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  1. I agree with you Hugo. The people who disagree with you are very short-sighted. And if you are working, you can’t look after your children, so that is not a valid argument.

    • Convenience will be the noose with which we hang ourselves. Look at all of the ability and knowledge we have lost because of convenience. Most of us struggle to keep a home garden healthy because the grocery store is just down the street… Amazon is so large because ordering online is so much easier than going to a shop. We need to beware lest we sell our souls for a gilded cage.

  2. I agree with you man everything you said has come true I mean everything.

  3. probably the 77 brigade crew behind the comments Hugo

  4. Agree with you Hugo. Aside from surveillance in the home by the employer I have to wonder if those in support of exclusively WFH have their own businesses or if they’re employed with no responsibility other than just doing their tasks. Have worked from home and struggled to juggle childcare and work. An observation I’ve made is that hubby works more hours as he’s always got access to the office laptop – so the family time is not the quality time we’d had as he doesn’t switch off as he did when he left work at the office.

  5. The people who are ok with this are the zombie Sheep who have an Alexa in every room. They are all in for smartmeters & the internet of things, they don’t realise they’ve given away any privacy they might have had in the interest of convenience. They are about to be given a very nasty shock on their way to the prison/death camps.

  6. I remember a few years ago I wasn’t working and had to claim benefits, the benefits staff said I needed a phone and email address to be able to claim the benefits I needed, I debated having a phone or email address shouldn’t be a requirement to claim benefits and you know what I was right. They hounded me all the time I was claiming to get a phone and email address and all the time I flat out refused, well refused them the knowledge I had a phone and email address just didn’t want them knowing, they kept saying it’s so they could contact me, I would ask if they needed me they have my address send a letter. The point being, be firm and although they might say theres no alternative there is and I proved it so feck them

  7. I wouldn’t want to pick an argument with you Hugo your the boss! If we get through these dark times your getting my vote for Prime Minister! Thank you so much for what you do, when I get home from work you are my news channel. Much appreciation and respect to you x

  8. Great stuff Hugo. I read an article about some employers now insisting as a condition of employment for home workers that they must accept a camera to be installed in their home to check working was going on. How easy it is for the firm’s software to constantly monitor the use of the computer, how often applications are being used, how often the keyboard is being used etc etc etc. Initially sounds a great idea but DO NOT fall in to the trap!

  9. Most people can’t see past the end of their noses, I think rats are quite short sighted too, which is apt. Then they get smacked on the nose by a sledgehammer and wonder – how did that happen? Lifes not fair!

  10. There’s a much more sinister agenda behind. I mean since when, honestly does or has the government cared about us. With great difficulty, women managed to get work if they had children, ( I’m speaking about 1986,for ex. When my children weren’t here in the UK at the time, I was able to find work so easily. When I brought them in 1987 it was literally impossible. In those days during an interview you had questions like: are you married? Have you got kids? Who’s going to look after them? Etc, etc. Than it changed. So let’s not be under the illusion that they care about us. You’re absolutely right, they want to control and invade your private life. Who is to say, that when you finished work, they’re still not listening? On the other hand, let me tell you something even more suspicious, my friend that works as a cleaner, cleans the offices of FB, now don’t you find it strange that throughout this whole plandemic they have been expanding their offices near Tottenham Court Rd, they have been renovating it and on top of that they have added 3or 4 more floors!! There’s something sinister going on there too. Hardly anyone has been going there. So what’s going on there?

  11. You have to be so guilable to think working from home is a good idea. Its called control!!! What guarantees do you have that they will not spy on you in your bed with you partner/wife/husband. This is a recipe for disaster because those initiating these things are psychopaths and sadistic. The next thing is seeing the police with social services knocking on your door because you shouted to your children. Guys let’s wake up and smell disaster

    • Leonard Cohen wrote a song about this some time ago. It is called “Everyone Knows” . Listen to the words they are coming true!

  12. I do hate the call centers when you have to explain things at least 5 times and then ask for the supervisor only to go through the same again!
    Always opt for UK call centers wherever possible with a new provider for this very reason.
    Plus I would rather they invested in the UK economy than elsewhere.
    Companies think they save money but how much business do they loose with people getting so annoyed with the crap service?

  13. I totally agree with you, Hugo. Your posts are always so insightful and obvious, and it is true that you are reaching many people and keeping the debate alive – what little there is, of course. God bless you for being a Warrior for truth and Common Sense!

  14. Yep, I totally get why people think it would be a good thing, it really could be, along with the universal wage thing, sounds great. The problem is it won’t be used positively, and I think Hugo is right to be worried. I can totally see both sides of this argument. Bloody Alexa in every home, recording your every move for your, ”safety,’ recording your internet contacts and usage. Scary stuff!

  15. Hi Hugo I so get it….your spot on 👍but I fear unfortunately the zombies are not going to wake up,it’s scary as hell. I’ve been following you for a while. But I’m not very tech savvy but getting there. Keep up the good work as your info is so informative. It’s great that I can now leave a comment. 👍

  16. I’ve tried leaving a comment where did it go 🤔

    • yes they appear to disappear but i think they are moderated? and then they appear a few minutes later usually. shame theres no message popping up to say ‘thank you for your comment, it will appear soon’ or something.

  17. With the cryptocurrency system using body activity data (patent WO2020060606A1) in peoples bodies they are able to earn a digital social score ( from home) if they behave. With that ‘money’ they are privileged to lease some basic stuff future slaves need like a small amount of lab’food’. Probably they never leave the ‘smart’ city their whole life.
    The headquarter of total cybercontrol will be Israel, of course.
    Go watch videos from Brendon o’Connell on brighteon.com and bitchute. His channel is Talpiot. It’s a shame nobody in the so called truth community mention him.

  18. Well explained to them again Hugo – the foreign low wage workers are in the same Rat Trap (Prat) stealing their lives for worthless tokens of the future!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  19. Sounds like people are infiltrating your site Hugo , they are certainly concerned with your truthful posts
    and they don’t like the truth coming out do they.

  20. I hadn’t thought of them giving your job to over seas people. That’s bound to happen isn’t it. People forget the social aspect of a job. It’s fun to meet new people and have somewhere to go. The only thing I could get on board with is something like, work at home on Fridays. But the issue is, as you say, it will gradually morph and get more sinister, surveillance and the goalposts will move.

  21. Hi Hugo, you made a lot of good points. Yes, working from home sounds good on the surface but when you factor in the increased surveillance, jobs being offshored and cuts in wages due to companies no longer having to pay as much in overheads etc. it’s not really all that great.

    Also, there’s the socialising aspect to consider as well. A lot of people, especially in cities, might not have a lot of friends outside of work. It seems to me that a lot of what they’ve kept shut down for the longest period of time- restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, offices, etc.- are all places people can go to and speak with other people. They don’t want people to share their views with others, in case they convert them to a way of thinking that goes against their agenda.

    I wonder too if they are banning foreign travel as a form of control, it’s harder to control what people hear when they are in another country and not glued to the TV and mainstream media all day.

    • Totally agree. It is also a disaster for people who have issues going on at home e.g. domestic abuse or living with someone having addiction or mental health issues etc Going out to work and talking to other people or having an excuse to meet services outside of the house is essential to them. Also agree with the idea that if you are always at home you cant see whats happening elsewhere so easily. I went to Holland a while back and was amazed at the perfect tarmac on the roads and the lack of litter in the hedges and the amount of electric car provisions just on almost every street and modern trains. I know electric cars have their pitfalls I just mean it was interesting to see a different way of living and public things looking clean and cared for.

  22. i use Teams for my studies and we were told by our tutor that she is seeing what we do and how often and also our voice interaction. she was able to extract our frequency of interaction. she did that because some students just logged on but didn’t say anything but with this she could see clearly by our interaction who was actively participating. i found it a bit intrusive.

  23. Just a thought-
    How do others(your public-servants/trustees) get access to YOUR home?…..when/if you are forced to work from your own home.
    How does the tax-man claim on YOUR home?…..when/if you have to declare a room in YOUR home as your work-space.
    Just a thought.

  24. Yeh, unfortunately the Surveillance state and absolute big brother aspect of ‘working friom home’ is not a good idea wholly! Even if it seems great initially, these are all the aspects naturally the psycho-behavioural analysis teams point to! It sells. However, I’ve also spoke to people recently who miss the work camaraderie, whether its office etc and don’t actually like the idea of working solely from home. As you mentioned the globalists love this. We are controlled/surveilled 24/7. , what we see in mainstream will be equally highly controlled and convoluted to their propaganda, and everything like THEY want. Ultimately as corale system,this really will not benefit us overall! Thanks

  25. What will happen with all the redundant office space? More affordable homes for the workers on minimum wages I hope but tend to think more penthouses for the rich and greedy!

  26. Working from home is detrimental to your mental health. People that have been working from home since March 2020 are leaving their jobs in droves because of the increasing surveillance , you cant even go to the loo without telling them .my son left his job working from home ……told them to stick it !

  27. We need to see the bigger picture. good post Hugo.

  28. Surveillance technology has been used in call centres since the early1990s but at least these employees can have the chance of real direct social interaction whereas individuals stuck at home in a tiny bedroom (say) are more like battery hens. It’s been said that our enemy always seeks to isolate, then shock and finally kill.

    • Hi Arthur,

      Yes, one of the key tactics used to establish total control is the isolation of each individual.

      Hannah Arendt, a well known author, has studied and compiled very insightful information regarding totalitarianism.
      Her work is well worth reading 😊

  29. In March 2020 I received a text from Boris telling me to stay at home. As I didn’t remember giving him my number I assumed it was a scam so obviously ignored the text

    • This just some guff about Amazon Sidewalk. It does not apply to the UK! We do not have sidewalks – we have pavements. And just in case you are viewing from the States and you have any Amazon guff devices in your home from June 6th 2021 you will be automatically ‘opted in’ and they will begin sharing some of your bandwidth (up to 500MB a month) with the ‘neighbourhood’ – if say your neighbour’s connection cuts out, a passing paedophile wants to download some child porn.. etc. So go into your settings and opt out.

  30. Hi. I think the older generation remember when the mother of children looked after them and the father went out to work. Then women were encouraged to get a job. There was no increase in jobs so obviously on the whole wages decreased for all. I think a lot of folk have realised how important family is over the last yearish. I know I will be destroyed by all for this comment but this reset/nwo has been going on for decades, if not a century + now

    • Precisely!!
      This agenda has been methodically planned and incrementally brought to fruition over MANY years.
      One of the first steps implemented by the “cabal”: relocate the populace from the farmlands/homesteads and herd them into cities. Therefore, a shift from self sufficiency to ever growing dependancy on government.
      Another milestone: cultivating a culture of consumerism, and hence the desire for dual income families. Accompanied by other factors, it became necessary for the mother to work outside the home. Just these two changes, let alone a thousand other “overhauls” across society, resulted in pivotal transformations.
      These were, in effect, a gateway through which the “state” gained increasing power over the individual. Parental rights/authority, for example, has shifted to government “authority” during this transformation.
      Every change has been carefully orchestrated; each one benefiting the ‘elites’.
      Fast forward to today …..

  31. Good morning
    Thank you Hugo
    I started to hear lot’s people already being told ‘work from home’
    I already have a job trying help people see this is NONSENSE and they Need Now to wake up COMPLETELY!
    Or they will have no life at all!!!
    People are just not getting this enough Hugo fella it’s very sad to see people so feckin gullible!!

    Have great day Every one ✌️

  32. Thanks Hugo for pointing out the obvious to the slow learners. Other than getting people used to being under surveillance at home, which eventually will be 24/7, whether working or not, what about the issue of insurance? Are you insured when working at home? Then there’s the issue of heating. Heating is very expensive and will rise. How much will it cost to heat your home for those 8 hours you are working, and don’t forget that with the climate change bollox there will be energy rationing, and your smart meter will not be allowing you to have the heating on all day even if you can afford it. And what about the lessening of human interaction? Like you say, a massive trap awaits all those who line up for this shite.

  33. All apps are traps to one degree or another. The only apps on my phone are the ones it came loaded with which I never use. I use my phone for all sorts quite happily without apps. Every company I can think of from the supermarket to the bank wants me to download their app. We are being pushed to a world where your entire life will be dictated to by apps. Don’t download them – resist.

  34. Definitely 77th brigade pushing the agenda with those naive comments, this is what they do…Hugo is making a big noise and they’ve picked it up on their radar. Shows they don’t like it, keep up the good work✊🏻

  35. Stay at home, do not go outside, do not meet with other people in person, wear a muzzle, keep washing your hands, take a free poison injection, do a pointless covid test, do not challenge the official narrative and adapt to the new abnormal de-humanised digital dystopia….until you become total Borg and allow the DNA changes to harvest the iron from your haemoglobin.
    It’s all so completely scary and bonkers that Im beginning to wonder if planet Earth has been taken over by another species wanting to make it their home?
    I cannot believe real humans are capable of this impact on humanity, unless you include the egotistical corporate feudal fascist eugenic power elite.
    ….just saying 😷

  36. OK, but leaving your home for a job means you have to have your jab done and also means to send your kids to school. Who will do homeschooling if you’re in a office, with the jab and mask on?

  37. I agree with all your warnings and I know about these programs.
    But it could be a chance to reoganize in smaller communities, it all depends on what people make of it.
    If they just comply, then they are trapped as usual.

  38. You are so ‘spot on’ with all you say and i always agree with you. It’s all a very sinister and deliberate plan to delete freedom, individuality and impose total control ready for the new world order and its diabolical consequences.

  39. How are people this thick 🤦🏿‍♂️, don’t they realise that staying at home will used against them.
    I completely agree with you Hugo, people are still partially blind to what’s going on.

  40. What these people don’t realise is that companies are also saving on Rates, utility Bills, phone & internet, wear & tear on furniture, paying for computers, stationary etc. Also, the social isolation & lack of communication with others.This will all be paid for by the employee through their own Bills. Bet they won’t get more wages to cover those costs.

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