Eric Clapton Interview: On Vaccines, His Adverse Reaction To It and Government Coercion of Unvaxxed

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  1. One of my heroes being open and honest about the fact he fell for the trap as many have.
    I hope having real, and established talent doing this interview opens people’s eyes in some way.
    He’s certainly not in the peekaboo club!
    Rock on Mr Clapton!
    Peace and love

    • I can’t say Eric was one of my heroes but as you say, such an honest expression from him over what is being cynically done to families, friends and society – to deliberately divide us.

      Like so many Eric too is a victim of these disgusting tyrants. With the aid of corporate media, waging psychological warfare against ordinary folk is all the evidence we need to realise they’re utterly malfeasant and no friend of those they govern, or rather bully.

      • To me, he comes across weak and the glimmer of shinning through is so frustration to watch. Just think how many of them, there are. I do hope he gets up the controllers nose as he will be a robot that is not obeying, and his celeb type status is a threat. If he really has loads of dosh, I recommend body guard security 24/7. Wake up Crapton.

    • It’s complex Jono. I like Clapton. Got a lot of his albums. But he is part of the big club. He’s worth 100’s of millions. As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, I was always fascinated by the album ‘August’ , specifically the album cover, don’t know why. So, I bought it a few years ago – last TWO songs: ‘Behind the Mask’ – it should not be called that – no mention of a mask in the song, it should be called ‘Who Do You Love’. Last song: ‘Grand Illusion’ – Masonic reference – all the world’s a stage.

      Now look at him at the start of the interview, at 1.00 minute, mentions chaos, then says ‘dodgy people’, whilst touching his face – that is Masonic hand sign communication. Watch it a few times, then tell me I’m wrong.

      • And they all do these signs, like footballers such as Steven Gerrard will tug on their earlobe in an interview. Watch footballers do that. It’s fixed. Now, you may say I’m crazy, Intelligence Agencies will tell you that is a sign of high intelligence – PATTERN RECOGNITION! Not saying I’m clever, just saying before people start hurling abuse at me because I’ve ‘questioned’ one of their ‘heroes’. There are no heroes.

      • I know I’m going to offend people, but he is part of this whole charade. It’s a script. And all sides are controlled. He’s the opposition/rebel guy who happens to be worth 100’s of millions and doing masonic hand signs. Yep, he’s 100% legit. I think a lot of boomers think: “I always knew the Stones, Clapton, Lennon, etc would come through in the end.” What a joke. All of this so called ‘rebel’ bollocks was created in the Tavistock Institute.

      • Hi Andyc044,

        My thoughts regarding the interview :

        The red flag:

        Under the banner of not wanting to contribute to devision, he asserts that he does not wish to perform for “an anti-vax” audience.
        He could have otherwise still performed, with a firm boundary that he was not publically taking a stance on the “vaccine” debate.
        Therefore, he instantaneously supported the narrative that choosing not to receive this experimental injection causes one to be “anti-vax”/”anti-fill-in-the-blank”.
        Therefore, a passive- aggressive, negative labelling (in my opinion) of those upholding their natural law right to make a fully informed choice.

        Personally, I find it very curious that he would claim to have experienced such adverse reactions from the second “jab”, and to have “researched” afterwards, but refer (in an indirect manner) to those not wanting to risk their own health as being”anti-vax”.

        I may have misinterpreted his message, but it could be a way of normalizing the adverse side effects of this “vaccine”.

      • He scratches his face and you think he’s a free mason who pushes a death agenda? So…what is he if he scratches his balls?

      • Hey andyc044, thanks for your insight, I appreciate and respect your response and views.
        I am highly familiar with the tracks and albums you mentioned, having been a musician for the past 30 year’s studying his music and style I hold him in high regard for his ability and his contribution to music and especially in the blues genre.
        You yourself are a fan of his work, and that is why I used the term ‘hero’. I’ve spent possibly 100’s of hours as a young lad trying to emulate his riffs and licks in my bedroom. Sad, but, It was my thing. Only years later I realised that copying others is pretty cliche, and then did my own thing etc.
        With regards to there being no heroes, I would definitely disagree, the same way that wealth seemingly has a direct correlation to your moral compass and being a part of a masonic organisation because you have an abundance of it.
        My old nan was also a hero of mine, a true life one, hard working, did her bit in the war, along with my grandfather much like yours may have also done. Put they’re lives on the line for future generations to enjoy some kind of liberty from such a tyrant.
        I feel strongly that they would both be turning in they’re graves now at the state of affairs and tyranny we still evidently live under.
        We all need hero’s man, I see Hugo as one also, neck on the line truth, it takes ball’s and heroism.
        I hope Hugo isn’t a part of this masonic group and is leading us all down the garden path?maybe we are all just doomed to our inevitable fate of masonic rule? I really don’t know, I know what I feel, and I felt that Clapton was going against the agenda here.
        I of course could be wrong, but he’s still a wicked Guitar hero of mine.
        I don’t want to believe that there are no hero’s, who’s going to save us lol

        Peace and love andyc044

      • I think your wrong, just cones across an innocent scratch to me, but who realy knows in the end. I thought it was good open, honest and Frank interview. I may be wrong but lets face who the hell realy knows πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

      • A mask is mentioned in line 4:

        All along, had to talk about it
        Like a two-edged sword, he touched you and it stabs me
        All along, knew you were a phony girl
        Sit behind the mask where you control your world

        If you know the album and song so well, why don’t you know this?

      • I see what you mean. But could it be that this gentleman is not fully aware of the clubs intentions? Has he really connected the dots? If he’s not yet at thirtythreee?

      • Yes Tavistock Institute in London had their first massive creation with the Beatles, even altering the beat of the music so it would have an effect. The Beatles dressed in leather playing in small German clubs were totally transformed.
        There is one other major alarm in this vid. I really do suffer with that neuropathy caused by massive blood loss. It is painful and constant pins and needles in feet and left leg. My hands tend to just suffer pain, excessive heat and cold makes it even worse, which he does mention later on. Prior to that though he says about putting ice pack on it!!!!
        You have to be kidding me, my hands or feet would ulcerate if I did that and it would make the pain unbearable.

      • Jono, thanks for your considered response. Like I say, I’m a fan of Clapton. He’s a brilliant musician/artist that takes his craft seriously. When I say there are no heroes, I mean people in the media presented to us as heroes. I think maybe a better description would be inspiration, which we all have and need, somebody who you admire and would wish to emulate, if that makes sense. And then this is the problem with the hero thing, as you say: “Who’s going to come and save us?” I’d suggest nobody in the mainstream media, it’s going to have to be us basically.

        Lisa, brilliant analysis, highly intelligent. I knew my point would annoy some people, but I was suggesting it just doesn’t feel right. He did a famous song called ‘Behind the Mask’, years later, comes out with an anti lockdown song – the big rebel guy, still rebelling after all these years, then rolls his sleeve up at the first opportunity, and then says he shouldn’t have done it. And then, “Oh look, the big rebel guy’s saying he shouldn’t have took the shot!” Still giving it to the man after all these years.

      • Fck, you do know that Mason’s communicate without speaking? Through signs, symbols, hand signs, colours, numerology, etc? If he was to scratch his balls, it wouldn’t work because you couldn’t see it. Not very effective really.

      • Guran, yes you’re spot on, he won’t know what’s going on really. Check what John Lennon says here:

        So, Lennon was brought into the club, manufactured at Tavistock and made rich and famous. Listen to this quote: “Beatles were part of a mass experiment by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London. Most actors and singers are “puffed” to become stars. This technique is called “profiling”…The Beatles were “puffed” day and night without ceasing until everything (lies and all) about them was accepted as truth.”

        In other words, they were completely manufactured as part of a brainwashing experiment. And boy, has it worked.

      • Hi Andy,

        I do enjoy reading your views on the subjects on Hugo’s channel but I feel your barking up the wrong tree with the supposed virtue signalling you imply. I understand where you’re coming from though… initially when he scratched his eye I did think perhaps he was being suggestive, so to speak. As the interview went on however, it was hard to not notice the frequency in which he scratched his face and nose, and for that reason I believe it was just a nervous itch/twitch.

        I wasn’t comfortable by the way he included his children in this. It was obvious he painted them as keen to be vaccinated yet said nothing to dissuade them. He mentioned not quite 18, so really he could have told us he told them they’re not having it? And what kid would still want it if they saw their father suffering after having it? That was the only thing that had me mumbling and questioning to myself wtf!

        There’s an old saying; “I am responsible for what I say and do, not how you choose to understand it”. In laymen’s terms it tells us there will always be people who will take things out of context (we’re all guilty to some degree), thus creating, not so much a divide, more a healthy argument. It’s not my business to suggest that that was your motive, just a guess you were looking too deep into it and I respect you and anyone who isn’t too fluffy or scared to voice an opinion against someone or an agenda.

        I for one always had Bowie and Marley as my idols from a young age and throughout this life; Bowie was more the visionary and Bob more the rebel but both had both aforementioned qualities. Nevertheless, Bowie was a “peek-a-boo” club member, but I didn’t allow that to distract me from his enlightenment. Both were\are genius and will remain so for a long long time. We will struggle with anyone famous today to not be ‘in the club!’ For that reason we can not escape the brainwashing to an extent whereby its entirely upto each individual as to how much they want to fall under the spell of ‘celeb’. Cest la vie!

        Anyhooo, off subject (I like doing that) going back to how someone put it last year and I think more relevant today,,, hypothetically speaking ofc, if people were not to know of the existence of Covid, would they be running off to get tested for a flu? It went something along that line

    • Your hero is a FREEMASON. They all are. Don’t trust celebs.

    • He is honest and a good guy,but no hero! Too late for that. He switched off his ” BS radar” apparantly and admits he is not fearless. ? Courage is a choice and the mark of a hero. Great he spoke out though, but a shame only after he took the jab! I also wish Him well!!!

    • Eric is now my heroe, out of all the musician’s iv ever listened to, we need people like him to stop this madness. What a lovely guy and speaking the truth from experience and knowledge, all the best to him and his family 🎢🎸 ❀

  2. No fool like an old fool! He didn’t trust his instincts enough. Such a pity. Appreciate him speaking up.

  3. Thanks for speaking out Eric. We need more people in the public eye with your intuitive sense-nothing to do with education! It’s about innate intelligence and honesty.

  4. Thank you so much Eric …you have the courage to step outside the MSM propaganda. Thank you Hugo for giving him a platform to hopefully influence some of our young. X

  5. Nice to see billy gates in a more reflective mood😊😊😊

  6. “It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can endure the most who will conquer.”~Terence McSweeney

  7. Well that came across as being honest. It sums up a lot of the feelings I have. I’m frightened, I feel I’m being bullied and the institutions I believed in have made me feel this way. I haven’t got the “voice” Eric has. My family think I’m crazy or even the enemy. It’s just me and my daughter with this view against the whole world, it seems. I had one jab reluctantly and regretted it almost instantly, I was being weak,trying to please my wife. It all seems like the devil’s work and I can’t see a solution

    • HI Gary
      I dont know you but wanted to write a few words to you after seeing your reply. You are not alone…there are many people in your situation. Trust yourself , your intuition, your own common sense. These people are trying to take our humanity away so that we can no longer think for ourselves. I have a friend who is facing the same issue as you with here wide family and friends all seemingly taking the Jab. she also has 4 children who are teetering bar1 about whether to take the jab also. I dont know what approach you have adopted but she has tried here best with here wider family so now only engages about the poisons when they they include her. She tries not to focus on too much detail but more simplifies things for example referring people who safe its safe to the mhra data which has now been ultra simplified by UK Column news. Please stay positive and hold your ground because the truths are slowly seeping out hence them trying to rush to get everyone jabbed by next year. If you are not aware there is a case against Hancock, Whitty, Ferguson and Valance that has been submitted and is going through the first court stages. The case file of 800 pages of evidence is being considered at Bromley court. Hopefully the judge will grant a hearing which would mean the 4 amigos would need to plead and rebut the evidence in court. So let pray and keep fingers crossed and focus our energies to that being successful. Please click this link to find out everything about this case being brought by Michael Obercinia from UK.

      There a are other big cases being brought in USA by
      Pam Popper and in Europe by Reiner Fullmich so follow those up to if you can.

      UK Column News which is lived streamed from the website of the same name every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 13.00 or you can watch the recorded episode when you can. Its brilliant for fact and in depth analysis as well as giving useful tips on pushing back because the more of us do little thing they will add up.

      Also take heart from the recent video Hugo uploaded on here of the fathers in London who despite no legal background served a liability notice at the police station. This again demonstrates something we can do to push back.

      I do hope you will not have any issues resulting from your first jab but I am glad you wont take another.

      Stay strong..think positive

    • Regardless of what the government or others tell you, this decision is an individual one and actually must be made by the individual, since only you know what your physical state requires. The government only think about the problem from an objective or statistical viewpoint and their decision doesn’t consider your individual needs. But your needs are for you to decide not them, and they are fully aware of it to. Its the reason they use strategies to coerce the vaccine uptake because if people were aware of their right to just refuse an economy goes to shit.

      • The economy is already going to shit with these nonsensical lockdowns. Businesses that will never return, rising costs everywhere and the government continually moving the goal posts. Anyone with common sense can see the truth of what is going on. As for EC, whether he is one of the club (I suspect he may be, but being negative about it does you as much harm), or not the message he conveys will give people cause to pause and reflect which is a good thing. There is something going on and its notru for our benefit, research and you will find out…..but it is my hope that more are finally seeing this and begin pushing back.

  8. Respect for Eric in comming out and talking openly, we need more to do so in positions of notoriety particularly..

  9. Well done to him for sharing his experience honestly. That’s all you have to do and these celebrities are frightened to do so. This is bigger than them. It’s about saving the human race from a genetically altering substance.

  10. Eric is right and now the psychopaths are after your kids!!!!
    Don’t let these evil criminals poison your children, this scam has to be stopped ASAP

  11. Is he not also a sold out puppet like all musicians are?

    • What kind of awful comment is that??? What makes you generalise that all musicians are sold out puppets? You must have a problem to think that way and an even bigger one to post such thoughts.

  12. This made me love the fearless Van Morrison even more

  13. Respect Eric Clapton! We salute you Sir!

  14. Next days will be interesting for Clapton im sure…The thing is whether he takes another jab or not he will be considered vaccinated in the database. So that does make it slightly different for him now opposing the jook. I also dont get why his family are at his throat…after all he is double jooked so what have they to argue with him about. Id like him to reveal more about his conversion with the doctors and what treatments other than Vit D he has had. You guys will have to forgive me for maintaining so skepticism because although there is some genuineness to the man one thing this scam has shown me is “they” will do anything and use anybody on the chess board to get us into check mate.

  15. Well done for speaking up Mr Clapton. I’m so pleased you have told your story.
    So much respect for you sir.
    I’m not jabbed, and I never will.
    And if you need an unjabbed Bass player to play on any of your music in the future. Give me a shout. Anytime!
    You can find me at πŸ™πŸ»

    God Bless.

  16. You know Mr Clapton people never like you when you speak the truth. Does my behind look big in this? Well actually, yes it does! They crucified Jesus, they will crucify anyone who is of the truth. We live in a corrupt world of them and us and now they have the us split, fighting their war for them and the us allow them to win. We have become mindless and seemingly can no longer see the wood for the trees or think for ourselves, we are but cattle to the slaughter, worse, because the animals know and actually understand, people have seemingly become as the living dead, blinded by science and the few in power.
    Thankyou Mr Clapton for sharing and being an example of what humanity should never lose.
    I too am highly concerned for the choices my grown children will make, despite the advice I still give them as their mother.
    May God Bless you and your family.

  17. Best wishes to Eric Clapton. I hope your health improves, and thanks for revealing your fair mindedness.

    • Bullshit, if his instincts were spit on he would never have been injected.

  18. To know what to do, its best to follow the science and its best when it comes from a reliable independent source. You can peer review your own expert, for example, there exists YouTube experts who cover the pandemic and meticulously wade through all the necessary studies in order for truth. Not only do these experts come with degrees, PHDs etc, but many also teach professionals occupationally, and have made available entire back catalogues of free learning resource about scientific subject matter on their channels (which means you have ample opportunity to assess their capacity for critical thinking and inductive reasoning), and they are at the mercy of their academic peers, and so you would assume are competent in their capacity for science based information under such expectation.

    What you shouldn’t do is assume the science is a lie because its coming from a politician, because politicians don’t always lie, they pick and choose stories, both true and false as is required to achieve a desired outcome.

    • Are you a fully paid up member of the 77th or 13th signals because you damn sure sound like a fith collumnist believer.

      • Hi Rob…I agree with your comment and with a name like Rodent….well!!!!

    • Or you could just cut the head off the snake? That is where this will end.

  19. Good morning thank you Hugo

    Saw this in BNY yesterday
    He should said NO!!!
    It’s ok to speak out about it but it’s bit late now Mr Clapton.

    I Certainly WONT comply & let’s Hope 🀞🏻More Wake up after the constant BS theses people in power are mocking us with!

    Have a great day to you All

  20. Stop now Don’t jab children who are not dying from Covid my GP knew nothing of what was in this experimental drug 1984 reads luke Enid Blyton in comparison witj what is happening here. I am not antivax but save mankind by stopping this NOW

  21. Sorry 😣
    I meant BNT I saw it on not BNY.. it’s early lol πŸ˜‚

  22. Stop this Now to save Mankind any other jab would have been withdrawn with the number of deaths this has already caused 1984 is like Enid Byton in comparison with what is coming. My heart is breaking to see how brainwashed so many have become.

  23. Sadly everything has a price, peer reviews are no different….even scientists can be bought. Everything I have seen and heard over the past few years has taught me some valuable lessons. When something doesn’t make sense use what is left of your gut instinct, and not what mass media reports as the ‘truth’.

  24. Well done Eric, very proud of you sir. I know how you feel, it feels like a lonely battle in all this. But this is the Govts tactic as you say. Conquer and devide is 100% among us.

  25. The feeling I got here is that Clapton is sincere – but hopelessly naive. He says about ‘alternative’ point of view, and he says the Barrington declaration, and I’m thinking, you’ve had 14 months mate, and like everyone else, access to a world of info out there. Even with the rampant censorship good info isn’t really hard to find. So I’m thinking, why haven’t you come across UK Column? Max Igan? David Icke? Dr Vernon Coleman, Carl Vernon, Mark Devlin, Tap Newswire, 21st Century Wire, Lockdown Sceptics, Questioning Covid, Dollar Vigilante, Del Bigtree, etc, etc. Not to mention Hugo Talks, whom I was surprised not to hear mentioned in the film. Or are sites like this taboo, not to be mentioned at any cost? So after all this time he still seems uncertain about it all, completely clueless about the real agenda being played out. I felt like I wanted to shout at him through the screen throughout!

  26. Big doses of vitamin B1 plus vitamin B complex can help with peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

    • Vitamin B12 for the heart & head. Can prevent, oh what do you call it,,, ahhh dementia. Sorry, bad joke but its true…

      To get the best results form your vit’s & minerals you have to understand how to take them. B12 for instance is water soluble or slow released. Vit C is water soluble. Two very important ones are D & E which are fat soluble, so therefor, to get the fullest benefit you should take with milk. Tincture form of D & E are best, stirred into a glass of milk.

      For those of you concerned or worried about having received a jab or two and want to try and eliminate it from your body, then you should get yourselves some Lugol’s iodine solution 7%. This is effective for getting rid of the toxic chemicals and metals in our body.

      Don’t be buying substandard supermarket grade products, get them from reputable health food stores or online. I can recommend if necessary.

      To maintain some sort of healthy life inevitably requires exercise and a healthy diet, but if you can’t afford a healthy diet then supplementation with vitamins and minerals will help enormously.

      1. Vit C Powder in water – Great for your lungs and overall health
      2. Vit D (tincture or powder in milk) – Bones, heart, head and overall health
      3. Iodine (about 2-3 drops once to twice day) mixed in a juice such as apple or orange – decontamination of your body and good with Vit C. Also good for increased energy. And for the older men, for (upping) the libido.
      4. Cayanne (I use approx 8 drops tincture form in warm water like a tea 1-2 times daily) or no more than a 1\4 teaspoon powdered form mix stirred into warm water. Excellent for arteries, heart and blood.
      5. Vit E – Great for the heart (in milk)
      6. CoQ10 – For regulation of blood pressure and the heart. Best to take on alternate days with Vit E, therefor not together.
      7. Magnesium – for heart, bones, arthritis and overall health.
      8. Golden paste – Honestly amazing. Nothing better for inflammation issues, arthritis, eczema and general aches and pains.

      When taking Vitamins and minerals its been recommended and best to only supplement with them 4-5 days out of 7.

      I just wanted to share some info on the iodine because I sensed some commenters are concerned with the jab. Only wanted to help but got somewhat carried away with a much larger regimen of supplementation, to not only help our people stay as healthy as possible but to help reverse some health conditions.

      I use all the afore mentioned, though not on a regular basis with them all but more so as and when I feel necessary.

      I know its kinda off subject but wanted to reach out to some people on here whom I felt are worried sick.

      • Are you the milkman? πŸ˜€ Jeez, that was a really bad taste joke?

  27. He says he has a good BS radar. Not that good Eric! Some of us haven’t believed anything government says for a couple of decades.

  28. This is heartbreaking πŸ’” 😒. I love Eric Clapton. They are breaking him. He is right, it all started with BREXIT. Even a blind person could see the bullying and that someone outside UK was pulling the shots .HUGO what can I say. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT JOB.

  29. He has explained it perfectly he sees the truth and I hope he keeps it up. Anybody with half a brain can surely see what’s going on.

  30. Hugo, a big thankyou from us all. Please dont let us down, your doing a magnificent job of highlighting this shitfest for what it is. Keepup the vood work!

  31. Thank you Eric. Love from France.
    You are so right. So sensitive and true. Thank you and take care. They are coming for the people who resist. We have to stick together and resist. We are the resistance. We will succeed. β€οΈπŸŒΏπŸ™‚πŸŒΊ

  32. I Believe this is a genuine interview unlike several comments here, that is my Gut feeling.

  33. I am so sorry you have suffered so due to this ‘life-saving’ vaccine and wish you well. I fully agree with your sentiments but I have resisted this vaccine and will continue to do so. It is my God-given right. What a great pity more people have not got the courage to speak out about this dreadful situation we are all in.

  34. Clapton is not really saying much. This is probably just be a psy-op to put the idea in people’s heads that super-rich celebrities are also having to take the “vaccine” when this is unlikely to be the case.

  35. Never thought much of him as a musician…he found his crowd long ago and they keep wearing their T-shirts and flares etc. The guy is clueless and has always been. I could throw a Molotov cocktail into the room to back up this assertion, but I won’t be cruel. I agree he’s been told what to say and what to leave out. Pretty much like Andrew Lloyd Webber, I think all these people will have received some advice about what the agenda is (in their case, vaccination passports). Webber’s assertion that he’s going to open on the 21st ‘come hell or high water’ will, I think, come with the tacit agreement of the Govt., as long as everybody who attends has either had 2 jabs, a negative PCR test 24 hours before (for those unable, not unwilling, to have jabs)….in effect a vaccination passport.
    Just ignore it all.

  36. Never trust a man That throws his baby out the window and then writes a song about it

  37. Well Done Clapton. Always stay rebellious. Never give in. We’re at War my friend and only the Good will be rewarded. Take it easy and Good Health.

  38. To my mind whether he’s another one of them or not hopefully it will make some people think who hadn’t before.
    Personally I don’t watch what celebrities say but having watched all the way through I picked out parts that I feel a bit contradictarory but maybe that’s simply him proccessing and balancing his own thoughts.
    What I have noticed is the ones that are supposedly standing up against it thry only do so after the SECOND jab thus already have done what was required of them they decide it’s wrong – that could be unfair but I don’t think as almost all say they had a reaction to the first and still had the second, this could also be sublliminal encouragement but who knows.
    We just all need to stand strong, stand together and not let the bastards grind us down.
    This is not to offend is simply my take in on iy.
    Sent with love, peace and gratitude to all who have and are standing up against this – we can only do this together

  39. A very confused man.
    Just goes to prove simply because you can play a guitar well & sing (& have millions in the bank) doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable on any other subject.

  40. Julian Assange says 2yrs and your dead Eric. Sorry mate. More boosters will lower your expectancy even more. Its basically a poison. It may even shed, which means it spreads to unvacinated people around us.

  41. I’m so grateful to Eric for speaking out. Like him, I couldn’t get warm after my first (Astra Zeneca) jab – this lasted for about three months. So when I was due to have my second I refused ‘the offer’. (I had also become more knowledgeable about the jab in that time.)

    Now a close family member wants nothing to do with me. All so very sad. The government’s brain washing techniques have been incredibly effective for the majority of the population!

    I wish you all the very best Eric – thank you – it’s great to know I’m in good company!

  42. EC is a FREEMASON. He’s literally in one of the clubs that’s pushing the vax. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  43. Found it incredibly sad to listen to, have always liked Clapton & his music. Came over as extremely naive, unaware of any agenda ….. tho he said hes got a good bullshit radar! His intuition didn’t serve him very well then…. had 2 jabs. Omg Eric you made me want to scream, theres lots of people to listen to….. Richie Allen show, Jeff Berwick, David Icke, UK column, many many more, good that you have at least stopped watching tell lie vision

  44. Now we are being warned that because of ‘The Variant Formerly Known as the Indian Variant’ ‘lockdown’ restrictions could last well into August (2021) πŸ˜€ And from then on it won’t be long before we are back in the winter ‘flu season πŸ˜€

      • And then it will morph into a ‘climate crisis’. ‘Prince’ Charles made a speech a few days ago about it at this bullshit summit. They’ll declare it an ’emergency’ – otherwise it is illegal, which it obviously is.

  45. Found it incredibly sad to listen to, have always liked Clapton & his music. Came across as very naive, said he has a good bullshit radar, intuition didn’t serve you too well though, having had 2 jabs. Omg Eric, made me want to scream, you don’t see the agenda … its a corrupt world. Theres lots of alternatives to listen to Richie Allen, Jeff Berwick, UK Column, David icke, many many more. At least you’ve stopped watching Tell Lie Vision

  46. He’s asking for proof of Vax for his concerts he’s a complete let down and shill.

    • EXACTLY! That was my whole point at the top of the page.

  47. He needs to put this on his own website will it will get a wide audience. I like the point about the propaganda that makes people feel responsible for the health of others thus coercing them to take the vaccine.

  48. He was naive to take the second jab and sadly I feel it is game over for Mr C, I hope I am wrong. The lack of support from his fellow musicians disgusts me.

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