1. All my friends and family have had the jibby jab 😬 I’m officially the black sheep 🥳

  2. Well done Ladies you are hero’s, these sheep queuing for the jabs are lambs to the slaughter a waste of human life i wouldn’t let them put my bins out.

    Brainwashed morons believing the government and not questioning what’s in it.
    I see that pony tail pratt Matthew Wright Twitter slaging us unjab off and all his followers doing the same one woman with a photo of herself with a tag I Have the vaccine well good for you let’s hope she dead soon.

    Dating site’s promoting I have the Vaccine.

    I sick of all these C**** hope they all pay with there health.
    I never been like this in my life but they have made me become this horrible.

    Hope you guys understand my comments.

    • I understand, I’m angry and downright disgusted with them too but please don’t let them drag you down! I have no warm, fluffy feelings for them but I make myself pray for them because they’re still human beings and even if they don’t value their own human dignity, their own well-being, freedom and salvation, I think I should, because it pleases God!
      Even if you don’t believe in God, don’t allow these silly, shallow, venal people to make you less good than you really are! All the best!

    • My family have said that this scam has ‘consumed’ me to such an extent that I have lost my ‘optimistic’ outlook on life and I have become pessimistic all the time. They are right! After watching this video how else can it make you feel? Im sickened and saddened for humanity. BUT! If is kills-off the stupid and the brainless amongst us, is that so bad?? Of course it is….. but that is how this scam has me thinking nowadays! Sad, sad, sad. 😥

      • I totally feel your pain and frustration. I was always a pessimistic person but several years ago I suddenly became a realist.
        My realism confirms what a total sham this current situation is.
        This is definitely not about a virus, of that I am convinced!

      • Hi we need to be strong and have faith in God. We need to keep our vibes high that is the only way we will win this! do not despair please!

    • I understand it’s draw dropping people’s stubborn ignorance but please do not get bitter. We need kindness and forgiveness courage and strength for what lies ahead. Jesus Christ gives us all this. God bless you dear one.

  3. The ominous power of a govt controlled media.

    & Yellow card scheme general public haven’t heard of. How can they report?

    Electorate dumbed down enough, it’s not known what informed consent is.

    • I am pretty sure that those sheep who felt unwell after either of their vaxtermination jabs would not have bothered to report it. They would expect to feel slightly different. As for asking the sheep about ‘adverse effects’, this term alone would have them scratching their heads. If they were asked ‘did you feel unwell’, then you may get a reply. The figures on the Yellow Cards will definitely be much lower than the real numbers.

  4. Poor young lad. He said “I’m not being rude, I just don’t want to know”! Wow, I think that just about sums it all up. Congrats Boris et al, you’ve done an amazing job of instilling so much effing fear, even young people who stand little to no chance of getting Covid, willingly line up in the sheep pen, and whilst having it, sticking a finger in each ear and saying…. I don’t want to know the truth 😨

    • Sffab, it’s a real shame but they get it from all angles. News, social media their parents and their mates are all having it so they don’t see anything wrong with it.
      When you ask about adverse reactions… Nobody’s heard of it??
      Of the Gates paid media won’t highlight the negative side.
      Closed off minds, let’s see where it gets them?

  5. Incredible.
    All I can say is that the Government and the behavioural Psychologists, have done an amazing job at brain washing the masses.
    How can they have such blind faith?
    Very very sad.

  6. It is unbelievable,isn’t it ! People’s pig ignorance is deliberate; “I don’t want to know”

  7. This is just a small snapshot showcasing the general mentality of mass populations at large.

    Now if you magnify this little “experiment” across the nation, or the world, you can see what we’re up against.

    A large generation of peoples who have been bread and conditioned to ask no questions, nor generate any critical thought or self-analysis, and who have a natural aversion to anything that challenges their predisposed “position”. The same of which have a narcissistic, sociopathic tendency to become aggressive by the way if you do.

    The devices that have been implemented to steer the minds of people for the benefit of oligarchy in high places have worked (and are working).

    The slaughter is ripe now, its all I-phones, Netflix and “me, me, me” generation who are particularly affected. The observations of Yuri Bezmenov were correct, this is the target generation, the trojan horse has neighed…

    So now we look forward to the future, think “Blackshirts” and “Cancel Culture” combined, that really is something to consider.

    Then again on the flip-side, we have channels like this which hopefully will fuel some resistance to the coming age of autocracy before us.

    • I’m in my mid 70’s and I sussed what was happening with education and MSM when I was 11. The brainwashing was as bad then as it is now. My contemporaries all wear the face nappy and have all been jabbed – I have tried to explain the facts and the science to them and most of my family, it has been with three exceptions been a complete waste of time. The aggression I meet with from the old folk in particular is exactly what we saw in the video clip. No one thinks for themselves. The Queen and the class driven, Illuminati bloodline families are behind this, try explaining that to those that saluted the flag and sang Jerusalem as schoolchildren and celebrated “empire day”. Sadly they will all be killed, as Kissinger said “Useless eaters”, I hadn’t appreciated they would be of all ages

      • Sadly John, I echo all that you say. Trying to convince people is futile. As the saying goes, it’s easier to fool people than convince them that they’ve been fooled. One friend who had a goat my wife when she said these injections weren’t tested now has a seriously ill husband who was perfectly healthy before. They’re mesmerised. I have never been so despondent about my fellow human than at this time. I’ve got to the point where I just despise everyone because not only are they unwittingly leading themselves through the gates of hell, there got a chain round our necks and are dragging us in with them. My one consolation is that I’ve got 2 children of 37 and 38 and they’re not having any of this shit either. We’re an incredibly strong family and that is hugely important in these tyrannical times.

  8. You can’t help some people but at least you tried!

  9. This has long been the Religion of the New Age. A hypnotized mass of people who, in the ecstasy of belief, view everything else as strange and unreasonable, the hostile behavior of anarchists and lunatics who see deception and lies in everything.
    Nothing new on the globe.
    I am not threatened by (those) who want evil for me, but I am endangered by the one (those) who do not see evil.

  10. I was trying to feel bad about my lack of compassion for people dying of the Vax, Perhaps I knew the type of people they are, let them die, fuck em.

    • Exactly! If they don’t want to listen, don’t waste your limited time on earth!

    • Goes against my beliefs but if they refuse to listen,let them suffer the consequences

  11. So what did that French Presidents advisor say back in 1981? The elderly, the vulnerable and the stupid. Thank God some of us are awake to this sh1t show. Well done to all those trying to spread the word, you are true heroes.

  12. OMG – I’m surprised the jabbers didn’t just put their fingers in their ears and shout “Laaa laaa laaa!”. Talk about denial, I think people have just been brainwashed and conditioned to blank out ANY information (however true, from gov’s own statistics) that doesn’t make them feel good about taking the vaccine! Anyone that doesn’t big-up the jab is a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxx nutter to them! It’s a shame but they are all a lost cause by the time they actually queue up for the jab.

    • Gina, the majority of people were just horrible. Everyone masked up and so obedient to do their bit. Nobody talking to each other… Exactly how the media and big pharma want it.
      The worst bit is when something does happen they’ll just put it down to coincidence rather than an adverse reaction. That’s how brainwashed they have become. Sad

  13. I thought the guy in white was shouting “PSYOP”, but it became apparent when he confessed to having had the jab that it couldn’t be. He says “Shut Up” I think.

    • Peter, I’m sure he said ‘Lies!’
      Swiftly followed by… It’s from the government’s own site.
      Which made him sound like an idiot.

      Just because he doesn’t know anyone who’s had and reaction to it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Open your eyes and do some research for yourself!

  14. The man in white shouting “Silence” or whatever he says, later states “I’ve had the vaccine and I don’t know anyone who’s had a bad reaction to it. Wow, what a closed-minded idiot.

    • Exactly!but when we say ,we don’t know any body who had or died from hyped up flu,(covid)its a different matter then!!

      • Absolutely correct. The Future is not bright at all is it? I did have some hope, but that hope is being eradicated at an alarming rate after seeing videos like this one.

  15. Seriously fuck them. They’re blind ostriches with their heads in the sand.
    The time to re-educate people is over.
    The division has been created us vs them.
    It’s time to regroup and plan how the ‘awake’ move forward from this point onwards.

  16. It’s frustrating, but wait till winter, when they will turn on each other when the ‘fully vaxxed’ are laying in hospital. Proving it doesn’t work and wasn’t worth the risk. They’ll all be due their boosters and chasing the uncatchable carrot!

  17. Shocking!!! It just goes to show how thick some people really are…. we are surrounded by alot of nieve and gullible victims…..

  18. All we’re doing is trying to help people.! Thats the thanks you get, well I’m now thinking sod them, I’m fed up with the idiots who just don’t want to know, they don’t deserve our time and effort anymore 😢😢😢

  19. These idiots in the queue “not wanting to know” and being rude with their ignorance, well I hope they won’t expect any sympathy when they become ill, because they won’t get a penny of it from me. It’s like they’re so easily controlled by the media that they view anyone who’s trying to warn them as being ‘mentally ill’ (as portrayed in the media) and their reaction to them is as if they’re someone who’s trying to push dangerous, unwanted drugs onto them – oh the irony in that!!!! They really are totally dumbed down.

  20. Seriously folks, is it worth trying to save these people?

  21. Wow!I can’t believe people are so ignorant and stupid!UNBELIEVABLE!!

  22. Zombies the lot of them. Unbelievable, I’m actually sick of seeing them all lined up for the slaughter

  23. What a bunch of muppets! Why would you say you don’t want to know the risks of an experimental drug you are about to put into your body. I hate to say it but people like that are the reason we are in this situation in the first place absolute morons!

  24. The sheep are truly conditioned,fair play to her.I would let them go like lambs to be slaughtered. It’s the irony,she is trying to help and they reject her in their ignorance and choose the dark side.Remind you of anything ?

  25. I found this so sad, what a bunch of stupid sheep. Hats off to these people for trying. I also have been trying to open peoples eyes to this scam , using scientific facts and am amazed how people I thought were intelligent are accepting a jab and following the rules, because “it will allow then to go on holiday or get back to normal” oh no it wont. Just wow. I am glad to know though that my sons 28 and 21 will never succumb to this bullshit. I have never been so scared in my life but coming here gives me strength and know I not alone

    • I went on my very first protest march on April 24, in London. I’m 61. 100,000 people PLUS, all believing the same as I do, that thus is a complete scam. I’d been surrounded by sheep who gave me flak when I told them TRUE facts, mainly the flak came because the BBC hadn’t mentioned these true facts. The trip to London was the most exhilarating experience of my life, without doubt….. And all I was doing was behaving like ‘ old’ NORMAL . Sad… But Oh! What a day!!! 😁😁😁

  26. Heres a thought. Considering the average age and the fact that they are all masked. Maybe they could be rent a crowd – working hard for their 50 quid. They didnt expect to get put under the microscope and so don’t know how to react to the lady. (https://www.rentacrowduk.co.uk/)

    • Strangely enough, this is a good point. They didn’t really look like an ‘average’ crowd. Instead, they were all quite young, like students needing to make some quick cash. Though that first woman, protecting both her face and hair from colds and flu, seemed real enough. Or maybe it was just near student residences?

      This rent-a-crowd, crisis actor thing really freaks me out. Those companies (and government bodies) are prepared to lie and deceive people, and hire professional liars. No-wonder no-one ever comes out and tells the truth about being a crisis actor. They’ve probably been screened for lack of moral courage. Any way, a good comment.

  27. Happily ignorant sheople, sad to see but they’ve made their choice 🐑💉😷

  28. I echo quite a few of the comments on here – this pandemic, or more accurately the Government’s response to it, has made people thoroughly miserable and has sucked a lot of the joy out of life.

  29. Haven’t been able to get this out of our minds since yesterday! But you see, all the Hatred and Stupidity – sorry Health and Safety legislation, primed us for this. It psychologically turned people into unfeeling, uncaring robots. You know what I mean:. Children can’t be rescued from wells, disabled people can’t be assisted without the use of machines, elderly and immobile people are last to be rescued in cases of fire. The list is endless. The point being that people have been educated out of bothering about anything or anyone else apart from their endless lists of things they “need” to gratify themselves with. I spoke our about “Health and Safety” for years, and was branded a crackpot. But now look what we’ve got, endless lines of psychological robots, who seemingly cannot wait to be turned into real ones! What a sad race humanity has become.

    Thank you Hugo, for what you are attempting to do. Same goes for the ex-nurses

    • I told my wife about this video that I described as ‘sickening’ to watch. She said that she didnt want to watch it…… she is a Sheep. 🙁

  30. Its so sad!! Someone said the one good thing to come out of the vaccine is, all the stupid people will be dead!!!!

  31. I wouldn’t even bother with them. More people take the vaccine now, better for me and my family, cuz there will be plenty of us left unvaccinated survivors. That’s the agenda anyways.
    I wouldn’t fight against it, honestly.
    Less people on the planet living now means less people to fight against for food and other scarce resources in next decade once the sun goes micronova and puts us all back to stone age once more, like it did for hundreds of thousand of years before.
    Please keep my post so people can get informed about the future rather than the unimportant present events.

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