1. I would like to know how I can report my dentist and the staff for ordering me to wear a mask – thank you

    • My dentist wears two! But he’s never ordered me to wear one as I am exempt. You can be exempt too.

    • Very sad how mentally crushed people are and are showing signs of extreme wear. August is going to be the beginning of horror and still more people defending their right to be culled without knowing. Many heads will roll in this next year

    • 2010 Equallity Act violation. And how can he look at your teeth if you are masked ? Consider Issueing him a personal liabilty notice.

    • Thank the Lord God Jesus Christ for people like Andy well done

    • Sue them no win no fee “FRY LAW”.Get apology and money compensation from them.

      • When Irish fella mentioned Jesus that other guy retreated like he’d just seen someone get the big guns out


      • In 10-20yrs time this scam may have been scrubbed from history. There may be some old people left who will tell the youngsters how life USED to be, but they will not be believed because it will sound like Utopia to what lives they are living in 10-20yrs time…. The future is certainly not a pleasant thought.

  2. Certain sectons of the Human population are weak and the weak will fall !

    • mine too, mostly. I keep having to sign in or something. Not sure, quite hit and miss

  3. Ha that 1 was because all I said was bollx without content


  5. Hi πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ thank you Hugo

    Excellent video πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Never complying!!! Never will !!! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    Good on your man in video standing up … good for you sir πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

    Have a great evening to All and thank you πŸ™ Hugo

    • Andy Heasman was put into prison for not wearing a mask on a bus a while back. He’s very active in the anti-lockdown movement and I met him in Tipp Town last year when a few of them were there on an anti-mask protest. He’s a sound man who is prepared to suffer for his beliefs!

    • Great that this chap is calling people out but I feel sorry for the anti-virus guy. If you don’t conform you come under huge pressure. Principles are all very laudable but it’s not funny when your livelihood is on the line.

  6. Hi πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ thank you Hugo

    Excellent video πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    And fair play to your man in the video standing up .. good on you sir πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    I will Never comply !! Never will!! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

    Have a great Evening to All & thank you Hugo

  7. Excellent video Hugo. This says it all. Ultimately all this deception is a battle for your soul.
    We must choose which side we’re on very wisely.

    • Yes, this is a battle in the war of good v. evil and there’s only one way to have the strength to resist to the end and that’s through faith in and being in the Grace of the Triune God. I suspect they are after all our personal info so they can find the Achilles heel of each and every single man, woman and child on the planet. They plan to use that knowledge to manipulate or coerce or even force everyone to cave in and because we are only human, none of us would be strong enough to resist unless we have genuine, supernatural Faith and are in God’s Grace. Then, God will give His Strength and Courage to those who love Him and good will triumph over evil for a while, until sin rears it’s ugly head among humanity again and the final anti-Christ appears.
      This is what I believe and I’ve based it on what I’ve learnt of Catholic eschatology but I accept not everyone will agree. All I ask is that people consider it in the light , or should I say darkness, of all the evil being perpetrated on us! God bless!

  8. The whole thing is anti-human. And they’ll continue these measures. When the ‘virus’ bollocks runs it course, it’ll morph into a ‘climate crisis’. IE there’s too many ‘carbon emission’s’, they’ll say something like: “there’s been a spike in man-made pollution, so for your safety, you have to keep wearing masks and stay locked down.” Remember that tweet a few months ago from the WEF saying lockdown had been great for cities? Because nobody was in any of them and so pollution had fallen. They’re keeping it simmering in people’s consciousness.

  9. I really had high hopes for the Irish to kick off about all of this, the shit they’ve endured from oppressive British governments I never thought they’d take it, but they’ve been hit harder than us, and have rolled over without a whimper. They know how to resist, they know how to fight authority, I hoped they’d be the spark that would kick off a chain reaction of resistance around the world. You look at people Like Michael Collins – do you think he would have taken this shit? Or even Paddy Mayne – would he have taken it? Real men who stood up for what they believed in, for the good of their own people. And now, in the worst oppression ever – nothing. What is going on? Have we given up and lost before we’ve even started to resist? I hope not.

    • What shocks me is Michael Collins was a young man when he was leading a revolutionary campaign – killed aged 31! It’s a sobering thought. And that’s why they want to destroy patriotism, national pride, etc. They want to destroy borders, countries, etc. And this is what you end up with. See how it works? And most of the young people can’t get enough of it, it seems. There was one guy, who think’s he clever, saying basically, that he didn’t care about where anybody is from, that nation states are a “myth” and so as long as they didn’t want to be vaccinated, then they were his ‘brother’. So, on that basis, he’s in favour of the ‘New World Order’ – no borders, no nation states, as they are “mythical bollocks” , with an unelected one world government ruling over all of us. So, he thinks he’s a rebel, whilst calling for everything the ‘elites’ want basically, apart from the shot! LOL.

      • Paddy Mayne died in 1955 aged 40, so at the end of WW2 he was 30. In that time he’d been an amareur boxer, reaching the heavyweight championship of British Universities final, was an accomplished golfer, an Irish International Rugby player, represented the British Lions in South Africa, was a commando (signed up of his own accord), founder member of the SAS, single handedly destroyed over 100 German aircraft on the ground behind enemy lines in the desert, when he ran out of bombs he’d famously climb in the cockpit and rip out the instrument panels with his bare hands, he took over running the SAS when Stirling was captured, maurauded through Europe and into Germany, got the DSO 4 times, should have had the VC, got the Croix De Guerre and the Legion of Honour from the French, was about the most decorated British Soldier of WW2, was most definitely the most decorated Irish soldier of WW2, he was the secretary of the law society of Ireland, went on an antarctic expedition of the Falklands, etc, and died when, pissed up, he crashed his car into an unlit coal truck on a windey road on his way home. In the war he went looking (while drunk) for Richard Dimbelby to sort him out because of something he said he didn’t like, he sloped off in South Africa to go shooting gazelles, would go down the docks with a Welsh back to look for dockers to fight, would smash up hotel rooms, shoot up bars, and, oh, you know, loads of stuff. He was a household name in his day “Maynes Boys do it again” “Maynes Boys take [insert town or city here]” etc. Where the fuck have people like this gone? Maybe all the men are too busy sipping soy lattes to have any bollocks left to stand up and be counted?

      • WOW, that’s absolutely AWESOME. What a man. I’ve never heard of him. Well, I do now! And I’ll never forget him. I’m going to look up this guy, big time. What’s come into my head is, I remember when cricket was on TV in the ’90’s. And the Aussie’s were legendary. It’s only a few years ago, but for example, David Boon, on the flight over, drinking 44 cans of Victoria Bitter (great beer), then going out and winning the ashes. FUN! They’ve taken/or are trying to take everything – fun, enjoyment, comradeship, friendship, leaders, real men, real women, all of it. We’ve got to start taking it back, ‘reverse engineering’ everything they’re doing.

      • Oh yeah, he was also on Hitlers hit list of people he wanted caught and shot on sight. He was that much of an Irish menace. Fucking LEGEND!

      • We need another Michael Collins but he must be disgusted with us at this stage! It brings to my mind that song “For What Died the Sons of Γ‰rin?”!
        We do have Irish patriots like Andy and also Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters, to name a few though and thank God for them but I worry that so many have fallen for the smear campaigns against them! It makes me realise how people were able to stoop to spit on the heroes of 1916 as they were led to Kilmainham- they were propagandised! I pray to God it doesn’t need to take another atrocity to wake up the Irish people!

    • Said it before- The irish won’t open their cowardly mouths to their own governments,as they would get such a KICK IN THE BALLS they could’nt sit down for a decade.
      That’s why the Great British governments did what they did.

  10. Good on that man! Stand up for the Truth, Who is Jesus Christ. Everyone who doesn’t listen will have to answer when they die. “Let all who have ears, listen!”

  11. Due to brainwashing from birth and the deliberate introducing of chemicals wich lowers the testosterone levels of especially men, most of them don’t have the will to ‘fight’ and survive anylonger.

  12. People need to understand the masks do NOTHING

    • No, they harm you by depriving your body and brain of oxygen and put you at risk of getting lung infections.

    • Ask any of the sheep… ‘ if you were in a lift with 6 others and someone farted, would you be able to smell it?” If they say yes, ask them how a a mask cant stop a bit of wind yet miraculously it can stop micro-sized flu particles! 😁😷😁

  13. It’s not the mark of the beast yet, but it’s preparing/conditioning everyone ready for when it becomes the mark. The rapture has to happen first, as Christians aka the church will not be here when the mark of the beast becomes mandatory. Get saved today by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation because the rapture is about to happen any day now. Don’t risk being left behind by rejecting His free gift. Faith/belief is the only condition. God bless. Praying for all who read this πŸ™πŸΌ

  14. So he won’t wear a mask… (OK)
    But he’s dumb enough to drink coke.

  15. Men Everywhere β€œ Stand up against this BS” for what it is β€œ
    They don’t like it β€œ when Men be Men”

  16. This to me shows how people have been crushed, how the human spirit is being crushed more by the day but I for one WILL NOT BE CRUSHED, I DO NOT CONSENT I WILL NOT COMPLY!

  17. There is still hope for this man. And he does not condemn Andy. Thanks

  18. Good for this Man, boycott this business let them go broke.
    Has i said hear before I’m Anti masks since last year One year this month there been on public transport, Shops One year next month they will never drop this crap.
    I don’t wear one never will hate seeing them on shop worker’s I may get talking to some staff at a shop i use and say I wish i can see your nice face i feel sorry for you wearing this symbol of state control.
    Hate seeing the dirty masks on the pavements and green areas

    • Yes! These masks contain Killer Virus particles, obviously. They are sooooo dangerous you can just throw them on the floor and dont have to use a Bio-Hazard bin. lol lol . I call them ‘sheep droppings’ ! Its been total BS since the very start.

  19. That guy needs to be more on the page of uniting people than ramming jesus down their throats i agree that a stand needs to be made but he was cutting off his nose to spite his face with that god jibbering.

  20. At 0:52 it sounded like: “Can I have a chicken breast sandwich made with piss.”

  21. The bloke sound’s like Brendan Gleeson…..think that’s his name, I’m pretty stoned, bloke from Mr Mercedes, always plays a copper.

  22. From a customer point of view the answer here is quite easy. DO NOT use this business, boycott them, you can buy all the stuff they sell elsewhere.

  23. I do not believe in harassing people who are wearing masks. If they want to hear about the dangers fine, if not then leave them alone please. That man behind the counter was cornered and had no ability to walk away. I defend people’s right of choice to believe or not. That includes mask wearing and religion, and this is from someone who believes in God and Jesus and redemption. If he is going to be woken up the Holy Spirit will do it, but not by force. That is Satan’s method.

  24. The chap who engaged with Andy is actually worthy of respect, a big up to both.

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