ANOTHER SCHOOL LOCKDOWN / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hugo have you seen the 2 vids on BNT – one of the BBC guy running away after being confronted by an angry mob, the other that turd Hancock in his Police convoy driving away when someone starts shouting at him. I think the pan is finally boiling over, and it could get a bit nasty from here on out.

    • Would love to have seen the expression on that narcasist Wancock’s face!

      • I have seen the video, he basically pulled up his face mask, rolled up the black out blind on his window . His car was unmarked with another behind it… they were stuck in traffic, so both cars put their sirens on to get away…. what a weasel.

    • Hi. Do you have further info? Not sure what BNT is.

    • I’ve not seen the Mancock one, but I’ve seen the BBC one. It’s awesome. And this is they key – make it personal. When you see one of these people, confront them, not violently, just like these people did it. Take it to them, make it personal – turn up at their golf clubs, restaurants, etc and confront them. And say something like: “You’ve disrupted my life, I’m going to disrupt yours!”

      The wicked flee when confronted, whilst the Righteous are as bold as Lions!

      • Also, say :”I’m holding you personally to account for all this.” Personalise it, they don’t like that. But they are responsible for this nightmare.

  2. This is indoctrination. The state is going to try to take away our children

    • I would be very concerned if you kids where still young and being asked questions like this, also schools suddenly being locked down. This doesn’t sit good with me. At the end of the day they are still under age. Thse kids are not of an age to make there own minds up about jabs let alone being asked questions that they probably do not fully understand. As for a lockdown. Kids of this age will get ott and think the lockowns are exciting and for there own good. I no 1 thing if this were my kids they fucking wouldn’t be going to school. I’m really concerned about when the really young kids go back in September or when ever it is now. Parents Ave to be on there guard if they let there little ones go into school blind. Parents need to get a grip on what’s going on. Thank god my kids are adults now. That’s all I can say. It seems people are more concerned with there hols and everthing else that’s going on isn’t lol. What can I say. Be mindful be very mindful. Where your kids are concerned. As for the nhs workers it wasn’t that long ago they were fucking lieing to the public about deaths hospitals being full, they milked the covid ,danced around on tick to and now its oh we have to get the jab. Didn’t mind jabbing up and covering up the elderly and other sick people dieing from more serious stuff then the flu. So no I don’t have any sympathy, just say no no no like we have had to. Sorry you didn’t get your well earned cover up pay rise. Lost all respect.

  3. Getting ready to lock up mentally unstable unvaxed parents!

    • Yes, and then take their kids into ‘care’ and give them the jib-jab.

  4. Maybe they plan to inject the kids on a prohibited communication lockdown. I wouldn’t put anything past these genocidal maniacs.

    • I think Hugo redently covered an article about 12-15 year olds in Canada schools not requiring parental consent for the poison injection.

  5. These are tests to see if the system works!
    It’s already been put into parents heads, and the students.
    No one questions it!!
    I’d ignore the, ‘advice ‘ and immediately contact my child!
    This causes fear and anxiety in the students, that in turn makes them more pliable, more accepting for the Teachers!
    A weak willed person is more easily controlled, than someone who has a mind of their own.

  6. I find these school lockdowns terrifying ,, what’s to stop them just taking your children

    • Exactly what my wife just said. If they’re coming after kids to jab them then there’s no telling what they might do. We’re living in times of unprecedented evil.

  7. It’s written somewhere in the gov documents on the gov shite ( I know, my spelling is appalling) that if an outbreak of con vid hits a school they can hold the children at a facility without parental consent and they can not have contact with children and will not be told where they are.
    Maybe these are trial runs to get children used to it and the obedient masses not to question it.
    I know it can make life hard but why are parents entrusting their children to any authority system even more so with what they indoctrinate children with these days.

  8. they are practicing .. there will be an event soon when All schools are locked down… these are “dummy runs”

  9. Attempting to ‘normalise’ school lockdowns and parents and childern being able to contact each other but why is the question

    • As of today I took my son out of school, he was offered a polio booster allegedly. Who knows what it really is. Getting too dicey now to leave kids in school in case of getting locked in and forcibly jabbed. I’m a biologist of 25 years experience incidentally, so I’m no fool. We had an escape plan worked out, if you’re still sending your kids I suggest making one for them too.

  10. Putting fear in children and parents. Take your kids out of school. We are the cogs that make the world turn and we have the power UNITED.

  11. This fake pandemic goes on till 2023 so they want us to get used to lock downs. They are all fake. Parents make sure you turn up when schools get locked down. Don’t play along with their sick game.

  12. I strongly believe that this has got serious nefarious undertones. I would not put it past the Local authority along with the local health care provider, to use a school lockdown for the Jabbing of the Kids, whether the parent wants it or not.
    This is beyond comprehension to many, until it happens, then it’s simply too darn late.
    If as a Parent, you weren’t too concerned before, now is the time to make a stand for your kids. Now is the time to start looking into things, other than what the MSM are spouting.
    These are your kids for goodness sake!!!

    • I was going to type this exact thought. The b stards could use lockdowns to jab kids, without parents being able to communicate with their kids, or kids being abke to run away.

  13. I agree with the last comment. I thi k they want to take our children away. They are trying to take our parental rights away, then abuse our children. Not on my watch.

  14. get them out of school, must be horrendous being at school now, mental torcher. ring of steel surrounding the perimeter and turning styles to get in, must be frightening for children, didn’t used to be like that. looking like prisons now. no place for a child to be…

  15. They are performing mass conditioning of the people. This is the 2nd type of questionaire where the kids have been asked to talk about their parents. People the are brain training the masses…I would say if you have not read or watched the original 1984 please please do so as you will see where this is leading

  16. please watch these informative interviews with lawyers and medical specialists, and share with others who have not yet taken the shot,

    especially pregnant or breast feeding women or are about to get the booster shot later.

    It’s Crimes Against Humanity- Graphs shows sharp rise in vaccination deaths in 2020 compared to all vaccine deaths in the 10 years previous


  17. They could be doing this so they can put a school lockdown in place when they are planning to give out the jabs. However, given the questionnaires being given out, and what we’ve seen with the Irish man who spoke up at his church, it’s horrible to have to consider this, but I can’t help but wonder if they might use these lockdowns as opportunity to move children to a different location (for their “safety”) without their parents knowing.

    Just wondering what would happen if the children texted their parents during the lockdowns. I can’t imagine it would be easy to stop teenagers using their phones. What would the consequences be anyway? Detentions, exclusions. With the way things are going, a detention or exclusion doesn’t seem too bad.

    Might be worth looking into giving your children GPS devices (not apps on phones, which could be taken away), there are wearable ones that have been created for people with Alzheimer’s which can be used to trace someone who has gone missing.

  18. Can you spare less than a minute and a half to fight for Medical Freedom? Sign up to Save Our Rights UK

    If so please go to Save Our Rights UK and sign up to the site and receive updates and then sign the new campaign letter to your MP calling for them to
    support the Medical Freedom Bill campaign.
    The Medical Freedom Bill campaign thus far has been hugely successful in that tens of thousands have taken part and every MP knows about this campaign, with some even having to put statements on their websites* about it. Their arguments for not pursuing a MFB have been weak at best and each time Save Our Rights UK have come back with more evidence and counter arguments that they cannot refute. The new letter to MPs demonstrates all of the above examples and presses each MP to explain how they can justify not calling for an MFB in light of the Government and organisations recent actions and assaults on our Medical Freedom.

    So please take the minute and a half it takes to send the new email to your MP via our site and do your bit to stand up for Medical Freedom for all.

    • You expect this fake tory “government” to do what YOU want…need rid of these commie, fabian b sturds asap or else we’ll lose a lot more than your medical freedoms…we’re looking at losing OUR LIVES ffs!!! Easy answer that you may NOT like-VOID the union of 1706/7 and REMOVE the POWER from these satanic shills that think they own us!! Remove the british foreigners from our shores once and for all – they DO NOT SPEAK FOR ENGLAND or THE ENGLISH…never have in 300 years ffs!!!

  19. Absolutely horrific! We are truly living in mad and utterly terrifying times! So glad I’m not a parent, but I deeply sympathise and worry about those who are. The vast majority of my friends have children who simply must be taken out of school now as this is going seriously sick!!! I hear from my friends that home schooling is very difficult, but surely the most important thing is that your children are all safe and sound, better by far at home!!!

  20. All the schools are closed here in Ireland for the summer holidays. There is only one way to handle this every parent pull their children out of the schools and all college students boycott the colleges no more masks and certainly no injections just say NO.

    • Totally agree, but had we had ALL said NO in last March they’d have been f kd from the start-I have never paid ANY attention to all this bs…never worn a mask or any of the other crap…these satanic people DON@T speak for me and won’t ever push me around. In England we have a very much alive CONSTITUTION that gives us unalienable rights…means NOBODY can remove/repeal them as they were made with a higher power…don’t believe me take a look on you tube EP70 Daddy Dragon-the constitution is the solution-look at Monday 14th June 2021 outside parliament…a bit loud in places but you get the idea…REMOVE YOUR british CONTROLLERS NOW BEFORE THEY GET WORSE…people ARE waking up…just not as quickly as we need!! Thanks for reading this.

  21. Totally disgusting how anyone goes along with this – Guess one day they will fly them straight off to Denver Airport…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  22. About six or so years ago a female school teacher was murdered by a 15 year old school boy who had threatened to do so on Facebook for over a year with no action been taken. Even the post murder enquiry said nothing could have been done to prevent it!!! So repeatedly threatening to murder a teacher is seen as ‘normal’ behaviour yet a school shuts because of a silly email. There is clearly a bigger picture here, I will leave others to speculate.

  23. I think they are slowly trying to get it in to the psyche of parents that the government own the children. U have no power. We have the final say.

  24. Lockdowns in schools have been happening for some time in New Zealand. Usually if an armed offender incident is nearby or on school grounds

  25. Blurring fake plague lockdown with safety fetish lockdown, because fake plague lockdown is wearing thin.

  26. I think this is to do with the part of the Coronavirus Act that says they can put your children in quarantine without contacting the parents and i’m not sure but I think there was something about medical interventions as well.

    • Yes your right I did hear something along the same lines. Fucking hell.

  27. The reason these schools have imposed lockdowns is obvious. As you are probably aware it has nothing to do with threats to the pupils or a suspicious person near the premises. The reason is because it enables the school to vaccinate the kids without too many people being aware. They obviously don’t want the parents to know hence the reason for no contact between parents and their children or the school.

  28. This sounds like the beginning of fear programming for our kids to turn them into paranoid adults, and teach them not to trust anyone. I dread to think what the future generations are going to be like. Fearful, spineless jellyfish, who rely on authority figures to keep them safe. Hmm, I wonder why they would want to be doing that?

    • Spot on, I would hate to be a parent of teenagers right now. Its a hard enough job . These are crazy times and parents have to stay strong and put there foot Don. Talk to your kids never lie to them, cause when the truth finally does come out things will be hard. They need there parents to show them strength, there is no other way, also u will in the end be respected by your kids. The government will lose.

  29. I have a unvaccinated friend who’s daughter has started self harming and being asked about home life ect, so seems to myself that they brainwashing theses poor children into insanity thoughts but it seems bringing the problem to home?!
    This friend has another younger daughter who has become uncontrollable?!
    So yes Hugo WtF 😳 is going on?!

    Thank you as always
    Have great evening to All ✌️

    • I believe this is to undo any family loyalty. Told my girl to get on her toes the second they announce any lockdowns, will be her last day in school.

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