Lockdown News Roundup / Spring 2022 / Christian Erickson / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The plan keeps rolling out….. Time for everyone to say “NO!”

      • What did you expect, did you really expect them to stick to their word? This will never end until WE end it.

    • I keep telling people, it’s a tactic to lure us into civil war, so when people beg to put an end to the civil war, they’ll enforce a Chinese communist system and tell people its for our own safety.

    • Christian nearly went the same as Marvin Hagley
      To msm misfortune Christian is still alive, maybe he will tell us the truth?

    • Enough people… The first step to freedom is disobedience

  2. Its gone on so long now, that its become “normal”.

  3. Thank-you Hugo, very much appreciated, you are a shining light.

  4. Well it’s been clear they want to destroy the airlines, so ground them because of the variant, then ground them to people who have been vaxed, no more air travel. Also if only 7% of people in hospital had been double jabbed but 50% of the deaths are double jabbed, it looks like you’re a lot more likely to die if jabbed, which is possibly what Cahill and Yeadon etc warned about with ADE. Looks like maybe they weren’t quacks and loons like the media tried to paint them, after all.

    • If the airlines close down that is all part of the Global Warming/Climate Change plan and The Great Reset. Air travel for the plebs will be stopped and the Elite can continue to do as they wish…. how wonderful! NOT!!!

      • I watched Mike Yeadon’s statements (I could only find them on Bitchute).He is a truly good and brave man! So I went on YT to see if I can find him on there. And guess what?! When I searched him one of the first videos was a “fact-checker” a young guy with no name, no credentials saying that Yeadon (a highly respected and competent scientist) is wrong!!! About everything! The good thing was that he had alot more dislikes than likes and the comments were against him!

      • Air travel will become considerably cheaper as fuel prices fall due to lack of demand and excess aircraft become available, it’s a win win for the elite!

    • I believe them from the start.
      Wasn’t the football player given his Pfizer double jab 12 day’s ago.

  5. And the sheep still call the non-believers ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ when in actual fact the theories are actually TRUE now…. but still the sheep will not see it…. and on and on and on this BS will go……. I’ve said it since day one, They will have us ALL wearing striped pyjamas or the Star of David ( Convid App ) before too long. 🙁

  6. My brother unfortunately is one of those who had the jab to go on holiday and now can’t – I’ve been banned from saying anything about any of this by .y whole family now

    • My wife has banned me from talking about these issues. Basically, she is afraid to hear the truth and any info that may make her ‘question’ what she has believed all along. She has had her first jab, she is yet to book her 2nd so that WE can go on holiday with our friends ( both jabbed and they also say that I disappoint them by not being jabbed ! 😂😂😂 They call me a ‘goon’ ) . This scam is turning families against each other, friends v friends etc. It is all going to plan…. sadly.

      • I am pretty sure that most people get jabbed simply because they want to go on holiday. Barely anyone is getting jabbed for health reasons.

    • If I attempted to show my wife or daughter the ‘still’ image of Doris and his cronies being UNMASKED but the plebs being masked, I would be told ” I dont want to see it..” It is infuriating, sad and sickening to see ordinary, not-stupid people behaving like this. But this is how well they have subjected their people to this BS propaganda. They are winning, sadly. 🙁

      • Video man – it’s the same assume the nurse and other lady tried to inform people in the jab queue about the yellow card system and adverse reactions and deaths using government’s own figures! That was literally the reply from one young lad, “I don’t want to hear it!” Or ” liar! ” from a guy in his 50s. Or, “I don’t care, I just want my jab!” from young folk. It’s too late for most people.

      • Hiya mate. Yes I saw that video…. I offered to show it to the wife. I said it was ‘sickening’ for me to watch……” if its like that, then I do not want to see it” was her reply. It was sickening in a stomach-wrenching way, knowing the BIG problem that we Thinkers ( or NHS staff who come over to our side ) have of getting the truth to these sheep. They are all suffering from Illusory Truth Effect ( just google it ). They have been brainwashed with so many lies that their brain will not accept the real truth now. We are in for a terrible future I fear. 🙁

    • Indeed .. people who still refuse to see this as ‘Total Nonsense’ are being so strange I agree if I say something against it o my goodness i am like a plague 🙄
      Fools a!

      Take care

  7. Evwn though every single thing I’ve said has come true I’ve been told what I say worries them so am not allowed to say anything – my only answer was if it worries you all so why are you still doing what they tell you!!

    • Yes I got told that at work….I was ruining her day telling the truth…God help her when the shyser really hits the fan probably next year!!!!

  8. Marc-Vivien Foe cardiac arrest and dies in match 2003
    Muamba of Bolton Wanderers has cardiac arrest in middle of match 2012, survives but never plays again.
    I also remember seeing a video of a non league player just dropping like a sack of potatoes for no apparent reason.

    Sudden adult disrhythmia syndrome is a known phenomenon amongst superfit young (14-40 years old) athletes. This cannot with any certainty be laid at the feet of the vaccine. All other causes need to be eliminated first. These problems do not appear necessarily on a resting ECG and hence it is difficult to identify those at risk.
    I suggest that you search for cardiac risk in the young (CRY) website. Also the Joe Humphries trust website (Joe was a 14 year old who collapsed and died whilst jogging here in Leicestershire)

    • “All other causes need to be eliminated first”

      Totally reckless approach. The experimental gene therapy drug needs to be eliminated first. That is the new thing introduced into their system and its effects the first to be thoroughly investigated.

  9. Keep dangling the carrot and the donkey’s will follow. 69 people died with covid in the past seven days. Approximately 1600 people in the UK die every day. That works out that 0.61% of the deaths in the UK were people who died with covid in their system. And people think this is about a virus!!

    • Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
      “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
      Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
      We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
      Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
      We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
      We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
      The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

      [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
      Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.


      • Study this comment in the morning but lookin’ good.

      • This sums it up really and shows it for the anti-human, anti-life and demonic agenda it truly is. Hitler may have lost but some of the core tenets of Nazism are alive and kicking amongst those who run this world. First they legalised abortion but that wasn’t enough; then some nations have legalised euthanasia but too many other nations are still resisting; so, they have created a false narrative about a very weak virus and whilst many died of various cause related to it but actually caused by the lockdowns and restrictions rather than the virus itself-untreated cancer, heart disease and despair- that still wasn’t enough so they have been concocting a poison which they have presented as a cure. As so many believe the lie that it is a cure, this inoculation will prove far more effective in culling us than previous methods!
        And still, despite all evidence that this is a poison, people will still que to get it! It’s the greatest tragedy of the human story IMO!

  10. When people realise that without the continuous lockdown measures and ongoing fear campaign, the Covid-19 emergency legislation has to end, with that it becomes illegal to roll out the killer jab, now being injected into children that were never at risk because it is only authorised DURING THE EMERGENCY. There’s never been an emergency, but lots of fake variants to keep the sheep paralysed with fear.

  11. Very true hugo we’ll said take nothing seriously just continue with your life as normal, all you can do is prepare and be ready. Thanks for the updates.

    • Why are they doing that elbow thing it’s disgusting I don’t like it made be shiver

      • Some cultic Satanic ritual probably

  12. I recommend the Darkhorse Podcasts which at the moments is focusing on Ivermectin, the treatment that Mexico used to bring their pandemic under control, and which India is presently using to stem their outbreak. Ivermectin not only cures people suffering from Covid but can be used as a preventative treatment. The drug is cheap, around 10 dollars per patient as opposed to 3,000 dollars for the recommended treatment, and is out of patent, the reason big Pharma had the drug de-listed and why doctors are forbidden to use it. It is yet another red flag that tells us that this is not about a virus or a vaccine but something far more insidious.

    • There has never been a pandemic.
      Sars-cov-2 the ‘virus’ which is supposed to cause the certificate of vax id ie ‘covid’, has never been isolated or proved to exist as per dozens of freedom of information requests.
      Noone has died from ‘covid’ unless someone has isolated the virus , done a post mortem (banned effectively) and can prove that they have.

      • It was downgraded to flu status 23nd march 2020.

  13. Seeing those G7 politicians all standing close together without masks, holding hands, back-patting and hugging is truly sickening (on other occasions the hypocritical bastards mask, double-mask, knock elbows etc…). They clearly know that the rules that they have tried to force down our throats are just make-believe. This should be a watershed moment: from now on NOBODY should comply with ANYTHING they try to dictate to us.

    • It feels like they are putting on an act. Just to show us who are aware of their real intentions that they are happy with the way things are going, celebrating, even the queen is there. It looked over the top and false. Trying to make us feel disheartened. Really though I think they are very worried.

  14. The waiters at G7 are officially a sub-species! The slaves as you said…

  15. Thanks Hugo! Yet again another excellent sum up. Yes it looks like they’re having a jolly good laugh with the slaves in gimp masks in the background. Keep smiling. 😊

  16. Hahaha Hahahahahaha aaaaaah this is so so so funny. Thanks very much Hugo. I enjoyed the tree, Trunk, Branch man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. I think they’ll keep lockdown restrictions untill most of the population are vaccinated, the fact we’re still living like this must be because a large majority aren’t vaccinated, maybe there’s still hope, i read videoman1959 comment, i’m in the same situation with my family, my brothers pretty intelligent and he refuses point blank that people should’nt get vaccinated, i’m guessing its because of all the media he’s absorbed over the last 12 month, i stopped watching the news and channels 1 2 3 4 5 for the last 10 year, no idea why but it’s perfect timing for this pandemic, only news i get is from Hugo and i can’t believe Hugo is only one talking about it.

    • Hugo is not the only one talking about it. eg UKColumn.org talk about it monday, wednesday, friday at 1pm .

    • Just remember those injections are in clinical trials they are experimental.have never been done on Humans it hasn’t even got a licence until 2030

    • Also on the telegram app. Go to world doctors alliance. Very informative.

    • It is tough mate, isn’t it? My marriage is suffering terribly as my wife says that I am obsessed by this Scam. I used to be obsessed with porn! She didnt like that either!! lol

  18. Imagine if everyone stopped using technology, it would completely ruin everything the governments hoping for, back to the 80’s, BMX’s & BBQ’s, technology and iphones will be the end of us, scary stuff guys.

    • i got rid of everything digital, only have a old flip phone now because of what’s going on with track and trace and QR codes everywhere to scan, sod that, i ain’t checking in to anywhere and being tracked. just got to get rid of the net next.

  19. Spud head has obviously been in talks with his new mate kid sniffer Boden..

  20. All the G8 members not one of them
    Social distancing or any mask’s
    Only the server’s. Doesn’t that tell you something.wske up there playing you!!

  21. Cannot help but laugh, it’s the presentation! Way to go! Branches and trunks! Even God Almighty sits in the heavens laughing; until the time of His coming. Prepare yourself if you will.

  22. I wonder if they will confirm that Erikson has myocarditis or pericarditis? I saw Dr Hodkinson say that the damage to the heart will not heal and that unlike the liver, damaged cells will not regenerate.

    I suspect that he will never play football at the top level again. We just have to hope that this incident will wake up thousands if not millions more to what is going on.

  23. Project Plan on target and milestones being met. It would be silly to lift restrictions for the next 6-9 months as we are due for a Global Financial Debt reset this autumn which will be chaotic for a while for the average citizen.

    If it’s confirmed that the footballer did have the injection 2 weeks ago then that would fit with reports Ive heard of fit healthy people being whacked in a similar time period.

    People rebelling against this mad plan to take over the world? I doubt if this will happen unless the we can get the 5G Menticide (killing of the mind) weapon disabled.

    Dying within 28 days a of a Covid test….logic tells me it’s the test that is the killer? 😊

    Alice in Wonderland just isnt surreal fantasy anymore in this world.
    God help us all

    • But weren’t we due a ‘Global Financial Debt’™ ® © ‘Quarter 1 2021’, and then ‘April 21’ and then ‘June 21’? 😀 I bet in Autumn 21 you will be posting ‘ we are due for a Global Financial Debt reset this January 2022 😀 And on, and on, and on… 😀

      • Probably ☺….
        Although as yet I havent seen the Exception Report requesting Approval from the Project Sponsors to extend the deadline for ‘Project Reset’ into 2022.
        Think I can understand why the dates keep getting postponed, it’s the biggest corporate project in history, lots of key players to get in line and singing from the same hymn sheet. 😊

  24. giving us pacific date’s for freedom day. why bother giving us dates, its mind control, and conditioning, its the worst kind of mental torcher making us give up, then giving us a little bit of hope, its tiring, that’s the ideal, weakening us, live for the now. there is no time, everyday is freedom day, don’t consume to much what’s going because it will make you worse, you expect the worse and it comes true. all the conspiracy’s are coming true, so its all planned, ignore it as much as you can and turn off the t.v. and net. and get on with your life, get out in to nature and you will forget what’s going on, its the best medicine, make the most of this summer because we will be going into lockdown again in the autumn till spring by the looks of it, lockdown of the mind, prepare yourself for it mentally. something about the date 21st June its the the summer solstice why pick that date? symbolic date in the calendar.

    • I agree. But even if you are out and about in nature you will still come across huge billboards deep in a forest, up a mountain-top: “CORONAVIRUS – BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID”. But yeah, best just to turn off, tune out, ignore the crap and get on with your life 😀 It is all a load of old bollox 😀

      • The Convid adverts are everywhere! I am sick and tired of radio ads for this Flu…. in actual fact, the ads are for The Vaccine now. Everywhere, ‘get vaxed’….. yeah, more like Get Fked!!!!

  25. Arrange a March hugo you’ll have an army behind you , ty as always great work buddy

  26. Im one of the people that has recently changed. As in I now ignore the sanitizing stations in shops as the way I see it my hands are clean so why the f would I then put more stuff on my hands which as I said all through 2020 clearly can’t make a huge difference when it comes to the virus as cases still rise and are at the mo (apparently) I only complied as I had to and as for the masks well the times I genuinely forgot to put it on nobody said anything.

    • Fair play to you 👍

      Be free from it all they only send you nuts 🥜 like them🙄🥺😂

    • Nice to have you on our side mate! Unfortunately, there are millions that are scared witless and STILL comply with irrational rules. However, one more is added to our army! Well Done! 🙂

  27. Ironic that they report on the footballer situation while they move the goalposts once again.

  28. What’s it with the new 5G mast installations. All the ones I have seen have six, seven, eight huge cabinets (boxes) at the bottom of this huge mast. Why are they so huge? Are they still using Marconi valve transmitters? 😀 Just what the hell is in those cabinets. By comparison there is a relay TV transmitter near where I live. The mast is tiny in comparison. Two Yagi aerials – one to receive and one to transmit. It has only one cabinet about the size of the BT (Openreach) telephone ones you see on the streets. Even the older 2G installations are tiny in comparison. But these new 5G ones are simply huge. What for a power supply and a transmitter/receiver?

    • Yes, I remember someone in the US asking that same question a few years when the comms rooms were being constructed but the masts had not yet gone up.
      Never established a technical reason for this but much speculation about making sure we are fried quickly and effectively when we disobey?
      5G is definitely the elephant in the room we are not allowed to talk about.

  29. Halfwit normies and their obsession with holidays is the problem.

  30. According to someone I spoke to the other night, people are not scared of dying; they’re scared of “Long Covid” – whatever that means. They’re scared of having to look after people, and scared of becoming like the people they’re looking after! They’re also scared of being on their own in hospital, which is understandable, I suppose. My answer: “Don’t go to hospital.” But still, what does that tell you about people’s character these days. Wimps, the lot of them!☹️

    Have mercy on us all, Lord Jesus Christ!

  31. world leaders in Cornwall announces 100 billion dosses, so the plan is mandatary vaccinations coming then! covid marshals coming to my door late at night, so where not coming out of it then? where going more in to it then?. so predictable what’s coming….looks like we are going to be in this so called lockdown for a long time….

  32. Well the media can stick this news article up their fat atseholes.
    The public is going to RIOT. And I dont blame them.
    Bumbling boris and gang has caused this BULLSHIT, they caused for my daughter to have anxiety and her mental health has been up and down. Our home life has not been a happy place since this bullshit has happened. Alot of afraid and sadness.
    But we are making a slow comeback.

  33. So to make it clear, here is the text accompanying the confused woman from British Brainwashing Corporation’s website.
    “ And of 42 deaths in people with Delta variant infections, 23 were unvaccinated and seven had received only one dose. The other 12 had received two doses more than two weeks before.”

    NOTE: therefore 23 out of 42 who died were Unvaxed . 7 were 1jab 12 were 2jab. So that’s a ratio of 23 unvxd : 19 vaxd.
    It’s interesting that the number 7 in the article was in words rather than digits, to kinda subliminally suggest the difference was greater in the unvxd.
    But reading between the lines: you can see that those with 2jab are more likely to die than with 1 jab.
    Remember it has been already told to us through their so called 3rd wave modelling scenarios that those with 2 jabs are more at risk of severe reaction to infection because of failed vaccine.
    I am presuming these 19 jabbed deaths are because of failed vaccination.

  34. Why are all people who got the jab silent about a system that is being created to exclude people who want autonomy over their own bodies?
    Are they that shallow? Do they not give a flying fuck about fundamental human rights?
    Again these normies are complicit by staying silent again.
    It is WW 2 all over again!

  35. Thank you Hugo
    Great as always
    Keep strong people
    ✌️ Have lovely evening to All

  36. Scott Morrison and the prime minister of Japan had no problem to fly from the other side of the world to Cornwall for the G7. Are they immune to bloodcloths?
    Did they have to stay in a quarantine hotel and stick a rod through their bloodbrainbarrier?
    I thought so.
    I guess some animals are more equal….

  37. See they have lost the plot!!!

    Omg why is Anyone believing this Crap it really is frustrating to an extent because it’s daily seeing how unbelievable how THICK a lot of idiots are still!

    Crazy they are full stop!!!! Wake up now 🙏

    Personally keeping free minded and happy is what keeps me going so be strong 💪 those Awake


  38. The whole top of this charade is getting blown off sooner or later, and when it does, we will be able to breath again for while.

    2020 and the years following will go down as one of the biggest scandals to ever grace human history. This will all be a BBC Panorama documentary in a few years, watch. That’s if BBC won’t already be a shame-faced shell of a corporation by then, we’ll see.

  39. They’re not threatened by a protest downtown. What people need to do is protest outside their homes

  40. You cannot fly if you have not had the jib jab and it is not safe to fly if you have. It gets funnier by the hour. I bet the airlines are happy with this!

  41. Surprise surprise, if you search for “Eriksen vaccine”, you just get article after article such as “Conspiracy Blames Christian Eriksen’s Collapse On Covid Vaccine—But He Hasn’t even been vaccinated” and “cardiac arrest was not sparked by covid vaccine”.

    Nobody knows what to believe any more. Fact checkers are corrupt as well. Nothing bad can be said about the jabs in public.

  42. Re the masked waiters in the background, here are some more filmed a few days ago while the superior class go unmasked.

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