Are VAERS Deleting / Replacing VACCINE DEATHS?Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. So please take the minute and a half it takes to send the new email to your MP via site Save Our Rights UK and do your bit to stand up for Medical Freedom for all.
    Can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and a live on both platforms too – Twitter and Facebook.
    Lets keep up that pressure and flood those inboxes.
    Save Our Rights UK

  2. The Ministry of “Truth” have been hard at work.

  3. I think is is amazing that there are people out there who are keeping these records – need for trial against humanity

  4. Vaers id 6 numbers national insurance number is 6 numbers date birth is 6 numbers. 🤔

  5. It’s so sad when they hide your deaths. KARMA

  6. The covid was coving this one is real time, info still there I think. Baby was very sick after first jab in hospital but they gave 2nd anyway to see what would happen

  7. Whois this speaking? It’s not Hugo. Can’t focus on this because of the confusion over the accent.

  8. If they delete a record, it’s likely that the database software will re-use the ID for a new record. So they might not be manually replacing records. However, that doesnt explain how they dissapear in the first place.

    • Watched it. One of the officials on the panel looked like he was trying to discredit her testimony by saying something like several prominent people, myself included, have been vaxed and thankfully we’re all still here. But she said I’ve received loads of emails from people who’ve had problems either from having a shot or knows about ‘unvaccinated’ people being around ‘vaccinated’ individuals who’ve caused adverse reactions incurring them to the ‘unvaxxed.’

  9. I couldn’t access the carts website yesterday, tried on chrome, Firefox and two different WiFi.. I reckon this is why.

  10. The death figures for the yellow card system in the UK seem to have petered out for some reason. The ones in the USA that have been reanimated are ready to vote Demorat in the next election.

  11. Of course they are but soon the streets will be full of dead bodies. Who can ignore that? Local council bidding on contracts for body removal and disposal as we speak.

  12. Sorry if this is ignorant, but who/what are VAERS?
    Thanks in advance

    • Vac adverse events and reactions in America, where drs nurses and people within the care of people report only 1% of patient treatment outcomes.

    • Vaers, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. (Similar to the MHRA Yellow Card System in UK.) Vaers is a USA system. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Wendy. The whole thing is an abomination

  13. Yes my first thought too on seeing Denmark game especially when I’ve found out they’re the first eu country to introduce vaccine passports Thoughts and prayers 🙏 that he’s ok

    • Agree, but they will never tell us if Eriksen got the jab and even if he did they will say it’s not linked. We are living in the information age but still being fed lies on a daily basis

  14. Hi Hugo, if you have contact with this person, we need to tell him to keep back up files, who else is worried governments will infiltrate people’s computers and delete your evidence. Might be a good idea to start paper copies of evidence too.

  15. It’s hard to believe that this is happening, but presuming it is, harder still to find an adjective to describe the people responsible. Despicable, completely morally abject, heinous….?

  16. Watching denmark V finland. In tears. Anyone else wondering when he got his vaccine?

    • Yep I was thinking that. Don’t think we will ever find out though

    • That was one of my first thought’s. Thankfully he has pulled through by the looks of it .

  17. The ‘Agenda’ is well underway……but….clearly someone is as smart and ‘unravelling’ this deception….thank you Hugo….

  18. Nothing surprises me!!!! I wonder if they are returning the original deaths when they appear again or replacing them with new deaths to fill the gaps!

  19. Keep up the good work to bring the evil bastards to account.

    • We CAN change things by putting Christ first. Why should he return if people don’t believe or care.

      • No One Knows the Day or Hour

        36“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of [f]heaven, but My Father only. 37But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

      • No, it is not for us to know the day or the hour, but stay strong for it is surely on the horizon!

      • His ways are not our ways. He has promised to come back and He is no liar! Things are unfolding as they should. He will collect His bride, we are all waiting for Him, preparing ourselves for our redemption draws nigh.

  20. They are fighting a losing battle. From Genesis to Revelation our Lord Jesus Christ has always won

    • Notice 6 digits vaers id. Add date of birth Id for example 06.06.60 then national insurance number minus the letters (UK) ab123456 c, because all N.I. numbers in uk have 6 numbers and what do you have? The number of a man? Revelation chapter 13 v 8? 🤔

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