227 Kids Get HEART INFLAMMATION After Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown



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  1. The health care system is evil. The morning after pill made me infertile. Stay away from pharmacy medicine.

    • OMG! That is horrible! I am so sorry. I’ve taken a whole new view of medicines of late.

    • That is really sad to hear Julie. I have kept well away from all medications for years now, at 62 I have never felt better in my life.
      Take care!

    • I’m sorry! Pro-life activists have tried to warn women that all forms of abortion, including early-stage abortificents like the morning after pill, have adverse effects on women but women are rarely given this information when they enquire about abortion! A bit like the jabs, where very few people are given the information about adverse effects either! I was a nurse for 20 years; I have lost so much faith in the medical profession and honestly regard the pharmacuetical industry as a force for evil now! The severe withdrawal effects many people suffer when trying to come off certain anti-depressants alone should be enough to make people suspect their main aim is not to help nor heal, as that would decimate their profits!

  2. When they shouldn’t have had

    Hey paid for reaper leave those kids alone

  3. Na nothing to do with the jab , nothing to see move along move along !

  4. No one should be getting injected without being allowed to make an informed choice on the true information received ? But there are many that are not asking for any information and are getting this jab ?

    • I asked my husband and both my kids ( all 3 are very “bright” people) if they were told anything before or after the jab about the ingredients or the adverse reactions, or were they given any paperwork about anything at all.. no.. was their reply. I despair..

      • you can take action against the jabber for malfeasance if they did not supply full information to gain informed consent signature.
        Prof De l o r es C a h ill explains on her last vid.

      • Without sounding nasty here. Perhaps they are not as bright as you thought!

      • I think it’s because there’s a big difference between intelligence and wisdom..

      • I’m gonna meet use down the Winchester an wait for this to all blowover

  5. Surely, surely this amounts to abuse from bot just the parents but the bastard government?

    Any parent who risks their child’s health needs drop kicked to the temple!

    All to travel, yet now they’re saying to the vaccinated people you’re a flight risk due to enhanced risk of blood clots.

    Hugo an hour ago I spoke to a friend who told me a girl Nuala he knows took a blood clot in her leg after her second jab!

  6. I’m too scared to go into an NHS hospital- saving up for private coz of the doctors’ DISGUSTING behaviour during this shit show AND, I may get ‘vaxxed’ blood! “EVIL” doesn’t cover it. CMON PEOPLE!!!! TIME TO SAY NO!

    • I hope never to have to go into an NHS hospital, will fight it tooth and claw.

    • I am in the same boat of you, discovered that I have an umbilical hernia, I just have to try and manage until I can pay to go private, I’m afraid to be under general anesthesia anywhere near these people! They have absolutely no ethical code anymore, there is no telling what could happen in their care.

    • Are you sure the provate sector will be any different ti the NHS scum? I wouldn’t be trusting them personally.

    • All private allopathic practitioners are also working in NHS full-time, unless they are integrative physicians then they probably won’t be. They are no more trustworthy therefore. I would seek out an integrative practitioner. I am a qualified holistic therapist and would be happy to help anyone who would prefer not to go to their GP with non-emergency problems. If you have an emergency, the A&E is your only and probably best bet, sorry.

  7. This is awful !

    It fascinates me that parents have even allowed their children to be given it! It’s Crazy!

    It is VERY WRONG u are Correct 💯

    Always sharing & giving the message 👍💪
    Thank you Hugo

  8. The jabs have been tested, and they know what they can do, its just that they are not going to share the data with the insects. The longterm effects are designed to sterilise the rest of the population that will be left. You can fact check this but time will tell. If any parents let their children have this jab they are just as guilty as the cabal.

  9. In ancient times parents just threw their kids into a fiery furnace to appease Molech. Nothing new under the sun….

  10. I have had this jab. I wish I hadn’t now I feel shit. I’m over 50 years old and fell for the bull shit at first. I felt pressured to get the jab because I am a carer of my terminally ill mother. I bet I’ll be dead before my poor Mam now. If I live to tell the tale I am NOT getting no booster jabs. I have tried to warn family members not to get it but they aren’t listening. I totally regret my decision and feel lied to from the medical profession and government. I feel absolutely ill since they put the second jab in me. I am drained.
    May God forgive these evil governments and so called medical professionals who took an oath to first do no harm

    • Im so sorry for your situation….order some pine tree tea and start drinking it eat foods for your immune system. I use essential oils and have mixed up a concoction to try and combat transmissions. You can try a detox but because of the MRNA we really don’t know the full affects. but anything is better than nothing.

    • you can sue for malfeasance to hold the person who jabbed you accountable . if they did not go through all information including possible side effects with you, Pro De lo res Ca hi ll explains on her last vid.

    • I won’t have the jab Rose, I am 74 but my daughter is hardly speaking to me now, she thinks I am a conspiracy theorist. I cannot win. I never wanted my children to die before me but I think that could well happen now.

  11. And what if they jab every child in the world, and it DOES cause sterilisation. That’s the END of the human race, so why would you take that risk and encourage them. It’s in experimental trials as you say. Also why is it affecting MALE teens. Is there something in the jabs that attacks the Y chromosome or something. Unless it’s to dispose of men because they are more often than not the people that riot.

    • The elites will never have their kids jabbed though. Bill Gates and Tony Blair openly admitted it! There will be “rich elite” young people still able and allowed to breed…

  12. There will be no long term data available in 2023 because the trial participants were unblinded and told what they had after 6 months. The control subjects were then offered the jibjab.

    Us refuseniks are now the control group…

  13. Dr Vernon Coleman did a brilliant video on brand new tube about this vile CBBC clip. Watch and share that, like we should all be sharing Hugo Talks videos as much as possible. They are the only sane things going on in a mad world.

  14. Hi Hugo. Fliers: I have been making and distributing both stickers and fliers with the latest Yellow Card figures since April. I have the raw figures on one side and the risk factors on the reverse – including 1 in 5 million covid death risk for healthy children vs 1 in 31,000 desk risk from the jab (seemingly not strongly dependent on age). I print 6 onto A4 (download https://drive.google.com/file/d/15d-vUgYdW2PqNsVLwk7XvCfZFp_WWVeC/view?usp=sharing) or single suitable for the Brother label printers (download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KnK-ek5WXpDyWHIct3QSEH2mzcgdNn-Z/view?usp=sharing).
    I put the stickers on my local NHS Vaccination Centre signs. Should I get challenged, I will say that I am working for the government. After all, we wouldn’t want to see them in jail for not complying with the Nuremberg Code, would we?

    • Hi Mike 🙂

      Excellent action!!

      A friend and I labelled 4×5″ post-it notes with the “vaccine” injury/fatality reporting website (www.openvaers.com).
      On a few outings, we then placed each note directly over the barcode/scheduling link on every poster/sandwich board that advertised the “vaccine”.

      Your stickers and our post-it notes are in alignment with what is morally right, and provide any potential recipients of the experimental
      gene manipulation with an opportunity to do more research.

      • That’s very creative of you, Lisa! I was not aware of openvaers.com (shame on me!). I import raw data from Yellow Card Reporting, VAERS, Eudravigilance and OWID into spreadsheets to sort and prepare presentations. These organisations make it so difficult to see the data clearly.

    • These are great Mike. I’m a Naturopath and not only do your efforts get my full approval, I have also downloaded your templates and printed off some stickers to place around town this afternoon. Just wondering how I can save them in a format so that I can update the data as the numbers change, maybe you could help with this?

  15. Sorry Hugo but, in my opinion, fliers & leaflets are a complete waste of time. I understand your frustration ( and desperation ) but if people don’t get what is going on by now, they never will. They quite simply do not want to listen. I really do fear for all those who have had the jab, particularly those who have not been in a position to fully consent. It is definitely criminal what has being going on and everyone complicit needs holding to account.

  16. i cant see the link to the dead kids ,help anyone ?

  17. Haven’t even got to long term effects yet ,,,,ty hugo

  18. I here more about bad reactions and no positive affects, what ever it is, it’s obviously unsafe.

  19. Hi well..
    New variant
    Apparently called
    ‘Delta Variant’

    They are crazy!

  20. Haven’t used the white mans barbaric medcine in many years.
    Gave it up the day I refused “conventional” treatment for prostate cancer, eg Slash Burn and Hormones.
    Today I have a fully functioning prostate and no cancer.
    It just took disipline and attention to diet,,,far as I’m concerned about 90% of alopathic medcine has more efficent and kinder ways.
    Wouldn’t touch alopathy it with a barge pole now. Things are even more dangerous now that gates is pushing his GMO’s and Gene Editing into the mix, everything he touches turns to cheos distruction and death for the people.

  21. The woman who claimed it was 100% safe should be jailed for life!

    • David, she’s on the World Economic Forum’s board. There’s always a link to those psychos wherever there are lies and manipulation.

  22. The mRNA vaccines trick the body’s own cells into growing foreign proteins which are express on the cell walls. This prompts the immune system to not just generate antibodies but ultimately to attack and kill the affected cells. The body also produces a more generalised immune response, including inflammation that attacks unaffected cells of the same type throughout the body. That’s why people feel so sick and lousy, especially after the second shot. They’re injecting into muscle cells, so it should be no surprise that we see inflammation of muscle tissues, including heart muscle.

    That’s only the short term responses. We have no idea whether this could lead to auto-immune disorders in the long term. Given they are training the body to fight a virus by dressing up the body’s own cells to look like one and getting it to kill of its own otherwise healthy cells, it is crazy they are rolling this out to the world’s population without even one year worth of testing.

    The real concerning part is they plan to continue to use the same delivery mechanism each year for boosters, both for the current version of the vaccine and for variants as the viruses inevitably mutate around the single protein spike they’re injecting for. And they also plan to expand out to use this technique for all kinds of other vaccines. The latest technologies give them the ability to rapidly sequence, create and deploy new vaccines. It seems they hope to capitalize on it by making vaccines a regular part of all our lives, perhaps multiple times a year.

    The more times they use it and the more types of foreign proteins they deploy into us, the one repeated commonality the immune system will see is the body’s own muscle cells responsible for growing them. Time will tell if the future is full of people with muscle wasting diseases and dying from mysteriously weakened hearts. I hope it is not the case, but there is no way that the people who pushed this technology have any certainty what the effects will be 10 or 20 years from now.

    • I suspect the probability of what you discuss is very real! The so-called “elites” are obsessed with “over-population” and they have shown themselves on many occasions to have less than optimum integrity nor moral substance! They might not yet know for certain how the results of this criminal experiment will pan out, but I suspect they are hoping it will result in a substantial cull!

      • “…but I suspect they are hoping it will result in a substantial cull!”
        And I suspect your suspicions will soon be confirmed.

  23. There day will come and they know it as they are trying to push the agenda more and more to hide the fact they are killing people with this death jab

  24. Everything they have told them so far is a Lie – Most will allow anything to be done to their kids so long as they have a chance of that package holiday!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • It does seem as if these parents who are serving their children up to be test subjects in this global criminal experiment are not so different from the parents in the far east who, in order to get a small bit of money, literally sell their own children to paedophiles or send them to places like Bangkok to be condemned to the living hell of being continually sold to paedophiles!
      We in the west probably thought that most parents would protect and defend their children to the bitter end, even to death but sadly and sickeningly, this is turning out not to be the case! It seems more parents than we would have ever dared contemplate will allow anything to be done to their poor children if it gets them what they want!

  25. Better to say – “NOT vaccinating kids is definitely safe”.

  26. Hugo,yes its clear,is never been about anyone health,these lunatics have plan for cashless society ,chips and global surveilance and transhumanism…..thats why the jabbing….as this guy did we have to all flood all police stations with reports of murders taking place

  27. Don’t bother with leaflets hit the streets public building with grafitti if nothing else it will piss them off

  28. The governments own figures prove they are without doubt guilty of false advertising and this is a mere speck on the list of things that governments and MSM around the globe are guilty of.
    How can people be held accountable when they’re investigated by their own people
    It’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust.

    Keep it up Hugo
    Everybody stay safe

  29. The more i hear these psychopath’s the more i glad I’m anti vax if your healthy and your children are why would anyone have this health damaging poison.

    Why are these zombies not questioning this and posting pictures of themselves having this poison and putting on Twitter page I been vaccinated so what and now dating sites sad pathetic tosspots.

    Glad I’m on the sane and healthy side

  30. I think the newsround article is actually a potential criminal case. As I have written before perhaps a court case should be brought against the BBC and the “non” doctor who said jab was 100% safe. There must be a crime here of criminal cohesion of children to partake in taking a potentially deadly drug.Luring children in to a potentially dangerous situation etc., giving out false information is surely fraudulent. Come on some clever legal person reading this, a court case would HIGHLIGHT this to so many people!

  31. Why only focus on children Hugo? That it’s ‘criminal’ to force children to be injected with this dangerous, experimental concoction?
    Nobody: young, old and all in between, should be made or even expected to take Kill Gate’s death jab, which he falsely markets as the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine’ and peddling it to the hopelessly indoctrinated, ignorant and terrified masses; makes billions of dollars profit for him. Too much money will never be enough for that evil loveless & heartless satan worshipping, humanity hating eugenicist.
    Nobody needs it anyway, even if it really is a ‘vaccine’ in the true definition of the word vaccine, which means it effectively protects people from being infected with some kind of disease* (which it’s not), and it satisfied all the normal, very strict safety and efficacy criteria, that all other drugs and (especially) vaccines are normally compelled by law to meet. The evil illuminati only managed to get this depopulation drug through all the safety, legal and liability barriers, simply by inventing a fake ‘pandemic’ with rampant hysterical propaganda to make it appear real and dangerous to the TV indoctrinated, ignorant and scientifically illiterate public, then the humanity loathing WHO declared it a health emergency, thus it was granted a temporary ‘Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) ONLY.
    It is NOT licenced because it is not tested and it’s not even known whether or not it is safe for human use, since no long-term testing has been conducted – it has only existed for about 7 months!

    * ‘Covid-19’ is not an officially recognized virus pathogen, or microbe, but is nothing more than a fabricated narrative. The pathogen alleged to cause ‘COVID-19’ or ‘SARS-Cov-2’ has never been isolated and identified by any acceptable scientific method, thus there is no evidence that it even exists! Therefore, how on earth can anyone create a ‘vaccine’ that targets a virus, microbe or pathogen that has never been seen, or even known to exist at all, in any person?

  32. So please take the minute and a half it takes to send the new email to your MP via our site Save Our Rights UK and do your bit to stand up for Medical Freedom for all.
    Can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and a live on both platforms too – Twitter and Facebook.

    Lets keep up that pressure and flood those inboxes.
    Save Our Rights UK

    Printable flyers and stickers available on the site if you want to get information out in your neighbourhood.

  33. Listening to the Caroline Martin show yesterday morning (15th June) after 11am on Radio WM (West Midlands) she interviewed a professor who stated that the vaccines(?) were 1000 % safe in young adults! The whole show was false propaganda and lies. You can hear it on their website, absolutely shocking!

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