NEW MEXICAN VARIANT! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • By next winter, newspapers will be running competitions with the winner getting to name the next variant. I believe the virus had mutated some 20,000 times in its journey around the world. Not that uncorrupted scientists were surprise as mutating is what viruses do, apparently.

  1. Ay carumba! I wish I had a universal credit for every one of these mutants! LOL! It’s getting so silly we have to laugh – although mine is now either maniacal or hysterical. I have shared so many of your posts to F/B – nothing. Not one response. Not even a negative. I guess people will just ignore. Keep up the good work young fella.

    • That is so true. I used to post these videos to my FB feed. No one seems to care. I had one particular so called FB friend. Started mocking me for posting videos saying I must be more intelligent than the SAGE scientists and so on. I was trying to make a discussion, he just wanted to insult me. In the end I decided to ban him and removed a good 3/4 of people from my friends list. Only use FB for my family and people I actually bother with in real life.

      • I quit FB years ago. Found it absolutely toxic, soul destroying. Felt better instantly.

      • I have to pity them – they are victims really. Very sad. But I think it is now past the point of no return for them. I don’t know how their minds can be undone – too late for those already part of the trials.

  2. The whole thing is just ridiculous on the face of it. I remember Jordan Maxwell would always say: “You’ve lost your freedom, your country, your job, your house, your car, the only thing left to lose is your MIND, and they’re working on it!” And it’s true. You just end up shaking your head in bewilderment as to how ANYBODY with even half a brain cell could believe any of this stuff.

  3. Hold the phone!
    Wasn’t there a Mexican variant last year too?

  4. Imagine waking up in the morning and realising you’re Mexican
    – Richard Hammond

    • LOL. “Imagine waking up in the morning and realising you’re Matt Hancock.” – Me.

  5. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ›๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

  6. Queer Starer starmer iS now supporting the UK to lead in the Worldwide VAX target!

    • Has anybody noticed all of this ‘Global Britain’ bollocks being spewed out at the moment? From this G7 thing.

  7. Once you realize that covid is a hoax, everything else makes sense. These scare tactics to frighten more and more to be jabbed are disgusting and disgraceful. The people behind all this (we know who they are) should be given life imprisonment.

    • You are too kind to them – I just deleted my wishes for them – I quite surprised/shocked at my own evil thoughts! But I wouldn’t want to have to pay for their board and lodgings for sure!

    • Never mind prison, hang the cunts for their deception!

  8. Variants we donโ€™t need no stinking variants!!

  9. This could spark a Mexican wave……Did you get it? Haha, a Mexican wave……..

    • LOL. Nice one, I completely forgot about the ‘Mexican Wave’, all the rage in the ’80’s and ’90’s.

      • Yeah, and you had to shout ‘whoooa’ and time your standing up and waving arms to perfection! Haha.

  10. I shared the CBBS obe on fb and so far they haven’t taken it down and otgers have shared it too.
    As for the variants the convience of thier timing seems to be being noticed by more people

  11. Spain is waiting for the Shakira-Colombian variant. Or maybe it’s there already. Check channel 24 horas for more info

    • It’ll be an Argentinian one next, transmitted though tins of corned beef. Or maybe a Chilean one, transmitted through tins of Fray Bentos pies.

  12. Well Done Hugo โ€œ very well presented โ€œ had me chuckling away โ€œ
    This is getting absolutely ridiculous โ€œ with this sideshow of variants, concocted up every day โ€œproves that this whole thing is a โ€œFarce โ€œ

    • Trouble is, Zorro’s mask covers his eyes, not his, quote: “nose and mouth, at all times, unless you are exempt!”

  13. No such thing… I have good friends in Mexico and this is not true. In Ukraine, their new say that in London, bodies are piling up and they are warning against the British variant… see the pattern?

    • LOL. What an absolute charade it is. Who would want to be a ‘politician’, or a media pimp? Who would want to do this stuff for a living? Who are these people?

  14. I think even the ๐Ÿ are stating to wake up to the โ€œjust eatโ€ variants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  15. The speedy gone ales variant ffs… Super fast super speader

  16. Can we do a crowd fund to sue the BBC and that twat woman for misleading information and criminal negligence? Seems a very strong case to me.

    • Great idea. Everybody cancel their TV licence (or those who already have) and put that same amount into a crowd fund to sue them. It would obliterate them.

  17. Rumour has it the Hey Jimmy variant has just been announced by wee krankie

    • That particular variant will be the most vile, destructive of all, unknown in human history. The Vatican archives will not be able to come up with any ancient literature in any way comparable. A Sturgeon variant would signal the end of the human race, quite possibly the Universe itself.

  18. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any spicer, they’ve added another one to the menu.

  19. Hugo, I really like it when you take the Mick out of the make believe pandemic.

  20. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ love the intro music ๐ŸŽถ

    O Ffs they lost the plot

    Thank you Hugo


  21. A new variant is no surprise. Handjob and Johnson must be laughing when they release this news. I hear it but don’t listen. Only the brainwashed and foolish are concerned about this.

  22. I’m waiting for the blow job variant, I’ll drop my pants in no time…….

  23. I think they will really drive the fear home by saying there is now an IRA variant, people will run for the hills lol

    Jokes of course

  24. WTF… this shit is just getting ridiculous now ..I really don’t know how they keep a straight face when they report this bollocks. How are people still falling for this nonsense??

  25. What do we call the variant when it starts in the state of New Mexico? The New New Mexico variant.

  26. This just confirms that the government are scrolling through the JUST EAT app and naming the variants after food.

  27. All variants of the same WEF-NWO variant.
    Suppose they will will try and push a new injection for each variant to ensure continued pharma shareholder investment profitablity.

    • Depopulation VAX!

      Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to Franรงois Mitterrand wrote this:
      “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
      Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
      We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
      Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
      We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
      We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
      The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

      [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
      Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.

      • Anthony, you post this fear-mongering fake quote on every, single. post. As you have admitted on a previous post Jacques Attali DID NOT say this. But instead of acknowledging that you ramp up the fear-mongering by headlining the fake quote with ‘DEPOPULATION VAX’. Are you seriously suggesting that these covid ‘vax-ceens’ have the express intent in killing off the entire population of the UK, Europe, the World? That would be such an enormity of a crime that would pale the crimes of Stalin, Hitler, Johnson… into insignificance. Think about what you are saying. And as always you give no rationale, mechanism, time-frame for the accomplishment of this ‘genocide’. I look around, and as yet I do not see the bodies piling up. I am calling fear-mongering guff on this. Saying that, I am still not taking this ‘vax-ceen’ unless I am forced or I am left with no other choice.

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