Tony Blair CALLS For DIVISION / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

105 Comments on “Tony Blair CALLS For DIVISION / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

  1. I’m going to brush up on my fishing skills…

    • how is this vermin still using our oxygen!!!! hes nothing more than a zionist schill that is suffering from Nazi stockhlom syndrome !!!Division in society equals war in the streets and bad stuff happening all over the world !!!

      • If you feel that strongly, join either the forces or a charity and do something about it.

      • Correct, he’s truly top of list in Britain for infestation removal . There’s your feckin ‘ Labour Party ‘, history means nothing then, removal of voices because they are unacceptable ??
        No one want’s it but we all know where this is going. Prepare and buckle up folks this going to get alot worse before any better…………….

  2. Perhaps it’s a good thing Blair is promoting this. He is such a toxic brand. Even many toxic politicians/ celebs will be identified with him. The fact that war criminal Bliar is promoting this may turn more against the idea.

    • I was just thinking the very same thing. Blair is a criminal, crook, liar, deceiver and all the rest of it. He’s coming out and demanding everybody take the shot. In other words, these are completely untrustworthy individuals. They do not have any moral high ground whatsoever. So, anything he’s shilling should be dismissed out of hand immediately. They’re in the wrong, not us.

  3. The upsetting thing is there are people out there cheering this on! Wanting the unjabbed stripped of all rights and privileges! Agreeing with this despicable, warmongering, lying murderer! He’s just a WEF mouthpiece. Why does he get air time on t.v anyway…? Like other comments have said, I hope the fact this particular turd is now calling for discrimination and biometric passports will put people off the idea and make them think.

  4. One day Blair one day!You will answer for all your wrong doings! Believe you me.. believe youuu me.

  5. Exposed himself good here. Anyone who was on the fence about him before can be in no doubt now that he’s pure evil. What goes around always comes back around.

    • I thought labour advocate equality. Is apartheid equality Tony Bliar?

  6. Read all the lovely comments above Mr Blair and the spy’s who read Hugo Talks website.
    We mean business and will fight you and all the dictators No Lockdown’s No Masks, No Track & Trace , No vaccines and No Passports.
    You been warned

  7. From my research the genetic code can be used to add or delete faults in the chromosome strings ie things that make us who we are. They have discovered it could be used for good when perfected and tested, however it can also be used to alter specific parts of the human genome and could even be used to outline how long a person may live for – the list is endless. In time it will most certainly be used to breed the perfect subservient citizen and they may have plans already in place starting with a simple alteration to our immune system. This may sound plausible but they need to get people accustomed to getting jabbed and then start feeding in other traits – a true Frankenstein civilisation, however, the elite will unlikely tamper with the upper echelon in the control group.

  8. Those pushing for vaccination passports must be arrested !

  9. Paranoid Android by Radiohead. “When I am King, you will be first against the wall” never felt more apt.

  10. Why does he look ORANGE? and his old tart is a human rights lawyer!!!!!

  11. I’m 50, haven’t needed nhs yet, can get a antibiotics black market, i think I’ll survive longer without the jab especially as brain cancer is a shit show and without nhs help.

    They’ll reverse this when the vax’d start dying in there 1000nds every day, sure they’ll find an expensive treatment, behave or no treatment.

    I expect we’ll start seeing the deaths by early winter, could be longer.

    We tried to teach them, they laughed at us, when all hell is breaking lose, we stick together, but we don’t risk ourselves helping or feeding them, they get nothing, they’ll ownly turn on us.

  12. Just put on a bit of Sky fake stream media and the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England has been on discussing digital currency or as he put it
    “Programmable Money”
    He went on to say it could be integrated with other apps he said for instance you could give your kids pocket money through it and maybe specify it cant be spent on sweets ! His words not mine.
    Personally I find this terrifying.
    He can fuck right off ,its my money that I work hard for and I will spend it on what I want ,not what they want ,I think we can all see the way this is heading.

  13. Looking at blairs face.. has a great tan…

    The country cannot go on holidays… but blair and the elites can go on holidays…
    The elites do as they like.. while everyone else suffers….

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