USA MSM Talk TOXIC COVID VACCINES / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • It must be my age, I cant work out how to add a comment directly, so I’m going to try adding one through this reply. Read/followed all of these so far, cannot understand why it has taken so long for this one to be queried in the media, did it really take so many ‘problems’ to occur for it to become of concern? go figure. Of course with all the so called ‘conspiracy theorist’ finger pointing, there is always the chance that you are also feeding disinformation on behalf of whoever. (Ironic lol) such is the power of mistrust and paranoia when it comes to conspiracy theories. keep it up young man, I will follow and listen for as long as you post. Of course my name has now been added to the list of people that do not trust the main stream by commenting here and I will no doubt be having a visit from the ‘knock on the door in the night squad’…. Happy to say, about that, I give not a fuck

      • I am a dissenter where governments and MSM are concerned. I have told my family to pray for me if I disappear!

    • As shocking as this video is, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Data on Pfizer vaccine shows lipid nanoparticles concentration – described as the box that contains the MRNA – can break away from the shoulder where it is designed to remain and lodging in ovaries and bone marrow, with the consequence of infertility and leukaemia in the years to come. For more information and discussion on this development I recommend the Darkhorse Podcast.

  1. But the sheeple will still live in denial and roll up for their death jab!

    • Yeah they will stupid compliant grass eaters baaaaaaaaa 🐑

    • A 26 Yr old friend of my son went along with his girlfriend for her jab.
      The staff somehow coerced him to have it too.
      Two days later his head was pounding and he died later that day!
      Tragic and very true story!

    • Why would anyone take this experiment vaccine, let’s live and let nature take its cause.
      Have a jab then your Fuck for life or early death.
      Never have it or be forced, i walk pass 2 men talking in the street, must of been talking about jab i heard one bloke say ‘ I Never Been Right since having it ‘ i could not say nothing as they was talking quite only if i know them i would say this is my i will never have this poison.

  2. What are the MSM playing at??? What’s there plan mass civil revolt? What news station is this anyway?

    • This won’t work. It’s too in your face, for the UK at least. It comes across far too eager to point the finger and ruins it. For me at least. (And no…I’m not a sheep. I know it’s all bs)

      • What do you mean? Your comment is not very clear..What will not work for instance?

  3. The chickens are coming home to roost, this is getting nightmarish, cognitive dissonance on a global level.

  4. …… and those of us who predicted this from the outset are ” tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists ” ?? …. just for questioning the so called ” experts ” !! Looks like those ” experts ” weren’t so expert after all eh ? I suppose it must be time to swap hats lol

    • Hahaha Hahahahahaha they are no experts. They sadistic psychopaths

      • Yes but none of this is funny people only trying to do what they think is right and the experts won’t be the ones suffing

    • I’ve just spoken to someone in his 40s who is being hassled to get the jab, him and his missus have had 9 letters now. Anyway he said he isn’t having it because one of his customers works at the local hospital in the jabs dept and she told him “I wouldn’t recommend getting it, especially younger people”. He said he’d try and get some more info off her next time he sees her to find out what’s really going on with them.

      • Great comment 👍
        Least you trying find more information good for you and theses friends
        I have had 9 letters
        all been ignored of course

        Take care

    • I am so glad that I can think for myself ..Many cannot and that is why we are in this position right now..It is frustrating to say the least

  5. Looking like, they’ve put the vaccine into enough people, got to keep some people alive to serve the elite.

    Report on CNN currently, hospital staff all jab’d all getting really ill from covid. They’d of had the Jab very every on and exposed to covid more, so with the increased infections ( PCR test 45 cycles mostly BS ) about 3months before the vaccinated start dying, which ofcourse will be a variant that targets the vax’s,OMG we had no idea!!

    Atleast it’s only sheep being culled 🙂

    Just had a 30day ban on FAcearse for calling some sheep a Covid Coward LOL

    • Hadn’t thought of your first point, so I’m glad I’ve not been jabbed, but sorry I’m going to be a slave.

    • my sentiments exactly!….what’s this all about….have they now got enough guinea pigs and have run their experiments????? or are they being forced to back down because of all the scientific uproar from prominent medical professionals about how bs this injection is????….who knows?????

      but definitely seeing that they are now agreeing after they can’t stop denying what is being said!!!!

      don’t let your guard down….never let your guard down…..more is in the works!

      thanks HUGO!!!

    • PCR should only be amped up 28 cycles maximum..Anything over that it becomes a false positive ..THEY have been using 45+ to test if you have COVID, but after the jab , they then drop it down to 28

  6. Why don’t we see this on our mainstream media!

  7. Nice to see some truth for a change, unfortunately I fear the brainwashed sheep will just shout “conspiracy theory” as they’ve been programmed to do.

  8. By the way, the same ” experts ” who told us the jab was safe are the ones telling us 5G is safe ! …… DO NOT TRUST THESE PSYCHOPATHS !!

  9. Am I supposed to be surprised 😮 🤔 oh NOOOO 👎⛔

    Today I got a very bullying/coercing/Duress message from my manager.. check it out

    Hello sorry to have to bother you, HR are asking for information urgently, are you going to have the covid vaccine in light of the current guidelines around it being compulsory for CQC registered workplaces, just a yes or no please

    Check out my reply:-

    Good morning xxxxx. No bother at all. I have always wanted to have it BUT having considered all the Side- effects of the Covid – 19 Vaccine ranging from blood clots, epileptic seizures, deformities of limbs in some people, to the severity of Death, I was and am still very concerned and sceptical about its side effects. We hear also of all the Conspiracies on the News regarding certain of the Vaccines, and of course other unrevealed statistics of its side effects. If xxxx as a Company would agree and put in writing and sign their liabilities to me as an employee from when I take the Covid-19 Vaccine up to the next 3-5 years if anything were to go wrong or we later discover the adverse side effects of the Vaccine on people then I would be more than happy to take the Vaccine without duress.

    I hope this explains why I delayed taking it.

    Check out her response

    I’m not sure what the government is proposing ,it is going before parliament and when approved staff will have 16 weeks to be vaccinated

    And I said thanks, let’s wait and 👀. I am not and I will never be a coward because greater is He that’s in me than he that is in the world. As I continue to dwell in the secret place of the Most High I abide under the shadow of the Almighty God.

    I am getting ready fir work and I am not moved at all.

    • Yes, indeed, greater is the Lord Jesus who is in you… Great response. As a Christian myself, I object to take it on the basis of my conscience as this experimental injection contains a link with aborted foetal tissue: either directly contains it, Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson, or tested using it, Pfizer and Moderna. I know the One who lives in me (the One who is greater), would not be happy for me to take this at all with this unholy link. See 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. This is apart from the physical dangers of this EBA injection. There are spiritual dangers too, which are much more important and eternal.

    • Jo, you’re a legend!
      Love that you’re truly making a stand.
      I would go further and get an anonymous letter sent by lawyers for liberty which make your management responsible to the point they will not be sending any letters to anyone to question them about the death jab.

    • I am a Christian working FOR carers in a government job and I want you to know that I love you and stand with you! Our bodies DO NOT belong to the government, nor do they belong to us – they belong to God. He bought our bodies with the highest price imaginable, the death of his own son. Therefore, we honour God our father with our bodies, which are a temple to his Holy Spirit!

      I love you! Thankyou for being so strong and so faithful and so true! Society doesn’t respect or appreciate carers, but you are truly the rulers of the coming kingdom – you are the least in Satan’s beast system, but in Gods kingdom you are the greatest!

      I stand with you. I am fighting for you. I love you!

  10. Is this really going out on MSM? All these points are known to those of us that are taking notice. But will the masses be told the truth? They are still lining up outside the chemist!

    • Exactly – this is incredible. Can we expect, or at least hope, that this will be given out on other MSM television channels around the world? Even on the BBC?

  11. The, “Chinese coronavirous ” put me off immediately!!
    It’s INFLUENZA, they’ve just given it a new name to get the public into a state of fear!
    This makes it easier to manipulate the public into accepting their, “new normal”!
    Accepting, even asking for their own literal imprisonment in their own homes!
    Everything from a cold is just labelled as covid now!

    • Tony, couldn’t have said it better!
      I think they are just calling it that in the states.

      Isn’t it amazing how flu had virtually disappeared… When it’s been around for ever??

  12. I wish this would make people wake fhe fuck up, open thier eyes and see what’s glaring at them but the govt is going to pump out more fear and more proganda to keep the masses unable to think for themselves

  13. Hugo and all your team and my fellow one minded team I can’t thank you enough. Thank you very much HUGO for everything. I am fired and not afraid at all. I will not walk out of the job never

  14. So when the shit hits the fan which looks increasingly likely …just watch the back peddling.

    Anyone who admisitered this ‘treatment’ knowingly of potential adverse reactions is is in violation #5 & #10 of the Nuremberg Ethical Code!

    #5 No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability

    #10 The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur

    Shocking new expert witness testimony from a scientist who used to work in a GSK lab, which has been submitted to the prosecution in PUB v Hancock & Others, alleges that Patrick Vallance had prior knowledge that his former company’s ‘vaccines’ cause adverse events in a significant proportion of those injected.

    Furthermore, the case’s latest expert witness claims that Vallance knows about the likelihood of severe adverse events occurring after GSK ‘vaccines’ [including up to 50% fatalities, in the case of the Vallance approved ‘vaccine’ against Dysentery, which was widely distributed in West Africa just before the 2014 Ebola scamdemic, for which, of course, GSK had already manufactured a different ‘vaccine’].

    However, Vallance’s open suppression and cover-up of the relevant safety studies did not prevent those facts becoming common knowledge at the lab where our whistle-blower worked, which resulted in her resignation shortly afterwards, when Vallance refused to comply with a demand that the manufacture and distribution of the potentially fatal chemical treatments be suspended with immediate effect.

    Heads are gonna roll!

    • Anyone administering the vaccine without giving full information including possible side effects prior to the injection can be held personally accountable for Malfeasance on a person to person basis. They must give full info to get a signed informed consent that can be provided if there are side effects or worse!

  15. Does that mean the vacs are getting band or what

    • Jon, not while the pharma companies are paying the MPs, media, universities…. Etc.
      Let’s face it they have a few quid spare at the moment!

  16. Of course all this is real, but hope the actual investigation isn’t fake 🤣 I’ve already facebooked it 👌

    • Thanks for posting Stella …TRULY SHOCKING!

      I could only wonder at what serious problems are being stored up for the jabbed in the months and years to come! …thanks to your link I can now see what happens to blood and how it is tranformed.

      Nano technology is dangerous and completely unregulated. The particles are so small they can pass through skin and veins and enter cells and to see them being introduced into jabs is just one more reason why these experimental therapies are so dangerous.

  17. I sometimes get annoyed at watching these videos because when you check there’s no mention of it. So I’m sick of it being false or fake. Best thing to do is ignore and wait. If it’s real the truth willl show eventually. We shall have to wait and see.

    • Wondering where you do your checking and how you are able to judge if any news is false or fake?
      I do admire your optimism the ‘ignore’, ‘wait and see’ strategy hopefully assume a good outcome for humanity.

      • Sandra, good point!
        If M was to check all the adverse reaction places, the info is there!

    • Keep your head down mate!! I have stopped trying to enlighten the sheep, they are so brainwashed that they attack me for being selfish and a super-spreader of BS! How ironic really! lol

  18. We knew it would be exposed so did they, hence the race to Jab enough to hit there depopulation target before being exposed.

    They’ll keep it hidden a bit longer, then play it down, we acted in your best interest, by the way expect brain cancer soon.

    Do I feel sorry for the stupid sheep that ignored me ?? Hell NO 🙂

    • I feel sorry for one of them, for despite all my pleading and arguments, my words were dismissed as scaremongering and ill informed so now both doses of the jab are in my wife. I would have been less ill-at-ease taking her to Dignitas.

      • I feel your pain – I’m in exactly the same boat myself!

  19. Wait til the Autumn/Winter for the shit to really hit the fan, hopefully the evil people who pushed this will find out karma is a bitch

  20. That is hard to watch Hugo. I know so many people who still have the attitude well its only a small minority, while not thinking they could be another statistic within said ‘minority’

    Its so hard to get people to grasp reality here, they have lost the run of themselves

  21. Crony Blair pushing the jab should have told you enough.

  22. Its not over even if the vaccine is gone its going to be sibar attacks next

  23. everything Ive ever told my dad . But coming from a telly man makes it official.

  24. I’ve been thinking about this: Many people who are suffering from the vaccine won’t say a word, because they are two ashamed to admitt that they have done the wrong decision.
    A lot of these people will hide, make things up, deceive themselves etc. …
    They need support, I would say.

    • Anke, absolutely right!
      That’s why when everyone talks about the listed side effects they say it’s a very small percentage of the actual figure as 90+% don’t get reported.
      Image of they honestly blogged all cases… Nobody will take the death jab!

  25. Waayy too logical, these reports. It’s already plunging the ed/college system as cited in Israel into chaos. So, those that have taken the injection are, or will, be too ill to attend classes and those would-be student enrollers will be discouraged from taking the injection pushing student attendee numbers down.
    When l say these reports are too logical, l mean they fail to take into consideration the minds of psychopaths who are running this show.

  26. I don’t think that they develop COVID-19 vaccine at all. In 2009 we had outbreak of Swine flu in that time they had vaccine for that virus, but because vaccine was to dangerous for humans they stop vaccinating people. I think pharmaceutical companies never destroyed hundreds of millions of this vaccine they made, because it will cost them a shit load of money. I think they stored somewhere and now they are using on people again. People who have a Severe Swine Flu Could Lead to Blood Clots in Lungs. So I think people who are vaccinated with so call “COVID19 vaccine”, are actually vaccinated with H1N1 vaccine and that’s why people developing a blood cloths. Maybe this is a conspiracy theory only.

    • Are government has failed us they can see numbers of side effects but they still pushing it

      • Jon, the government you think you voted in but never actually did.
        Has been funded and actively has shares in the very pharma companies. So they can’t afford for it to fail can they? their bonuses rely on it.
        So obvious when they retire from politics and automatically have a senior position in the companies they supported.

  27. What’s all this about then! Very odd they should let this go live on MSM! Is it finally starting to unravel for them or….is there another more sinister reason!

    • It’s not MSM. It’s an independent right wing station, hence the honesty.

  28. I am not convinced that One America News Network counts as mainstream media. Fake news network?

    • Yes but they still got them numbers right and that is zlot of deaths

    • A doctor on the Brighteon reported that more and more MSM in America are challenging the virus and the vaccine.

    • Well when it launched, it was in partnership with the Washington Times, but what does it matter, as we all know the mainstream media = fake news 24/7 these days.

    • Probably a controlled opposition media outlet (like The Guardian).
      I think the emphasis was on promoting the theory that covid was the dastardly creation of the Chinese which takes the heat away from Porton Down & Fort Detrick etc.

  29. In my opinion, they have done the damage already. Enough have been given the jab so that depopulation will happen, whether it be death from the jab or the inability to have children. They are already brewing up Matt handonhiscock to be chucked under the bus, as many other “health ministers” will join him in each other country I suspect too. It went wrong, you have the bad guy to blame and they have already got immunity from legal action if you take the experiment as you signed the paper saying you are fine with it…

    • Its not over cos now the economy is broken poverty will become the new normal poor ereas will be as big as towns with un employment at its highest

      • Exactly, the damage has been done and the plan continues

  30. And yet knowing all of this the U.K. government, MSM and the nhs continue to coerce people to have this toxic jab – even stooping so low as to decide to change laws to mandate it for certain jobs and for going on holiday. There is no argument now that they are merely incompetent they are literally killing people

  31. Not surprising but nothing is being done about it?

  32. many people with common sense and logical thinking skills, allready told this before the start of the mass vaccine rollout but got canceled or censored. Now these goverment clowns in office push these jabs on milions and milions of people, even pregnant ladies, regardless. Its time to sue the shit out of them!

  33. Decided to watch some gb news see what it’s about ,,,they said some good news everyone over 18 will be offered the vax, how tf is that good news

  34. OAN is not considered mainstream news here in America.

    • So true, have been thinking this for a long time now, they only seem to listen to info from MSM/BBC and cannot do any research themselves. Also, would be a really good idea for the BBC to put out some sort of announcement encouraging people to report any vaccination reactions to the Yellow Card scheme, for the sake of the younger people…their grandkids/kids. Generally speaking, Hungary is going the right way, they also include people who have already had the illness and now have natural antibodies.

  35. LOL..In the UK they are ramping it up..THEY will not stop until they genocide a percentage of the sheep..So bloody evil

  36. Grass eaters sheeps will still call it conspiracy queueing for the EXPERIMENTAL JABS



  39. As few people mentioned above
    It’s MSM🙄🤨
    So mmmmm

    But cheers Hugo

    Have great weekend Everyone ✌️

  40. Hmm, I don’t know but something seems kinda fishy about this. Why would MSM all of a sudden be taking this stance, and who is this broadcast network endorsed / backed by?

  41. Hate to disappoint anyone but the One America News Network is not really a mainstream one. They’re considered to be fringe and pushers of “conspiracy” theories

    • But why is it blamed like this? Are the informarion wrong?

    • So what’s your point. This whole virus handeling is one big conspiracy against we the people. And isn’t that what the mainstream media is doing? Spreading, no pushing, the conspiracy? So you don’t disappoint me but merely provided proof that it’s just a matter of which conspiracy you tend to believe.

      • My point wasn’t to discredit ONN, it was more to let people know their rep so they won’t be caught off-guard when one of the covidians rebutts by saying they’re one of the conspiracy networks. It’s probably a more effective approach to use mainstream sources to discredit the illogical mainstream narrative. Having said that, cult members rarely respond to logic and data so it may be a moot point anyway.

  42. Hate to disappoint anyone but the One America News Network isn’t really mainstream – it’s considered fringe and a pusher of “conspiracy theories”

  43. Where can you get the report by the Evidence based medicine consultancy? Google won’t display it.

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