Freemason Jim Davidson Says GARY GLITTER is ‘Remorseful and Ready To Start A New Life’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

109 Comments on “Freemason Jim Davidson Says GARY GLITTER is ‘Remorseful and Ready To Start A New Life’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. He didn’t say all celebs were satanists he said FM organisation was a filtering system for satanists. Maybe you should watch it

  2. A new life swinging from a tree branch, what this creep has done in the past is inexcusable, the children he’s molested will never recover from that abuse, he should be locked away forever or hanged.

  3. Loved the GG in the early 70s. First record I bought was I love you love… Strange bloke.

  4. This comment from Jim Davidson is to pave the way to normalise paedophilia, eventually it will be on forms with a tick box, as a representation of who you are and how you can’t help it! The elite wants it to be excepted in society so they can molest openly.
    As we know most if not all celebrities and royals participate in the destruction and abuse of the young and innocent. They have the money and power to cover it up or excuse it, and belittle it. The Freemasons are everywhere, their hand signals, sacrifices, secrets and sucking on Lucifer’s ball’s day and night absolutely disgusts me.
    Wake up people, get lucifers pubes from out of your mouths and realise whose running the world and who you worship. It’s not too late to turn to Jesus and get on the winning team.

  5. I would like to point out that part of the codex for being a high level mason is to trans-gender. The “man” from xfactor is not being honest. As part of the codex they have to tell the truth sometimes. Xfactor man if he/she was completely honest would have stopped taking the hormones. He is just another puppet of the Masons telling us what they are doing. He is not converted and not sorry.
    Peers has to be a Mason to be where he is.
    I would be concerned about Giitter having time in the community. They want to normalise sex with children.

    • A crucifix hanging around a neck doesn’t mean they love the Lord. These people are mocking Him.

      • That was one of his masonic signals. If you turned his 2 necklaces it was a man on an upside down cross in a pyramid. The cross went out of place once and he corrected it immediately. Jacket & t.shirt were to represent black & white squares in their temple. Hairstyle constantly covered one of his eyes.
        He used left hand to move hair away several times so his hand covered his eye.
        I think it was hour 3 he had a cushion dead centre of his settee with pyramid on & even his blasted curtains left small pyramid at the top.

  6. In God’s own words “If you harm one of my children, it would be better for you to hang a millstone around your neck and be thrown into the deepest part of the ocean.” Judgement is coming for the evil of this world.

  7. He is on breaking news app…him and his gang are always posting photos with all the symbols, he goes under the name of .frosty will never be banned…they think they are clever thinking we dont know theircodes..

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