Eric Clapton Interview: On Vaccines, His Adverse Reaction To It and Government Coercion of Unvaxxed

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    • I know exactly what he is talking about. I ve tried to talk to my own kids but they are long ahead in the mainstream vaccination hysteria. Thank s to Eric and his words.

  2. I like eric even though ive never bought any of his records, im glad he has spoken about all the bulls@@t but at the same time he needs to man up, he says its shamefull that the black celebs are promoting the dark side but with his following and fame he should be shouting from the roof tops that this is all fake, he’s very wealthy so doesnt need money and if people dont call him anymore then that shows there not really freinds, the fact of the matter is there is no sitting on the fence sucking your thumb, be a man and show your children the right way to go

    • He is 73 ? Doing alright I say .. but agree fully with you .. the power of celebrity is well known and why .. he likely be murdered already for just saying that .. another step and his gone

    • Why are NO celebrities screaming at the top of their lungs for the children??? that’s the #1 thing we need to unite for. #2 our freedom, half of the country is happily just handing it over! wake up people!! covid is such old news man

    • Ste, it’s good that he’s getting the message out there but there’s a point in the joke… Some communities do not take jabs and are perfectly healthy.

      He could use his fame to be more vocal but I’m guessing his manager has restricted him along with the rest of the industry.

    • You never had to buy Eric’s records mainly because unbeknownst to you and millions Eric Clapton has played on so many other artists recordings that you probably own anyway. Many well known artists assist each other in studio recordings… Ringo as well lends a hand.

  3. Always liked Eric and am aware of the scams going on for years.So pleased he has spoken out.His life has had so many ups and downs .Blessings to you Eric.I have seen many people with reactions to this poison, I am a pharmacist so they have come in and have been suspended for speaking to patients and telling that to look atDrVernon Coleman.

    • June, well done for spreading the word. Hopefully you’ve saved many people or at least made them think twice!

  4. He comes across as very naive, even gullible.
    Can you survive at the very top of the music industry for 50 years, become a multi/multi millionaire & still be that naive?
    I have my doubts.
    I suspect this is a pose. For what reason I don’t know, but spare me the naivety, Eric 😉

    • He obviously hasn’t got a manager to do everything for him anymore!

    • I totally agree. He is another puppet Mason. Trying to give celebrities a good image, like they care – they don’t. You don’t get where he/she is without being a mason.

      • I agree with you totally love from Australia I’m 73 and will NOT have the jab but I am worried for my children and grand children

    • What an idiot. Do your research. It’s very scarry what they have done to everyone ….

  5. Ah Jesus you read my mind Eric !
    I m in thr same situation and age group as yourself. I thought long and hard as to why family go off the boil for having different views. I ve come to the conclusion that we’re of a different era and our minds have matured, we were probably the same with our parents and as you know the lovely cuddling ,physical and protecting times are all but over by the time they reach 16 or so. Step back let em off and love em . They love you lots even if you think they are waining , remember blood is thicker than water tho occasionally people don’t see it until its too late. God bless you .

  6. So pleased someone famous has come out and spoken so honestly. I thought this interview was from the heart of someone who clearly was totally unaware of the agenda . Hes right about the kids, they’ve been brainwashed over the last decades to accept this and are embarrassed by a parent speaking out I know mine are. It fills my heart with sadness, they went after our kids and now it looks like they got them… thank you Eric Clayton i will show this video to my kids and hopefully it will reinforce what we tell them.. dont believe the hype. Where have the rest of the rebels gone. Im 49 and I know when we were young we just wouldn’t have accepted this bull shit !!!

    • Agree with all you have said apart from his surname is Clapton!😀😀

  7. He has a good BS radar and yet he took the vaccine??????

    • I did think that at first but remember, he’s at the age where he would have been offered it near the start of the rollout and there would have been a lot less info on adverse reactions.

  8. Hi Hugo
    The list that a subscriber compiled a few weeks back, that you mentioned on the video, i believe it was posted by sheepdog, which video was it on? i would like to copy and paste it everywhere

  9. Thank you Eric. At last I have someone I can totally relate to
    The way you are talking is the way I totally have felt and still do. I got the jab because I have a terminally ill Mother who I care for. I received my second jab a couple of weeks ago I felt ill after the first jab but now after the second I feel terrible. My whole body is weak and I feel like I am going to die. I have this terrible feeling of doom I keep feeling like I could pass out at any time. My husband and family are sick of me telling them it’s the jab making me ill. My daughter has already had the jab as she is a nurse. My son is getting his soon. I wish he wouldn’t. I am 54 years old so at least I’ve had a bit of a life. I am like you Eric. I really can’t take a booster jab I feel so ill. If I live through this one I know the next jab will finish me off. One old Man was talking about this jab to me. When I said deep down I regret getting this jab he told me To keep taking the tablets !!!!!
    Hugo I love your channel.

  10. He’s speaking out which is good. But if he has his suspicions about the real intent of the vaccine, he is not speaking. He seems quite upset about his minority ethnic being pushed into getting the jab so probably knows that something is not right…

    Of course, he sort of gave the reason away by talking about his anxiety issues, friends not calling him agai and his wife and kids attitude. It appears that they may have influenced his choice to keep his mouth shut about it and take the jab regardless. Hes too scared of losing them no matter how money he has.

    • I’m sure this sold out puppet – I believe its a woman – tranny – sacrified her son for furtune and fame – all these famous stars are sold out – also Van Morisson – without any doubt. They have to do that to become part of the 20 billion club.

  11. We crossed paths meany years ago in London, its not important you should remember Eric. All I wish to say, is thank you for what you said Eric.

  12. I think I have same bullshit radar as you Eric I can not accept this lie from start it’s all lie

  13. Thank you Eric Clapton, it gives me hope that a man of your calibre is willing to speak out. There must be so many public figures, musicians, actors and comedians that know this is all bullshit but are afraid to risk all they have and so refuse to put their names to the fight to oppose this, it breaks my heart. You make me a very proud fan.

  14. There are already adverts being shown on the TV up here in Scotland – Scotland is in a climate emergency. I was just about to dial 999 😀

  15. Why get the experimental drug? Are you that naive? Not listening to you anymore!

  16. Eric Clapton and anyone else who has had the jab, try this product, people have said it works to remove metals from the body.

    When (the few) the media, compromised governments and medicine conspire to control all of humanity and plan to destabilize economies and dismantle them to usher in the great reset to control all of humanity… it is an insane psyop that seems very powerful and intimidating. Just remember we out number them even though we cant see each other and only see what they project as reality on their lying formats.
    They are terrified that we will realize this and come together. Humanity is waking up and informing each other about all their lies. We trusted liars, but not any more.
    Doing the right thing is not going along with criminals no matter what their credentials or labels-they are just predators and we out number them.
    Our choices are unlimited. They have only 3 choices: start running/hiding, commit suicide, or be arrested.

  17. Thank you for putting this here, Hugo. Good job.

  18. Being from “Perv PA” known for being in the top 4 of 50 states for child trafficking,” (Eastern PA in the top 4 to be more specific), it MUST be about the children. Glad at least ONE is using his vocal cords for OTHER than making millions, but shameful there are not more out there. One day, there will be judgement for all.. and when you stand in front of the LORD, what will be your excuse for not speaking up? “Fear,” is not an option. That ain’t gonna save ya’.

  19. Did he say he has a Good Bullshit Radar!! How did he get two jabs!! I don’t think he has a good radar but good on him for speaking out! Doing very well for 76 too!

  20. Thanks Eric for expressing your thoughts. Sorry to hear of your sufferings that have been caused by the vaccine.
    I and my family will not be vaccinated there are many secondary effects and all governments have not defended us human beings, it is against the Nuremberg code, in the end truth shall prevail.

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