Chessington World Of Chaos / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I went to Chessington 2 weeks ago (pre the school holidays). We never queued for more than 10 – 15 minutes to get on anything, we were allowed to pay cash in many of the shops/food outlets and I never got challenged for not wearing a mask, we had the most wonderful day.
    God knows what has happened since then to change everything.

  2. Similar to many comments on here for me, Shocking how people believe the government or news on anything.when I bump into old friends and tell them it’s nothing but a cold and the vaccine is unsafe they look confused and offended. I’ve spent 6 years trying to explain the flat earth also but the sheep πŸ‘ have been taught not to think. They can’t think, they are literally hypnotised. Even the demolition of the twin towers etc it’s the same response……..why would the government lie? If everyone that’s been vaccinated had to have there arm amputated because of it. They would probably think its worth it.

    • I was with you until flat Earth. For the sake of fairness, i’ll hear you out. What evidence do you have the world is flat and everyone else is wrong? I’m not trying to argue, i just want to know where the theory comes from.

    • what proof do you have the world is flat? i’ve never heard that theory before.

      • What evidence it isn’t flat? Basically we know nothing except what we are told

  3. All of this is about money. Don’t give them any. They’ll soon stop forcing people to do these things, if they actually lose money. Then these businesses will have to put pressure on the government, and then eventually the whole thing will stop. But we have to stop complying.

  4. It’s all a matter of convenience! Let’s make the sheep so uncomfortable and dependent they will willingly take the mark of the beast to buy, sell, travel etc. This digital passport is just a pre cursor to beating people so far down into submission they will willingly comply to being utterly controlled and sell their souls. Only God can help them now.

    • I totally agree, Lisa. This is abominable and we are beginning to see Revelation being fulfilled. It is truly frightening, seeing the compliance and knowing how people will run to take the real mark (probably the quantum dot one?)

      May G-d bless and protect us all.

  5. I’m so disappointed with so many people, I can’t begin to even explain. Its shocking that so many have just given in, why won’t they do any research? Why are they just taking what appears to be the easy option? The fact that we all have access now to so many many many different information feeds and yet still, all of these individuals are covering their heads in the sand is tormenting to me.

    • We live in very troubling now. We have to remain calm (difficult I know). We have to carry on spreading what we know before it’s too late.
      I have rarely complied in life, I certainly will not comply with all this nonsense. This has cost me a 20 year marriage, I have absolutely nothing to fear anymore!

      • That’s very sad πŸ˜₯ God help us πŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ❀

  6. I see sky news are pumping out lies and bullshit again.. the vindaloo variant is on the rise in Manchester.. sky news .. are really a bunch of retarded bellends.. thinking the public will believe them..

    • I hate Sky News the same old BS, especially that Niall pratt the presenter he loves it all boring press review all about jabs promoting.
      Hope GB News is different when it starts next week.
      And questioning the facts

  7. Did you know the vaccine is illegal? According to W.H.O. rules for the issuing of emergency licences for drugs and medicine, an emergency licence can only be issued if there is no alternative treatment for the disease or illness the vaccine is intended for. It is why Ivermectin was banned for use by Fauci and others. Ivermectin is safe, has decades of data on its safety and efficacy, is relatively cheap, it is out of patent so any drug company can manufacture it and can be used both as a preventative and medication for those suffering from the covid virus. Anyone wanting proof, go to the Darkhorse podcast and look for a video posted on May 27th.

  8. Big story about media websites going down, possible hack? Spark we need?

  9. Sky news are just so out of touch with the real world.. and real people… they live in a fantasy world… sky news is delusional…

  10. Matt hancock..needs to be removed immediately….

    Whats hes doing is insane…

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