Man Reports Plandemic Murder To Police Station / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Perhaps once people start being held personally accountable, things might change. Well done guys, thank you and God bless Xx

  2. Please pass my contact details on to these guys please please please I have already been handing out information about all this and think that we all need to work together to fight for our freedom. All I ask is for all this information to be sent to me in pdf format to my email I have a printer and also a label Printer and I can put all this evidence together in information packs to hand out to people and I travel nationwide and also have 3 like minded friends who also hand stuff out for the cause. Please Hugo do what you can help us out I work long hours and don’t find much time to research all these documents but one thing I know for certain is that the world is swiftly turning into Nazi Germany under our watch!

    Kind regards Adam

    • If you could get a print out put together I would buy a copy

  3. Thanks That Was Brave and Brilliant respect.

    • Well done to these guys, it’s all about depopulation, greed & money.

  4. Great job, fantastic idea, but we MUST have documents to hand over, not to ask them to photocopy. Otherwise we can’t prove that they have received the documents or photocopied them.

  5. This guy has done a great job,it took guts to go to the police with all that information.
    I agree with previous comment that you need documents to hand over.
    It’s a pity more of us are not brave enough to do this.
    Well done guys.👍🤗

    • He’s got so much information but the police are never going to help you. It’s never going to end. Police are thick as 🐷.

      • Dead right Pigwig. Forget the police! The complicit, humanity loathing gang of violent thugs.
        They are enabling this act of genocide and in reality they’re the LAST people on this Godforsaken planet anyone should expect to care, let alone help us. They are treasonous collaborators as much as our compliant slave-muzzled, TV brainwashed fellow citizens, all lining up for their death jabs are!
        Much as I admire the courage of those two gentlemen, they just wasted their time and much as I regret having to say this, but it has to be: they only made fools of themselves. The filthy, immoral and bigoted pigs will be gossiping and laughing about those two ‘nut job covidiots’ and their loony covid conspiracy theories, while they sit (probably fully muzzled), in the lunchroom, for weeks.

        We need to wake up the docile, sleepwalking masked zombies and make them understand the terrifying reality of what’s actually happening and convince them that rather than ostracizing us as ‘covid-deniers’ or whatever else the TV news bulletins tell them we are, why they MUST totally ignore the media’s lies and join us to vehemently oppose this tyranny by REFUSING to COMPLY en masse, with any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats at all times and places; with all the obstinance and willpower they can muster.
        En masse civil disobedience is our ONLY hope.
        WAKE UP!

      • Alan Vaughn
        An excellent analysis and one which I shall focus on. Thank you!

  6. If this isn’t a war against the people then what is?

  7. Hi thanks so much for doing this. Where can I get the freedom of information letters from hospitals please? My phone crashed during an update and I lost information Cheers Kath

  8. The guy (who ever he is) has done his research and got the point across. He is on a mission for good.
    God bless him.

  9. Sorry Hugo, but my gut feeling/instinct is telling me there is something wrong here. A great deal of caution is required.

  10. Please Hugo put my information forward or if you could send me anything to me that I could use to print out I will be so grateful.

    Kind regards Adam

  11. Thank you for this link Pepper …this is totally brilliant! everyone should hear this.
    Michael O’Bernicia is a super hero and will bring these scumbags (Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson) down …or else we are all doomed!
    One of his revelations and supporting evidence is that the experimental gene therapies contain the same ingredient as given to prisioners on death row to stop their heart is truly shocking. Presumably that’s why teenage boys in the US are suffering palpitations of the heart!

    • Potassium chloride is used as a salt substitute (Lo-Salt). In any case, the concentration used in a lethal injection will be a magnitude higher than found in this ‘covid’ ‘vax-ceen’. You could easily say the same thing about bananas. Did you know that bananas have potassium – the same substance used in lethal injections! See what I just did there? 😀 See, It is this constantly mixing fact with fiction that quite frankly makes people look M.A.D. It is better to stick to the facts, and by facts I really do mean FACTS not guff! And you wonder why ‘mainstream’ media is ‘winning the war’ – seriously? Take a look at the utter guff you come out with. What opinion do you think a dispassionate observer would form? They would think these ‘anti-vaxers’ are nuts. And by the way, did you know that the potassium in bananas contains a nano-antenna? It is connected to the 5G network through satellite technology to a government mind control grid in a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) in Area 51 in the Nevada Desert USA. Why do you think that Bill Gates and Klaus Schwabe want us to eat more bananas? It is so that they can turn us into mind-controlled synthetic zombies!

    • I wish Michael O’Bernicia all the best, and I believe it will be a game changer if it all goes through. However, it is not just up to him. The courage of the man in this video proves that. YOU have just as much power as anyone, please do not be frightened to use it and to encourage others to do so too.

  12. This guys a legend. Sure he was one of “the hunted one” catching dirty nonce’s . Everyone should do this!

  13. Complete and utter waste of time even talking to a desk monkey who clearly enjoys the finer qualities of Mac Donald’s and has had both jabs. I hate to say it but these mongrels need to learn a hard lesson

    • Hi the game is up for the criminals in government those brave men at the police station are true heros and patriots the truth always comes out please watch another patriot called Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi on YouTube it’s called prospectives on the Pandemic 43 mins long he’s a world leading microbiologist and a professor.👍

  14. Meet up with other like-minded people at parks around the UK, Sundays 10-11am every week. Look for ‘a stand in the park’ group in Telegram to find your nearest…Time to galvanise!! protest locally…the injecters will be in our schools, giving the jab to children, without knowledge or consent of the parents, come September, If not, already!!

  15. This Guys a legend does anyone know his email address.. ive tried to talk people out of this experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injection..and they laugh at me ..brain dead the lot of them…

  16. This idiot seems more concerned about them filming and not that her children could be murdered !
    I say ” fuck em ” if thay are not that bothered let them do it !!!

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