Tony Blair CALLS For DIVISION / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

105 Comments on “Tony Blair CALLS For DIVISION / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

    • Well said I HATE the Bastard
      This man divided the country when he was in power.
      Will his witch wife represent normal people having our Human Right’s strip not having food or Human contact. She made millions representing asylum seekers and terrorists.
      Mr Blair Fuck off with your Orange face you just made more sane people not to have the jab, Fuck your passports where the sun don’t shine.

    • 👏👏👏👏100% agree with you. He should be in prison with his bumchum George Bush.


    • Tony Blair should be shot. Is his intention to divide families? He is crazy.?

    • What a delightful thing to say about poor Tony 😂 lol.

  1. He is PURE EVIL!! Thought we got rid of that twisted rat years ago.

    • Tony you’ve been tangoed Blair. He’s a dirty creepy PEDOPHILE

      • Bush’s bum chum
        Now Bill Gates evil C***😡

      • Joanne that is how they control Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importuning a young man in a public toilet. He tried to get sexual favour from the young man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. At court Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used only his middle names Charles Lynton as cover.

      • Yes and along with what Ray Beattie’s comment, that’s why it’s so easy to get control of the BBC. The British establishment all seem to be into young boys: they are often Mason and have been through the public school system

  2. I suggest the non vaccinated to not vote anymore or any politician or government PERIOD

  3. Thanks. That explained why his daughter, Mikhaila, was so clueless and unaware about the covid-hysteria, the other month, on a discussion at Rebel News. The Peterson family is not interested in this pandemic, what so ever. They haven’t payed attention at all. And we all should leave them with that.

  4. So i it time to bring out the yellow stars yet? Or how about the number tattooed on our wrists? ready for our one way trip to the concentration camps.

    • It’s being planned by Gates WEF and G7 leaders this week in Cornwall.
      Back by mouth piece Blair

  5. Such a blatant call for discrimination is pure evil. I hope the fact that he has been a hate figure for such a long time, works to our advantage in some small way.
    I am the only one at my workplace that does not want the jibjab. I also appear to be the only one who does not get tested. My colleagues and bosses are wonderful, I love my job, but I am disappointed that they are all sucked in. The two tier society is starting to creep more into my physical everyday life now and feel that before long, hubby and I will be going it alone.
    Keep up the good work, Hugo.

  6. I haven’t even watched the video yet but my comment will be the same regardless…he can go Fuck himself

    • Agreed. I only have to see his face, regardless of where it appears, and I want to rearrange it (to put it politely).

  7. How the hell did that war mongering lying bastard get on to the satanic world destruction committee ….. oh yeah … he’s a 33rd degree mason! Wasn’t happy totally destroying the Labour Party, this piece of shit should keep his beak out of our lives. He even looks pure evil now! As with all the other plebs …. they were not elected by anyone. Hold on to your hats folks, this is gonna get messy soon as they ramp up their agenda!

  8. We need a place where we can all meet, I feel exactly the same, my family are all having the jab I am the outcast, I am normally a very positive upbeat person but this is giving me anxiety and I hate it.

    • There are a lot of people who feel like this, there is a group called “stand in the park” on Facebook, they have local groups, or you can set up your own.

    • You are not alone Vikki, only me and 2 other members of my entire family said no to the jab, hasn`t caused division so far but who knows what the future will bring, stay strong.

      • Same here – it is an uneasy truce though because nobody wants to hear what I’m saying.

  9. I have joined in mass protests only twice in my life (68 years). The first was against the invasion of Iraq in 2093 and the second against anti-covid measures – lockdown, masks, coerced jabs and jab passports.
    One sinister person has been behind both – Blair. I think he is a truly mad, unhinged and demented person. He speaks with an air of intelligence that belies his insanity. He should be sectioned.

    • How the hell did that war mongering lying bastard get on to the satanic world destruction committee ….. oh yeah … he’s a 33rd degree mason! Wasn’t happy totally destroying the Labour Party, this piece of shit should keep his beak out of our lives. He even looks pure evil now! As with all the other plebs …. they were not elected by anyone. Hold on to your hats folks, this is gonna get messy soon as they ramp up their agenda!

    • Thank you Mike.
      Evil psychopath who killed innocent people in a illegal war and now wants more mass murder.
      I celebrate the day he gone off this earth,

    • When you say sectioned do you mean hung drawn and quartered?

      • Very poetic I must say (poetic justice)!

  10. He’s been part of the cabal for a long time. He’ll be another one starring at Nuremberg 2.

  11. He should stick to hanging around public toilets, he’s good at that.

  12. TeflonTony …should be in prison!
    Feeling suicidal Hugo? …no neither was Dr David Kelly.
    Scum always rises to the top!

  13. No one in their right mind listens to a lying cunt like War criminal Blair! He’s totally discredited yet still they wheel him out. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  14. If there is one man in the universe who should be in front of firing squad that man is Tony Bliar. The quintessential snake oil salesman and charlatan. And we are paying to protect him!!

  15. All this wicked cretin deserves is a good Punch 🤛 in the Nose “

  16. Those famous people are all replaced. Not human anymore.

  17. This is why I’ve been doubtful about those vaccine shedding stories. If they knew the vaccine caused shedding, why would they be so desperate to keep us away from the vaccinated? They aren’t the type to be doing it out of the kindness of their own hearts and it makes no sense for them to want to save us, we’re the ones against them.

    Any type of apartheid is bad. That being said, we could make this work to our advantage. The USSR tried to eliminate the Kulaks by sending them to the Taiga forest. However, some groups survived and were able to set up their own societies and live free from the USSR’s influence.

    The mainstream media, art,education, football, music etc. have been completely destroyed by the NWO. Even supermarkets have a political agenda now. It would be nice to be able to buy things without giving money to people who want to contribute to an agenda that’s destroying democracy and our rights.

    We’ve already had to create alternative media outlets, alternative social media, I read a while back that the founder of Gab was trying to set up his own bank. We might need to set up a parallel society- our shops and their shops, our banks and their banks, our entertainment industry and their entertainment industry etc.- free from these passports. We could help the vaccinated to see that the grass is greener on our side by creating a media that is independent and publishes the truth rather than dogma, by creating an entertainment industry where people don’t have to adhere to an agenda and make boring, politically correct content, and by creating a way of life where people have the right to free speech and to live as they please.

    I’m sure people are only going to feel more and more stifled as more restrictions on democracy are imposed (social credit scores, restrictions of air travel, further lockdowns)- a lot of them only took the vaccines so they could go on holidays and they haven’t even really been able to do that now. Add in hyperinflation caused by printing money to pay for furlough and Joe Biden giving out money like it’s sweets. It doesn’t look like they’ve got much to look forward to- some sort of Orwell’s 1984 meets Venezuela or 1930s Germany.

    The passports could backfire spectacularly, instead of causing division, they could cause people realise what they’ve been given up for no good reason, unite and fight back.

    • In 1984 ,as I understand it, the proles pretty much ignored the rules and got on with their lives drinking and generally enjoying themselves. I could be misunderstanding but sounds good to me.
      Proud to be a prole

    • Well said! People can’t see further than the end of their nose until something happens against them. There has been too many people who have enjoyed the lockdown, but they need to realise that many generations will have to fit the bill for all of this. People have been duped into thinking having the jab they will have their old freedoms back. I’ve been saying for months that they will blame the continued restrictions and variants on the unjabbed, which they have already started doing. Who do these people think fucking are?! I’ve been lucky enough to work throughout this whole scam, paying my taxes so that the people on furlough can have their easy cash (this isn’t a go at the decent folk) only for these imbeciles to turn round and point the finger at me because I don’t want to be a guinea pig. People need to wake up and realise this government does not have any of their interests at heart.

  18. These scumbags are everywhere we have them here in Ireland in the form of a health minister Stephen donnelly who said the rest of the world is envious of Ireland the way we are so compliant with the jabs he doesn’t speak for me and the rest of the world.

  19. The only good thing about a Tony Blair intervention is that he unites everyone along the spectrum against him. If I was a person who wanted vaccine passports, I would see this and realise that I was wrong and that vaccine passports are evil.

    It looks like their plan to depopulate the western world (it looks like that is the target) is well under way. I would like to say that we are winning, but the reality is that we are not. We have to fight though, because if they win we will lose everything including the lives of our children.

    • But why de-populate the western world? Is it so that alien beings from Alpha Centauri can set up a new inter-galactic homeland?

  20. Nice tan war criminal scumbag. Did you go on holiday to get that???? Probably so, like all the rest. Stick your advice up your ARSEHOLE. I AM NOT VACCINATED AS I DO NOT WANT IT. THIS IS ENGLAND NOT FUCKING CHINA.

    • Wish he would Fuck off to China.or here to put in prison for being a war criminal and against humanity

    • I very much doubt if China would let that orange freak in.

  21. Tony is a forgotten, wannabe that wants to make himself relevant and noticed!!! This man don’t know how to wear his face mask!!

  22. Bliar, an evil globalist monster. I loathe this git, I cannot bare to watch or listen to him. I hope justice catches up with him soon.

  23. This fucker has obviously been on a holiday.
    He can go and fuck himself, the shit weasel scum of this earth, he needs his head on the railings.

    • Death to Blair and Gates hope they suffer the pain they have caused to innocent people.

  24. Bliar, the unctuous mass murdering worm should and would be incarcerated for its life and unable to opine on anything if not for its membership enrolment into the club of satanic scum nwo

  25. This may not be the place for my comment but the time is right.
    D-Day June 6 when we remember the fight for our freedoms. Freedoms which it took years of bloodshed to protect and which we gave up in 2 months of acquiescence. Shame on us!

  26. These human life forms… are no different to all of us on this microscopic planet… but they have money… and power.. they think they can coerce.and force us the public.into.what they want… the msm…government and so called elite life forms…. are trully insane…. and deranged…

    They are Ruled by the 7 deadly sins…

    Their time will come… believe me.. we are not alone as a species… far higher influences will not allow your freedoms to be taken away from you…

  27. Why is that lying piece of human garbage on there spouting out his hate crimes? Also why is he so orange? Has he been tangoed?

  28. CAN YOU STOP POSTING ON YOUTUBE. I am banned from Youtube and cannot watch it (eg: An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 3Q7UqUtk9AVFjac0). Whats more I dont want to use Youtube so why don’t you just list on Odysee?

  29. Not surprising coming from a genocidal maniac that got away with it. Look at his gleeful face. Makes me feel sick.

  30. I’m new on here and my comments are currently being moderated which made me wonder what could I possibly say that would get me banned. Bad language? No the comments are full of it. Speaking your mind? No that’s the whole point of it. Anti “agenda”? No that’s the reason for being here. Just made me wonder and smile a bit. Which is good in these dark times.

  31. Why did they kill Saddam Hussain and let convicted criminal Tony Blair live?

    He and evil scum like him would benefit society by being Forcibly put on the Liverpool pathway!

  32. If there was ever an argument for twelve foot lizards, it’s Tony Blair.It’s more than weak and cowardly, it’s an ego trip, it’s a vindictive power trip. ‘Look how much better I am then you for being well behaved and compliant, you should be controlled and punished while I’m rewarded,’ it’s sickening. I’ll sure as shit never wonder, ‘How did they let that happen,’ again during a history documentary.


    This is the approach the millions at the next march should adopt instead of dancing in the streets – let them know we mean business – this would peacefully intimidate them, dancing in the street simply entertains them.

  34. Blair is just evil. He wants people to starve to death because they are banned from shops!!

  35. I’m sorry who voted him in? Why on earth does he have air time?

  36. Lefties never did like personal freedom did they? Look at Hitler for example – a socialist. They’re all the same – big state interference your life. And all we have to stand up against this is Bozo. We’re fcked.

  37. Well, this was coming and it was obvious since last year… At this moment they don’t even need to make it policy, there are already normal people putting this into effect. I know some people refusing to see their long life friends because they do not want to take the jab (some of them even had covid and have antibodies). So yeah they just need to throw it out there and there will be a significant number of people that will put it in effect, even if there is no law. The same was with masks. I Have friends that went all mad at me for refusing to wear a mask outside… There is a large amount of hatred and division nowadays between individuals and I am amazed how many people acquiesce to these BS so called health policies…

    • The jabbed will all die from the flu this winter!!!

    • I will do what I want I dont give a hoot who hates me that’s their tough shit.

  38. In reply to tony Blair’s plea for us to get the jab I would like to say, NO!

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