Andrew Lloyd Webber 不 OUR NEW FREEDOM FIGHTER 不 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hugo Talks. You are a legend. Thanks for all your hard work. If anybody is struggling with comments its easiest to download the WordPress application from the app store.

    • Fantastic Hugo. Look forward to your vids daily. Honestly your doing a marvellous job bud. Thanks for all your information and hard work.

  2. Andrew Lloyd-Webber – the man with the inside-out face

  3. Beware of that Baphomet sign Lloyd Webber is doing……

    • Absolutely couldn’t help but notice the fan of Satan… these actors and actresses how they love the head of horns!

    • exactly another devil worshipper don:t trust him ..

    • Let’s wait to see if he is true to his word. We need all the friends we can get, jabbed or not jabbed.

      • Preferably not JABBED, the ones who are, are the idiots dragging us all to hell.

      • He’s a luciferian shill just playing the gallery. The bloody drama queen couldn’t recognise the truth if he fell over it in broad daylight.

  4. Just up Lloyd Webber’s street!
    It’s all Theatrics!
    He just wants money from the Government to stay closed!
    He’s certainly not a man of the people!
    You hit the nail on the head, when you said he’s one of the establishment!

  5. What a load of toss. He is a freemason and he worships Satan. Just look at the devils horns he is flipping off. Its nothing more than a ploy and showmanship to promote himself. Come near me and I’ll tie you in a human knot. Get out of that one you moron.

  6. Cheers Hugo. Thanks for all your hard work. Anybody else struggling to make comments?

  7. Good for him. Frankly all thinking people & breathing business persons in the UK should ignore this rotten & despicable government and get on with our lives, now! Enough of this Covid crime.

  8. That woman is amazing! I watche your video of her as soon as I gt the email about it

  9. The Gov will chuck some cash at him and he’ll quieten down, that woman fighting for everyone is truly amazing.

  10. Hmmm …. see by the hand gesture he is in the ‘special’ club …. Sanctimonious Twit !!

  11. Just another establishment wizened old crone who has made to much out of to little for to long.

    • Listen to this. I remember seeing a documentary about him on TV about 10-15 years ago, talking about his art collection. He said he liked these oil paintings of northern mill towns in England, but they were undervalued. So when he was FIFTEEN, he bought one for 瞿50. He said, it was “now worth 瞿1million!” I mean, how normal is this? It sounds like inside information to me.

      • Wow, I have a few ‘matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs’ paintings but someone called L.S. Lowry hanging in my hallway. I must have picked them up at a car boot sale for a couple of quid. Wow, I wonder if they are worth anything

      • I grew up 50 yards from Lowry’s house on Station Road. An Irish family had moved in. We used to always ask them whether they had found any of his paintings. They hadn’t. So, all of his paintings, was my environment basically. And Ben Kingsley lived a few doors down from him. Small world.

      • LOL. I always say it. You name it. I’ve got a story about it.

  12. Apparently, when you are knighted, made a ‘Sir’, you are above the law. It’s what Jimmy Saville said: “I was relieved when I was knighted because it got me off the hook.” Also, when they do the ceremony with the sword, touch the left shoulder, over the head, then tough the right – it is symbolic. You agree to serve the Queen, and if you don’t, the sword will go through your neck and cut your head off. So on that basis, that’ll be why they all do as they’re told. It’s a serious contract.

  13. Cheers Hugo

    He a strange man for sure

    The lady on phone ,Kate.. brilliant

    Have great evening to All

    • A Nasty individual who should pay.
      I have had third letter today saying We writing to you again. Vaccine

      Well this will return in the post tomorrow, as I’ve written the following thing in marker pen.
      Do not write to me again
      These will be ignore

      Stuff your vaccine
      Still in experiment to 2023
      Causing blood clots & deaths, strokes i could go on.

      I am healthy not having this in my BODY not owned by the government.

      No to vaccine passports

      Anti Vaxxer.

      Lets see what happen’s probably call the police on me for free speech

      • I had a second letter today, I set fire to it.

      • Good on you we should all do it send it back to satanic scum bags

      • Actually, well done, Darren

        Consider that the letter will pass through a few hands while en route back to the sender. Perhaps the aspect of “in trials until 2023” will be a red flag for a postal service employee(s) who handles it, giving them a fact to second guess a potential decision to receive the “vaccine”.
        Every action that we can take, whether small or large, can affect a positive outcome for another individual.

  14. Also, you remember him with those huge bags under the eyes, which he’s had surgically removed. I’ve heard it stated that when a man engages in sodomy, they develop these bags under the eyes. I don’t know, how else do you explain it?

    • Well I can categorically tell you Andy ,I have never engaged in sodomy and I have some luggage under my eyes caused by working too much lack of sleep ,gravity and old age , sadly I dont have the cash to fund surgery or indeed the inclination to do so.

    • Hello there Andy, I have bags under my eyes, and I am a female, Crikey!!

  15. It definitely stinks, he’s probably doing a Hitchens. Attract attention then sheepherd and influence people into using The NHS app for the sake of ‘Show Business.’ Before going into a 3 week coma from the Isle of Dogs variant.

  16. Well we all know who’s side he’s on the devil sign with his fingers. Total sell out don’t trust any of them

  17. 滕綾鳶

    Cooooooooome and try stop us if you dare.
    Weeeeeeee are going to open, come hell or high waaater.
    Youuuuuuuu will have to arrest usssssss.
    You filthy piggy bacon gestapo baaaaaasterrrds.

  18. The only thing that Andrew Loyd Webber is loss of Money . He is a shrill

  19. Was impressed until I heard he is only going to let the vaxxed in.

  20. Yeah, Im calling bullshit on this as the talentless baron is after publicity only. He didnt like the people slagging him off last week when he came out demonising us dirty unjabbed types… only last week! I mean, come on…

  21. Phantom of the Opera – tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it. You could never trust this Creature…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  22. I think his part in the clinical trial is done.

  23. That’s quite a collection of very ugly photographs…..I mean, even the ugliest of the ugliest has one photo where they don’t look so ugly…….poor bastard. I think I’ll go to London just to make a Citizen’s Arrest when the filth don’t show to arrest him….

  24. I’m sorry, but I trust no man who works for the establishment (and officially certified by them) who throws up them devil horn hands. Dude looks like a seriously effeminate powder puff who couldn’t break a fart if he tried.

    Jail time or no jail time, this cat just ain’t cool.


  26. Not sure why he needs to wait till the 25th June to reopen. Obviously he could have reopened months ago. In fact there was no need for him to close at all back in Mar 2020. As you said he isn’t doing this to defy the government as waiting till June to do it proves that. Why anyone would want to go to see an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is a little weird though. I have written better ones.

  27. Everyone knows the Convid scam does’nt enter theatres and Mason Lodges.
    Was “The Phantom of the Opera” an autobiography.

  28. Never commented before but I’m just on my first job for 15 months self employed had no help from government as self employed contractor 12 of us on job I’m only one not vaccinated and only one that doesn’t wear a mask told them I had angina guys I work with said they didn’t want to take jab but needed the work this is pressure people under wrong wrong wrong one of them 45 years old is partly deaf now how do we stop this shit

  29. This is the way.
    Goad the masses into civil disobedience.
    To be brought down by the establishment.
    Civil disobedience will result eventually to violence.
    To be met with violence. By those supposedly sworn to uphold the law of the land.
    When this obviously results in media spun deaths of those undermanned and underfunded, regardless of deaths and injury to the people of freedom, thats when the next deployment will occur.
    Armed forces.
    On the street to overthrow the decent.
    Not until then can true oppression happen.
    The men and women sworn to protect the crown will be turned against the very citizens they believe they protect.
    To then be bolstered in numbers by the UN.
    That is where this is heading.
    Overthrow the the spirituality free by force.
    Heralding complete control and dominion of individual thoughts and actions.
    A brief look at past history shows how easy it is.
    Learn from this history.
    From simple actions like graffiti, to a more coordinated response.
    This is the way to overthrow.
    Take up this simple icon.
    The question mark.
    Let it be the mark of resistance.
    The mark of the free whom question the lies.
    The mark of resistance.
    Will you resist?


  30. Che Guevara wasn’t much of a hero either, in fact he was a murdering bastard who shot Women & Children in cold blood, there’s even video footage of him doing just that. As for Webber, he’s a chinless slobbering twat who should just bugger off.

    • So I suppose you are infering it is OK to shoot Men in cold blood? Nothing like some sexism from our resident Mangina to wash down with my morning Waffle

      • Nope, I didn’t say it was right, I said he wasn’t the hero that people on the left think he was, he was a Grade A Scumbag.

  31. This will all have been scripted.
    The government need off the hook on live performances & have gone to Webber to ask him to help.
    Nothing in this realm happens ad hoc.

  32. Is this the same Lord Andrew-Webber who flew across the Atlantic and back to New York in his private jet to vote for cuts to tax credits

  33. The revolution will not be televised, but apparently will be fabulous.

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