Netflix’s Very ODD Sweet Tooth Front Page ADVERT / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. The Greek Goddess of Illusion is called Medea.
    Any coincidence that, ‘News ‘ is also called Media?

    • Good point. Apparently, the word NEWS means North, East, West and South, which makes sense I suppose. But you’re right. A lot of words used in this way are from Ancient Greece and are very often not what we think. I always think of Utopia – from Greek meaning no – place.

    • Nothing seems impossible now, The Devil seems very much in charge of this planet.

  2. Is this the beginning of the Alien Invasion agenda spoken about a couple of days ago.Hybrids?

  3. Good work – they are really pushing it into the MainStream. even though we have known they have been cloning for many years now!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. maybe the vaccine as something to do it, guess we will find out later, soon as we find out what’s in the vaccine and what’s its really doing inside the body the closer we get to the truth. someone needs to get a sample and get it under a microscope which i think is impossible to get a sample. vaccine might mutate people later along the line. very suspicious. messing with genetics.

  5. I’m glad you brought this up Hugo, is there a another aggravating factor about this family? What ideology they follow maybe?

    • These people are not hiding their evil agenda

      • These people are always jews, but most of the gentiles who they consider lesser than dogs and only exist to serve them, are too cowardly to name them. Just like Hugo talks sadly, because i like his work.

      • @Jeroen You need to be a little more specific when you say the Jews. There are real Jews as defined in the Bible and there are the adoptive Jews who are originally Kazarian Mafia. They adopted Jewery back somewhere between 900 and 1000AD. These are the ones that are causing all the trouble. Around that time they were defeated by Russia for their depredations on the surrounding nations. The high ranking members of that nation fled with their wealth and became the Azkenarian Jews moving across Europe. The same people are the forebears of the Rothchild’s and other such families. These are a people that do not forgive and forget. They hold onto slurs for centuries and pay back those slights onto the nations that offend them. The same people are the founders of communism. Do some research into this and you might be surprised at how much they have distorted history and what you think you know as fact is in fact fiction. Example; did Hitler really gas 6,000,000 Jews? Find out where that comes from and then you will understand how they distort facts turning them into a story to suit their agenda. Domination and control of every man, woman and child on this earth.
        I would put some links in to get you started. For some reason its not allowing links for me at this time.

      • Yes, Greg’s spot on with his analysis. The Ashkenazi’s run the show and are hardcore racists. They’re light skinned and despise the darker skinned Sephardic Jews, and disprove of marrying with them. And so, as they adopted Jewery a 1000 years ago, they have absolutely no claim to Israel whatsoever. Italians have more of a claim to England than they do to Israel because at least they lived here for 100’s of years.

    • @greg Exactly, these gangsters hide behind masks. Less so these days which is worrying. The Talmud does have a lot to answer for though, as you pointed out, how far does the deception go? Our history is a total lie.

      • My take on this is a gut instinct one really. Apparently, this place, this area – Israel/Palestine is the most important trade route in the world. Remember that massive tanker ship stranded a few months ago that affected the whole world? I’ve seen that they want to build a new port closer to Israel and control that. And it goes back to when Jesus was a lad. His uncle was Joseph of Arimathea, a tin trader, who would buy tin off Cornish Tin Miners in England and sell it throughout Europe. So, my take it on it really is, how the mafia would say: “It’s just business.”

      • Hi @Rick Gangsters is putting it mildly. Love the holding back 🙂 As for the Talmud there are two versions, the original as used by the descendants of Abraham and the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian version is the worrying one in terms of the ethos that is put forward. For example, there is a book called the Book of Jubilees which puts forward the Noahide laws. These laws are the ones brought into play under the 1991 Education Day Act in the USA.
        Now do some research on FEMA and smart guillotines as built by Chanel (what the heck is a perfume company doing building guillotines). Then check out the 1st law in the Noahide. Idolatry = beheading. Check Revelation chap 20 verse 4. Under the Noahide laws they will be promoting worship of Jesus Christ as Idolatry. So tell me apart from children, who are they really after? Why are those people so dangerous to them? Then ask yourself, would you rather lose your head for The Almighty and have eternal life or reside in hell with these miscreants? It’s a stark choice that one day soon you may have to make.
        Next you have to ask why they are so interested in children? Why would they want to take them from an early age and teach them? What is so special about children that they want to damage them from an early age?
        Again you need to do some digging into the Kazarian Mafia to understand why the Nations around them despised them so much. There is a clue in the info on the two versions of the Talmud.
        There is so much more I could write about all of this. However, it would not be good to overwhelm anyone with it all.

      • This deception goes back three thousand years, so it’s not solely the Ashkenazi fake Jews but also sephardic Jews. When you read their old testament ( torah) it’s clearly an ultra extreme supramist book that teaches that the jews are God’s chosen and that non jews are on earth to serve them and that the jews must conquer the world especially : by raising interest on lendings wich was forbidden for christians and muslims, and waging wars ( also spiritual) through deception.
        The Babylonian talmud and the (lurianic) kabbalah are even worse.

      • To all! I could go on about this with you guys for a long time! These people have clearly been around for 1000s of years. Their scripture predates the (fake?) Jewish mafia by centuries if not more as Jeroen stated and as you said Greg anyone that has challenged them is in one way or another destroyed and slandered forever. Nothing is forgotten. I also agree Andy that these people are the gangsters at the top of the pile that rule through fear, intimidation, deception and extreme violence/force when necessary. They operate as any criminal gang would. I have chosen my side Greg, I am not going to bend or break to any of it. Regardless of the possible outcomes. What choice do we have? submit to them and consent to live in hell on earth or go out fighting. I think everyone needs to think about what they will be remembered as after death, my greatest fear is as a coward. hopefully this link shares to my channel if not its TheCrusader001 on bitchute. My views on most things are clear there.

      • @ Rick Interesting that you linked Europa; The Last Battle. Recently watched the whole 12 hr video. Been looking for the follow on that’s mentioned. Any idea where that can be found please?
        What most don’t realise is the danger the Freemasons present. For those under level 30 they are people that have been duped and have no idea what they have gotten into. Many believe they are Christians and attend churches regularly. It all follows the twisted deception that Adam Weishaupt started back in 1776 when the Illuminati were first set up in Germany under another name. The plan he wrote at that time is the earliest version that I have found which relates to the later versions which culminate in the Agenda’s 21, 30 and so on the WEF website. The freemasons don’t even realise they are and have been a major part of the agenda. For the most part they are not able to accept they are in a Satanic cult. There are freemasons in every town and city throughout the world and you can find their lodges in almost all of them. They have been spying on everyone for a long time. It would not surprise me to find small enclaves in even the smallest of villages as well. Even in my village which is only about 300 people.
        Something that I find amusing is that the richest will fall to these people in the end, they will own nothing and be happy. So kiss your billions, your fancy yachts, richly decorated houses and stashes of gold, silver and jewels goodbye you puppets.
        There is only room for 300 at the top.

  6. I think they’re telling us what they’re up to I just saw this on Netflix and the first thing that comes to my mind is that these rulers of darkness of this world know exactly what they’re doing to keep us in FEAR 😱 so that they can control our minds

  7. Obviously silent phychology to operate on many levels, the reason I got rid of the TV many years ago, not that I every used it anyway. It’s all propaganda,, every last programe is programing,, why do you thing they are called programs?

    • Many people such as those queuing for their jibjab in your last video will actually believe this is reality. This is what happens when your diet of Facebook twatter, xfactor and east Enders is your only source of misinformation.

  8. Hugo, I didnt recieve an email notification for the this video or the previous one. Usially I do.

  9. Could be suggesting that humans are no more than animals

    • That’s what the ‘elite’s’ think of us, they even have a word – chattle – human cattle. The definition of chattel slavery is a “civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another.”

  10. Always remember…

    Knowledge is not power..

    Knowledge is wisdom…

  11. I know with looking into extraterrestrial material, there is a few topics on alien hybrids. Once again though, explaining this to the non believers an what not is like wasting air. Could be a hint for the public but replacing aliens with animals to ease it in gently. People really need to get on board with this topic as it’s really been the main subject of the governments behind the scenes. If your a non believer why not start with operations high jump! This was denied for years yet new evidence has surfaced.

  12. Doesn’t surprise me, most of these people worship the Baphomet or other Satanic beings, they believe in transhuman and transgenda. They are seriously sick people….

    • Maybe the maker of this video is also a limited hangout. The space alien threat is one of the hoaxes of the ones we are not allowed to critisize: the so called God’s chosen ones.

  13. I had Netflix for a little while I wasn’t long getting rid of it when I saw all the crap that they put on it. A person would want to have nothing else going on in their lives and be absolutely braindead to watch anything on it let alone pay for it.

  14. Yes, this must be as bout vaccines. Maybe they are turning humans into synthetic beings. If they don’t become sterile maybe their vaccinated babies will be hybrids. On a slightly delayed point, I loved a show called invasion made in 2005 but it got cancelled after one series. The people in that series were being turned into hybrids by these aliens in the water. Decent show. Maybe they’ve been trying to subconsciously put these ideas in our heads for ages. I’m suspicious of all forms of media now.

    • Lewis, I remember watching that. I was telling my sister about it a few days ago. It ended with the people on a plane and the plane door opened above the sea where the creatures lived. Then they pulled the plug on the series all of a sudden.🙏

    • You can download all the crap on Netflix for free anyway, and even then I can’t be bothered watching it. There is no way on God’s Earth that I would pay for it – Netflix, that is 😀

  15. was not that the main topic of that artist that Podesta and Killary like and support? this is what satanists have been working on!

  16. Hi Hugo,

    Not sure if you’ve heard about Shadow and Bone, which Netflix released about a month ago. It’s based on the book series by Leigh Bardugo, who was a member of the wolf’s head secret society at Yale. The protagonist, Alina, is literally a sun summoner ( remember lucifer= light bearer).

    In one of the scenes on the show, the darkling (the antagonist) uses magic to weld deer antlers into Alina’s collarbone, as this will amplify her sun summoning capabilities. This is different from the scene in the book where she is forced to wear the antlers as a necklace. The darkling wants to use the Alina’s sun summoning powers to gain control over the demons which inhabit “the Fold” (basically hell).

    Not sure what to make of this whole Sweet Tooth thing in light of how they changed the above scene in Shadow and Bone. Yet again another case of deer antlers being welded into a person’s body…

  17. Bernays is a fascinating character, I have loads of books on him. Why do you think bacon as a good breakfast, or breakfast is the most important meal of the day? – Bernays; Why did women start smoking? – Bernays; Why do people defer their own common sense to liars in white coats from grandiose sounding institutions? – Bernays; – You could go on and on. You can download one of his books in digital form for free, it’s called Crystallising Public Opion, and is basically a how to propaganda book – read that, you’ll see a lot of the same stuff in there that you’re seeing now.

    • And just in case anyone is wondering a woman smoking represents her sucking on a penis 😀 Wasn’t Bernays (the grandson of the famous psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud) a clever chap 😀 Talking of bacon George Orwell’s (Eric Blair) first job was at the BBC – convincing housewives that offal was good for them 😀

  18. I found these books quite interesting, all from Lucis Trust, the United Nations top consultants…

    Esoteric psychology vol. 1

    “Five volumes have been written under the overall title of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, based on the fact, the nature, the quality and the interrelationship of the seven streams of energy pervading our solar system, our planet and all that lives and moves within its orbit. These two volumes go extensively into the psychological make-up of a human being as the life, quality and appearance of an incarnating, evolving spiritual entity. They also relate the circumstance of a human psychology to world conditions and to future possibilities.”

    From intellect to intuition

    “ The development of the intellect, while necessary, is a means to an end. The intellect should become a means of penetrating into new dimensions of thought and consciousness, and of awakening the intuitive faculty of “pure reason”. Through occult meditation the gap is bridged between the threefold mind and the intuition.”

    Initiation: Human and Solar

    “ An initiation is an expansion of consciousness, leading to revelation and illumination. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, great and small. The work of the planetary Hierarchy, in its many stages of Mastership, is outlined in this book, and the Fourteen Rules are given by which the neophyte may become an Applicant at the Portal of Initiation.”

    A treatise on white magic

    “ This book contains the Fifteen Rules for Magic (for soul control)–the soul, the white Magician, becoming manifest through its own inherent “magical” powers. The human being is essentially and inherently divine. The soul is the means whereby mankind evolves a consciousness of divinity, redeems gross matter and liberates the pure flame of spirit from the limitation of form.”

    Make of them what you will.

    • Apparently David Icke is a ‘white magician’. That was written by a guy called Christopher Story in his book ‘The New Underworld Order’ 21 years ago. Now, just read that quote about white magic – doesn’t that sound exactly like David Icke speaking – to a tee!

  19. In Atlantis they were doing these hybrid experiments and worse. Then the end came and everything went under water. They are still doing experiments down in the earth where they are doing nasty things to children and adults. These places are being cleared up and closed down by the military. Trump has been working on this since he came into power. These evil scum are finnished and are fighting back, they are sore losers.

  20. I think there must be a special part of hell reserved for Satanists like these!

  21. There’s nothing new under the Sun” the earth was full of these Hybrid abominations during the days of Noah” and why God flooded the earth with all this overwhelming wickedness “ it’s satanic “ it’s wicked “ and their trying to revamp it back into our minds as acceptable “
    It’s a disgusting abhorrence “

  22. Interesting that you mention Edward Bernays, apparently he was responsible for coining the phrase ‘public relations’ to replace propaganda. The link here is to James Delingpole’s website. Go to his interview with author and photographer, Laura Dodsworth, she has written a book called State of Fear – about the psychological campaign behind Britain’s Covid tyranny and mentions Bernays. The interview is a fascinating insight into the government’s use of mind games and careful language to coerce us to do their bidding. There is a long and distracting preamble, but once the interview starts it is totally gripping.

  23. They have to tell us what they are doing. It’s part of there occoultic beliefs, those who ” say they are jos and are not..but do lie and belong to the synagogue of satan’

  24. Saw that featured in the Alex Jones show. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  25. This film sounds just like something out of The Book of Enoch, which used to be canon (in the original Bible scriptures) before it was left out when King James commissioned the King James Bible in 1604 which was completed and published seven years later in 1611 (the book of Enoch is still canon in the Ethiopian church). In this book Enoch tells the story of the watchers (the angels who were given the job by God of watching over the earth/humankind) taking a fancy to the human women, and wanting to take them as their wives. They hatched a plan (about 300 of them) and taking the form of gods approached the men of earth and traded divine/heavenly secrets in exchange for access to their women. These angels then took these women as their wives and their hybrid offspring, named the ‘Nephilim’ were giants. These are the giants of myth and legend, but were actually real beings that existed in antiquity. In fact skeletons have been found over the centuries, with some being shown in The Smithsonian Museum until approx 100 years ago. Enoch also talks about how the fallen angels also corrupted the animals, creating hybrid creatures such as centaurs, minotaurs, mermaids and all types of mythological creatures. For rebelling against God, the fallen angels were banished from Heaven and sentenced to an eternity on earth and eventually to the lake of fire, so in anger they corrupted as much of God’s creation as they could by messing with the human and animal genome. That is why God flooded the earth in an attempt to destroy the abominations the fallen angels had created. The story is alluded to in Genesis 1:6, but the full account is in the book of Enoch. It caused such horror to the religious King James’ sensitivities that he ordered that the scriptures be rewritten without it or other books that were included in the original texts. I can give anyone links to some of the texts if you would like to read them. I have a copy if the original texts. It is an amazing book, with awesome insights. Enoch was called ‘the scribe’ because he was allegedly the first man to put language in written form.

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