PEEK A BOO Springsteen / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I don’t believe the rich/elite are having any jabs! These jabs are for the minions. Apparently, approx’ 50% Doctors not having the jabs…! When you see celebs being jabbed…just an illusion.

  2. And for you that, despite Hugos obvious selection of celeb-photos, not yet understand the veiled symbolic signs that all these famous stars devote themselves to in many covers and footages, have to start paying attention and doing your research. Cause the understanding of this phenomenon is crucial today.

    • I’m fully aware of the gestures being displayed by these phycopaths fully awake to these monsters

  3. In case you missed it…..

    Banks, can buy your house from you if your in arrears, new law yesterday,you’ll own nothing and be happy LOL

    Words got out Jab not safe and might be stopped, massive panic run on the jab centres to get your unsafe jab, sheep!!

    30day ban on FB for calling a mask preacher a Covid Coward LOL The Banning is back they’d backed off, next stage in bound!! ๐Ÿ™

  4. Never liked Springstein saw him getting his medal from Barry Obongo. Used to like the Foos now they can F OFF

    • I used to love Foo Fighters but this is truly revolting. Will never listen to them again. What is happening to musicians? Poor ole Eric Clapton believed the BS and took two jabs. Van Morrison is a stand out, will always love him and his music.

      • @bohica2020 yep they’re despicable, not surprised abt dave grohl really. Musicians have always been *part of the system* …some more than others. 2 good books to read Musical Truth 1 & 2 by Mark Devlin. Really opens your eyes to the music *industry*

  5. Ohhh the First to get the Jab, doctors and nurses at a hospital, falling ill to Covid oddly well not really oddly is it, like they’ve lost there immunity!!

    Theory holding, it will go back around the Jab’d and kill many, but be blamed on Covid Mutation and some how they’ll cover up it’s only the jab’d somehow, or the Jab has shedded / transmitted to the none jabbed and we are all screwed!!

  6. Transgender, keep the secret, one eyed masonic twits. They hate us the so called sheep, lobsters, donkeys, pigs, this is how they refer to us humans who are not in the club. See Arnold with the Donkeys in his kitchen he is referring to us, Elon Musk and the chip in the pigs he is referring to us again. This lot do not see us as anything but cattle. Mrs Springsteen what a fake.

  7. I’ll join you in the woods Hugo ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  8. Got visions of you naked, up a tree, eating bugs now Hugo, lol

  9. Quite right Hugo! I might be sitting in the tree next to you eating caterpillars but itโ€™ll be a lot better than settling for their shรฏtรซ! Stuff the lot of them!! Nothing or nobody will make me take their poison!! F@ฤ‡k the lot of them!!!!

  10. See you all in the trees, there will be an awful lot of us up there, looking down on the idiots who refuse to see through the lies and deceit.

  11. An audience full of rock n’ roll rebels wearing woolly jumpers and anti mint sauce t-shirts, I’ve never liked Springsteen and I dont think I’ve ever listened to the Foo Fighters and now I never will.
    Hateful rich people playing mind games with gullible people, watching a band would never convince me to go and get jabbed, I cant think of anything that would, these musicians just put themselves lower than a dogs arse and that’s because they obviously belong there.

  12. Dave Grohl and Springsteen displaying that they are indeed satanic free masons in those photos…

  13. Hugo love listening to your videos . Look forward to them everyday . Your comments on the end if this video really gave me a giggle. Thank you for all your hard work . A follower from Ireland ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. kurt kobain murdered by the illuminati, dave grohl is now pissing all over his grave after supporting their agenda

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