SURPRISE! Freedom Day PUT BACK TO JULY 19TH / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Well suprise suprise NOT! We can only hope this helps to wake the sheeple up.

  2. Freedom day is when we murder our politicians.

  3. Who’d a thunk it? I wonder how many will drop the mask on June 21st as so many say they will in many newspaper posts. I’ll look forward to counting them on one hand.

    • Well, seeing as they are planning to keep this scamdemic going until 2025, it’s obvious it wasn’t going to happen! The fact they’ve been advertising for COVID marshalls from July tells you that too. Just hope this might wake some people up 😳

  4. Yip no surprise there. I wonder if he is actually following his rules this time or is he out there flaunting them on his bicycle again?

  5. They are all liars and cheats working for satan. Praise God for you Hugo. I thank God for your spiritual discernment and technical abilities. The time is now to repent all who are not yet saved . ! The kingdom if God is at hand and judgement will be made and wrath poured out.

  6. Hugo, of course they wont relax the restrictions completely. If they would they would have to stop the use of the jab as it can be distributed only under emergency situations like this pandemic. Not going to happen

  7. When will we wake the fek up and stop believing anything that comes from the clowns mouth. If the book makers were open you could have made a few quid on that bet but it would have been short odds. All the time we let them get away with it we deserve all we get. If you want to know the truth, read everything that has been labeled conspiracy theory, if you treat it as fact you will be on the money nearly 100% of the time, then it all make sense. You will now have a choice to make.

    • I agree if we had on put money on this would of been quids in. So predictable this government. Its right in our faces and they have no shame in doing or saying it. It’s getting worse. Today both my sons and I recived letters and text to come get the jab. I should of had my 2and by now haven’t and won’t b having any of it. I dont trust any nhs workers now. Dont trust my locial hospital or my gp . I do not concent. They can fuck right of.

      • Write on it and post it back, it’s there letter not your, the like i have done the better i will refuse to the end to prove this is Scum

  8. Oohhhhhh what a surprise Hahahahahaha aaaaaah that’s shocking 🤣 😂 and yet very frustrating 😑 😒

  9. I saw a vid of an Indian bloke being interviewed and he said the deaths in India are due to the government causing genocide via famine, not covid at all.

  10. Please bear in mind the injections can ONLY continue under a state of Medical Emergency ! I suspect our feckless government will NOT rescind the state of Medical Emergency ! It IS the greatest deception in human hiostory and there is NO way oput because the angry majority are actually keen to be part of the grand experiment !!

  11. As I keep saying….once you realize that covid is just rebranded ‘flu, everything else that is happening makes sense. It’s about control, and manipulation to see how much people go along with it. First it was social distancing, then lockdowns, then muzzles, then jabs, then passports, and now dangle the carrot as much as possible. Fight and resist. Or welcome to communism.

  12. lockdown cannot end without ending emergency which would mean vax roll out would have to stop, so no end to lockdown until depopulation agenda achieved imo

  13. There is not going to be reopening at all….more cyber attacks and variants,followed by postponing till september. In the meantime will be something dramatic so they can vote for extending their emergency powers for another year and so on…..i cant see bright future in uk coming….unless few brave hearts step forward to lead the way….21 june should be huge gathering….people with their children in london to sit down on the streets for hours….no moving till someone reacts….it really is now or never people…you can forget about any freedoms or rights….if they win foolish game with fake variant excuses…..where is it….show us the fabricated data…..unfuckingbelievable

    • The goverment are a load of lunitics..

      Boris was asked by a sky presenter… which is a bloke dressed as a woman… trying to encourage boris to continue lock downs….

      Sky news.. bbc….the government = absolute megalomaniacs…. their all bat shit crazy….

      • Don’t do blokes dressed as women. Never have, never will. Friggin wierdos

  14. The only way this will end is when the people end it. Boris, Hancock & the lunatics in SAGE are certifiable. PS check out the NY Post. Passengers on a fully vaccinated cruise ship test positive for Covid.

  15. And when July 19 rolls around, guess what?
    Cases increasing, hospitalizations increasing, more new variants appear.
    One things for sure, they’ve got no intention of letting this end!
    Of course, the longer it takes, the closer we get to flu season.
    And don’t forget, schools break up for six weeks in July, there’s your catalyst for spreading any new variants!
    When schools reopen in September, bang!!
    Immediate case increase!!
    Then the regional lockdowns start again, and before we know it, lockdown #4!

    • Like a merry go round. Round and round and round it goes and you can’t get off

    • Just watch this video link it’s the most sensible comments I have seen to date looks like were all heading for the slaughter house if we don’t fight back

  16. Your funny Hugo 😊
    thank you as always

    We new it lol 😂
    didn’t we let’s be honest

    Crazy mother-feckers !!

  17. Once upon a time, there was a lying git, with grandiose ideas about himself, who needed to get a spine and a conscience, start acting like a man and begin working for the good of the people he’s supposed to serve. Time to be a real boy and cut the strings of your puppet master Pinocchio Johnson.

  18. If I`m not mistaken don`t the emergency covid laws expire on the 17th July? And if so then they will have to re-enact them for another 6 months on the 17thJuly to make their date of the lifting of restrictions on the19th July still lawful….. .Anyone smell a massive rat here?

    • Thank you for pointing this out Martin. You are absolutely correct. That is exactly why they are delaying it. Then come the last week in November / first week in December they will be talking about cancelling Christmas. Just in time to extend it again of course on 17th December.

  19. Just watching them lefties snowflake’s on that shit Last Leg taking about went there 2 guests are getting there jabs.
    Promoting a video for young people to get the jab.
    Comparing knee bending just like clapping on Thursday for Nhs.which are both political nosence.
    These puppets are a disgrace wouldn’t buy a ticket for there one sided crap

  20. Watch Yeadons latest video with Del Bigtree and then WAKE THE F E C K UP! – While he advocates no vi ole nce, the truth is we need extreme viol en ce aimed appropriately, it needs to be swift, unrelenting, and merciless. Eg at the current incumbents of parliament, Blair, Gates, Soros, Schwab, other political traitors around the world, and anyone else involved in this sham, the media, the BBC, fact checkers, all of them. They need burning to the ground to end this genocide and deliberate economic destruction.

    • What’s this a ‘call out’ to a ‘lone wolf’ from a ‘keyboard warrior’? Why don’t you commit ‘extreme vi ole nce’ yourself? Thought not! 😀 You don’t want to get into any trouble, are worried that you will land with a criminal record or your credit rating may be affected 😀 Listen to yourself! Besides the fact that you wouldn’t get within a square miles of those you mention anyone gullible and stupid enough to act on your comment would either find themselves in one of two places 1) a prison cell doing a whole life prison sentence 2) stuck in a padded cell in a mental institution; either that or six foot under having being shot dead by the police or personal security. Sorry, but if resorting to extreme vi ole nce is the best solution you can come up with maybe it would be better to throw in the towel.

    • Thanks for the video heads-up. It’s extremely frustrating, all we need is enough people to say no to things like the passports. And boycott anywhere that enforces nonsense restrictions. But they lap it up! People are very short sighted, as long as they can go on holiday soon and they are unaffected they welcome it. Doesn’t occur to them they are wilfully handing away their freedom and the freedoms of the next generations. Like Dr Yeadon said, the system can and will be used against us for ultimate control of the masses for EVERYTHING in the near future! Look at the Denmark health passport video Hugo Talks showed. Life is going to be a miserable, pain in the arse existence no matter where you go. And unjabbed is not an option.

  21. Hi everyone 😊

    It was so predictable, to Hugo and those on this platform, that this “delay” would occur. Perhaps it may serve to open a few more eyes.

    I have an idea …..

    As the saying goes, a picture (or video) can be worth a thousand words.
    How about a “campaign” that gave people the opportunity to represent a loved one/friend who has been injured or passed following the “vaxx”?
    Traditionally, community members will place bouquets of flowers, candles, or poppies, etc at the scene of an accident or memorial.
    What if a place and a date were decided upon, and advertised via social media/word of mouth, and people placed a universal item (representing a victim) at the predetermined location?
    For example, an 8×10 photo, or a “Yellowcard” with a name on it; whatever was chosen would be the one symbol displayed.
    A “sea” of a hundred, or thousand, of whatever item was decided upon would certainly result in a massive visual impact.

    I believe that we need to stay positive and be creative 😊

    • Great idea!👍
      Where are the GPs, doctors, nurses,pharmacists, etc who (by now) know it’s a con?
      Their silence is deafening!!!!

  22. How the people take this shit from people thicker than themselves is still a mystery to me. They, our elites, are so thick they have to lie and cheat to win the argument. But what hurts the most is the average Joe is still falling for every crumb that’s thrown at them from these moron’s.

    Boris, Gove and Hancock are total tools. Once again you choose to be free and no one can give or take it away from you. As a side note I saw a germ from the government saying they have 7 new vaccines to deal with the variant strains this autumn. They sure is cooking up this shit quicker than KFC. Protest and don’t comply today and save our future generations a thousand years of fighting the machine killers of the elite psychos.

  23. I do not understand. How is lifting social distancing restrictions (masks, 1.5m, lock down etc) not the same as giving back freedom? Also two points Hugo. 1.You were makign similar noises back in Novemeber when, with numbers low, the ‘C19 deaths’ were set to climb from 40K to 120K (WITH restrictions) 2. Promises are based on assumptions but situations change over time and new information emerges. This is not one of your better efforts.


  25. Proves the experimental gene therapy don’t work,, all those at risk have had the injection. Now they are going mad trying to get the dodgy injection into kids who are are not at risk. Is it any wonder Boris flew on a private plane to G7,, he never would have made it by road he is hated so much. The world and it’s wife can see it’s a scam to crash the ecconemy, the evidance it available to those not to lazy to do the maths, one dosn’t have to be Einstein.

  26. It’s for your own good. Now stay at home like good little citizens and behave, and we “might” throw you a bone.

    Lockdown now delayed until 2023, pending further changes… 🙄

  27. F- forthwith
    R- remove
    E- every
    E- elected
    D- dickhead
    O- organise (the)
    M- masses

    Freedom is within, they cannot hand you back what we/you refuse to hand over!

    Get out, hug everyone, live your lives people!

    • “elected “?? Boris Johnson is appointed not elected, by someone not elected as well – the queen. So, it is THAT MUCH you should feel they represent you , the people. Which is NOT AT ALL.

  28. these evil selfish clowns are good at buying time. my freedom was never yours to take. mask comes off the 21st. they don’t want this to end. Why? because they have not completed there plan with the track and trace and social credit system on us. and destroyed all businesses and getting us dependant on the smartphone. buying time to implement it. you got to be one step of there game and prepare. so we got 5 more weeks of pressure to get the jab. the longer this go’s on, that normal we used to know wont exsist. look where we are now and what’s coming, absolutely dreading this digital slavery that’s coming and spying. so glad i got rid of anything digital. one step ahead. all indications are pointing to a of grid lifestyle for me

  29. Triple increase in cases? In my town in England, I got an email from my council a week ago. It said there were cases of the Indian variant and asked for all those aged 12 and over in half the towns post codes to get tested. Yesterday I got a second email saying how good the response had been. What I don’t know is how many other towns are doing this, so getting thousands more people through the testing camps? Couple this with the Bristol hospital saying they multiply samples by 45 and you have your triple cases.

  30. I still don’t know anyone who has died from this disease, I still don’t know anyone who has even had it but I’m sure that there’s been some sort of a virus infecting people that makes them completely stupid and incapable of thinking constructively about anything, this is the real disease.

  31. Do not bump elbows, shake hands or do nothing. Bumping is another sign that you have been brainwashed and are oppressed.

  32. I know exactly ONE person who came down with something that was labelled Covid last year, they visited me last week fit as a fiddle. It’s all been about control over us, nothing more, the great reset is well on the way to being put in place, we’re totally fucked from that point on, even the jab won’t matter anymore after that.

  33. No surprise really. Unless the vast majority of folk suddenly wake up, we can forget living in the pre “covid” way ever again.

  34. So its ok for Boris to invite all his work mates from around the world to an in person party/meeting in Cornwall and not quarantine, but normies have to shell out for quarantine hotels and then stay in some kind of lockdown thereafter? Videos of very little social distancing emerging at G7. It looks like cheltenham races all over again… Police being brought in from all over the country to protect them, I assume leaving the the rest of the country to go to hell if they have an emergency situation needing the police because there weren’t very many of them to start with. Protest pens are set up miles away from them? Trees are cut down to keep them safe yet its main theme is addressing climate change (supposedly). Trudeau is to quarantine when he goes back home…but didn’t when he came into the UK and thats respectful only to his own country? Its a farce now.

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