1. Of course it was; batons were drawn on command for a photo op. There was no need to use them as the crowd was peaceful. Peaceful until the police showed their hostility. Once the photos were taken, the batons were put back.

    • Oh, not this Bloke, Overkill. Seems anyone who turns up for a demo more the thrice is an actor and an enemy, its paranoia. Ironically sometimes, just like a Broken Clock he’s occasionally right. But the amount of content he puts out, so many actors and agents everywhere, all he seems to do is discredit most people in the truth movement.

      • Well said.
        Exactly what I was thinking… Nothing to see here.
        No wonder they call us ‘conspiracy theorists’ Oh but hang on, shock, horror, one of them had an earpiece in his ear too! MUST be an actor or ‘agent provocateur’!
        And, whether his suspicions were right or wrong: how many times does he need to repeat himself?
        πŸ₯± Yawn…

      • No you’re taking crap I expose people who Incite violence against police don’t like it ? Make your own channel otherwise hold your tongue

      • Alan. Vaughan your comment does nothing to stop me nice try though have you seen my stats my views are going through the roof unlucky muchacho !

  2. Ahhh vwry good info!! Just shows what lenghts they will go too to stop a peacefull protest ie turn it ugly

  3. Sooner they can get fake alien invasion to distract the public and take the focus of Gates and Fauci the better.

    China seeing an increase in UFO’s and NASA are selling out and joining in aswell.

    Not even the sheep will fall for this,hang on, they will won’t they πŸ™

    • They were only meant to knock the bleedin’ doors off!! πŸ˜€

  4. The way there acting, watching each others back and patrolling, I’d bet there Ex SAS, doing a bit of PMC work likely from the old SAS base mid hereford, I’ve got a mate that works there πŸ™‚

    • The SAS is actually the smallest regiment in the British Army but you would think it was the biggest given the amount of ex-SAS soldiers you meet πŸ˜€ And every pub in the country has the ‘bloke who went in first in the Iranian siege’ sat in the corner πŸ˜€

      • I will add that the sas does not allow tattoos. This due to behind enemy lines ops and a tattoo is a compromise in a interrogation scenerio. So I too don’t think this is ex sf. As a veteran myself I too am fed up of veterans exaggerating there service records, heard too many stuff over the years. A real veterans is quiet on the subject.

  5. I noticed on youtube some thumbs down?Def setup.

  6. Probably MI5 men. Funny how anti lockdown is a domestic terrorism issue but BLM can run riot with impunity

    • BLM is a different matter altogether and BLM demonstrations were peaceful for the most part unless where they were hijacked by agents and It was over an incident and many other injustices perpetrated by the police against minorities. In this case it’s the dominant society attacking and cannibalising itself and preventing itself from opposing its own actions against itself and everyone else.

  7. Having been involved in activism where guys like tgese were used I can say withouy a doubt undercover police have infiltrated the movement withoit a doubt and we should all be aware how far they will go, in an animla righyd groip a cop literally moved in and get engaged to a womabn when he fad a family already, they will stop at nothing, we must remain viliglant and strong

  8. Does anyone else remember that at one of the marches (i think it was 1st May) we were walking in the Oxford Street area and half of the crowd went one way and the other half went the other way? The front of the crowd with the organisers had to turn back and rejoin the rest of the protesters. I overheard some of the organisers saying that it was clear someone had infiltrated the other group and sent them down the wrong road.

    Also, outside the BBC buildings, when they were telling everyone to be quiet so that one of the guys could give their speech, another group joined and started making a lot of noise when he was speaking. I have overheard some of the protestors saying that they recognised people in the crowd who they knew were behavioural psychologists.

    I think the organisers are aware that the protests are being infiltrated.

    There must be a way of using facial recognition software to find out who these people are. A surprising number of people in public sector roles have LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Is there no way of using these photos and seeing if they can be matched to ones already online so that we can name and shame them?

  9. the taller blond guy looks like he has a holder for body cam like police do. i know you can buy these for your own videoing cost around 200 quid.

  10. You may be right, but why all the repetition in this video? There is only one clip of a provocative event that didn’t actually provoke anything. I think more investigation is required. As it stands, this will not convince anyone who is not already disposed to believe it.
    To help, you may like to view this clip from Bristol a couple of months ago (https://www.reddit.com/user/humdingermusic23/comments/mbrfyp/agent_provocateur_caught_in_the_actpt_2/ from 1m55s in). The provocateur may be the same as the guy with the EA7 hat in your clip.

    • I have hundreds of videos , watch then for more context is my simple advice

  11. Does it matter, the protesters bombarded Westfield with no face muzzle’s on to confront the people inside wearing muzzle’s to take them off.

    No damage was done to any shop or people, as Will of Resistance GB challenge a senior police officer later in the day who blanked him when asked, the police was to blame blocking the entrance with baton’s draw and dogs inside.
    Let’s not have a go at Freedom protesters as the media and them 3 tosspots on the Last Leg did last night and boasting about having there jab.

    This the show i criticized on YouTube clips last year about supporting this BS and some female snowflake upsetting her properly the cow who got me banned from YT for my options over the flu and anti vax.
    Enjoy the sunshine

  12. I and a friend were at the protest on 24th April, we got separated from the group for awhile and walking towards Trafalgar Square we passed a sidestreet and saw two police vans parked up where guys we’re going into a building and coming out wearing different clothes. It seemed pretty clear to us that they had been infiltrating the protest.

  13. When you pointed him out knocking helmet off, I noticed the 2 other people in the money shot was the tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorist” and the Palestinian flag caped villain…… Maybe the subliminal continuation of the constant theme of: human rights defender = crazy
    & victim of tear’0’i5im (Palestine) = tear’0’i5t

  14. The establishment can’t have peaceful protests, that would never do.

  15. that’s a lot of planning just to knock off a policeman’s hat. I’d have done it for 20 quid!

  16. Is it normal to have quite ‘so many’ police officers all poised waiting! Can’t remember seeing that many in one place anywhere else last week.

  17. Nicked 3 times 30 hrs in cells, Β£800 in fines. Days off work. Traveled up down the country. then I have to come on here a defend myself from so called like minded people. This overkill is dangerous. So far, hes picked out some good soldiers, always there, rain or shine. This rat sits at home stealing peoples footage calling them plants, he want talk to me.
    Anyone believes this clown, might aswell go watch BBC.
    That’s a samsung headphone SHERLOCKS.
    Victory, freedom, then peice. Kind regards small SMALL MAN. Freedom. ✌

    • How does it feel knowing that you have all been exposed πŸ˜ƒ

    • Chris stop lying you’ve never made contact with me even though we’ve exposed you for a while now , I challenge you to come on my panel ! I bet you won’t though as you know you will get destroyed 😜

  18. Whole thing was planned and set up by police from the start, the march would have went straight past Westfield shopping center if the police had not decided to stand there to attract attention by saying OH Look you can’t come in here. It’s like waving a bag of sweets at a child while putting one in your mouth and saying look what I have and your not getting any.

  19. This whole pandemic is a staged event, this was just a small part of that, how many of those police have Equity cards?

  20. Yes these two tattooed g boys are undercover cops. The police used to do similar things in the 1980’s when they were cracking down on football hooligan gangs. Great work here but video could have been nearly half the length.

    • If I make it shorter people complain the phrase can’t win springs to mind , anyway name another channel doing what I do right now bear in mind I have a young family as well.

  21. I wonder if the same agent provocateur agenda was instigated at the 6th January so-called Trump riots?

  22. To think these protests are NOT infiltrated is stupidity beyond belief,The government of the UK have declared war on its people for doing nothing more than trying to help and are spending millions of pounds using every tool in their arsenal short of bullets to try to squash any other opinion that threatens the ‘covid narrative’
    There are even the manuals they used to infiltrate protest groups from the late 1960’s to the present day available online and which came out during the inquiry into infiltrators in protest groups who even went so deep undercover they fathered children

    They are using the likes of the 77 brigade/13 signals/gchq/mi5/spi-B and numerous other alphabet agencies along with the main stream media to silence critics
    Make no mistake and be under no illusion they WILL be in any large gathering

    Sterling work you are doing fella,keep doing it because one day in a not too distant future these treachourous bastards WILL answer for their crimes

    • Great post Dion ! Make sure to come and check the rest of the work we do on John overkill channel!!

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