HYPOCRITE TONY / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. It’s time to distinguish between the controlers the people and the toilet crawling perverts.

    • Hopefully his little fantasy will backfire big time. Bigger crowds of people pointing at little groups of people and saying “STFU.”

  2. Hypocrite is one of the most polite words you can use to describe the abomination that is Blair.

  3. The MSM should ask him again after his latest statement.

  4. Creepy little man didn’t like him when he was prime minister and I certainly don’t like him will baby Eva long to the freemasons as well

  5. Ask him if he thinks cottaging in public toilets is a private matter too.

    • Wish this C*** would piss off, his a LIAR HYPOCRITE his child medical records are personal, well so is mine
      But i will say this to Blair and spies No to your vaccine and No to vaccine passports your vaccine letter third has been posted back to Bristol with my comments take that. 😃

  6. I think it’s time to distinguish between the mega rich globalist elite scum behind all this chaos and those not involved. Let’s name and expose them all and deal with them ‘appropriately’ when the truth comes out (as it always does). I believe a rope and noose would be most apt in full view of the public.

  7. I can’t believe that I used to vote for him 🤑🤑🤑🤑. He makes me sick 😷 🤧 😪

  8. None of these evil bastards or their families have had this jab

    • I believe that, just PR for them and to let the zombies follow them.
      They don’t care about us just want to control and poison us and kill us.

  9. Far too many complimentary comments about bliar on here!! The man should be in prison rather than pontificating on TV. Vile man.

  10. Scum filth this abherration of humanity.

  11. He is another masonic murdering satanic greedy evil B’ a puppet for the 1%

  12. Fellow citizens like minded here in the Hugo Tribe. We have to share, unite in this fight to protect our kids from the Evils if Gates, Fauci, Sage, Hancock, Witty and all these crooks including Boris and Biden. OUR children will not be Jabbed with this poison. Stand up and resist here is a breaking news from the Same CDC Which has persuaded many parents in USA and Canada to Vaxx kids please, make your own conclusions


    They said, let’s Vaxx the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as door for freedom..now, they are going for our children.. over my dead body my child will be coerced into it JUNE 26th time for MSM and the government to respect our freedom once and for all.

  13. How funny one fan of the gary glitter followed by another on hugo talks.
    One has always lived in a crap filled cubicle furthering his criminal career while the other has a crappy theme tune on his crappy you tube channel to end his crappy career.

  14. I refused to let my daughter have that jab some years before. I joined a group against it and what we found was virtually all the people in the know, royalty, upper classes, politicians and a lot of doctors etc. refused the jab for their kids. But it was ok to jab the plebs. Money talks.
    I’ve often wondered if not having the jab was the reason she did so well all through school and university, and why she has made a success of her life.
    No dumbing down for her 🙂

  15. Tony you get everything wrong FECK OFF!!!
    The man is a IDIOT!

    Cheers Hugo

    Have great evening to All 💪✌️

  16. Did it escape your notice that Gates gave the BBC $51.4 million …? Did that influence Marr’s decision to have him on the show? …course not, although it might explain why the Beeb doesn’t cover any anti vax stories unless it’s dragged out of them like Lisa Shaw’s death. Initially reported as ‘death after a short illness’ it subsequently turned out her family blamed the vax and did all along, only the Beeb chose not to lead with that angle …now the same for Dom Busby aged 53, another short illness …wonder if he had the jab recently?

    The BBC are corrupt, economic with the truth, give a voice to war criminals and embrace paedophiles …shame on you!
    What next a game show ? Would I lie to you hosted by Tony Blahh and Gary Gitter?

    • The occupation with the lowest life expectancy appears to be a BBC radio presenter. They are dropping like flies.

  17. So he clearly never gave them it otherwise they would have just said yes and proclaimed it from the rafters! They are literally murdering us and nobody bats an eye. Ig they ever do get caught it will be waffled away into “we tried our best, the whole world suffered”. Unbelievable. Somedays I literally have to pinch myself. False Flag event soon I am think.

  18. I don’t care if I have to live in the woods catching rabbits, I’m not taking your fucking jab blairt.

  19. He is a NWO whore who will do anything for money, that’s why he has been so generously rewarded by his masters.

  20. Didn’t you do a video about Matt Hancock, not revealing his kids information. Btw I agree everyone’s info should be confidential, even these hypocrites.

    • TB resembles an evil devil there’s no disguising his face there’s something about him that creeps me out

  21. Has anyone else started to get worried about Reiner Fuellmich? He seemed to be a great guy, taking these people on, head on. But now he’s talking about needing a new financial system, needing to be regional instead of national or international – if you think about the WEF what did they say? You will live in a mega city, everything within 5 mins of your door, you will own nothing but be happy, have less, new money, etc. No flying, no shipping, everything grown local, etc.

    So Reiner seems like he might be taking them on by trying to achieve an end goal which is exactly their end goal. I hope I’m wrong but some of his recent comments have me a bit worried about who he really is and what he’s really about.

    • Reiner FOOLmich (and his team of international lawyers), is wasting his time and the time of those complacent and lazy millions who naively invested their hopes in him anyway. He is a fool because he clearly doesn’t understand his enemy. Doesn’t seem to be aware that the courts and the judiciaries are owned and controlled by the very treasonous criminals he’s wasting his time (and no doubt huge amounts of money), he will try in vain, to prosecute. The treacherous, UN directed governments of all 193 UN member states all OWN the laws and the heavily biased and corrupt legal systems and judiciaries of their countries. The governments are like puppets who are handled by the UN and WEF oligarchy and the rest of the humanity loathing Technocratic cabal.
      It’s no longer a simple legal matter of suing anyone anymore.
      Foolmich and anyone else who naively believes he can do something, need to understand that we’re now living under the tyrannical hood of the anti-humanity NWO, where common law and justice no longer applies. At least not to us – the oppressed and downtrodden middle class of ordinary, law abiding and hard working citizens, who the cabal has already commenced their evil plan of exterminating. (Hint: the entirely fake covid-19 ‘vaccine’).
      People need to stop relying on others to ‘rescue’ them and realize that their treasonous governments have declared war on them and this war cannot be fought (thus cannot be won), in any courtroom which the cabal, via their government puppets, totally manipulate in their favour.

      The ONLY solution to ending this tyranny remains in our hands, via en mass civil disobedience and total non compliance to any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats. But everyone, or at least a large majority of us, needs to be on board with it. Therefore the sleepwalking, compliant muzzled zombies need to be woken up out of their covid trance and made aware of the reality they’re in and how much their governments have LIED to them and FOOLED them into accepting their voluntary servitude. Then, they MUST join ranks with us to defeat them, by their absolute REFUSAL to ‘obey’.

      • The probabilities of some kind of future free from selfish egotism seems to be shrinking, but all is not lost, yet. Anyway, whatever happens it’s all experience eh. And in the meantime there’s still some fun to be had, chin up bro!

  22. Tony…a T.urd that won’t flush….no reason to believe or trust or listen to him…..

  23. Has anyone else started to get worried about Tony Blair? He seemed to be a great guy, taking these WEF people on, head on. But now he’s talking about how we all should be jabbed, how we need ‘vax-ceen’ passports, that we should all be bar-coded and digitally ID-ed etc… 🙁

  24. 1. Government by a recognised Spiritual Hierarchy. This Hierarchy will be related to the masses of the people by a chain of developed men and women who will act as the intermediaries between the ruling spiritual body and a people who are oriented to a world of right values. This form of world control lies indefinitely ahead. When it becomes possible so to govern, the planetary Hierarchy will have made a major Approach to earth, and there will then be thousands of men and women in touch with Their organisation because they will be developed enough to be sensitive to Its thoughts and ideas.

    2. Government by an oligarchy of Illumined Minds, recognised as such by the massed thinkers, and therefore chosen by them to rule. This they will do through the education of the thinkers of the race in group ideas and in their right application. The system of education, then prevalent, will be utilised as the medium of reaching the masses and swinging them into line with the major ideas and this will be done not by force, but through right understanding, through analysis, discussion and experiment. Curiously enough (from the point of view of many) the spiritual Hierarchy will then work largely through the world scientists who, being by that time convinced of the factual reality of the soul and wise in the uses of the forces of the soul and of nature, will constitute a linking body of occultists.

    3. Government by a True Democracy. This again will be made possible through a right use of the systems of education and by a steady training of the people to recognise the finer values, the more correct point of view, the higher idealism, and the spirit of synthesis and of co-operative unity. Co-operative unity differs from an enforced unity in that the subjective spirit and the objective form are functioning towards one recognised end. Today, such a thing as a true democracy is unknown, and the mass of the people in the democratic countries are as much at the mercy of the politicians and of the financial forces as are the people under the rule of dictatorships, enlightened or unenlightened. These latter might be regarded as selfish idealists. But I would have you here note the word “idealist”! When, however, the world has in it more truly awakened people and more thinking men and women, we shall see a purifica- tion of the political field taking place, and a cleansing of our processes of representation instituted, as well as a more exacting accounting required from the people of those whom they have chosen to put in authority. There must eventually be a closer tie-up between the educational system, the legal system and the government, but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals of the thinkers of the day. This period does not lie so far ahead as you might imagine, particularly, if the first move in this direction is made by the New Group of World Servers.
    This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill. These three systems, which are the three major systems, correspond to the three major rays of synthesis, of idealism, and of intelligence, which are only other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence.

    4. Government by Dictatorship. This type of government divides itself into three parts:
    (a) Rule by a monarchy, limited usually today by the will of the people, or rather by the politicians of the period, but symbolic of the ultimate rule of the Hierarchy under the Kingship of the Lord
    of the World.
    (b) Rule by the leader of some democratic country, who is usually called a president, or by some statesman (no matter by what name he may choose to be called) who is frequently an idealist, though limited by his faulty human nature, by the period in which he lives, by his advisors, and by the widespread corruption and selfishness. A study of such men who have held office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact that they held office
    under the influence of some idea, which was in itself intrinsically right (no matter how applied), which was forward-moving in its concept, and belonged to the then new age….
    (c) Rule by dictators, whose animating principle is not one of the new age ideals, emerging in their particular time, but an idealism of a more material kind—a generally recognised present idealism. They are not usually reactionary nor are they found among the intuitive workers of their age, but they take what is grounded, settled and easily available—made so by the thinkers of their time—and then give it a material, national and selfish twist and objective, and so force it on the masses by fear, warlike means and material promises. They belong, therefore, more practically to the third ray methods of work, for they are intelligent, expedient, and materially constructive. True idealism, involving as it must the new age patterns, and religious incentives are lacking in their techniques. Nevertheless, they do lead the race on another step, for they have a mass effect in evoking thought, and sometimes eventual resistance, as the result of that thought.

    Later we shall study these and other ways of governing, and analyse their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences. These will some day appear on earth as a result of the many experiments today going on. Remember this.

    The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 51-54

    • That’s a very long winded way to say the human species needs to WAKE the F*** UP and STAND UP to these masonic angels of death before they completely wipe us out, Stu.

  25. 🥱 Yaa–aawn 🥱
    So tired of this endless loop of talk and zero action.
    What’s needed is for everyone to stop talking about these humanity loathing, murderous cretins and to DO SOMETHING about them, or even too them!
    We don’t need them so why are we allowing them to do this to us? What have we done to deserve them and what they’re doing to us, with total impunity?
    We, the so-called ‘resistance’ (not just the compliant masked morons), also need to STOP COWERING to these hateful fiends, STOP COMPLYING and STAND UP to them!!!
    Time is rapidly running out. Take them out, before they wipe us out!

  26. It’s always been about division, the more you observe these so called officials, and main stream media (bobble) heads babbling their insane toxic bullshit, the more patterns you will see and realise how deep society has been strategically conditioned over a very long space of time to regurgitate amongst themselves the very bullshit that they are fed by MSM whilst openly defying any presented facts that would potentially change their very view of reality; zombies with Stockholm syndrome.

  27. Yuck! He makes me sick to my stomach! Vile, warmongering demon should be banged up! If you want to do something useful Tony, get together with your mate Bush and send a nuke to the G7! Sorry Cornwall!

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