Man Reports Plandemic Murder To Police Station / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. These gentlemen are brilliant – saving our children,

    • Yes, I started commenting whilst watching, you start losing it. I did with that walrus at the start. But, this is it. Organised resistance. Prepare yourself, etc. This bollocks should be the easiest thing in the history of the world to disprove and stop. TWO men have just shown it!

    • Mega…just mega…everyone should do the same so that each police station has hundreds of liability orders against it. I bet the toilet cleaner will be rushed off their feet!!!
      Guys Check out this link below to keep updated on the case been brought against Hancock,Whitty, Valance and Ferguson by Michael Obernicia. These guys thought they have evidence…Michael Obercinia and his team have submitted initially 800 pages of prima facie evidence. Prima Facie evidence is evidence adequate to establish a fact or raise a presumption of fact unless refuted. Someone has already tried to sabotage the evidence that was meant to go before the judge causing the judge to initially dismiss the case. However following appeal the judge agreed to retract his dismissal of the case given that his had only read a 150 page introduction of the case being brought an not the 800 page main evidence. This apparently is unprecedented so all we can do is hope that this judge show of integrity continues. Due to the substantive evidence the judge has asked for more time go through it. So watch this space guys as this could be a major bomb. One of the things to note is that funnily enough the day the this case was submitted Bill Gates started clearing all links and documents for websites etc…coincidence????…lol

    • This is very corny difficult to watch without cringing
      Why would anyone think the police are going to help them
      Paedophile hunter too!

      psyop and complete idiot

      “I am working on a case”
      This is designed to make all objecters look like idiots and make the police look reasonable

      The sheeple will have their views reinforced by watching this

      • what should they have done then?

      • Yes, it’s obvious these guys are actors. So, what is your answer? Oh yes. Silence.

      • And your not mental are you? Wakey wakey

      • I get what you mean, but in my opinion he seems genuine and authentic, and his points are all correct. None of the people pushing the vaccine, have a shred of trustworthiness, genuineness or credibility, in my opinion, and it comes down to trusting your intuition, as we’re living in a deceitful, godless era,

      • Are you foreal? Cops look reasonable?? Lol.

      • Oneant what case are you working on? At least these guys are making an effort to the best of their abilities. There is no one to help them.

      • You Oneant are one of the sheep, a troll or have not watched this through to the end. There is as much here to prove the scam as anything I have seen. The Coronavirus laws alone tells us all we need to know.

      • Watching this actually made me feel quite emotional. Two ordinary blokes, men with families taking it into their own hands to try and make sense of everything that is happening, trying to keep their families safe. I applaud them for taking action. People who are sceptical about what is going on come in all classes, occupations, colours and religions and you have no right to judge anyone who is standing up for their rights. Shame on you for your poor attitude.

    • Yeah awesome fellas i believe everything heard about 99% what they said before all the public authorities need liability orders served on them for the tests and vaccines

    • This guy is fucking brilliant he’s actually got the balls & the backbone to stand up to those ignorant lazy pc plod and get them told and I don’t blame him one bit for losing it bcoz our kids come first 1 billion % & they’re gonna force vax – our kids – in care against they’re parents wishes & force vax parents to using our kids as carrot & stick and I know this for a fact 1 billon % fact but I am fighting those evil demonic narcissistic- child – snatchers to try & stop them force vax – ( my child ) who has been coerced manipulated bullied scared into giving consent but without telling ( my child ) about none of the ADR’S etc absolutely nothing & I
      Was told If I say anything to ( my child ) who is 17 yrs old – that contact will stop & the courts allow this to happen & millions of kids in care & they’re patents are gonna die murdererd but absolutely nobody cares whatsoever bcoz not one single person has even mentioned- kids in care – in none of this covi crap in 15 months & I’ve got 5 yrs research into those child – snatchers & 15 months into this covi crap and I
      Am beyond devastated & angry at the sheer volume of ignorance in the uk & worldwide even towards – our kids in care – who are & always have been & always will be forgotten ignored it’s sick it’s evil and I am well & truly ashamed of the uk & the rest of the world for not mentioning – our kids in care – & they’re parents who have got this hell double -our kids in care – don’t get to see mum or dad in lockdowns no hugs force vax’ed forced to go to school in lockdowns masked tested vax’ed etc but yet still nothing uk you make me sick & oh yeah – our kids in care – have a 10 % higher risk of suicide than other kids even before this covi crap hit but yet still nothing says it all

  2. What a complete dope she is so fried brained there is no bloody hope for the poisoned jabbed

  3. Police think they know everything but they know nothing there completely thick and useless.

  4. Top bloke. Get ready with your pitchforks outside the schools. Vaccinaters fuck off and don’t come back.

  5. Go on bitchute and watch video’s about 5g some very interesting information on there, that is either just coincidental or really
    opens up a whole new can of worms!

    • Also Brighteon has some thought provoking video’s about the possible connection.

      • Not the BBC gas a doctor talking about magnetised nanoparticjes in jabs and tests that will cause great damage to the nervous system especially brain stem when activated by 5G.,- I recently bought an emf meter and it went through the roof flashing unsafe when within a meter of an iPhone and that’s 4G. No other device came close but other so called smart devices in the home which I don’t have may be as bad . My iPhone now sits in a faraday bag.

    • Yes…try to find the recent video from india. There is a village there where the residents are up in arms…simply put…no deaths from this so called virus but in last 10 days since 5G towers installed and turned on there have been 32 deaths!!!.
      They are going to be ramping up the installation of the small repeaters here soon….connect the dots and it starts to draw the line….look at this document

      • Pepper,
        Unfortunately people’s blind dismissive ness places themselves automatically into a health vulnerability. Act as if this information is/could be true and the caution will immediately protect yourself and others. Thanks for the information!

      • Wow I’ve just taken a look that’s awful … thanks for posting

  6. Listen to that fat ugly demonic SKANK behind the desk. GET FUCKED you fat ass BITCH!

    • I literally hate that woman. GUT INSTINCT! SHE IS A LITERAL DEMON!

  7. It has started at last. I wish these two men good luck, so brave.🙏


    • Yes, this is the key. You need a few people, to back each other up. Don’t do it on your own, these scumbags will pick you off. They’re filth.

  9. Those men were extremely brave and well organised took a lot of guts to do. People will be replicating this all over the uk soon. If the children are vaccinated and as predicted they get ill or die doctors and nurses will be lynched on the streets.

  10. Absolutely brilliant by these fathers providing all that evidence doing the police’s job for them. The second police lady was respectful the receptionist was an absolute joke.

  11. All I say to this considering I a gob 💩
    The government wanted me clean from drugs know I clean I staying clean so no pins or and class a or scruffy dust for me !
    You can call me a foil hat Muppet but I am stay clean now many thanks !

  12. can we reimburse these guys somehow ? Im shocked by the attitude of these public servants not giving a crap about children getting autoimmune diseases and possibly dying …its a bloody trail ffs. Idiocracy is here

    • Let me thinking that that the police are there to protect the public?
      Or over there to protect politicians and the government.

  13. Thanks Hugo for sharing this. I admire their courage and I hope it inspires others to take action.

  14. Well done! Light in the darkness. 🙋‍♀️🙏🙏

  15. This video will hopefully encourage other people to be brave enough to make a stand. Everything these gentlemen say is in agreement with my own research. Come on people, everything we do, no matter how small, will chip away at the agenda. The UK Column news website as well as the excellent Hugo Talks are doing their very best. We need to step up and follow their lead.

  16. Yep we are the virus, I’ve known for a long time, TV, fast food, processed food, advertising, slebs, entertainment, sports and gaming has damaged western culture, surely people who indulge in that day in day out know times almost up, time to wake up.

  17. Good guys, we ALL NEED to be doing things like this! I took several videos inside my local hospital and am in the middle of putting in a freedom of information request for not only deaths from or with COVID but also for those eitger being admitted, having testd and attending hospital for adverse reactions to the jab.
    Good work everybody who is standing against this, keep at it guyd we’re making progress.
    And last but by no means leat thank you Hugo for your tireless commitment to truth and freedom

  18. i applaud them however they sound a bit all over the place and to them is like speaking Spanish. I know what they mean but “normies” think of them as tin hats. My group in Stand in the park are actually going to print leaflets and go around our town. Parents must be aware. i know it’s hard fight but we’ve got to try.

    • Well done! Even if it just wakes up a small percentage of people it’s something. Do you have somewhere you’re getting the leaflets from to print off or making them yourself? Thanks

  19. Absolutely brilliant fellas, I personally salute you and think humanity owns you one, if you can provide your documents for print out I will also be happy to do the same. You’ve set a precedent and rightfully sowed the seeds to a massive bollocks farm. It’s just so apparent and so scary how the majority of society, no matter what race, creed or profession (police) are oblivious to the FACTS and TRUTH of this attempted fascist take over and population culling. The programming by the main stream media has been hard core and done its job for part of the agenda but I’d like to say for the majority of us this has been nothing but fuckin laughable, being able to call every bullshit shot the cult orchestrated government (media) has played out. However, now they are coming for the children. Before, I could understand natural selection from the adult side of things but this ain’t happening for the mass majority…..we are going to lose some initially I think, but that will be down to natural selection parents….However, with people like YOURSELVES and the MASS AWAKING we WILL end this, because we wont rest until we do. No entity is getting through the true heart.

  20. the bbc and other msm need this doing to them to.

    • The MSM have got no guts to investigate this so called virus, they just pump out the government’s scare mongering new variant’s get the jab adverts.

      These guys are national heroes with evidence the first officer’s are rude we pay our Council Tax for the Met Police so we are the employer.

      The other officers seem to be interest but i affair when it going higher level it will be bin as they work for the establishment and not the public

  21. This is great. You have proof that you gave these police officers the evidence of planned murder. If they don’t do anything about it and people die they can be held accountable in a court of law for dereliction of duty and jailed! Well done lads!

  22. Absolutely brilliant!!!
    These are true men; exercising the principal of defending the safety and wellbeing of their families and communities.
    This is an embodiment of the sacred masculine.
    I wish that I could shake their hands and acknowledge them in person.

    The women involved in this interaction have NOT been true to the stand that they are meant to be. They have abdicated their duty of care and intuitive reasoning; this is the absence of the sacred feminine.
    The female officers have chosen to enact a “self preservation” mode (much like the1930’s -1940″‘s), and very obviously do not wish to have their worldview challenged.

    These women have not considered, for a nanosecond:

    – They have been presented with credible evidence that, especially 15 MONTHS later, there are extremely compelling stats that raise alarm bells re the “covid” data and official narrative.
    – They have been implored to address the immediate danger of the experimental “vaccine” and the documented incidences of injuries and deaths.

    These women, who should otherwise be naturally inclined to act with love and care, have instead become morally culpable, complicit order followers.

    • Agree Lisa 👍
      Has i said in a previous message on this page.
      We pay in our Council Tax for the Met we are there employer but they take orders from the Mayor of London and Government
      They don’t care about this evidence.
      Hope what she said is true some officers are not having the jab it may help our fight 😕

  23. Sh turned herself into a victim by making out you were getting aggressive – unfortunately you admitted you were when you weren’t. She didn’t listen to you, she was clearly making it a debate rather than listening and recording your claims…

  24. Personal visits to government and semi government offices by those who are unable to articulate a credible case is not the way to deal with this; civil disobedience and lethal violence against the perpetrators is the only answer.

  25. Downgraded or Reclassified?
    Type into a search engine ‘ downgraded covid’, and it comes up with headings such as;

    ‘Why Covid-19 was downgraded from ‘High Consequence Infectious Disease’ (HCID) classification: The reasons and understanding them’

  26. Morning .. great video

    Good luck lads💪
    Glad you called them out being PEDOS!💪👍
    Thank you Hugo 🙏
    Have good day all

  27. I know him and he’s an heroes. Men should rise. Please.

  28. Whilst I applaud the two fella’s and agree with a lot of what they say, I believe they should continue with their research, to discover who it actually is they are challenging in this matter. The police, just like the government, HM courts, the banks and all “official ” bodies are Commercial Corporations who work only to protect the crown, not the people. The whole ” taxation ” system is as big a scam as this ludicrous plandemic. Research ” Strawman ” and Common Law to comprehend the scale of the deception. We can not challenge THEIR system until we register ourselves as living human beings under Common Law and take ownership of the fictitious legal entity, created by these fraudsters at our birth. ……. a good starting point is this video featuring John Smith who explains a lot :


  30. Not to worry The Bernician will bring these fuckers down…

  31. Thank you Hugo and thank you to those brave men fighting for our children and the truth.

  32. They are so wasting their time, what a complete muppet she is – clearly she’s been jagged her mind is already rotting – not a care for those guys of their kids or anyone elses kids – its complete and utter madness – of course she’s untrustworthy, she was immediately on their case when they walked through the door, – what a bitch, sorry hugo couldnt watch it all she’s too stupid and would allow all the kids to die from these injections –

  33. What worries me now is that the Army is getting involved with the genocide. I thought the Army existed to defend the country and it’s citizens, not help with dangerous ‘testing’.

  34. The slooow drip drip of truth has started. Folk are slooowly waking up. Too late for many. Fowchi hasn’t been mentioned by MSM yet. The BIG Elephant in the room. Gain of Function. Folk have taken a poisonous, pre prepared destructive jab. Once this becomes apparent these psychos will have nowhere to hide… The G7 circus is just a sideshow of freaks jostling for attention. Biden thinks he’s in Miami… Bojo and nutnuts look like cartoon characters and Cornwall is fuming cos they cannot go on their own beaches on the hottest week of the year. A perfect storm.

  35. The second lady PC Trist (or whatever) was excellent. The irony here is that the Police have been in with the depopulation plan from the start but little do they realise that when Mr Gates ark sets sail there will be very few if any of the police on board, they are being used in this twisted plot.

  36. Although this approach is vital, it’s also most important not to make the case to the office clerk. Ideally you need to speak to the station’s most senior officer on duty, and that way you cut through the personal opinions of the staff. The case is factual and excellent but must be presented without personal arguments

    Great guys, well done, God bless

  37. We need more video’s like this, needed them before the majority were vaccinated, now no one will listen.

  38. I felt quite emotional watching this. Two ordinary men trying to make sense of the madness that is happening and trying to do something about it. I thank them for taking a stand. Many people are sceptical and fearful about what is happening in our country and all over the world we come in all colours, religions, classes and ages. There are others trying to justify what is happening or reason it away rather than see what is really going on. We must stand together to stop the tyranny, together we are strong.

  39. One of the qualifications to become an upholder of law and order is an IQ less than 80.

    • The filth are slightly below the average IQ (100). The reason given is that anything higher and they would ‘become bored with police work’ 😀 This link specifically mentions them in the 90-99 range. If you have ever had any dealings with them you can tell. You can tell just by looking at them 😀 They are all cast from the same cookie cutter mould 😀

  40. How can we get a copy of their evidence? If everyone has this and follows their example then the police will have to realise they are implicated.
    Please let me have it as soon as you can. Please

  41. The cops will just do what they’re told, like the NHS are doing, they’re giving people jabs they know could kill them. Anything to keep their jobs. We’re on our own.

  42. I’d buy a copy of all the evidence sheets he had if he’s up for making up a file or book. I’m sure many others would too

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