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  1. If you can do your job from home, an Indian citizen could equally do it from their home.
    Damn sight cheaper, too.
    Why would the employer choose you?

  2. If you can do your job from home, so can an Indian citizen.
    Who would be the cheaper option?
    Why would an employer choose you?

  3. Hahaha Hahahahahaha am I supposed to be surprised 😮 🤔 oh no. They are gradually implementing their agendas and soon we wont be allowed individual trips into anywhere but have commodities ordered online and having structured delivery times.

    • Yep. That is the plan. Incredibly it’s in our faces yet they can get away with it.

    • Totally agree. Time to turn up in London on the 26th in even greater numbers. Put those phones and tablets down for one day and show our dissent. If I can make it from the Midlands others can too. This is reaching critical point now, we now have to start the action. It will soon be too late!

    • Exactly the great reset, will have to earn browny points to go more than 5 miles from home.

    • Yes that was SNP . I used to think they wanted an independent Scotland !
      Look where the (Cop 26) circus is coming to town

  4. The only time staff will go back into work, is when employers cut their salaries!
    And it will happen, why should people be paid the same salary, as they do for commuting to work?
    As we’ve already seen, people actually WANT to stay at home now too!

    • Sounds like good news to me. I know my colleagues would be chuffed.

      But what is the agenda? Will we have to accept a basic income? or something is more sinister up?

    • Tony, I think that if people don’t go back to the workplace then isn’t there a danger of being outsourced to get a cheaper alternative to do the same job from anywhere in the world?

  5. If you are an employer, sign up for the Cyber Essentials accreditation. Then refuse to give staff company IT equipment other than the PC in the office. They cannot use their own devices as they would not be covered by the Cyber Essentials certification.

    Cyber Essentials certification is a requirement of Government clients to work for them where data is involved. So the only place the employee may perform their role is in the office – to meet Government standards. Cyber Essentials is a growing requirement among many businesses for their suppliers. And each supplier must ensure their suppliers are Cyber Essentials accredited where data is involved.

    Just love it when one law breaks another.

  6. Another benefit for the employer is work place accidents/injuries. They will be off the hook with that and insurance will go up for the individual.

  7. Empty Office space to be convertred for living space leaving the Countryside to the’ Elite’ and used for Cyber smart city’s where you can be monitored and controlled. All in “the great reset “FACT.

  8. I just got this message on Telegram.

    This is it. If you’ve had enough of never-ending lockdowns, send your mask to @BorisJohnson to let him know we will not tolerate this insanity anymore.
    Write on your mask with a black marker pen the words, “I’M DONE” Also post it to: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

    I’ve never worn a slave mask and don’t intend to either.
    This is a great reason to buy one though so I’m off to town to get one 🙂
    Let’s bombard these psychopathic dictates who don’t even abide by their own idiotic rules.

  9. This has been an agenda and plan for many years. I was friendly with a guy when I lived in USA he was an architect in a reserarch position at MIT. I rember the post has something to do with Crisco Systems but it was all about doing away with office space and people worknig at home, this was 22 years ago in 2000,,, just before the 9/11 controled demolition. Just another coincidence!

  10. I ask myself every election cycle the same thing. Why do we still vote? And most of my friends try to convince me every time to go on vote and decide my future… Yeah right!

  11. Hello, generally I agree with you Hugo, but not this time. I love working from home and it’s been even better during lockdown. We had amazing holiday last year travelling across Europe, much quieter than any other time we have been. I love going to the shops at lunchtime with my wife. Again much quieter, as the sheep are scared to come out. I just tell anyone I’m except from the mask and carry on walking. Don’t need to argue or justify anything to anyone.
    Best part about working from home is I don’t have to work at home and can work from a coffee shop, beach, car, hotel.

    I’m just planning the summer holiday to Europe again, and “working from home” means I don’t have to take so much annual leave. As I can do work while I travel.
    People can “LIVE” anyway they want. And now work anywhere they want. If they don’t want to rejoin the rat race and commute to work again.

    You decide.

    • I think you’ve been very lucky and what you’ve experienced sounds fab. My brother has been forced to work from home and he is monitored every minute he’s on his pc. He even has to log off to go to the loo or make a cuppa. 😕

  12. That is one particular viewpoint but until the mid eighteenth century is was common for people to work at home, as there were no such things as factories. People hated the new factories due to the appalling conditions, always being under the clock and the eye of the employer. It also forced people to move from the countryside into the new towns to live in squalid conditions too.

    Look up Captain Swing and Ned Ludd/Luddites, activists that challenged mechanisation in agriculture and the textile industry, as they tried to preserve their way of life. People could choose when to work, often having St Monday off, making it a three day weekend.

    WFH gives you certain freedoms – not having to commute allowing you to go running or to the gym (when open of course), go shopping and still be at your desk at 09:00. Same for a lunch hour, giving you time to do the washing, housework etc, which you can’t do, stuck a miserable break out room in the office. So after 17:00 you are free to spend more time doing the things you want, with the people you choose. Going to, and working in, an office is not some panacea.

    Yes, not everyone can work from home, not everyone likes it, not every flat or house can support working from home. I understand the threat from smart cities, but those tossers in charge have always held some sway over the workforce, especially since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, so this latest threat is nothing new.

    • Civil servants are threatening to strike if they are forced back into the office – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-57468916. I do have to listen to a lot of people crowing about how much they are saving in petrol/diesel etc, Most people, especially women, waste a big part of their day, unless they wear a uniform, deciding to what to wear for work. Working from home gives you the freedom to work in your dressing gown, underwear or birthday suit… but be careful on those Zoom calls 😀

  13. 49 and NEVER VOTED!

    They are and will always be useless, power hungry , greedy , Pedo HORRAS!
    And the police forces are out of control to it’s disgusting!

    Look the at state we all around the world are now in being subjected to this Insanity words don’t express enough anymore of the way we are being treated, them killing us, killing loved ones it’s awful they are Disgusting people!

    Take care to all
    Thank you Hugo
    Have nice evening to All ✌️
    Never comply 👍

  14. Customer Service has gone downhill since everyone has been working from home. People are on easy street. And I suspect fraud is more common since Johnny from the back has been working out of his bedroom flat he shares with god knows who. Terrible idea but just another rule that makes no sense but fits the agenda.

  15. They get the sheep’s ready to work inside a bubble.
    In planet Mars you are forced to live in a bubble (little dome).

  16. Another move to isolate individuals, increase their reliance upon digital technology and the mainstream media.

  17. We never voted for these bell ends to make these stupid laws and pretend to run the country… They get chosen!

    I hate social media but the one time it might come in handy… Take a photo of your voting form and post it on the candidates social media platform. So there’s less chance of numbers being rigged. Plus they can be counted real time.
    Just a thought… There’s probably still flaws in that too.

  18. My ex wife works for Northern rail and has seen some internal documents. During lockdowns and WFH rail passengers have dropped by over 90% and they are having to be bailed out by the govt to the tune of millions per week. She said the last time passenger numbers were this low was in 1850.

    I said nah, you mean 1950 – and she said no, seriously, it’s 1850.

    Now think back to then – steam trains quite cheap to build 2 or 3 or 4 trains a day depending how busy a line it was, a handful of workers, drivers, platform staff. Then compare it to now.

    Trains every 15 to 20 mins, all day long, conductors and drivers on every train, all of the support staff, the computer systems, the electrical systems, the multi million cost of each piece of rolling stock, etc, etc, etc. It’s goosed.

    She said (she is a conductor who has been sidelined to train new conductors) that the last 3 courses she has has done have had former pilots, cabin crew, teachers, bank managers, etc learning how to walk up and down a train checking tickets.

    On her latest course is a pilot who lost his job, was stacking shelves in Tesco to make ends meet and is now a trainee conductor.

    I also know personally a guy who was a pilot and lived way beyond his means – he is now working in a covid test center, as is his wife, and she’s working 2 other jobs on top to try keep their heads above water.

    Think about that and about how fucked we really are, and how the green agenda is going to win by attrition – no more planes, or trains or automobiles. And millions and millions of people out of work.

    This is the reality of the situation.

    Things are going to get desperate and ugly very quickly.

  19. Hey Hugo, please cover the WEf tweet recently, cant remember the whole thing but was along the lines of prepubesnecnt childrens blood have anti aging properrties, so why is there a stugma abut harvesting childrens blood

  20. The Gr8 re set was being brought in by stealth under cover of the p lan demic but now in plain sight! There are just too many changes all at once! Anyone notice all the 5g masts that have gone up almost overnight ( Probably literally)? We will all be hooked up to the internet of things soon for the surveillance system being set up using all the nano technology . We will be walking transmitters and receivers! Talk about sustainable development what is sustainable about that, we will all be fried!

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