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    • What I see here is designed to fail, I bet 95% of this que went home bitter saying if only we had vaccine passports we wouldn’t need our temperatures taken blah blah bullshit…

  1. Bonkers . Let them go bankrupt. Not getting the track and trace ever.

  2. Hugo, I am waiting for my T-shirt that reads: …
    “They more you give away, the more they will take”. -Hugo Talks

  3. You don’t actually have to use the track and trace q code, I have often just pretended to do it and have never been asked to check.

  4. They’re all gonna be told to stay home next week πŸ€£πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ and it continues…..

    • Yep, and the whole shitshow will be repeated, until they drop down dead. Zombies.

  5. I dont think i can take anymore,this country is fucked big time,cant see anyone organising anything to resist,talking to them on videos wont change any of it hugo….is not us who are doing it,those you addressing it to not watching mate! Way too many cowards i am afraid to say,way too many….

    • Stay calm Pavel. I’m going to post some solutions soon that I’m looking into. Hang in there mate. We are under attack here by a powerful ‘elite’. We need to survive, first and foremost.


        STAY STRONG.

      • Cant wait buddy, something needs to give

    • Yeap being ignored in everday. Wtf would anyone put there kids through this ?. All these places want is money. They have over booked because of greed. This park has been advertised on tv and been hyped up. Its shit. There taking people money and people are paying through the nose I might ad unless u collected the sun newspaper tokens ??? I wouldn’t no but dont they always do this collect the token bollocks during the summer ?

  6. It looks like people really want this new normal and are very happy to accept it. I spent an hour yesterday talking to a few people and I was amazed at just how much like sheep they have become, even thinking the BBC were giving balanced reports! They asked why I hadn’t taken the vaccine and when I replied 13,000 dead reasons, so far in Europe, they just told me I was an idiot for believing the conspiracy theories. When I replied these were official government figures they still wouldn’t have it. If it wasn’t for sites like Hugo Talks, I think I’d go mad…..

    • I feel exactly the same as you. I see all these masked morons around me and I just want to shout out like the aussie bloke last week!

      • Yeah he was great wasn’t he πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😊

        Take care

    • I agree I feel like a total outsider now. Family wise treated like I’m fucking mad stupid or both. I actually sometimes ask myself mayb it is me that’s got this all so very wrong lol but I can never ever have this jab I just cant. I question myself a lot as see more and more people that I thought were smart and clued up just going with the crowd. it’s not easy when u can actually feel ur own undermining u as tho u have something mental wrong with urself. I havent what because I just dont fall into line. Fucking idiots all of them. I’m sick of it. We are being treated like cunts here and by the way so are they but they cant see the wood for the trees.

      • I think doubting yourself must be part of the governments psychology because I feel the same as you sometimes.

    • Join telegram , dozens of sites, all like minded people.

  7. These idiots deserve everything they get! Baa baa!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Jane the aussie was one step up from how I feel at the moment. So much frustration and anger inside me for these brain dead people. I saw something the other week (maybe Hugo said it). Would you put an untested app on your Β£1000 phone? Classic!

    • Problem is, their compliance will take everyone else down with them…

  8. My bladder cannot withstand queues πŸ˜‚sod that for a game of soldiers. Companies will really lose money. Absolute twatts.

    • Morning…
      πŸ‘‹ thank you Hugo

      I never took my daughter places like this because of this behaviour!
      Cues, heat, kids loosing their minds waiting hours Sod That!
      And I never went zoo’s as I personally feel it’s cruel keeping animals out their natural habitat but that’s personally.

      Don’t comply to Feck all!

      As someone mentioned in comments above
      Think of your children stop torturing them because Your ignorant idiots listening to this BS from elites &Sickos!!

      Thank you have a good day to you All βœŒοΈπŸ˜‰

      • I used to but would do it during term time. Let them have the day of school lol. I would never put my kids through that fucking maddness . It’s much quiter when all the kids are back at school lol. My kids are adults now didnt do them any harm a day of school.

    • This is how this big places are clawing back the money that they have lost. Over booking and taking peoples money hand over first. I have no sympathy only for the kids with thick dickhead parents like this. If this is what it’s like at a kids theme park can u imagine booking a 2 week holiday πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ what a shit show. You would b stuck aboard with these brain dead cunts.

  9. There are so many places to go, that are free. Forests, beaches, lakes rivers. Screw that shit. Never liked it before.

    • to right! boycott the smart city’s, there’s plenty of land out there to sit under a tree and read a book in peace.

  10. Stop complying, just don’t give these places your money!
    Once enough people stop paying out, they’ll soon change.
    But no, the sheep are too keen to get back to, ‘normal ‘ at any cost!
    It’s not normal in any way, shape or, form!

  11. This can happen on the first day after a school holiday. You get an inset day, and everyone thinks only their school has them, but they all do. So you take your kids to a park like this expecting it to be empty. But everyone else thinks the same and the park is overfull. Mix in that everyone wants to go out and get back to normal and catch up on stuff, and you get this chaos.

    The temperature test makes little difference, just too many people for the park.

    • Oh and even tho u may have had your ever so important jab it dont stop u from spearding it or getting it. I have ur track and trace on you phone tho . Hey that’s ok. Idoits stupid fucking idots. They pay to line up for hours on end with kids screaming all around them. Not my idear of fun mixing with these type of people. X

  12. I went today as kids inset day. I was queuing for an hour and a half only. It was just talk that it would take 3 hours and impatient parents went home. The temp check didn’t take that long to be fair. It was more the bag checking…Nobody told us to use the track and trace app and no parts of the park were off limits. A few staff asked me to wear a mask on rides not that I bothered and once in it was pretty much how it always has been. I usually like your reports but I find this one abit unfair..Dont believe everything you read lol


  14. very structured being herded and condition you can see what’s happening for anyone one who’s awake, keep away from the parks they are becoming traps, keep away from queues, the trail up to the iceland volcano has 2 meter social distancing rules to see the volcano every few yards, they don’t want us to forget, like hugo was saying in a video a while back, about man parks in every parking space at a super market. big time conditioning going on, A I controlling by the looks of it, get rid of those smartphones before its to late, its worse then the covid hoax and the jab

  15. I spoke to a former friend on Saturday who’s totally brainwashed, I haven’t spoke to him since last August and he was on about the Indian variant and all this other bullshit, so I asked him the same question that I asked him last August “Do you know anyone who’s died from the virus now?” and he gave me the same answer as last year NO… I just said goodbye and hoped I never see him again.
    There are so many beautiful places to go for a picnic or a walk without having all the crap of taking your temperature, scanning your phone, wearing masks and queuing for hours, these people are quite literally sheep, its frightening and sad in equal measures.

  16. I still find it hard to accept there are so many sheep – some of them seemed intelligent! I’m a bit of an outcast at work and they see me as slightly odd and probably selfish, although nothing said to my face. Today at Team talk they’re all discussing whose had/having 2nd jab. I roll my eyes and one says β€œwell I’d rather a few moments of discomfort, than years of pain or death” Whaaat! I shook my head and wished they’d all fuck off to an island, big enough to take them all!!

    • Least You’re staying un brainwashed πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰
      Let them be sucked in

      Take care

    • Wow they actually belive that utter bollocks. I feel for u I really do. Get out of that job if u can start looking get the job then just tell them to have ur jab u dont need it. Get out. X

  17. Great video. What a nonsense, I would have turned straight back around and left immediately what is the matter with people. Just think about this for a minute- has most of the country not been vaccinated?!?! So what, that means nothing? We have to go back to like when the fake pandemic started? Are people seriously not waking up? Utter madness and the world is just simply losing the plot- stay strong people the tide with turn πŸ’ͺ❀️

  18. then queue up to get out lol sounds like a long day of fun, same as airport, hopefully they woke up today.

  19. The only ride I be having is my horse..Hugo do you do wine glasses merchandise!!

  20. It’s gives them a practice run for queuing for the jab!!! It’s great this sort of thing happening it could even wake some people up you never know!!

  21. conditioning for permanent queueing lol

  22. You’re talking to your “fucking” self Hugo, do you think any of these morons are subscribed to your sight or have even ever heard of you? We have now reached saturation point as far as enlightening anyone. They don’t want to sodding know. They’re too desperate to get back to normal with the least amount of effort or resistance. Of course they’re going to comply, because it seems like the easiest option. They are going to buy into every bloody lie and false promise until the day the jab kills them or they find themselves in the “Brave New World”. By this time, it will be far too late to anything about it and they will be screaming at top volume, “why didn’t someone see this coming?, why didn’t someone warn us?” You couldn’t fucking make it up.

  23. Baaaahhhhhhhh🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏

  24. What the hell is wrong with these people what will it wake to these idiots to wake up.Stop obeying these criminals delete this track and trace rubbish from your phone and do not comply.

  25. I afraid we are commenting on here, to question the stupidity on this control of freedom to go here go there but sheep will just follow with there download app’s which will coming vaccine passports.
    Think we got a bleak future and will be outcast because of our principles

    • Hey πŸ‘‹ Darren

      Personally that’s a chance I am willing to take πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

      I always been a outcast anyways lol πŸ˜‚

      Have good day
      Take care

  26. Control, control and more control – NOT A CHANCE I’M DOWNLOADING THAT DAMN APP!! I DON’T CARE WHAT BS THEY SAT I CAN’T DO -I have my dogs, my friends’ I grow my own food’ have water stored’ non-persishable food, alternate poer sources for heating’ cooking and lighting so they can do thier worst by I stil WILL NOT COMPLY!!

  27. Came to have your temperature taken…. πŸ€’ 🌑️

    Only to end up leaving, taking the temperature challenge. 😑

    Infuriating right! 😷

  28. Ii have no sympathy for the parents at all

  29. When my sister and l were kids our dad didn’t allow us to go to The Hoppings held every Summer on the Town Moor in Newcastle. Sometimes we managed to go ourselves and we managed to get on some of the rides. These were a lot cheaper in those days. We always found other ways to play and have fun and with our friends. Turns out my dad’s attitude wasn’t a bad thing.

  30. Bloody right.
    Almost as bad as having a jab just to go on hols to a country where you have to wear masks, social distance and spend a fortune on tests when you get back.

  31. The sheep don’t realise the shepard owns the slaughter house.

  32. Sounds draining just listening to that..they have sucked the fun and joy out of everything.

    Let me know when you start fundraising for that island we can all escape to…

  33. Garraway has gone on holiday to Portugal leaving Draper Derek lying in his own piss…

  34. Cornwall not Portugal and she hired a car…lol.

  35. Children should be learning by now that they cannot always get what they want. However this is a disgusting way to treat people. But then again all these idiots have gone along with advance booking, the totalitarian app having a temp’ check etc and it has got them nowhere.

  36. WTF! When it’s ALL OUTSIDE?! Maybe parents didn’t realise the temperature bit until they got there, but even the fact that you have to pet book should be enough to say β€œforget it” ???!!!

  37. I would thi I that standing for hours in the hot sun and having your temperature taken will make it go up.then you’ve stood there for nothing. Also if your a family and one can’t get in then you all have to leave. 🀯

  38. Every shop or cafe has the track and trace thingy in their window. I’ve never used it and I don’t have the app, just ignore it or if you feel pressured point your phone at it and pretend. The people with donkey brains haven’t worked out yet why Covid swirls around at standing up height but not sitting down. Some how I doubt they ever will.

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