JORDAN PETERSON Says ‘Get The Damned Vaccine’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. If anybody believes this guy is not part of the whole thing and is ‘confused’ as he says ‘get the damn vaccine’ then there really us little yo no hope for them

    • The slow generation / creation of another puppet clown to feed the masses –
      created, groomed, placed, scripted . . . . . . . .it’s a non-stop conveyor belt in the factory of pre-scripted cartoon clowns

  2. He’s sold out and given that his illness was caused by benzos he has first hand experience of the evil that comes from big pharmacide. It’s abundantly clear what this thing is about now, it’s about book sales and profiting by means of psychological manipulation just like the governments, he’s a piece of sh**.

    • Spot on and if hes sort the fucking idot we have to listen to god fucking help us.these figures of deaths by the jab. MSM won’t tell the truth. Hes all mixed up what a cunt. X

  3. Could’t people be dying from this vaccine more thean all of the vacvines in the last 12 years because most of the vaccines in the last 12 years were well established vacvines in use for tens of years and the new vaccines (for swine flu, bird flu) were for diseases that are much less dangerous than this one? Just asking, because right now no one is to be trusted and many things make xero sense, regardless of the side of the fence.

    • Vaccines don’t prevent disease they give you diseases. They are toxics.

      • Hi I am a biomedical scientist from England. I do not agree with the government’s propaganda. I work for the NHS but turned whistleblower. I am stated protesting outside Barnsley Hospital everyday for 2 hours. I recommend everyone of the same frame of mind to do the same and let’s unite to pushback against the resurrection of Nazi madness.

      • That was not my question, I didin’t ask what vaccines are, or how they work 🙂 . I had an anti-tetanus vaccine about 7 or 8 years ago. I really don’t remember having tetanus. I mean I would have remembered if I had tetanus, I think 🙂

      • Well there are many points here. Like you state the old vaccines went through years of research and are live virus vaccines. These new ones went though months of research and are mrna which has never been used before. So can we even compare them?
        Also, uptill now, many people never even knew there was a site to report vaccine injuries to as we are told it can’t and doesn’t happen. Today someone gets jabbed, then gets ill in some way and doctors say there is no link. How many times has it happened in the past? Look at the rise in chronic illness, cancer, allergies, autism, adhd etc… could there be a link?could they contribute? We are told not but no study is done….
        A yale study a few years ago showed that less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to vears… and these companies do not look into it. Even today, people and nurses don’t know about yellow card or vears…

      • I have had a tetanus ‘vax-ceen’ too. I think you are supposed to have them as a kid. But may need a ‘booster’ as an adult. That was whilst I was in A&E. Like they do they do the doctor didn’t give me any time to think about it before she jabbed me. I did think about it momentarily and was just about to say: “I will have to think about it, can I come back tomorrow 😀 “, but also had visions of being paralysed with lockjaw and dying a slow and painful death. I have also been given a ‘flu ‘vax-ceen’ whilst at the doctors on an unrelated matter, allergy or something. again I wasn’t given any time to think 😀

      • You would definitely would know it you had tetanus. You wouldn’t need a PCR test to find out if you had it 😀 The tetanus virus leads to ‘lockjaw’, You become paralysed in that you are unable to breath or swallow; it is a very slow and painful death. I have actually witnessed it.

      • There is NO virus. Research Dr.Stefan Lanka PhD.

      • @ Pia I don’t think that statement is strictly true, in fact it is patently false, and could lead to your death in certain cases. You really shouldn’t be peddling such falsehoods.

      • And like cattle we can be led down a familiar (and previously safe) path to the slaughterhouse,

      • @Sarah, yes I agree there is a rise in all those diseases, but they also have confirmed 99% of living being are infestated with PFOA and othe rplastics. PFOA has been proved to cause cancer and brain damage in fetuses. And it makes sense for PFOA to be the main culprits as the raise in the disease you have mentioned seems to have happened after the introduction of PFOA (some 60 years ago) whereas vaccines are around for longer than that. ALso 100 years ago people dying of lung cancer (or other cancers) were actually very rarely had the diagnostic of cancer. Autism was regarded as plain retard or stupid or for Asperger as just weird people. But I agree with you when it comes to mRNA, not enough tested and should not be used for mass vaccinations untuil they are proven safe (they may be safe, but this should be proven). @trev, I know you can get the anti-tetanus shot at any moment when you have a serious piercing injury (you cut yourself with dirty metal objects, get bitten by animals, etc) and more than 3 years have passed since the last shot. I know workers in steel mills or that work with metal objects a lot and have a chance to get injured get a booster every 3 years. Generally the antibodies last for 5 years but get really low after 3 years, so the need for a booster every 3 years, but for someone that usually doesn’t work you can get it only when you get a piercing injury.

    • Zero sense regardless of the side of the fence? You’re either accepting of it or not. You can’t be on the fence, the argument is polarised.

      • So just because the argument is polarised I should choose on side? I really don’t think this is the best way to go around, I never did. The fence is the truth, I’d rather be on the fence than choose a side, just because everybody else have done so.

    • Don’t know what the latest figures are but I think it’s something like if you are under 70 or so your chances of survival are around 99.99% from Covid. Regardless of your age if you catch Tetanus you die.

      • If you catch tetanus you get cellulitis most cases.

      • Unless you have diabetes or heart disease, then you might die no matter the age.But I agree most young people (under 50) will probably just be sick for a week at most and then be ok. Because of this I really think that only people at risk should take the vaccine, IF they want, people working in the medical field, IF they want and for the rest of the people they can accept volunteers for those who want to get vaccinated and be part of the research, thus in 1-2 years they can say if the vaccines are safe.

      • What are you saying Tipi? That we should decline the offer of the tetanus vaccine if we present ourselves at A & E after slashing ourselves on a rusty railing, being bitten by a rabid dog etc.?

      • Not completely true. My brother aged 11 at the time, caught tetanus. He fell on a broken bottle and the cut on his calf muscle was about half an inch deep and 2 inches long. The doctor forgot to give him the tetanus injection so he caught it. His jaw would lock and l remember he bit off bits of his tongue. He had go into hospital Intensive Care and he did recover and became very fit eventually.

    • 30 people died from the H1N1 virus vaccine during its use and they canned it claiming it was too dangerous! What has changed to warrant the risk now!

      • Probably because more people have died from covid than form H1N1 flu, plus in 2009 when the H1N1 virus (that affected children a lot) came Obama just took office, after the 2008 market crash, so they just couldn’t shut down the economy, nowhere in the world, plus back then it wasn’t the moment to usher in digital ID as we barely had any smartphones. I mean why would they let such an opportunity go to waste when they can propose mass surveillance and social credit score and at least 50-60% of the population would just be happy to embrace it?

    • No. They’ve all been promised that they’ll not die suddenly if they say the right things.

      • I would say that is more likely the case. Anyone with a family is susceptible to suggestion.

    • Nobody gets a seat at “the top table”, not even Peterson. He’s been turned into a useful idiot. I imagine some threats aimed at his family may persuade him to say what he is saying though.

      • Mind control is a possibility. Perhaps while he was detoxing.

    • A seat at the top table in a furnace-hot environment.

    • Yes
      Don’t trust any famous people they have been paid off for their loyalties
      The rich and famous have been promised golden tickets to the new utopia with shiny new robot bodies to house thier dark souls for eternity
      They’re all going to be such Bobby dazzlers!

      Pfffft common people are scum I wouldn’t wipe my arse on them said the “hot mic”

    • Funding for studies and getting published can be difficult


    • When someone cusses people to push them into a “voluntary” jab, they’ve already lost the argument.

  5. Used to watch a lot of Jordan Peterson’s videos on YouTube, especially the ones on totalitarianism and communism, they were all very well thought out and explored things from interesting viewpoints that other people didn’t think about e.g. the link between authoritarianism and cleanliness.

    I had heard rumours about how much Jordan Peterson had changed following his “overdose” and treatment but this was painful to watch. He’s got no energy or emotions anymore and is struggling to form a coherent argument, he just looks ill as well. I was looking forward to hearing his take on the passports, jabs etc. and old JP would have been practically foaming at the mouth about all of this, if not helping to lead freedom march protests in Canada.

    I might be wrong and he might have always been a shill but I feel like something happened when he went through the “overdose” and “treatment” and this new guy bares no resemblance to the old one. It’s almost like he was taken off to a gulag and has come back a good brainwashed shill.

    Also, highly doubt that he took the vaccine as his family apparently suffers from severe autoimmune problems. I would think that even mainstream doctors would advise them to not get it.

    • Excellent comment. He does look very I’ll, he appears to blink a lot and really doesn’t seem coherent as before. I have no doubt he was genuine in his attempts to expose communism and to help people before his overdose, but now like you say, he’s just not the same man. Rather sad to say the least.

    • He did go to Russia to be treated. Apparently no one in the US could treat his condition. Suspicious on its own.

    • Look in to mk ultra, he probably had some “reducation “

      • Fellow Canadians the trailer park boys also endorse the injection this will not stop me enjoying the show I think these guys are funny sometimes but I also think they love money and that they are liars and that they haven’t taken anything they’ve just been paid lots of money to say they have it’s all part of the propaganda machine costing billions controlling the narrative

        Entertainers are just that they’re not your friends they have no loyalties to you
        Their loyalty is to their own family and their bank balance please excuse my cynicism

        Follow the money

    • I agree completely with your accessment. Jordon came the closest I’ve ever seen to the truth without knowing its author. It was fascinating to watch and listen to. He gave great and new insights to my spiritual understanding. The churches so filled with Jesuits or Masonic teachings are nauseating. That ppl can sit and listen to that same nonsense over and over that contradicts the bible they claim to read is appalling. I loved Jordon. I have so few heroes. Now I’m down to one. Yahusha’s words only. Paul is the false apostle. All he added was lawlessness.

    • So what led him to his overdose?
      There’s always an underlying issues that do this. No logical thinking person would go down that route?
      Especially someone who was at the top of his game.

      This may get shot down but… Maybe he wanted to get involved and someone got to him early on to derail him because of his following.
      Imagine that? it would have made all of his followers, people who bought his books etc to question it. Overall a massive movement…

      The easy thing is to say would be ‘he was a shill all along’. Which if he was is really disappointing as he made sense in his earlier arguments and the CH4 interview was gold standard!

      Either way it’s a shame and thank you Hugo for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

      • I’m hoping he wasn’t a shill all along but I do think he’s been compromised now for certain! My husband said that they’re using people we like to manipulate us into going along with it all. We can see through it and won’t be fooled no matter how much we have previously liked and respected the person being used to manipulate us. Sadly, many will fall for it!

    • I think you are right! I noticed he wasn’t the same too, he was as if his life-force was noticeably diminished! It’s a shame and we don’t know what they’ve done to him or what they’ve threatened to do to him or his family!

  6. I don’t agree with your judgement this time, he doesn’t say it, he said ,,otherwise we encourage people to get the damned vaccine”. It is said in the context that he thinks it is not right to compell the people to take the vaccine. I don’t interpret the ,we’ as a personal Viewpoint but just as a general expression in the sense: ,,we do it” – he feels that the people are still a ,,we”, I would say.
    He makes quite clear that the situation is difficult and that he has made his own decision which he does not want to urge upon others.

    • Anke, but he still emphasised ‘take the damn vaccine’. He should have said nothing; he was unequivocal although he gave something of a disclaimer/qualification to excuse responsibility

  7. Maybe he hasn’t investigated about it, he didn’t say “get the damn vaccine ” like I was expecting.

  8. Anyone getting the huge profile Peterson gets cannot be a freethinker. He was always careful to stay away from certain key subjects like ruling elites, banking & of course the scamdemic.
    He looked very uncomfortable dealing this issue.
    A ‘major intellect’ of our time has no insight into the biggest event of our lifetime! That has to be a resignation matter. He should take up taxi driving or barbering. He would make a great barber. Think of the debates you could have!

    • Do you have to insult another person to voice your opinion?? You did not debate his reasons, and I don’t want to call you a lowlife with your kind of insult. If you have something to add or disapprove then write it if not contain yourself.

    • Willie, even if he should now become a barber, he has already achieved at least a million times more in life than you ever will.

  9. Sold his soul by the looks of it. Dont know this guy but for those that trusted his educated and qualified words in the past this should help you fine tune your Bullshitometers. Its becoming more and more obvious to those with a modicum of freethinking capacity.. its almost as if they are in a cult! You know, when all the answers are the same rote script they have been fed by their toxic and desperate overlords ..meh


    • Elena, this will only happen if there is a big enough movement to stop governments forcing this shit upon us and future generations.

      Maybe the agenda is to get at least one whole generation vaxxed so they will become the enforcers if they live long enough?


  11. He disappeared for a year because of an ‘illness’ and comes back like a Stepford wife.

  12. He’s not the man I remember… So many of them aren’t now!!! It’s all a bloody pantomime

  13. Thanks for all you do, it’s good to hear others say what I’m thinking ♥

  14. “Take the damn vaccine” sounds to me like “Don’t argue with your superiors” I’ve no doubt he’s gone to the dark side.

  15. Peterson sold his soul and does not know how to get it back- ‘Vox Day’

  16. They have obviously got to him. He’s a different bloke after being sick for a good time. i don’t think we would have heard this kind of talk from him before he got sick and probably re programmed. Its a shame he’s sold out because i used to admire what he did.

    • Powergin, Wish I read this before I mentioned it.

  17. I wonder what he would think of his grandchildren having the JAB?

  18. Too upsetting.I really find it impossible to believe that he wanted to say that.

  19. But that WON’T BE THE END WILL IT??? It will never end regardless of how many times you TAKE THE VACCINE???!!! There’s no point either way, you’ll still be required to wear a mask & social distance!!! PLONKERS!!!

  20. Don’t go much for modern day psychologists. If someone comes across too logical then you get a sense that they have no soul and can be easily bought and manipulated. To be truly in tune with the wider population you need to be truly empathic and congruent. You need to encourage a person to gain awareness of their true selves. As when you are truly in tune with yourself only then is when you do what is right for yourself and would only expect others to do what is right for theirselves One of the few authors about psychology I had time for was Dr Wayne W. Dyer sadly passed away in 2015. You should always be true to your true self and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤️

    • I agree and tend to think psychology is about control and power; the behavioural Insights Group have been completely unethical in they use of fear based mind control on the public. They are not role models of ethical principles

  21. This is very sad. I was never drawn to the guy but he is clearly respected by a lot of people, particularly young people so his comments are likely to sway them. And I agree that he does not look well.

  22. I don’t understand what happened to JP, he doesn’t seem to be the same person anymore. His hesitancy and lack of firm conviction on the subject just isn’t his usual behaviour, he’s usually a very forceful personality when it comes to expressing his views.
    I think he’s been indoctrinated or threatened to follow the false narrative.
    I don’t recognise our world anymore 😔

  23. I so badly don’t care what this twat thinks, put him on the list of irrelevant self important, ‘has beens,’ with Andrew Loyd Webber. He wouldn’t have got airtime if he’d questioned it much. As for celebrities, well, Actors act for a living.

  24. I would have been inclined to give JP the benefit of the doubt (maybe that prolonged sickness really mushed his brain) but you are right – the upshot of his vague rambling is “get with the program”. Hugo Talks gets Hero of the Week for discernment and incisive analysis. I was reminded of Puddleglum courageously stamping out the enchanted fire with its stupor-inducing smoke in the chambers of the Queen of Underland (The Silver Chair – chapter 12).

  25. This guy has been sheep dipped just like the rest, academic intelligence doesnt mean your clever it just shows you read a lot and you have a good memory, i like the quote from richard feynman, the first principle of science is dont fool yourself cause you are the easiest person to fool

  26. Amazing that after his ‘illness’ he has suddenly changed……;he has been nobbled and afraid to say anything anymore.

  27. I used to admire Jordan Peterson, enjoyed his book “Twelve Rules to Life”, and I bought the more recent book, which I found do be a big disappointment. He’s changed, he’s now just like all those other “celebrities” who are trying to persuade us to have the jab. I’m 62, I won’t have the damned vaccine, no matter what.

  28. I dont agree with your interpretation of what J.P. actually said and what he meant, and you owe J.P. an apology. The man still looks and sounds ill to me, and I remember listening to him on numerous occasions when he made fighting talk opposition comments on what he believed were leftish/woke ideas being pushed especially in the world of education.. What he seemed to me to be saying in this video is that – IF he had wanted the present situation just to go away – he would have said lets get on with it and get the dammed jab.. J.P. is a fighter – and he – like us – knows the current situation is NOT just going away is still looking for a fight/escape,
    Saying that if some people still wish to get the jab – thats entirely up to them – sounds reasonable enough to me – even though I ve no intention of getting a covid jab myself. I think the LAST THING HE IS – is a shill. Sorry Hugo, but I think that on this occasion you ve got it wrong.

  29. When you mentioned J.Peterson after his comeback in one of your previous videos about his chit chat with R.Brand and other Holywood puppets I was hoping you were wrong about him Hugo. But now, damn me man. You were right. Again.

  30. I usually like your content but feel this has been taken completely out of context. Peterson is suffering with Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome, which is basically a brain injury caused as a result of taking the medication, it takes years to fully recover from the damage, I am recovering from the same injury and at almost 4 years I am still far from recovered. He does not have the same faculty of thinking that he did before the injury, so to all those in the comments saying he has changed, that will be why. He isn’t instructing everybody to take it but saying that is what he has done, his judgements will be seriously clouded at the moment. To instantly cast people onto the Shill shelf is divisive, something we need far less of right now.

    • Then why say anything at all, why not leave such a divisive question alone. Was he badgered by his followers to declare his position on this world wide highly controversial gene therapy, or someone else. Was his gruff, sort of rude, seemingly off the cuff remark of.”to take the DAMN vaccinia” a sign of mental resistance to speak the unspeakable instruction to his followers, which he couldn’t have been unaware of, brain injury or not. Was he not aware of the massive amount of injuries and deaths everywhere that have gone unreported by the mainstream globalist media, following on in the wake of this Fauchi sponsored Chinese Communist Party untested experimental gain of function gene therapy, surely his daughter was. But then, as a world renowned intellect, why, without prompting would he answer such an historically pivotal question. He could have allowed it to remain unanswered, at least by him…. I have been a loyal follower of this great man for several years, what happened to his, “I ALWAYS CHOOSE MY WORDS CAREFULLY…

      • I left a comment because I know what it is like to suffer this injury and lose all sense of self and judgement, it truly affects you on every level, it is a horrendous thing to live with and I have compassion for the guy, I can see his pain and suffering when he talks. I just think it is dangerous to call people shills based on one sentence they have uttered, particularly when they are not in their right mind. We all know people who have taken the vaccine and think they have done the right thing, just because he is famous doesn’t immediately make him a shill. His daughter has recently done a podcast on the dangers of benzos and antidepressants, the content is anti big pharma so I don’t believe they are shills, just misguided like the majority of the worlds population right now.

    • This makes sense to me. I have come off Seroxat, having tapered for several months and taken the last one last August but I’m still far from right and have relapsed into severe withdrawal symptoms twice already; the first time over Christmas and New Year when I was completely drained of energy and in agony with inflammation pain in my back, and the second time just recently- drained again, poor sleep and inflamation all over my body, and I’m not over it yet! Apparently, S.S.R.I.s are very difficult to withdraw from and Seroxat is the worst of the lot, so I have every sympathy with you and admire you for coming off benzos which are notorious! If Jordan Peterson is enduring the same thing then I have sympathy too. Maybe that’s the thing, to always try to temper one’s judgement of people’s actions with mercy until one knows the full story!
      I hope you make a full recovery very soon, this withdrawal is just a nightmare, isn’t it and like all sufferings, no one really knows what it’s like unless they’ve gone through it? God bless!

      • Thanks for your reply, sorry you have been affected by psych meds too, yes the withdrawal is one very long nightmare 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  31. Sorry but who is he, never heard of him. So I wont be taking any advice from someone I have never heard of and all the otherbulsshittets out there.

  32. On the money as usual, Hugo. Jordan Peterson has overpowering on subjects all in priggish and sanctimonious style yet, as you say, is suddenly impotent in an opinion on the most important and significant event in history.

    It would beggar belief if not for the obvious lies this totalitarian fascist tyranny he’s now employed in. His tinny, whiny falsetto voice has always irritated me, the fake shill.

  33. I thought he had suffered from ‘Covid 19’ according to his daughter so wouldn’t he have natural immunity anyway: why take the damn thing? It’s dangerous to be anyone’s fan now. This is life or death: we need to be hyper vigilant and exercise critical thinking about anything anyone says whoever they may be.

  34. Jordan Peterson did a good job of ripping a new arse for that mad feminazi Kathy Newman on Channel 4 News. He wiped the floor with her. He was at the top of his game there. That has to be the ‘high point’ of his career. Later I watched an interview with Helen Lewis; admittedly she wasn’t quite as confrontational and wasn’t completely off her head like that Newman crazy woman but he had went downhill a bit but could still hold his own. There was also a video from his daughter talking about his breakdown, overdosing, mental illness, addiction to painkillers. drug addiction, his wife had cancer, had to go to Russia or some place for treatment… You have to admit that in his former self whether you agreed with him or not that he was ultra-quick witted, linguistically skilled and possessed the most fertile, forensic of minds. Now to look at him, he is just a pale shadow of his former self; he looks like a walking corpse of a drug addict that has just stumbled out of the graveyard. He is not someone I would pay the slightest attention to. I couldn’t care less what he has to say about ‘covid’ or anything else for that matter.

    • Trev, good point.
      Just seen this and said something similar on another comment.
      I am disappointed to be honest… Just think there’s more to it.
      My thoughts are something happened to put him into decline and later in rehab. He can’t talk about it openly because of the repercussions.
      Maybe he’s had some kind of reset/mind alteration while in rehab??

  35. Also….I wonder what happened to Dr Sean gabb from the Libertarian Alliance. he used to be on the radio all the time pushing back against the big state; even defended drink driving. I have not heard a squeak out of him during this “pandemic”…..Though doesn’t mean he agrees with it, but even if not invited onto the MSM he mentions nothing about this on his website. Maybe he is just retired, who knows.

  36. There was never a Pandemic, we were all lied to. Check this out from Brand New Tube site. This amount of doctors testifying. I like to see the dark overlords shut these brave people up. no doubt they will try. It’s over as far as I am concerned. Time to bring those who abused their authority to justice, this was war on our freedom our right, they should be tried for war crimes.


  37. The frozen image of Peterson at 3:45 just after he urged people to “get the damned vaccine” looks to me like a man who feels uncomfortable with the false persona he is revealing.

  38. Judging by the 10K likes and only 348 dislikes to Peterson’s video where he says this, most people who follow him are NOT clued up at all as to what’s going on in the world right now either, despite the supposed ‘intelligence’ thing that comes him. Take this comment for example:

    Tom Fisher
    1 day ago
    Jordan has been “back” for a while now but he is “back, back” now. This was full Jordan Peterson brain energy. Dude is a hero.

  39. This Peterson shill doesn’t say a word because he and all the other “celebretards” are part of the biggest club of all times – called Freemasonry. They all swear an oath of secrecy and if they break it, they risk not only to lose all their assets and status but also their life.

    X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion – by Altiyan Childs

  40. It seems every One has an opinion nowadays but what is actually Truth? Seems to me everyone is doing the best they can with the Knowledge they are able to Access and the Perception they have.
    Aren’t we all fed up of it Now? Not just the pandemic and the oh so many Lies We’ve Believed since we were Children but the Divisiveness and the Arguments and the Judgement and the “he said, she said…I’m Right and you’re Wrong…” on and on and on…and where does it all end? The thing is if We’d Be Willing to Look for The Truth Within and Live from That, vaccines and conspiracies would become irrelevant because every One would just be Telling The Truth. It would be simple.

    Every One of Us has seemingly become Disconnected from Our Soul and operating under some form of Trauma-Based Mind Control to a more or lesser extent, it is that which shapes our Perception to make us Believe that we are all separate. And so from that it would seem that there is an “Us” and a “Them” and that “they are all in it together” but haven’t We All Contributed to the System of Lies? Haven’t We All Believed things that aren’t true? Haven’t We All Felt Lost and Confused?
    If We really want The World to Change, we have to Change from Within….

    I Understand the Anger and the Sadness and The Judgement and The Fear…but what is Truly Necessary even more so than facts and figures is Understanding and Compassion and Forgiveness. Without these all we have are facts and figures. Which can be useful! To an extent but *sigh* not if they become another Way of Creating Divisiveness Through Judgement about what is Right and Wrong and Good and Bad yada yada yada….
    There is a Way Through All This…We can Create a World that is Rooted In Truth and Peace and Love. If You want? Perhaps a Way of doing that would be to Focus the Awareness on such things…

    Like when Watching these things We can be Aware of Something Within Us wanting to Hold onto Our own Beliefs and Views of how The World is and or should be, then getting Defensive? Or Angry and wanting to…Attack? Or maybe Something Within Us wanting Someone to Believe In Someone to Help Us and Stand Up for Us and then Feeling Disappointed when they have an opinion that does not agree with our own…
    And then from Awareness We could Choose…to simply Relate to Another Human Being In Pain. And say, aw Jordan man I Feel You, I my Self Am also fed up to fuck with this shit…*sigh* why, man why? I mean why do we keep making Ourselves Sick with Vaccines and Shit Chemical Food and Suppressing Our Emotions and Isolating Ourselves and Fighting instead of Truly Uniting…why? Why God (In the form of this man Known as Jordan Peterson) WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!

    See to Be Honest at this Stage…I am only really watching these things because no One comes out to Play anymore. I mean what happened to Climbing Trees and Playing Music in the streets and Having a Laugh and Relaxing and well…like…Living ye Know? *Sigh* I’m not saying this Information isn’t Important but…ye know when you are Face to face with another Human instead of watching a version of them online…it is a different…Feel entirely is it not? I guess that’s why…part of this agenda is…keeping us in the house…and then we can go online and become…fed up? Confused? Exasperated and …Forgetful, that We have All Suffered and experienced Pain. And We have All Helped to Contribute to the Suffering and Pain that Lives In Humanity and Becomes Manifest In The World. And so Now Where do We All Go? To Remember What It Means to Be Alive?

    Anyways, I do Wonder if any One will read this? And will You be pissed off at my own wee Self? For my own wee opinions? And will You come and give me a Right Good Argument…? Cause it’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve had any One to argue with actually…Or will some One come along and Take The Piss out of me? Cause I have been walking around this Place just Wishing for some One to come along and take the piss out of me as I get bored just taking the piss out of my Self by my Self….

    ….I Thought I had more to say but It turns out, I do not. And so I bid You All Take It Easy X

  41. Wow! Now we see a real face of this person!!! He’s a coward and all his “smart” ideas lost meaning!
    Thank yoy, Hugo, for your bravery!

  42. HE WAS ALWAYS A SHILL. Attractive only to idiots who want to fancy themselves intellectuals and he’s made millions from these fools. There is nothing this man has said that is original, he simply utilized disgruntled internet communities to build a fan base. Why on earth would you take advice from someone who has the ‘key for curing chaos. but his life and health is in tatters LOL. What a joke. Yeah, I find the whole gender pronouns thing a bit ridiculous, but i don’t need this idiot Peterson to tell me that and imagine becoming famous for that, LOL.

    • Your comment lacks gravitas, and can be mistaken for nothing more than a vicious rant, a spiteful gossipy venting of one’s spleen, I can only imagine that anyone who would rant and rave as you have, no matter what Jordan Peterson, who is a great thinker, may or may not have done, is in my considered opinion, educated beyond their intelligence…..You obviously harbour a simmering resentment, which you wear on your sleeve for all to see.

      • Resentment lol. What resentment? Unlike Mr Peterson, I’ve never been in a Russian rehab for a concoction of drugs and live a very happy life, so why would I take any advice from this man? Would you take health advice from someone who is morbidly obese? The way people act like he’s the second coming of Socrates! He’s nothing more than a cult leader for people who can’t think for themselves. Heck, Hugo Talks offers more nuance and sense than Peterson.

      • So, it only took you five days to come up with a reply, nevertheless, the only thing you have proven is that my first comment has hit a nerve, considering your felt you have to repeat your same old comment of, “I’ve never been in a Russian rehab”, which is still as gravitasless as the first time you uttered it. You are obviously a low IQ man hating feminist who has fallen for the woke feminist non intellectual tactic of insult and innuendo instead of solid fact based argument to prove your wild reasonless rant. One doesn’t have to be a depth psychologist to see, your infantile IQ and throw away non argumentative insults against Jordan Peterson, who is still a world class thinker, no matter how you insult him, are symptomatic of a full blown FEMINIST neurosis of jealousy, envy and resentment, in other words PENIS ENVY, which is the only thing both your posted comments are notable for……And by the way, your real name wouldn’t be CATHY NEWMAN by any chance would it…..

  43. When it comes to the jab have any of you been subjected to the vile hatred that spews out of the mouths of pro jab people? I have! Recently I lost a friend to COVID or rather refusal of early treatment multiple times followed by using drugs that stopped her heart when they ventilated her, with 24hrs of that she lost her life. First people saying her death was her own fault and attacking her daughter too, the latest is I am now getting messages saying I caused her death because she’s of been jabbed if not for people like me – she was 100% against the jab and didn’t regret that even when she was getting sicker and sicker yet people who didn’t know her feel it OK to attack her and us over her decision.
    Have any of you been subjected to or seen anything like this?

  44. Was doing a bit of searching to see if anyone was asking this: WHY did JP take drugs for his depression/anxiety without doing any research first? This just seems sane and rational before bowing before the gods of pharmacology. Why blame big pharma for your own stupidity to do what you’re told (and yet, he refused gender pronouns when he was compelled to use them). He did have access to information, especially in his field. I’m not a professional, and glad of it, but I always do my homework before shoving anything into my body, especially drugs. As I highly suspected, since he was so willing to play guinea pig with dangerous drugs such as Benzos and SSRIs, that he would be first in line to take the jab and, like his little male followers, would probably push others to take the jab to “just get this [pandemic] over with” excuse. Another irresponsible characteristic that reeks of total irresponsibility for self preservation of one’s well-being. Well, my radar was right on target. He really should know better. If not, I’m calling him a complete rambling fraud and full of SH**.

    Thanks, Hugo, for pointing out this state-loving, big pharma shill.

    SMH, JP telling his young male audience to make their bed and clean their rooms, as if they never had mothers. No one will dare say the obvious garbage about JP, and I find this horrifying. The man can drag out a simple answer into an hour, as if he’s getting off on having a captive audience. I can’t stomach him. He says some of the most stupidest things I’ve heard from an adult.

    Also, watch out for those guys who wear bowties, who are trying to appear sincere and clean-cut: J. Peterson, Peter Hotez, and Eben Alexander. All are stupid, narcissistic frauds.

  45. JP admitted in his rap video when he was trying any which way to become known that he sold out. He has the one eye pictures that 85% of Hollywood has.
    I think he should of stuck with the rap game cheese and all.

  46. Shill family – his daughter, Mikaila, had supposedly contracted all the possible variants of the fake COVID nonsense, just to get more and more ratings and make her drama Queen theatre!

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