ENOUGH! SWITCH THEM OFF! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Where are the parents the First line in attack so that they leave our kids alone?
      Yes they are committing Crines Against Humanity BUT WHERE ARE THE PARENTS STANDING UP FOR THEIR KIDS !!!!!!!!!!

      • There’s an army of parents forming! Just let them try.

    • Bill Gates could not understand why most of Africa, outside of South Africa, had not contracted covid. The answer is that in those countries the population routinely take Ivermectin for parasitic worm control, river blindness and malaria. But Ivermectin also has anti-viral properties and this has made people immune from covid. Mexico and India have and are using it to bring their outbreaks under control. For more information and discussion on Ivermectin I recommend the Blackhorse Podcasts.

  1. Hey, what are you talking about…..the second jabe gives you 78% efficacy against the variant. better than the 80% efficacy that our own immunity gives us without the jab. Strange that!!!!!!!

    • Colin, that’s how it’s been sold.
      Shame the zombies have lost the ability to question things any longer.

      Personally, I switched off from the start and did some alternative research!
      Because we all know that they talk crap… This time it’s lethal.

  2. Predictable as April showers, these crooks have had their instructions and are playing out their agenda despite the fact that it’s crumbling.

  3. We are getting stronger as they are getting weaker, keep fighting the good fight Hugo, I for one have been loyal to myself and my family any yourself, we will never surrender our freedom!!

  4. This is more than incompetence, it’s the implementation of the long identified psychological ploy to grind people down. Give them a hope & whip it away at the 11th hour. Time & time again we’ve seen it used, and note; once more this latest lockdown 1 month extension has a ‘minimum’ caveat. It won’t end in 1 month, but only when the majority say, NO MORE. A quick summary of some hard facts to support our rejection of tyranny:

    * Covid-19 has not been isolated or purified
    * 14 days to flatten the curve will become 483 days
    * UK 2020 all-cause mortality was lower than 20 of the last 30 years
    * current mortality is the lowest on UK records
    * effective prophylactic & treatments have been ridiculed or banned
    * official defence strategy is inoculation with an experimental vaccine
    * post vaccination deaths now greater than the sum of the last 29 years
    * scientists, doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, virologists, biologists, etc., speaking out are silenced or sacked
    * those advocating all this want population reduction & a ‘Great Reset’ known as ‘Build Back Better’, which as described, is anything but.

    I could go on, but clearly this is an international crime greater than that of Nazi Germany.

    • Jchr, all good points!
      My thoughts on the BS build back worse… They are making way for AI to take over most jobs.
      People will be so reliant on benefits to survive that they will have no choice but to do as they say.
      Hopefully it can be nipped in the bud at the early stages.

      Mass disobedience will set off a trend I think.

      • Completely right. We truly are in the grip of genocidal evil & people have the power to stop it & must use that power.

  5. It would be great to think by ignoring them they would go away, but sadly that won’t happen Hugo, looking at their behaviour in Cornwall, to me it seems as though they are goading us, perhaps inciting riots, then they could step in and ‘deal’ with us, the realistic ones, showing the brainwashed ones that they are the good government they claim to be. Apart from police they could ‘deal’ with us with the army? I saw something similar in Tiananmen Square!

    • I hear what you’re saying but we are not yet a the point of being as strictly governed as China but we will be if we don’t stop it now and if everybody ignores them as goes back to buisness aa usual they’ll be forced to listen BUT it does take a large percebtage of us doing so and that’s where my doubt comes in because if people haven’t seen it yet it’ll be to late by the time they do

  6. If everybody tuned them out opened up evetywhere, ignored the rules it would make a difference because it’s people listening, people doing as they are told that gives them thiet power

  7. Without the media they have no strength ,MSM will only ever support Government Lies and propaganda โ€œ Switch them off at every turn, they rely heavily on their media propaganda machine to deceive the people โ€œ turn them off and pull cord out of the power socket

    • i am totally in agreement with all of you….they absolutely have to be tuned out! However, i think we are forgetting that the ones that are listening have been conditioned to do so for a very very long time and to be honest i think there is no hope for them until something tragic befalls their own families….for people like us it is much much easier, speaking for myself, i have always been wary and suspicious of authority and the system…so it really was quite easy for myself and my family.

      thank you Hugo and thank you to all of you!

  8. To find out what’s going on you need to go to any place other than the US and Western Europe. In most other places they’ve realised that the covid vaccine is a big con. People in these other countries are recovering from covid with tried and tested medications in particular ivermectin. Western media is systematically censoring anything but the efficacy of the covid vaccines which have only been ‘conditionally approved’. This approval was granted after all other tried and tested medications were ruled as being unsafe and have therefore been suppressed with the mainstream media conniving in this deception.

  9. Just heard that 25% of the last 48 covid deaths were fully jabbed. So that’s working well then! Plus you can’t get travel insurance for covid related reactions, plus Spanish and Russian airlines are advising jabbed people not to fly in case of deep vein thrombosis.

  10. Biggest hoax in human history coNvid 19 Global reset ..experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injection classed as a vaccine …And all the Guinea pig sheep bastards just keep on rolling up there sleeve .Fucking retards

    • I know how you feel, totally drained of trying to point out the obvious BS, but I fail miserably.. I have supposedly ‘clever’ friends who are bending over and taking this experimental jab, they call it a ‘vaccine’ !!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  11. If you look at the maths – and this is correct if you use the data from the vax trials – the absolute risk reduction (the important measure) of jabbed to not jabbed contracting covid is just 0.8%. When you add in that 1%ish of people will likely contract covid, then it can’t be stopped by vaccination.

    The maths for absolute risk reduction is (off the top of my memory):

    Vaxed who got covid 8 out of 18,310 = 0.00044%
    Unvaxed who got cov 162 out of 18310 = 0.00884%

    ARR = 0.00884 – 0.00044 = 0.0084

    0.0084 x 100% = 0.84%


  12. Not listened to any.
    Threw my TV out 30 years ago

  13. Switched off years ago with their Brexit bollocks, how anyone has any faith in them I dont know. But then apparently 80% have had the experimental injection …. says it all, a nation of scared dimwits. Sad but true ๐Ÿ˜”

  14. Covid had the same symptoms as the Flu and the Delta Variant has the same as the common cold, how does a virus mutate that much symptom wise, it can’t FFS,symptoms being Sniffles and a headache OMG how we all surivive a cold ๐Ÿ™

    MADNESS Continues.

    Amazing, no video on the Satanic Worshiping on a public beach or the 666 police guarding them, the world is ran by satanists and pedo’s ๐Ÿ™


      • I hope that they get their act together swiftly and give the Thinkers some hope that this BS scam will end. At the moment it continues to roll on and on without any hope of an end to it all…… ๐Ÿ™

  16. I already have switched them off…

    The government…sky news uk.. bbc.. are a load of lunitic megalomaniac morons… who think they can brain wash the people of this country… with thier bullshit power crazy… because they have money… in a posiotion to think they are Gods.. and force people into what they like…..

    Well.. i assure them… their time is coming very soon… i feel sorry for the elites….. they havent got very long…

    • I wish I had your confidence. I reckon they have done such a good job that we will ALL be wearing our striped PJ’s very soon. The future is dire…. stock up on tinned foods.

  17. Thereโ€™s only one course of action left, thatโ€™s civil disobedience. Also write to your MP.

  18. Politics is now totally irrelevant. Discussion needs to be started on what is going to repalce the shit-show we have at present. The parasites we have now ‘representing’ us may need to be dragged from their comfy and over-paid positions kicking and screaming, but so be it. Their time has come.

  19. Anyone else notice how the cases in the rest of Europe have gone down….In Italy they are about 6 x less, in Germany they are over 7 x less and in Poland they are
    33 x less. Mind you as the UK has carried out 50,000,000 more tests than Russia, Over 100,000,000 more tests than France and over 125,000,000 more tests than Italy & Germany then does it surprise anyone that our reported “cases” are higher.

  20. I fully expect the MSM to start blaming the delay on those who have not taken jab, creating resentment towards them.

    What’s happened to empathy towards people’s mental health. Those fighting against this BS will soon start struggling with that and there will be no sympathy from those pushing this through.

  21. This continued dehumanisation resulting from the deployment of a manufactured pathogen is to soften us all up into becoming more compliant ahead of a bigger global event. Corporate global fascist totalitarianism is the objective and on that journey expect to see a global financial reset, one world government, single global crypto currency, supply chain issues and food shortages, more censorship and jailing of alternative news publishers (watch out Hugoโ˜บ), martial law to quell revolt etc. ‘The Project’ end date is 2025 if the puppet politicians do a good for their masters enslaving us all.

    What can we do? Personally, I’m tuning more into the things they cannot control (yet) like my beliefs in Spiritualism, Buddhism, Light Working, defiance of authority and connecting with the Universe. Im being guided by a higher force, and not by these egotistical mummy-boy-wankers.

    • “Spiritualism, Buddhism, Light Working”. You are guided by the same force, albeit under a different name. The devil comes in luring shapes to deceive as many as he possibly can. The ultimate end game is for the human souls.
      There are testimonies by former psychic healers, yogis, etc. And the only one that saved them from the nightmare was the Lord Jesus Christ.

  22. You right Hugo,
    Switch them off. No the Puppets Show,
    THE PHONES, Switch THEM off.
    Mine going off Friday

  23. I have posted that list onto my FB account. I dare not look at the comments because it would be full of ‘I hope you catch Covid’, ”I know an elderly neighbour who died OF it”, ‘you are selfish’ type of comments. So I dont ever look at the comments, I just post facts and HOPE that the Fact Blockers leave my posts alone.

    • Videoman
      Going back through my list and I see I forgot to add my 2 favorites.

      It’s just an anal swab
      It’s just wear a mask at the beach, keep it on if you go in the water for a dip

      Complete lunacy!

  24. People should stop obeying these clowns. They are just soulless vessels in the flesh, being handled, blackmailed and controlled by powerful people in the shadows and who are never mentioned in the MSM. Don’t comply and just live your life. These creatures feed off fear, so don’t give it to them.

  25. I am praying every day….either someone to punch and break their nose and teeth or a car crash….i normally wont say that,but these quckoos i dont care about

    • We Thinkers are getting so frustrated with this bunch of Tyrants as well as all the stupid sheep who continue to believe this BS.. I am a calm man…. but oh dear, I am so frustrated!

  26. Covid was handed out by the telecom tec 5g and the RAF bio wepon made in a lab mixed with radiation it is never going away unless there spy tec and servers are tore down! The vax is a cull

  27. It isn’t being said enough that the lockdowns and restrictions HAVE to continue, because Gov’t NEEDS an emergency. It’s the only way they can continue with these unapproved dangerous drugs – under emergency license.

  28. I truned them off a long time ago,, like years ago, not only on all media but will not vote. Politicians need to be staved of power, attention, money, they are no longer ligitimate as they are do not listen to the people or act in there best intrest.

    • Great point Ray. I thought that, what if we all just switched it off, ignored all of them, what would happen? However, this is how they do operate: –

      -They own the mainstream media, including all of the useless ‘celebrities’, who do their bidding in return for fame and money.

      -They tax us, then spend that on ‘advertising’ this bollocks on posters, billboards, etc.

      – They pay the people running the ‘NHS’ to implement the ‘rules’.

      -They lockdown businesses – or destroy them in other words – that business then goes to the big corporations/companies – who are happy to go along with it as they are filling their boots. And so on.

      It’s really simple when you think about it. It’s the biggest transference of wealth in human history – in ONE YEAR!!!

      And as the Mafia would say: “It’s just business!”

      • Yes, and I find it unbelievable that the public at large, who would otherwise be scrutinizing the “1%” and their corporate manouvers,(“following the money”), have suspended all critical thinking.
        You are absolutely correct; this year has seen the largest transfer of wealth, and control, be relinquished from the masses to the “elites”.
        As a side note, thank you for recommending that guide. I ordered it — should have valuable info on a broad spectrum of topics! ๐Ÿ˜Š

        Cheers, Andy ๐Ÿ™‚

        Lisa ๐Ÿ˜Š

  29. It will only end when we unite and say enough is enough.

  30. Needin someone to get this out there b4 they kill me and succeed this time to its big m8 bigger than both us and the rest of the world

  31. Nasty arenโ€™t they!

    Donโ€™t watch tv
    Tuned them out months ago Hugo fella ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช

    Cheers Hugo

  32. I am a spiritual person, God forgive me for saying this. But in the name of humanity and to save our children. All the perpetrators need to be assassinated for their crimes. That will be the only way forward. We all know who they are. They are rich also psychopaths a very dangerous combination. They need to be passed over. It is war, and we need to arm ourselves get rid of the enemy.

    • I’ve always been against capital punishment, but I would make an exception for these guys.

  33. They make my skin crawl, they need getting rid of sooner rather than later to save humanity

  34. Hello there does anybody have a copy of the list off the video

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