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  1. Such a tragedy. Whether they died because of the jab or not, I think it’s in the public interest to know the truth.
    I’m torn between wanting to know the truth, and whether their is a link with the jabs and their deaths, and feeling so bad for the families that they should be left in peace. To outright deny it though, just makes me even more suspicious. Jab deaths should not be brushed under the carpet. It’s dishonourable to the people and their families.

    • BA confirmed it was four pilots. Worth mentioning that pilots have yearly health assessments, if they have any health conditions they are grounded for safety reasons, so these pilots were cleared to fly with no health conditions, the odds of four healthy pilots from the same company dying within 7 days of each other for any reason other than the vaccine they all had are trillions to one. Occam’s razor would suggest it was because of the vax that they died.

    • one of them died from crashing his bike and receiving abdominal trauma, the other died after being in a covid coma for 8 months and coming back to the UK.
      Look it up. Edward Brice Bennet and Nicholas Synnott.

      Waiting on the identities of the other two. Literally zero way of knowing if they had been vaccinated or not.

      • There is no such thing as a ‘covid coma’. There may be people who are put into chemically induced medical comas and put onto ventilators (which require coma), rather than being treated for breathing difficulties in other ways. They are often kept on ventilation until they die. Up to 80% of people put on ventilators for ‘covid’ have unnecessarily died. There are also thousands of ways of dying OTHER than ‘covid’ – or there were until 2020.

  2. YouTube are now actively censoring any mention of this.
    As soon as you type British Airways and four pilots in the same comment it won’t even post!
    So what are they trying to hide/prevent people from knowing?

    • Any time there’s censorship you have to question why? And really, we already know why.

    • For me,that’s a confirmation that there is something to the story.

  3. The obvious risk is to the public either flying with British Airways or even on the ground if a BA plane has an incident in the cockpit caused by a vaccinated pilot

  4. Hugo
    Go look in the comments on BA Twitter post because another pilot has also commented on this , his name is ‘Pilot Alexander’ and his Twitter feed says he’s legit

  5. Reuters based in Canary Wharf is owned as the whole Canary Wharf by Rothschild.

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  7. Does anyone know if the professional cyclists are taking these ‘vaccines’?

    They and their doctors know a thing or two about blood. If they refuse to take the shots, then you know there is a problem.

  8. There has to be a connection with their job. They all fly planes. What do they warn you about flying… Thrombosis, in other words blood clots. It’s too much of a coincidence. And I know this is out there but what if this is why the government don’t want the public flying! Because if people started flying and then dieing, how would they explain that away! They want us to die during the flu season so that they can blame it on the new variants and the unvaccinated. Just a thought.

  9. Really sad this I do hope this is coincidence
    I’m due to fly with BA in two weeks

  10. BA Public Relations is logically intent on quashing the story whether True or False however there is no such thing as Covid-19… The SARS-Cov-2 virus was created by computer simulation. It should remind you of how Building-7 demolition was “simulated” by the corrupt NIST scientists as a computer model. – https://justpaste.it/383×9

  11. It’s definitely the poison jab those 4 pilots died from, they can lie as much as they want.

  12. Those who had the jab in order to be able to travel on holiday now face the possibility that the pilots might die during the flight and they all perish.

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