowflake generation will love this and unfortunately this is why it will succeed.

  29. For those who are having a hard time understanding and discerning the why.
    It’s more than money and status these people are after. Middle management of the agenda yes but not the controllers who are fully aware of Lucifer’s plan to subjugate humanity and take God’s place…

    Let’s not go into this unaware of the coming global order which Brother John MacArthur diligently explains here.


    I pray that this lays and sparks a seed in your 💓 and you will have the right response to Jesus offer of salvation!

    Get on board whilst you still can. When exploring the Bible, start with the book of John. I pray for your hearts, minds and souls in Jesus Name.


  30. Selfservice unmanned supermarkets with only GMO vegan food and synthetic fake lab meat, is the wet dream of the Davos group.

  31. Presumably the plan is that this system only works when you have been injected with the preferred pharma-corp DNA changing poison and your digital id is up to date on your personal surveillance device…err sorry mobile phone. Then they phase out all other means of buying your food from a supermarket.

  32. My flip open mobile phone is almost 11 years old and I am still using it so I do not have a smartphone. I pay cash for all my shopping.I have a card but only use it when I have to go on line shopping for odd things I buy. My husband has no card, no e mail address and a very basic phone. We do not give out our mobile numbers to anyone, only close friends and family. So annoying when shops ask for your e mail address which Dun Elm did yesterday as they wanted to give me an e mail receipt. I told the staff what I thought of that. They said it is to help the environment!
    I do shop at Tesco quite often ( only because it’s nearest) but now I will have to change that. In fact I have been annoyed lately as they have installed ‘card only checkouts’ so I have to queue at the cash ones and sometimes the card one has someone sitting at the till doing nothing. Although maybe that is a good sign that people are still using cash.
    I am going to send an e mail to Tesco and say I am no longer shopping with them due to all this. Perhaps we all should write to them.

  33. They’re already doing this with their self-checkout cashiers with the updated models. Also this major store already utilises Facial Recognition technology.

    • Currently the best defence against Facial Recognition incidentally are the masks.

      • No, they can recognize you with or without mask

  34. Black Market, Private Trading and Barter is the future for good citizens who value their sovereign essence. These same will however in the future be branded as “criminal”, under the social constructs that the oligarchy are trying to force upon us. So be it, I’d rather be a “criminal” in their social dystopia and keep my sovereign independence and autonomy, then subscribe to this.

    Do what you can, minimise your dependence on the system where you can, hack the system if you have to, but by all means do your best to maintain your sovereign right of autonomy, privacy and choices.

  35. Those crappy jobs are slave jobs; why are so so fond of service by slaves? The technology is creepy of course, but the jobs as well.

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