Woman CALLS NHS and SERVES NOTICE OF LIABILITY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Elena, yes in the ideal world we the public should demand investigations and enquiries. But in reality they are taking orders from others who have more power and give them orders to follow.
      So you’re right about by elite in the background.

      Let’s say there was a enquiry. This would take years and a ton of tax payers money to prove what we here know for free.
      Remember… Caps lock!

      • I agree totally with your comments.

      • so what do we do? wait to be killed?? we are the Power!

  2. German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is leading The Corona Committee Nuremberg 2 investigation into the lies told around the world. Hundreds of lawyers from around the world and witness testimonies from many hundreds of scientists, doctors, big pharma and others, who have been silenced by MSM, are part of a class action lawsuit that will be looking to stop the agenda and then claim damages for the horrifying results these crimes against humanity have caused. (Including genocide.)
    There are other separate lawsuits ongoing in other countries, also, like Riener Feullmich’s team, focusing on the fraudulent use of the PCR tests whose 97% false positive results have fueled the lockdowns and all the other draconian restrictions.
    Dr Mike Yeadon, ex Pfizer vice president has also been silenced and has given expert witness testimony. His conclusions as to what is happening are shocking.
    This was tried in 2009/10 with Swine flu, but was stopped before it got too out of hand. (Still loss of life though.) MSM has been bought and so reports none of this. They are just as complicit and must be held accountable. WE must stop this, whatever it takes. Thank you Hugo, and all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • Thank god someone is actually doing something this is brilliant thanks for sharing this info Wendy.

      • Fair play. It’s about time this happened. Apparently if you wipe the PCR test on your dog’s behind it will still come back positive.

    • This is a UK Lawyer that is working as part of the international effort alongside Reiner Fuellmich, lots of useful information on the site.

    • Yes! I have been telling people about this covid conspiracy for like a year now and hardly anyone believes me. I heard somewhere that when the vaccine is given mRNA(messenger ribonucleic acid)is inserted into your blood stream which can affect the electrical transmissions in the neurones in your brain. They then hook this up to 5G control towers at a certain frequency to alter your brain function-i.e mind control. This sounds hard to believe, but with todays technology idk. Scientists have already discovered genetic engineering, artificial engineering, etc…even the food we eat today are GM crops(genetically modified) so who knows…One thing I know is that I am NEVER getting that vaccine.

      • @Lilluy, I’ve heard this information from different sources too! In my opinion, just outrightly disbelieving such a “probable possibility” in this advanced technological era, especially considering all that has been successfully manipulated and managed globally to-date, seems to me to leave every individual in a vulnerable position. I think it is wiser to act as though this has/could happen and you can protect yourself and others by not mass marching into a considered manipulative disaster that you then find that you cannot backpeddle out of!
        So just continue to share this information wherever you can. You may just possibly save others taking the wrong step forward!

    • Let’s hope we are going to stop all this, and get back to living again. Hopefully with a lot of people in court and prison, for trying to take over the world. They are no better than Hitler.

  3. Wow what a cool woman, well done 👍

    find this new recording on bit chute

  5. Thankyou ,you brave woman .Gives us hope that the truth is slowly unravelling

  6. Loved this vid ..thanks for sharing Hugo ..Hope all these heartless bastards get what’s coming.

  7. Thank you Hugo …for providing a platform and a voice of reason in a sea of insanity!

    OK …so is Kate Richards our Erin Brockovich? I hope so!

    How about we crowdfund her and get some proper legal representation to support her effort? Lets get serious, it’ll be the only way to get change and stop this madness.

    Large corporations don’t care about humanity, their health, the environment or the planet …despite all claims to the contrary, all they care about is the bottom line $£$£$£$

    Pacific Gas & Electric: contaminating drinking water with hexavalent chromium.

    DuPont: dumping the toxic chemical C8 (a by product of Teflon) into local waterways, where it made its way into public drinking water and subsequently sickened thousands of people, and ultimately killing many of them. Subsequently circling the globe and now in all of us!

    Monsanto: developed ethoxyquin as a pesticide in the 1950s, is now used as an antioxidant additive to food, but found to cause numerous types of cancer. Particularly prevalent in animal feeds.

    I could go on, but you get the picture …..just who the hell do they think they are?

    Now Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson are operating in exactly the same way …economy with the truth and scrabbling to get it out there before the sh*t hits the fan, as Biden announces US will buy 500 million Pfizer doses to jab the World. Incredibly the NHS is simply out of control …and now does not operate in a way that is accountable or has our good long term health as it’s focus.

    A typical vaccine safety trial lasts a MINIMUM of 2 years.
    Pfizer and Moderna have ENDED their safety trials after only 7 months by allowing placebo recipients to receive the vaccine.
    This eliminates all possibilities of capturing long-term adverse effects.

    The UK Government and MSM is complicit in suppressing all adverse commentary under the guise of removing ‘misleading’ information.

    Given what we now know about the unequivocal number of deaths and adverse side effects …anyone who openly promotes continuing such a programme is in serious violation of the NUREMBERG CODE Ethical Guidline

    #5 No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability.
    #10 The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur.

  8. Good for her!
    But I don’t think she understands what a Notice of Liability (NOL) is.
    You don’t ‘go to court’ with an NOL. That’s the beauty of it. As we know they run the courts & we would never get justice there.
    See this link about NOLs – https://www.inpowermovement.com/faq

  9. Fantastic woman. Absolutely amazing.
    I had to laugh at how that guy was happy to be the right person to speak to her, then panicked and backtracked when she started getting serious.
    “nothing to do with us, guv….”

  10. got to be street wise in these times and stay strong minded. be happy and confident and all this shit starts to dissolve, look within and stay happy within yourself and true to yourself., you tend to forget what’s going on when your in this state of mind. don’t consume to much of it because it will keep putting you down. fear is a liar.

  11. She’s right. All the NHS workers. etc,will be held liable for keeping quiet……..

  12. What is the purpose of this drama
    are the NHS going to stop killing people now?

    This is self serving self publication sort of thing Anna Brees might do 😴

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