BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! Hugo Talks #lockdown



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    • Just watched that link, and she is in the Gas industry which is going to be nullified under the new world global climate bill, uk gas boilers have to be replaced with electric heating by 2026 at a great cost to the house owners £10,000 upwards everything is going to be Electric because they can control the masses more under the new green bill which again global warming is an agenda not a science and more Bullshit from shwabb the 4th generation reset

  1. CNN, had a report of a Hospital all Jab’s very early on, all getting Covid again and BADLY, most requiring hospitalisation, this is what’s coming, when the Jab’s immunity wears off, it’ll leave you wide open to any CoronaVirus, so if they release a more deadly 1 then we’ll get Millions dying, obvs blame it on a mutation BS, looking more and more like this weak ass flu was man made, bet they expected higher death rate, why there predictions where so far off, suckers!!

  2. They can’t keep us locked up like sardines for removal, so once they flip the ggggg switch, they have to put us somewhere lol…,

  3. Minnesota!
    Tim walz spent 7.2 million april 2020, and also bought a 30,000 dollar “oven” that no one wants to discuss. And we are fully open, and it has yet to be sold!

  4. I recommend looking at the 5g rollout map and the covid map. And the symptoms of radiation poisoning. The Clinton’s did extensive research on radiation in the human body! And June 30 seems to be a big day for leadership in the US, when I looked that day up, night of the long knives came up in history…I just wanted to throw that out there!

  5. page now changed I believe, but it did show the UK projected population figure for 2025 which was down from 65 million to 14.5 million. Better build more body storage facilities pronto!

    • Deagel knew the plan and that’s where they got their figures from , I believe they removed their projections from the net because the plan is not going as well as predicted.

  6. they are getting ready to release a more deadly strain, this IS a depopulation agenda, and jabbed people will be more at risk.

  7. they are prepping to release a more deadly varient, this is a depopulation agenda for sure.

    • It is the expected death toll directly from the ‘vaccines’. That is stated clearly in the latest SAGE report for the UK government. You will be TOLD, however, that it is a new and deadly variant. People will rush in for a revamped ‘vaccination’ and they will ncrease the death toll at a great rate.

  8. Your right I saw the Devon one when it came out and shared it everywhere, but had little response, I believe sadly that those who have had the experimental drugs will pass away. I’m exhausted from months of trying to warn people only to get laughs and abuse.

  9. the reall engineered pandemic of the jabbed is about to happen this next flu season “bring out your dead,bring out your dead”

  10. I wonder, if the people whi had the jab will doe pr some of them will, what will they do? What will they blame. I mean won’t people put 2 with 2 together andvrealize people that had the vaccine are dead?:won’t people go after “them”? Or are they jabbing people to protectvthem from a future disease they are goi g to release and kill all those whi refuse to obey them, basically like they did in brave bew world’s aldoux huxley?

    • If am honest I was thinking the same thing. Why would they want to be left with a bunch of people that disobey them? and would not take a shot in the future, if asked too.
      Why not kill off the people that dnt listen and then they can control the other people easily. Giving them as many booster shot as they like.
      If they kill all the people that disagree they would get rid of a few million just like that and vaccinated people will be like I told you so.

      • I thought so too but evil banksters who want to hide their bankruptcy like in the story of Joseph of Egypt and famine pharaoh with the help of Joseph the Jew achieved not only that but in the process enslaved the nation with a state-staged famine.
        I think in the 1st round they want to cull stupid (welfare takers) and proud people (middle class). They leave the real opposition for the dessert.
        I think it’s first to cut on government spending but also acquire a lot of property from deceased middle class in the process.
        Don’t forget that long term they also acquire a lot of property from sterilized inheritors who die alone.
        They consider the real opposition to be a bunch of ragtag individuals.

      • No, because there have already been many deaths and adverse reactions from the jabs. And they are so desperately wanting to have everyone vaccinated.


    • Israelis worked on the vaccine before plandemic even started. They brag about it in the news how smart they are and how well they anticipate.

  12. I haven’t had the vaccine yet I refused first time and I’m still not convinced it’s the real answer.
    If this virus is real how then are millions of people still alive on the planet ?
    You can’t possibly vaccinate everyone .
    And it’s the answer for the government to depopulation the lesser to look after .
    I keep thinking of how China has always kept their population down by allowing only certain numbers of children .
    Its end times guys God said it would come to this a new world government is around the corner.
    Time to wake up .

    • It’s now been changed to three children now in China.

  13. Well, Kill Gates and Anal Schwab won’t want the stink of rotting bodies laying around.

    • We’re just as much to blame for letting them get away with it.

      • I admit I was ignorant since 911 because most of the victims were in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria but no more.

  14. The excess deaths will come from the NHS waiting list for treatments not received.

  15. Hugo, you are merely reporting what is happening. Those people complaining that it is doom and gloom news? Well, why don’t they go out and find all the lovely, happy stories and make their own videos!

    Peace and positive thought, folks x

    • Hugo how can you ignore English team being on top of the table?
      We need more bread and circus!

  16. What if the 5G will kill mostly the non vaccinated and the vax is a protection against 5G? And all the normes will stay alive yo be slaves later? Could they get rid of us like this?????

    • 5G is not a weapon of mass genocide – don’t be stupid 😀 It just the latest specification of the digital mobile network. Did you know your home router emits ‘microwave radiation’? Or did those peddling the 5G guff not tell you that? Home routers operate on the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz frequencies! Stop falling for guff!

    • Why have there been so many deaths and adverse reactions from the jabs then?

  17. The tender link

    • From Japan. Last winter, just before the mass inoculation starts, the MP of the finance became the majority stock holder of a major Funeral home company.

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