Manchester School PLACED ON EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I would be straight around to the school and I would be taking my child home lockdown my arse.

    • At home schooling is still legal and Lawful, for how long don’t know but I’d be doing it now. Gladly my kids are up, sadly I’ve granddaughter living through this criminality.

  2. Too right parents should not be able to ring their kids. It was unheard of until these wretched mobile phones came along. Teachers have enough problems with phones going off in class anyway.

    • While teachers are forcing poisoned PCR tests on them and the government saying 12 year old are old enough to consent to have a vial full of posion injected and learn about mastubating transexuals, I think the parents have every right to know what’s happening to their kids right now. It’s tantamount to taking them hostage

  3. Too right parents should not be allowed to phone their children in school, this was unheard of until mobile phones came along. Teachers have enough problems with kids phones going off causing distractions in class as it is.

  4. Disgusting utterly disgusting LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!

  5. After these future school lockdown measures were announced some weeks ago and you did your original video on it, there was an incident about a week or two afterwards but I can’t remember where or when unfortunately but it was a small news piece I think on yahoo news (if you can call it news, not) A school was locked down after a fight in the street spilled over into the school grounds allegedly. I recall that the details of said “incident” were very vague and seemed to me to be like this one. Testing the water, looking for an excuse to put it into practice.

  6. These are rehearsals for when they decide to jab your kids. They will say that by sending them to school you had made the school temporary guardians of them and as ‘conscientious’ guardians they thought it best to get those tender arms jabbed.

    • Totally agree! They will go for voluntary first but then the school will have authority to authorise the jabs! We need to talk and explain to our kids. This is a rehearsal to see how kids and parents react. They are coming after our kids!!!!

    • Your assessment is absolutely correct!!

      In Canadian schools, when they enact a “lockdown”, (which is terminology used in the prison system), the students are not released, and parents are not “allowed” to enter the premises.
      No exceptions are recognized, unless the reason is deemed to be urgent. Children are therefore unable to attend prescheduled medical/dental appointments.

      This practice has achieved the incremental dilution of parental rights.

      It will present challenges and the juggling of schedules, but the time to find alternative educational solutions is upon us.

  7. Same type of thing happened at kingsway high school, in Rochdale, today … Coincidence, I think not!! .

  8. More then ever we all need to stay on Red alert,something is afoot here.

  9. They did the same thing here in Lincoln, they said people were seen with guns in the area, this happened just after the letters went out. They are doing drills but as we know drills sometimes turn live. I hate the fear they’re trying to instil in the children.

  10. Beam me up. I’ve had enough of planet earth .

  11. I share some very informative video’s I saw today, please share as led. There are so many more doctors and nurses and scientists coming out to warn the public and make a stand!

    It’s Crimes Against Humanity- Graphs shows sharp rise in vaccination deaths in 2020 compared to all vaccine deaths in the 10 years previous


    Dr. Michael Yeadon the former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer with a Final Warning!

    Standing Up For Life British Nurse Speaks Out Against Lockdown.

  12. The fake media said tonight that they will look (eventually) to jab the most venerable kids first (those with existing health conditions) Treat the weak and the easily manipulated first more like! Parental sheep need to mind their flock or the big bad wolf is going to steal them!

  13. Way over the top reaction “ getting us worked up for absolutely nothing “ seems to be the motto of today “ Overreach Everything “

  14. Go round to the school and kick the door down. And NEVER send your child

    As Hugo said yesterday – what is happening to people’s would? And, sorry Hugo, it does matter what you think of that word. And the quicker people realise that, the sooner this will be over.

    Everyone has to turn to Our Lord, Jesus Christ; get on their knees, and beg forgiveness. Then this will end, and not before!

  15. * Correction: What is happening to people’s souls

  16. Makes me highly suspicious that they’re practicing for a psyop or school shooting I don’t know but I do know this stinks of agenda

  17. Quote on fake stream media
    ” From the 19th July it will be vaccines not restrictions that will be our defence against Covid”
    Expect a huge squeeze coming to the none vaccinated ….masks forever for us …your job at risk ..etc etc …strap in for a bumpy ride
    …but fuck that for a game ….its literally to the point now of no return unless we take up arms against our oppressors.

    • Like I keep saying Tommy, it’ll morph into a ‘climate crisis’ next, so they can keep the ’emergency’ rules in place, to keep this thing ‘legal’ (which it obviously isn’t).

      They’ve disarmed us. Due to the bullshit mass shooting hoaxes. It is basically now a test of IQ – if you do as you’re told, despite knowing all of the evidence – you’re low IQ. You’re on the chopping block.

      • So, what I’m saying is, stand your ground. It will pass at some point. Think of it as an IQ test.

  18. Well, the police are unlikely to question anyone at the meeting…. especially the Queen.

  19. Talks Hugo for all yr vids they are great. Dont have kids myself parents time to make a choice if you are awake and yr kids are informed this kinda bs can and may well be used for anything. Start acting now before it’s too late. Schools are indoctrination centres and part of the govt machine. They will follow their orders too no matter what. Pull yr kids out of school b4 its too late

  20. This is the previous stage to lockdown vaccination plan for kids in schools. They will vaccinate the kids in the schools without parents consent.

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