Woman CALLS NHS and SERVES NOTICE OF LIABILITY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Great work they don’t want to answer your questions

  2. Complicit in Mass Genocide ., a mass cover up.

  3. Unfortunately, the lady from hospital was not given a chance to explain the caller, that there is no such thing as CEO of Hospital.

    Hospital is a building that hosts different entities from different trusts, who just rent out space. It’s not as united as people seem to think. So she needs to address trusts… and CCG.

    This call is as effective, as complaint to the janitor at the shopping centre about price policy in one of the shops… πŸ˜”

    • so who she should serve the notice to smarty pants?

    • Funny that because our nhs trust hospital has a CEO as do all nhs trust hospitals So your talking bollox…

    • Legally speaking it is a ‘serving of liability’ as she has also recorded the call. Because it is as you say a fractured management system with no real head its up to that employee to pass the message on to the appropriate department and for the trust to respond, if the trust makes it difficult for her to contact heads of department (which they definitely do for obvious reasons) its still the hospitals problem if they dont acknowledge or try to pretend they didn’t get the serving of liability the lady in the vid has the recordinof it being served and its likely that employee will be first inder the bus if they fail to follow proper procedures and pass the message up. From a legal stand point the serving is valid and recorded how it pans out from here depends on the depth of the lady in the videos purse, she sure sounds like she has it but that could just be a telephone manner

    • I disagree and believe you not looking at the bigger picture. The more people do this,the more hospital staff will worry about what there doing.gosipping lots. More people should do this. there guilty conscience Will be to much to cope with.and they to will become whistle blower.

  4. The bit between her teeth, woman on a mission.
    The usual tight lipped response fear of loosing their jobs from the staff.

  5. Is this the moment! equivalent to Al Capone get done for tax evasion

  6. The truth will come out in the end. The British public are getting angry. Only this morning Andrew Lloyd Webber stated he was opening his theatres on June 21st and if the government didnt like it, they could arrest him. Richard Madeley on GMTV told the transport minister he was going to France and was prepared to quarntine, but the transport minister advised him against going even though the guidelines stated that he could go. So Richard Madeley got angry with hime and told him inno uncertain terms that he was an idiot. We are slowly, slowly pushing back

    • Colin, I believe both the mentioned celebs are part of the fraud. Gatekeepers! ALW has been recently pushing the jab as Hugo has highlighted. Madeley has been mildly objecting to parts of agenda whilst promoting the jab. He would not be allowed on air if he was a real objector.

      • Yes, well said Francis. It is a controlled environment, that way they control the narrative, all sides.

    • People are definitely waking up and getting angry. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but looking at the comments on the daily fail’s latest scaremongering 7500 cases just now – people are definitely blowing a gasket and are openly talking about trying and hanging Ferguson et al. I’ve seen some angry people before, but this now is on a whole new level of rage. The top is about to blow right off the pressure cooker. I don’t suppose we have a full moon coming up as well do we? That will really light the touchpaper.

      • Full Moon 24th June, shit!!!

      • We are actually at the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle. By my calculations the next Full Moon is due on 24th June.

      • I always look at the Satanic Ritual Agenda now, when anybody mentions a date. So – June 23rd – Midsummer’s Eve – Practice of Magic.

        Just wait until the next ritual day – July 1st – Demon Revels – Blood ritual and sex with demons!

      • Ooooh isn’t the next lockdown march sometime later in June? Could be fun. Also the alien report from the Pentagon is the 25th. Lucky coincidence if you want full lunacy response.

  7. Brilliant work from this wonderful journalist

    • Can we see the evidence showing that the labs were testing swab samples at 45 cycles?

  8. How many more hospitals and testing centres are committing medical fraud!!!

    • All of them! They are all following the same guidelines.

  9. Not sure about this, she could easily have found out who the CEO is.

    • Yes she could by looking it up online HOWEVER she has now got a recording of the conversation which, as Chris stated above, may count as serving a notice of liability in itself. This now cannot get mysteriously lost, put in the wrong in tray or get held up by the most pathetic excuse there is, Covid. This is a smokescreen for ineptitude and incompetence, which I call out every time someone tries to fob me off with it. There is a saying softly, softly catchee monkey, which in the Oxford Reference is listed as – Proverbial saying, early 20th century, advocating … guile as the best way to achieve an end.

  10. What a wonderful reporter this woman is. She is a hero! This woman should be in the House of Lords, wish her all the best with dealing with these people.
    I stand by her and the truth.

  11. This needs to be done to all hospitals in the UK, expose the corruption with in…The lady deserves a round of applause excellent well done..

  12. Good woman…now it remains to be seen if any of the staff come forward as whistleblowers or whether thry end up standing trial as fall guys for the govt.
    Things I’ve seen in the last few days and conversations I’ve had give me hope that maybe we can stop this.
    Although having said that with it looking like Fauci (not that he is by any stretch of the imagination innocent) is going to be used as the fall guy for the whole thing being manmade it makes me wonder if at thid point the powers that be think they’ve done all they need in terms of delopulation with the percebtage of people that have had the jab….the controlling the rest of us though I think they’ve overplayed thier hand and will find far more resistance than they expected because it seems thr masses have finally had enough

  13. That was so good to hear! Well done that journalist!

    • If you, like many of us are standing by your principles and not believing the lies, avoiding as much pressure as possible to conform to having β€˜the vax’ then you are BRAVE! Not all of us are suited to initiating confrontation. Just stay in a group of like-minded souls who can encourage each other, like this one!

      • Well said, people are brave in different ways. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

  14. God bless Kate Richards, she is courageous, a lioness!
    I’m glad she has called this a crime against humanity because I thought I was the only one saying it! To all my former colleagues, those still in the NHS, especially the nurses, PLEASE stand with this good lady! No job, not even nursing, is worth being complicit in such a grave and heinous crime!

  15. This woman is an absolute hero. You could feel the adrenaline pumping through her. And she was 100% correct with everything she said, and those swamp rats knew it, which is why the first one scurried off sharpish.

    I’ve just received a second letter ordering me to take the shot – set fire to it this time!

    • Hi Andyc044 😊

      Just thinking …..

      If you receive another letter, perhaps you could add your own response and impart a few truths throughout their notice.

      For example:
      Where they advise the “vaccine”, draw a line through the word and write beside/above it “experimental gene manipulation” (or “experimental biological agent”)

      “Experimental trials not completed until 2023”

      At the bottom of the page:
      “Nuremberg Code Trials 2.0”

      Post this ammended letter back to the NHS; the staff member who opens it will have been given some food for thought.

      Lisa 😊

      • Thanks Lisa

        There letter now, not my letter which i don’t accept is back in the post this morning.

        Hope what you said and what i have done others will do the same this is a other way of showing them we don’t want this jab.

        Let’s see what happen’s
        I will keep update if they will reply to me or threaten me.


      • Thank you, Darren πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

        The NHS staff will not be able to plead ignorance when this agenda is publicly exposed!!

        Cheers 😊

      • @Lisa and @Darren. Great information and action. I shall keep these comments so that I can correctly do the same if/when I receive letters too. It’s a doable proactive and informational approach!

  16. Fantastic! Let’s hope more will do the same!

      • So their actually committing fraud.
        And lying to the public.

      • Hey Andy, I looked and the reference to 45 x amplification is on p21. Thanks so much for posting this. I hope HUGO shows this document to his followers!! It is really a significant document as the inventor stated anything above 24-25 (?) amplification would lead to an increasingly false positive readout. So 45x seems absurd and makes the results meaningless. In addition I read that the inventor of the assay stated that the test was never designed or intended for individual clinical diagnosis… but rater for population studies. So on both counts (pardon the pun) the current PCR testing is inaccurate and irrelevant.

      • Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Can I just say though, how easy it is. LINER011 questioned this data. So, I typed in ‘PCR tests – 45 cycles’. I found the document in less than 5 minutes. We can all do this, all of the information is out there. People will come at you, trying to sound like a smart ass, trying to disprove you and label you a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Just check it out yourself and you’ll blow there arses away within 5 minutes. ‘It’s so easy’ as Guns N’ Roses once said.

    • The evidence has been well reported. LINERO11, Do you your research.

    • What shop did you actually believe her.

  17. Well done that lady … true warrior
    Let’s wake up all the sheep πŸ‘ and tell this tyrannical government to shove their lies and propaganda and start exposing these criminals… how dare they lie they are all greedy evil psychopaths.

  18. Actually it’s anything over 17 cycles that is totally useless and they do know that.

  19. These tests are not being used for COVID, it seems clear to me they are being used to gather your DNA and create a national DNA database. As she said repeating the PCR process 45 times means you pick up everything, PCR is used for creating copies of DNA. Unless they are using RT-PCR (converting RNA to DNA), they wouldn’t even pick up viral genetic matter, as COVID only contains RNA.

    The government is investing Β£ 37 million in genomics projects and in a recent speech at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) annual conference Matt Hancock said “the Genome UK strategy will receive Β£17 million including funding to explore public attitudes to, and the potential value of, newborn sequencing, contributing to the increase in data from ethnic minorities in genomics cohorts and data sets.”

    This plus the fact that the Test and Trace app contains a section of genetic data makes it clear what their intentions are.

    • Well said I would never thought it that way committing a crime and it is fraud on their actually lying to people.

    • KCR, so are they doing this to serve as a surveillance thing? IE, they have each person’s unique DNA, which they can then track and trace us 24/7?

      • It could be. I haven’t downloaded any of the apps but I remember Hugo mentioning in one of his videos about how the app has been expanded to include info about physical and mental health conditions, suspected criminal behaviour, genetic data etc.

        There were some adverts on Contracts Finder published by PHE back in April relating to exploring public attitudes to newborn whole genome sequencing (i.e. sequencing a baby’s entire genome)- (https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/711e4ba2-bfa1-461b-b404-56df79a0fd8c?origin=SearchResults&p=1) and there’s been a few others published for other whole genome sequencing projects.

        There are huge legal issues around data protection, potential discrimination and consent here which I’m not sure if they’ve considered e.g. if someone has a gene for a condition they could be denied access to life insurance, health insurance, mortgages, loans, job opportunities and promotions, at the very least. There’s also risks associated with hacking.

      • Thanks KCR. I’m suspicious of all of this, like we all, IE gut instinct. It needs to be avoided. Just like all life on earth knows instinctively what to do, we know to avoid this in our gut. It is not right. Whatever it is. If it is for our benefit, then they would be explaining it in minute detail constantly to us. Which they don’t, they lie, confuse, etc. It is an attack on us.

    • I’m really regretting doing an antibody test 6 months ago, gave my blood,πŸ˜”ffs.

  20. This isn’t going to work simply because she isn’t following the correct procedures. Seek some legal advice and do it properly and we can all stop this

  21. They don’t like it up ’em! I really hope that we do have Nuremberg style trials over this genocide with Tony Falci at the top of the list.

  22. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘we need more brave people like her. If people just stopped wearing masks everywhere, although a simple gesture, it would speak volumes to the government and dark forces behind. Unfortunately when I go into shops, restaurants etc I seem to be the only one not wearing one. I just want to scream at them! πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Kate is a national hero so brave, this what’s needed fight back against the nhs and there master’s
      Like my third letter writing to me again, i didn’t ask them to.
      Being return in post tomorrow.
      Check my comments what i writ in the letter on Andrew Lloyd Webber clip.

      Its been a long day

  23. Absolutely fantastic. Well done that journalist. NHS completely complicit.

  24. Respect to Kate for doing more than her bit. However I wish she’d just stuck to the point of her call – to ascertain the name and office of whom she wants to serve the notice. It’s not clear to me if she’s serving the liability on the trust, the university, the hospital or the CEO. It’s not clear she knows which herself as she was also accusing people much lower down the food chain which was after all, not the point of her call.

  25. Today I crunched some numbers regarding the clams of covid fatalities from January 1st to May 28th this year.
    The average deaths for England & Wales for the years 2015 – 2019 is approximately 196,000 per year.
    The deaths for the same period this year have been 205,000. This gives a figure of + 9000 or about a 4.7% increase.
    The government figures for Covid deaths for the same period is about 53,500 which would give around a 26% rise in deaths.
    These two figures do not add up. So either 44,000 people who would have normal died managed not to, or someone is lying.
    I got these stats using the ONS data and Coronavirus statistics from worldmeter if anyone else cares to check.

    • Thats great info, where did you get the average deaths for the years 2015-2016 from?

    • Dr Vernon Coleman did a video on brandnewtube revealing a similar thing : that the “pandemic” never existed, and proves it by using government’s own figures.

  26. I don’t agree with this. The women is speaking to people on the phone who are saying she is talking to the wrong department. She clearly isn’t listening to anyone or caring about acting professional. Also speaking over the phone won’t do anything. If there is anΕ· legal action I suggest you do it and then tell us what’s happened. Otherwise we have no way of knowing if this is correct.

    • Disagree, it will spread through the rank and file, hopefully making them think and its recorded, which is proof under common law.

  27. I hope the lady goes through with what she is threatening and I hope she finds some backers. Our leaders must face Nuremberg style trials. I hope today is the day that the scamdemic starts to come to an end.

    • Unfortunately, they’ll keep it going until the wheels come off, then it will morph into a ‘climate crisis’. With the same measures in place.

  28. It takes courage to do what she did. Let’s hope many more follow her example. This huge mansion of cards needs to topple now.

  29. Do we have hard evidence of the PCR test cycling up details? If so it can be cited in court versus the guideline PCR up cycling to get a proper test.

  30. She’s a very courageous and decent woman who’s fighting for the truth and finally we’re going to get it everyone should be behind her they’ve committed mass fraud world wide and they should pay for it and I believe they will thank god for people like her and many others like Hugo talks another amazing patriot Steve b πŸ‘

  31. Superb! Great to see/hear someone telling them like it is. Well done!!!

  32. The doctors and nurses know the tests are fraudulent and they are complicit in a mass genocide! They have to blow the whistle or face trial at Nuremberg 2!

    • Hi David, I’m not sure if it can be proved that the Drs & Nurses know that these tests are not valid (either as a clinical disgnostic test or the methodology of amplification). I’m no legal guy but i’m thinking that this proof will be the critical point in any court case.

      • But we all know they are and we’re not Dr’s or Nurses. It sounds to me, that if they did go to court, their case would be about proving their ignorance of the validity of these tests, just following ‘NHS guidelines’, or in other words, like Kate Richards said,: “I was just following orders, honest.” – Which is not an excuse in a court of law.

  33. I called this out after the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’. I have been doing so ever since, but now I’m done with it all. I’m prepped up to the eyeballs so I’m going to crack open a few cans over the next six months and just watch this shit show fully reveal itself. Wait until those that have been jabbed find out their grannies were murdered last year…..then the fun begins.

  34. This is getting messy – this whole pandemic thing! I expect a lot of hospitals are doing things wrong and covering it up! If I was more legally minded, I think I’d try this at my local hospital and the hospital trust/board!
    I did feel for the woman at the other end – she got both barrels! Then again if they are falsifying figures then someone should be liable!

  35. All together now: “We don’t know what you’re talking about. We shall send you to to someone who does. Have a nice day.”

  36. Every real journalist and human rights lawyer should be doing stuff like this every day.

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