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  1. I stopped flying with BA some years ago anyway, however I never liked flying.
    I feel sorry for the pilots and their media.

  2. No one has cared to ask how a 33 yr old who has no underlying health conditions has managed to get both vaccines.. or doesn’t that fit your groupthink?

    • Pontius, I know a 25 year old who has his first jab and he’s got no underlying health issues. He made something up so he could get the jab.
      I’m guessing these guys have private healthcare so they can get it easily.
      Plus as they move around they could have had it in a different country. So many different options, it not so straightforward to question it as if people on here are just full of their own agendas.

      So what are you here for?
      To see what’s going on the other side?

  3. The Spainish and Russian governments have advised vaccinated people not to fly due to the higher risk of blood clots. Assume they meant both passengers and crew?
    Anybody want to buy a fleet of commercial airliners?

  4. Their deaths weren’t linked. And the band played believe it if you like. Oh right, it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence – young healthy guys. I very much doubt whether psychopaths give a monkeys about how few will be left to fly aircraft or about would-be passengers having their flying itinerary fucked up. The way things are going…l don’t wanna go there, never mind arrive there (any pun nit intended).

  5. Al I can say, if even creatures like Tony Blair aggressively pushing this wonderful JAB, you know there is some evil shit in it.

    • The Tony Blair Insitute has received a donation of $18.8m from the Gates Foundation.
      As already stated on a previous Hugo video, the following donations were also dished out by The Gates Gang:
      $51.4m to BBC Media Unit.
      $12.2m to The Guardian.
      $7.5m to the MHRA (a state agency like the aforementioned).
      ..and a whopping $302.1m to Imperial College.
      I would guess that other targeted bribes were given to similar concerns around the world also to keep us all in step (or Lockstep!)

  6. Reuters – the Fact Checkers – straight onto it so quickly. All very suspicous. Then BA stating 4 recent deaths – again very strange, as if they are trying to make themselves sound honest. BA are all in with the vaccine pushing.

    • Jon, so are Qantus unfortunately!
      Will never fly with them.


  8. Pilots have always dropped dead suddenly especially in the cockpit. Spending 900 hours a year sat on your butt in an tiny compressed aluminium cubicle at 30,000 feet in an artificial atmosphere exposed to cosmic rays as well as constantly taking off an landing cannot be good for your health. And then there is what they get up to when off-duty.

    • The Off Duty part makes it worth it, constant womanising, stewardess, ladies in every country, I’d bet most die from being stabbed the ladies or the ladies BF’s when caught!!

      Ahhh for a pilots life!!

      They make my 159 woman score look like nothing 🙁

  9. How are they going to ‘talk away’ the 36%? so more people died from 1 and 2 than none…..

    As of 14 June, there have been 73 deaths in England of people who were confirmed as having the Delta variant and who died within 28 days of a positive test.

    Of the 73 deaths:

    34 (47%) were unvaccinated
    10 (14%) were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine
    26 (36%) were more than 14 days after their second dose.

    • Hans, first I need to be shown the difference between one variant and another.
      Secondly I need to see the medical history to check for co morbidity. To find out if if the underlying issues they had would have killed them anyway.
      We need to question this at every turn otherwise you are just falling into the MSM trap.

  10. A lot of decent people genuinely believe the government and msm narrative that covid is a killer pandemic and the experimental vaccine will save them. Imagine their horror when it finally dawns on them that they’ve been tricked into getting injected with the real killer? I mean, the blood clot deaths are only the early stage symptoms. What are the medium stage and long stage symptoms going to be? I’m terrified for these poor people. God bless them!

    • I spoke to the “Vaccine administrator” from our local Doctors surgery today, she informed me the “vaccines” are NOT experimental and are fully tested and fully licenced – these are the sort of lies the NHS are telling their “scared shitless” patients !

      I offered her links to some independent research, including the Pfizer and AstraZeneca “Gene Therapy” manufacturers own websites – she declined the offer, happy to believe the “doctors” and to carry on putting unsuspecting lives at considerable risk. She also said they were looking forward to vaccinating the children, because although they hadn’t seen one case of a child with Covid, the BBC have shown there have been many thousands

      • Hi John,

        Would it be possible for you to request this “vaccine” administrator to put the details of what she was claiming to be factual, truthful “information” in writing? Could she “confirm” what their office policy is re the”vaccine” via email?
        The reason why I am inquiring is that you may be able to obtain written evidence of malpractice and fraud at a later date. This may ultimately help an injured patient(s) when the litigation/trials occur.

  11. I’m not a coincidence theorist. Judging by the quick “fact check” deflection they’re hiding something.

  12. Some airlines are advising people NOT to fly if they’ve had the Jab, because of potential blood clots – So you can’t fly without the jab and you cant fly with it !

    • They are not going to admit that it’s the VACCINE are they jut like when that poor footballer fell to the ground and had to have cpr.

    • There not going to admit that it’s the VACCINE are they jut like when that poor footballer fell to the ground and had to have cpr.

    • Reuters (and AP) are both NWO controlled assets, like the MSM they feed their biased disinformation to.
      It’s akin to the police investigating themselves

  13. …and what are their bereaved families saying????? If it was somebody in family I would want to get to the bottom of it and if the death was due to the jab NOBODY would stop me to proclaim it publicly to the nation and to the world!

  14. Did you know if you have Alexa enabled she/it/them are listening to everything you say?

    Don’t discuss anything of importance with it switched on!

  15. Cheers Hugo

    None of airlines pilots are fit n healthy anyway as far as I have heard they used to drink smoke and do a lot worse as my parents new a pilot some years back and he was no Angel of the air !! 😱😱 let me tell you

    But this just shows like lots of others dying how important it is to NOT GET JABBED AND NO COMPLIANCE ! 💪👍

    Thank you Hugo

  16. Isn’t this part of the of the plan because they don’t want us flying . Just recently I met a retired British airways pilot who said to me the days of the big jumbo jets and package holiday are over and also lots of airlines are in trouble due to the last year . It costs thousands to keep the aircrafts on the ground that is why the turn around is so quick after landing . Airlines are not making money with their fleet on the tarmac . What will happen is all those pilots will now be deemed unfit to fly and will be paid off . Short supply of pilots , less flights . Less travel . I’m sure it will come to only essential travel allowed and you will have to get permission as what has been happening already in some countries . People really need to start paying attention before it’s too late

    • Yep! All part of the plan to keep us locked in and not allow fun. Less movement by the plebs equals less climate change… Well! That’s what they want you to believe 🙄

  17. Could it be the 4th pilot died of something else therefore justifying that all 4 were not linked? 3 on the other hand…

  18. This is how brain dead people are.last week I mentioned stuff like this to a few and they said airlines will let people fly and If vacinated with chance of blood clots its up to them and I said what if it is the pilots.who take them .and it changed expressions on the faces.a few days ago I looked up statistics,in 2017 there 290,000 aviation pilots Europe need 42.000…..Asia Pacific 91.000 Africa 4000…central America 16.000 ..North America 65.000 by 2029 484.000 is needed,and buisness jet crews will be 58.000……don’t quote me on this bit but I am sure 87.000 have been declined by covid….now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that they don’t need to cull the people or rules set vaccinated can’t because of clots.unvacinated can’t because of rejecting the experimental injection until 2023….they only need to make it mandatory,compulsory for aviation …they are already talking in Spain by 2030 to stop flights to and from Madrid,Barcelona,alicante ect…..couple of weeks ago they where looking to check a crossing from belfast to Liverpool be a air type ballon that carry 90 passengers but takes 5 hours travel….lolllll…..wakey wakey people….

  19. it would fit the plan of non flying in the near future , certainly very suspicious, make out of it what you will !!

  20. Well I wouldn’t want to be in an aeroplane being flown by a vaxxed pilot…higher risk of aneurysm at any moment, heart attack, stroke, drops dead for “no reason” at the controls…And now it seems ANY vaxxed person is a flight risk anyway because of blood clots! This is beyond ridiculous and the genocide just keeps getting swept under the carpet!

  21. So no concern here that 4 pilots died, just how do we get on with business from BA!!!! Incredible.

  22. Too much of a coincidence for it not to be linked, especially as they died shortly after receiving the jab???!!!

  23. So, during a vaccine roll out being forced on pilots these 4 just coincidently dropped dead of their own accord.. With no other explanation other than the top ews agenda being those very same injections….. Hmmm…. Let me think…. And Fact checked too eh!

  24. The mere fact that they were all BA pilots and they all died within a short space of time of each other means there is a link. To say otherwise is to contradict fact. If there is more to this ( regarding the experimental gene therapy injection and the insistence from BA that their pilots take it ), well that is something we should know in due course …. but to come straight out and say there is no connection between the 4 deaths is just an out right lie and stinks of a cover up.

    • It is not an ‘experimental gene therapy injection’ for crying out loud. Coming out with this guff just make you look stupid, gullible or naive. All you will end up doing is missing the ball as it slips into the back of the net. All these outlandish ‘theories’ are put out their to make the people who vacuum them up look like idiots. Put your brain in gear, and start thinking ffs!

      • No need to be rude. This is a ‘safe’ place for people to talk and express their concerns

      • No need to be rude. This is a safe please for people to express their concerns

  25. Sounds like they have managed to find the fastest way of getting rid of the planes and pilots…Build Back Better.. You will have Nothing, Do Nothing and Enjoy It.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  26. Do you ever feel as though your living in an episode of Fringe? Couldn’t make this up. Shift popular focus from the War On Terror and the perceived threat vs reality to flu, sorry Covid. It’s a massive con and serves to remind me that the true threat is and always has been the smallest group of people with all the money.

    “My hands are tied
    For all I’ve seen has changed my mind
    But still the wars go on as the years go by
    With no love of God or human rights
    ‘Cause all these dreams are swept aside
    By bloody hands of the hypnotized
    Who carry the cross of homicide”

    Axel Rose, Civil War

  27. If this was any other time in history and four pilots are dead within a week, this would be worldwide news with a massive enquiry. The fact it’s being tomed down with no correlation to the jab speaks volumes

  28. Over the years blood clots have been linked to air travel and people have been advised not to fly just after surgery. Given that blood clots are also related to vaccines it would not be surprising if vaccine + flying = blood clots.

  29. Here’s a video on those what those “home assistant” things (Alexa, echo, ring etc.) are really up to, you know, the bits the manufacturers just happen to “forget” to put in the ads.

    Pretty vital bits of info if you own one or not.

    • Stu. Thanks for the vid. I have nothing like this, refused smart meter & don’t even use low energy light bulbs. Obviously to watch vid I have smart phone but that’s all the tech I own.
      Unfortunately my neighbours do have these device’s. I can but try to get them to watch this. Think it will be a brick wall as in spite of all evidence I gave out in the neighborhood they all still got the jab.

  30. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Remote Control of aircraft has been accelerated in leaps and bounds in recent decades? Think drones, think people flying into towers who’ve never flown commercial aircraft before.

    The patents for RC have existed for decades. No, they don’t need pilots these days. Same today for road and rail transport as well.

    Do you REALLY think the Insurance Industry is going to pick up the tab for all this death, injury and travel mayhem?

    • This will be covered up regardless of what it takes; even if it means putting in a total ban on flying. Active pilots don’t just drop dead. Their health is paramount. Maybe 1 person, maybe 2, but more than that in such a short space of time……a 2 year old could figure the link.
      This is devastating to the agenda and serious damage control will be implemented. First and foremost with the families. If this gets out mainstream, you can kiss goodbye to anyone else taking the jab.

    • Planes don’t need pilots – they are perfectly capable of flying themselves. The pilots are there merely to reassure the passengers – I mean, would you get on a plane that didn’t have any pilots? 😀

    • Balckswan, have you read The Trigger?
      I’m guessing you have but if you haven’t you really need to!

  31. Problem is BA have an invested interest in the vaccine. A nation without herd immunity and they don’t do business, so getting objective truth from them about it isn’t going to happen. 4 pilots all in a short space of time, they all fly at altitude which has a causal relationship with blood pressure issues. Reuters quick denial, this is a system of colluding business’ protecting interests.

  32. The life expectancy of an airline pilot is only 62.

  33. Theorised, No Flying for the Poisoned, that’ll cut the carbon emissions, whoops sorry, freedom back, but no flying. LOL

    3 – 4 months, before we really start seeing the BS deaths I reckon, aiming for a 20% world population reduction, maybe 30% by 2030.

    p.s. always 2 trained pilots incase 1 gets sick / dies mid flight, calm!!

  34. Fake!
    Its to prepare people for not flying ever again.They’ll say there is a shortage of pilots and the airlune will fold.

    • No pilots, airlines go bust due to ‘traffic light country’ nonsense….. no flights…. The Climate Change Fanatics will be wetting themselves with happiness!

    • This is what I think too, they don’t want us travelling

  35. Before I watch this 2 pilots are blind in the USA after the jab !

    • Fucking hell ?? Really OMG
      we have to some how stop them getting this shit into the kids. If it can do this to healthy young men just imagine what it will do to small kids . This is war our governments have basically turned on there own people. The very people that voted them in.

      • And sadly the same people who continue to support the government and jabs…….

      • Ive just read an email from Children’s Health Defence. The article is in their news feed The Defender, title Inventor of mRNA Technology reveals (Jab) safety concerns. Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to accumulate in ‘High concentrations’ in ovaries, spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands.
        Go to this site childrenshealthdefense.org to see an exert of the full podcast with the inventor , its from “Dark Horse Podcast” They discuss multiple safety concerns related to the Pfizer and Moderna (jab) This article needs to be shared with your teenagers and twenty somethings before they make their decision, I’ve passed it to my two daughters as they are 24 and 21 and my eldest has received 2 invites so far to book her jab, she is currently considering it
        I live in Surrey in the UK, this is from a very worried Mother and Christian. God Bless you all.

      • The main agenda is the population by whatever means!

      • (Sorry) It should read De-population

  36. And here the airline companies are getting worried about blood clots in the customers, God help us if it affects the pilots, what then, plane crashed? If a plane does crash(God forbid), and pilot had vaccine, will they include all the casualties as deaths caused by vaccine, because indirectly it will have caused it. Scary times.

    • That is what I thought too. Probably if the plane crashed they will put all the deaths down to covid. After all, that’s what they do at the moment. Whenever someone dies it is a death due to covid regardless of the actual cause of death.

      • I was thinking it’s a wonder they haven’t already put these mens deaths down to covid. The guy that gave the message sounds very creditable to me. If this is true omg this needs to go public as in MSM. This simple can’t be sweeped under the carpet any longer. Everone needs to no what’s going on. This is a war a war by the governments on there own people. 4 airline pilots dont just die like that. To say I’m shocked is an understatement. These were healthy young men. It’s the kids next we can’t let them do this to children .❤💔❤💔

    • one of them died from crashing his bike and receiving abdominal trauma, the other died after being in a covid coma for 8 months and coming back to the UK.
      Look it up. Edward Brice Bennet and Nicholas Synnott.

  37. Could it be that three of them died of the jab and the fourth died of something else? Therefore the deaths were not all related?!

    • No that is not possible. They were ALL fit and healthy with no underlying health issues. The ONLY possible explanation is that the so called vaccine was responsible for ALL deaths

      • Pete, one of them died from crashing his bike and receiving abdominal trauma, the other died after being in a covid coma for 8 months and coming back to the UK.
        Look it up. Edward Brice Bennet and Nicholas Synnott.

    • one of them died from crashing his bike and receiving abdominal trauma, the other died after being in a covid coma for 8 months and coming back to the UK.
      Look it up. Edward Brice Bennet and Nicholas Synnott.

  38. Stop calling it a vaccine.
    It’s an experimental untested gene therapy trial authorised under the fake pandemic based on false positive tests and not on deaths of hospitalisations

    • Correct……lt is NOT a vaccine…..tinkering with DNA…

      • It has nothing to do with ‘tinkering with DNA’. That is just guff put out there deliberately to make certain people look stupid. You have to start using your brain – not just taking on board and repeating as fact every ‘theory’ that you read on one BS web site or video. There is a lot of guff out there! Be careful or you will end up missing the ball!

    • Yep. And they’re being halted worldwide because “there is more than enough evidence to declare they are unsafe for use in humans”.
      “More and more evidence from around the world is pouring in…”
      So… begs a few questions… Why is the UK Govt lying to us? Why are they still pushing them so hard? Why are they trying to mandate them for care workers? Why do they want the children to have them? Why doesn’t our own mainstream media tell us the truth?

    • And when you ask about the common flu, it seems its miraculously disappeared.

  39. I heard that recording early morning and the guy sounded genuine plus what does the speaker have to gain, does he have shares in the injections – seems legit and as far as WEF agendas go, not having pilots is what they want as many airports are going to be closed come 2030, businesses are preparing for having to restaff vaccinated staff every 2-3 years – everythings hidden –

  40. There’s no smoke without fire, and the official British Airways response, sounds like a typical, “There’s no links, it’s all coincidence ” response. 🤔

    • No. Pilots are super fit , you can’t become a pilot even if you wear glasses so ….? Not linked to the jib jab? Suddenly die from what ? Blood clots ?

      • Super fit Pilots? Sitting on your ass for 12 hours then going to the hotel with a bag of “refreshments” and sleeping through the day. Eating take out food and then do it all back again. Super fit 🙂

      • Pilots have been allowed to wear glasses for sometime now. They receive radiation from altitude and being in the cockpit.
        Captains have 6 monthly medicals and First Officers an annual medical.
        That’s what my brother has as a Captain
        He doesn’t want the jab at all.

      • Not true you can fly with glasses and all you need is to past a medical every 6 months however because of the health checks they are obviously healthy people compared to the general joe public. It’s more frightening statistically how many have died at the same time and then adding in the jibjab that’s obviously of most concern.

      • Absolute rubbish, Pilots wear corrective lenses all the time. Your medical certificate is annotated with the restriction and you have to carry a spare pair with you at all times. Pilots start their careers generally fit and in good health but from that point onwards it is all downhill due the inherent unhealthy lifestyle.

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