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    • The yellow stars are on order. Bit of a backlog while they are making the masks.

      • Children will ignorantly take the mark because its lured as a tattoo

    • Your personality (a trait) gives the uniqueness about oneself – your SOUL is inherent, and it is eternal, iand it is precious. What the soul is not, is … for sale. If you give up the gift of that which fills you with the love and joy of the one who created you – your soul will be damned. There is a choice we all make in this world and that choice is between right and wrong. And we instinctively know which is which because our creator made us that way. If we choose TRUTH we will be persecuted on this earth, but it will be worth it to go on forever with our creator and not end up where the souls of the wicked are heading. I’m not religious (that’s mans attempt at god) no… I love my Lord and King, Jesus. And there is a choice to make today. Choose Him. There is so little time left to get right with Him. Don’t wait!

  1. How long until we have to wear yellow arm bands?

    • I have been telling the sheep for over a year now that we will all be wearing ‘striped pyjamas’ and Boy! have I taken some flak over that! In November last year, one sheep replied to me that I will look a right plonker in a years time when everything is back to normal…… I cant wait for November to come around! I have his number!!! We are doomed because the sheep will continue to comply, sadly.

  2. Our souls are being destroyed by another type of soul……. Arseholes.


    • Stay strong Lisa, I know it’s difficult but good will eliminate the evil. The more they push the harder we shall retaliate!

  4. They will never destroy my soul. I say no to it. I would rather die than getting the mack of these psychopaths

  5. Humanities time to prepare for a spritual battle.

    • MUST means MAY. In other words encourage the children to say NO. Saying no will make the children a stronger individual against this nonsense.

      • The problem with that is that 90% of parents actually believe in this scam!!!

  6. Dirty rotten scumbag bastards I have already said it arm yourselves and be prepared for the onslaught stand your ground and don’t back down get together and get organised.

  7. I will never give in, ever. I am a daughter of the divine. We are all powerful,more then we realise. Blessings.πŸ™πŸŒžπŸ€©

  8. Exactly as you say Hugo, “you will be a no – body’ !! That is exactly what they are trying to do. To separate the body from the soul! And to steal, hijack, kidnap the soul! They want ‘zombies’ who have no consciousness. The parents must demand who at the school demanded that this be done to the unjabbed students. Under what authority, law!

  9. MARK OF THE BEAST?! PEOPLE be prepared for the anti-christ, the bible talks abt. this and we r in the end times…prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled more than ever:Israel under attack, rumours of wars(maybe ww3), false prophets arising(that man in Australia who claimed to be Jesus), worldwide famine, global pandemics(“covid-19”), ect..the signs couldn’t be more clear. I am saying this as a sister, fellow Christian STAND UR GROUND do not let these satanists force you to take that mark, because if it is the mark of the beast(which will be on your RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD)you will burn in hell forever 😟. Don’t be deceived by false teachings. Satan will appear as an angel of light or Jesus, the true Jesus Christ will have 1 HOLE THROUGH EACH HAND, remember that! I have been telling people we are in the end times for abt. a year now and some people just refuse to listen, help me save lost souls by spreading our fathers gospel, Jesus Christ’s gospel. I pray for you all, amen πŸ™ πŸ˜‡

    • Amen. yes end times are here. Stand for the LIVING GOD. this a spiritual battle, Though sometimes we feel down depressed stand tall in the crowd no masks
      no compliance to these satanic scum bags in charge… their time is coming .
      We need our Father in heaven more than we realize. …
      Thank you Hugo for your work and letting people see the darkness that is in our world. There are many things coming we must be strong in faith…

  10. Hugo…all you needed to add on the end was “you will own nothing and you will be happy”….

  11. Unfortunately the brain washed lemmings will accept this pish and continue to comply to the sicko Satanists orders! Wakey Wakey fools!

  12. It’s just 2 weeks to flatten the curve
    It’s just #stay home save lives
    It’s just a lockdown to stop the spread
    It’s just a mask
    It’s just social distancing
    It’s just 6 ft
    It’s just a non essential business
    It’s just a non essential worker
    It’s just a non essential item shrink wrapped to prevent you from purchasing
    It’s just no sitting on park benches
    It’s just no walks in the park with people not in your household
    It’s just a church closed
    It’s just no singing or choirs allowed
    It’s just a 10 pm curfew
    It’s just a 9 pm curfew
    It’s just a 6 pm curfew
    It’s just no hugging grandma
    It’s just say goodbye to dying grandma through her care home bedroom window
    It’s just celebrate holidays with immediate household members only
    It’s just a swab test
    It’s just contact tracing
    It’s just a track and trace app for your phone
    It’s just plexiglass separating you from other patrons and workers
    It’s just wait in your car until called in for your appointment
    It’s just no foreign travel
    It’s just a variant
    It’s just 2 masks
    It’s just 3 masks
    It’s just a jab
    It’s just a vaccine passport
    It’s just you can’t keep your job without being fully vaccinated
    It’s just another variant
    It’s just a booster shot
    It’s just yet another variant
    It’s just another booster shot
    It’s just more and more variants
    It’s just more and more booster shots
    It’s just Build Back Better
    It’s just for the greater good
    It’s just the ‘new normal’

    Coming soon……….

    It’s just the kids prolonging the virus and causing variants
    It’s just the unvaccinated prolonging the virus and causing variants
    It’s just an isolation center
    It’s just a blackout
    It’s just a grid failure
    It’s just a supply chain breakdown
    It’s just a worldwide cyber attack leaving no internet, or money in your bank account
    It’s just a Dark winter
    It’s just a complete global economic collapse
    It’s just a universal basic income
    It’s just a social credit score
    It’s just a microchip
    It’s just a quantum dot tattoo
    It’s just downloadable currency into your microchip
    It’s just to save our planet from the climate emergency
    It’s just a smart city
    It’s just an unmanned electric car taking you to only authorized places you are allowed to go
    It’s just giving up your pets to reduce the carbon footprint
    It’s just you will own nothing and be happy.

    This is how the frog starts out in a cold pot and boils to death.

    • I was going to start from beginning of this the present and future ,but you sum it up to the point.

      Brilliant Sheepdog πŸ‘

    • A person on Twitter made a good point:
      “Workers around the world: lost $3.7 trillion in the pandemic, Billionaires around the world: gained $3.9 trillion in the pandemic, It’s the biggest one-year wealth transfer in history yet somehow barely anyone is talking about it.”

    • never never never will i comply……….. well said… its just your life your nothing just useless eater..
      I am a child of God. I mean something..

    • Thank you for that list, it brings home how many goalposts have been moved. I have my hard hat on so I am going to post it on my FB page….. I hardly go on nowadays for all the flak i get from telling the truth.

    • Excellent commentary Sheepdog, If you don’t mind I will share this with as many people especially Sheeple as I can. Brilliant!

  13. conditioning for the new norm everywhere, i will stay as organic as possible and original, no way I’m dying a copy. nothing will be digital in my life, will not let a smartphone come in to my home anymore with what’s going on, causes relationship problems, trust problem’s it’s rude and unsocial, I’m plucking up the courage to get rid of the net altogether as it does not add any value to my life, as i remember as a kid life was great without the net and smartphone. to weed of it ill do a hour a month for now then eventually come off completely. i want do this for my own sanity, and keeping it real. news articles are affecting me mentally, soon as you log in there they are subliminally keeping us in fear, so why not remove the cause of the problem. what you don’t know does not affect you. detox required see how it works out. looking forward to it actually. get some books in.

  14. It’s just Ridiculous people are doing any of this!

    I keep a free mind & be happy as a can possibly do I spend a lot of time alone but I refuse to let the Bullshite bring me down & kill my spirit..

    It’s not going happen!

    So as always thank you Hugo & have a great evening to All βœŒοΈπŸ™

  15. Absolutely spot on again Hugo! Yes your soul is the thing that tells you are you. I personally will not give in to this. Each of us owe it to ourselves, loved ones and the many innocent lives who can’t defend themselves. No matter what we have to stay strong and positive.

  16. Has anyone noticed ex their vaccinated friends have changed? Subdued? Unhappy? Almost numb? If you get any emotion at all, it’s anger?

    • I think only a % of the jabs are poison, they will still need slaves I mean who else would do the Wyeens dishes after a Sunday Roast .

    • Kez, yes. something has changed. Elon Musk said a few months ago that this ‘thing’ (shot) can work both ways. It can shorten your life, or extend it. I don’t know. All I know is a lot of the people who have taken it seem to be more passive, softer. It’s doing something clearly. A manager at work was talking about how he was watching that footballer on TV keel over. He’ saying: “Look at me Andy, look at my hands, their still shaking.” THREE hours later! I thought: “Mate, get a grip. You don’t know him.”

      So, that kind of ties in with your experience – the red blooded male stuff is being sucked out. And that leads to extreme anger. Alex Jones was just saying this, that a hunter who was very powerful, skilllful, was the most passive, loving, protective person over his family most of the time. So, there is something to this train of thought. Maybe others can chip in.

  17. Exactly Hugo β€œ this whole thing is dehumanising β€œfrom the onset β€œ I was disgusted with social distancing when first introduced and still am” how inhuman β€œ combined with the stupid elbow bumping bull β€œ
    Just keep β€œ saying No” and stay strong β€œ they can’t have our souls β€œ

  18. Oh My Gosh! Marked with a Sharpie! The horror! What did you expect would happen, judging by the standards of today’s agendas this is no surprise.

    REFUSE to follow preposterous rules, like being herded by preposterous people, in preposterous places, and you might just regain some of the autonomy that is being slowly sucked out of our individual sovereignty.

    • Good point. I think going off that reasoning, the only way forward is a parallel society. We withdraw from this beast system and move forward with our own. Who are they to deny this? Are they saying that if we try this, it is illegal? If they are, then they are saying they OWN US! Well, the fact of the matter is, THEY DON’T!

    • Today the sharpie, tomorrow the chip! Foreshadowing again!

      • Hey! That sounds like a conspiracy theory ! lol … and the sheep continue to buy this BS.

    • There are too many sheep who are too compliant and they will have us ALL being locked-in forever. We will ALL need to show our papers to go shopping etc, how ‘entertainment’ will eventually come back is anyone’s guess, sadly.

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