HEATHROW PRISON CLIP IS CRAZY! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Gerge Orwell’s Animal Farm says it all “Some animals are more important than others”

    • Exactly ‘some are equal but some are more equal than others wasn’t it? And boy are we seeing that now although I don’t think Orwell and Huxley (although he wrote Brave New World from the standpoint of a eugenist at that time what the book says is pertinent) couldn’t of come up with this bs between them

      • The only reason Orwell & Huxley were allowed to write those books is because they were in on the plan, they were part of the planning of it all, their books weren’t a warning, or a Blueprint, they were just rubbing our noses in the fact they planned to turn the entire planet into a giant prison & make us pay for the privilege of being here.

  2. Absolutely disgusting!! He even recered to the guy as a ‘captive’ at one point didn’t he, or was that may hearing?

  3. I live in South Africa and have an irish passport too… I havent seen my husband for 1.5 years because of convid. We are moving to England and have a house there already. When we arrive, my daughter and I have to hotel quarentine because SA is on the red list. Some of the rooms do not even have windows!!!!!!! Out of principle I will.not go this route… it’s absolutely disgusting!!!!!

    • Bypass the quarantine, go to an amber list country on your way to the UK.

      • Laura, my partner is in the US and we want her to come to the UK WITHOUT taking the jab and the various PCR tests that we have to take as well (and have to pay for), and preferably without the quarantine too. Is there a way around this that you know of?

  4. Why don’t they just walk out this is complete madness

    • Your right say No.
      This clip highlights from these people filming from there car, it looks like a prison camp what’s planned for us non jab.
      That security Nazi telling he can’t talk to them “Fuck off you little prick”
      Wedding’s can’t dance sing or talk to each others just sit there well any ” They can Fuck off to ”
      BBC reporter chase outside Downing Street Good just hope it Boris next or a Minster show them we have had enough just said no and challenge them,

  5. Human rights violation and inalienable God given rights violations

    • I didn’t think anything else could shock me but the Heathrow quarantine is beyond words. How is this happening!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. American FEMA camps are now in UK. What HOPE is there? Wake UP. TIME to FIGHT back!

  7. I’m speechless…. totally speeches!

    Can anyone tell me the quarantine rules between England and Scotland? We live in Scotland, but my in-laws are English. We’re supposed to be going to see my father in-law in August – though I doubt it will happen, as he’s totally talent in by the lies. However, if we have to quarantine, we’re not going. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows the rules to please let us know.

    Thank you

  8. Boris is a fucking TYRANT a Champagne swilling FAT USELESS EATER and a paracite on the people !

  9. This will be the kind of prison camp we refuseniks can expect. The covid agenda is rapidly moving to its ultimate destination.

    • When we are all eventually rounded up will we have have to pay £1,750 a fortnight? Corporate fascism knows no bounds.

      • If we cannot afford it we’ll have to work for the privillage instead, arbeit macht frei .

  10. It’s fuckig boiling my blood. My wife has cancer and she went to Poland with our daughter to see family as we don’t how long she got left. She might have a year, 5 or 20. We don’t know, electric chair is not enough for these psychopaths!

    • Hopefully Raf, that may happen. What they are doing is a breach of every single Nuremberg Code – and that is punishable by death.

    • They are still finalising the ‘friends & family’ supplier contract prior to national deployment in the civilian domain.

  11. And yet they come over on rubber boats, possible using them as the guards in this video.

    • That is true. Most of the ‘Travel Safety Officers’ I see on Trains and at stations are Africans/Asians, mainly Africans.

    • Soros’s Open Borders army of young, fighting age recruits who will soon don their UN uniforms and bear arms to do the enforcing work the regular army and police will not be allowed to do.

    • No life vests issued – just yellow visibilty ones

  12. We’re living “The Hand Maids Tale” I’m incandescent with rage 😤

  13. new world order and all because people can’t see the reality :(.

  14. That has just made my blood boil. I would of told that security guard rat to fuck right off. Double standards in action. The crazy thing is, you cant escape from this madness. It is happening all over the world. 1984 has arrived. DO NOT COMPLY

    • I will swear at them and get nicked or fined i had enough they make me angry, i never been in trouble in my live and had respect no more they have made me turn in to this loose cannon

  15. A University in the UK is in talks about becoming the quarantine accommodation for students. I have been informed that it will be 1 security guard to every 17 residents staying in quarantine in the uni halls. Nobody at my work batting an eyelid at this of course! I have worked with prisoners for many years before uni and they were treated better than this!!!

  16. Completely disgusting. Someone needs to explain to these guards, police, nurses etc. who are letting the power go to their heads, that they are on camera and when this all goes to court they will be tried and imprisoned (or worse) for human rights violations- and that’s the best outcome for them. Look at what happened in Kosovo after the war there, Serbs were killed, went missing, were driven out of their homes etc. They need to look at history and realise the kind of future that awaits them.

  17. Holy Fuck what the fuck is going on? The British people have gone absolutely crazy – this video is one that should go viral. If people can’t wake up after this they’re in a fucking coma.

    • The Cool-Aid friend, it’s all to do with the Cool-Aid. Gotta turn off the supply first so people begin to sober up. Only then will they regain any reasonable faculty to perceive what’s going on.

  18. God, watching the serving staff wearing masks around the elite parasites is just chilling.

  19. This actually made me cry because it’s so wrong. So wrong.

  20. There are no words for this! Boris is totally evil!!

  21. Boris really is a Wicked man” and so are all his cohorts swilling champagne without a care in the world “ they know their pulling off the greatest hoax on Mankind “ and they think they’ll get away with it “ But they can think again!

  22. Why waste an opportunity to make money from YOUR Trustees?
    Them- `Do what we tell you to do`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (this removes the controversy) it`s just that we charge you £999 per hour
    to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR Trust,
    payment must be with us immediately`
    Please remember that THEY are NOT volunteers……so why should YOU be?
    The secret is just two words…..CONDITIONAL acceptance.

  23. Don’t worry. These clowns in power will be get their punishment for what they are doing to the human race. All these corrupt power abusers are surrounded by demonic entities who record all their wrong doings and watch them like a hawk. As soon their souls are going to the other side, their spiritual bodies will be ripped apart and tortued in some dark hellish spiritual dungeon. They won’t get away with it. If they don’t get punished by some tribunal in this life, they certainly will be in the other.

    • True, which is why they have to live as long as possible and why they are obsessed with life extension technology. It also explains Adrenochrome amongst other things.

    • The lake of fire, ETERNAL torment and gnashing of teeth has been PROMISED by God for the wicked of this world.

    • I know! I have been telling people abt. how “covid-19” is fake and how we are in the end times now like Noah was..but some people just don’t want to listen…prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled in todays modern world, indicating that the time of Jesus return is soon. I pray that everyone wakes up b4 it’s to late. 🥶💀☠️


    • They can’t see because they keep “drinking the cool-aid” as it’s said.

      They have them gripped, mentally and emotionally that’s why they’re afraid to resist.

      It’s a scary place for some people you know, to think outside of the confides and expectations of systematic rule.


    TRUTH about BBC Reporter chased by “anti lockdown” “Mob” https://youtu.be/YrHM_lx2haA

  26. Looks like a consentration camp, the wolfs where there to keep them in line, beatings will be next. Crickey.. Its getting bad out there… Do not fly.

  27. Who would holiday abroad since March 2020 anyway? It amounts to self flagellation.

  28. But the G7 was vital international business that neede face to face contact.

  29. The hypocrisy of these so called world leaders is absurd. But what’s worse is the brain dead androids who actually have the nerve to enforce these farcical measures in their establishments.

    We have to start fighting back. Begin on a small level and build up. Start in the local shops, refuse masks if you must, don’t follow those stupid herding arrows and absolutely don’t comply if challenged.

    Let’s start bringing back some logic and common sense reason to our lives people, this BS has to end.

    Even if it means risking your “job”, so be it, I’d rather have peace of mind of decent human BEING, than be an enforcer to any establishment for these Nazi-like measures.

    • Great point. I went in an Aldi before, I was the only person in it without a mask on, but nobody seemed bothered. On June 21st start pulling down all of these signs, we can pull these things down quicker than they can put them up. Go out at night if need be. Make a note of where they are, and execute the job swiftly.

  30. That is just unbelievable what is the world coming to and that kappo bastard telling him he couldn’t talk to anybody. Is this the future for everyone, its like a maximum security prison for fuck sake people wake up it could be your son or daughter or family member in there next this has to stop Now.

  31. Manipulation of the perception is truly amazing.
    You can literally have someone eat the shit off your shoes, and have them convinced they are somehow great for doing so, Truly inflating their ego.

    But their just eating shit. And they will love it.

  32. There are several issues here: It is the fault of these people who were daft enough to go on holiday knowing they would have to quarantine.
    This is nothing more than a fascist government flexing it’s muscles for no genuine reason. If you go along with this it will become normal. The security guards and police who have been enforcing these restriction are cruel and unthinking. Karma will serve up a treat for them.

  33. Can you spare less than a minute and a half to fight for Medical Freedom? Sign up to Save Our Rights UK
    If so please go to Save Our Rights UK and sign up to the site and receive updates and then sign the new campaign letter to your MP calling for them to
    support the Medical Freedom Bill campaign.
    The Medical Freedom Bill campaign thus far has been hugely successful in that tens of thousands have taken part and every MP knows about this campaign, with some even having to put statements on their websites* about it. Their arguments for not pursuing a MFB have been weak at best and each time Save Our Rights UK have come back with more evidence and counter arguments that they cannot refute. The new letter to MPs demonstrates all of the above examples and presses each MP to explain how they can justify not calling for an MFB in light of the Government and organisations recent actions and assaults on our Medical Freedom.

    So please take the minute and a half it takes to send the new email to your MP via our site and do your bit to stand up for Medical Freedom for all.

  34. This video surly must make people who still believe in this crap that many Innocent people are in serious trouble and distress it’s terrible 😞

    It’s disgusting and disturbing watching the g7 pedo mob at end …..what HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING PEOPLE YOU ARE!!!

  35. Britains most wanted man will be a refusenik escaping from one of these soulless prisons, insanity

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