A Shot For A Shot / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Lapdance, close real close, BK a day ermmm maybe, shag a day with hot lap dancer and what the hell I’m here for a good time not a long time anyway 🙂

    Don’t sell out short, keep waiting for the prizes we really want

    Finish line, bad choice of words there!

    • It’s just another strategy to get people to take it. This is the softly, softly approach. It seems they’re absolutely obsessed with jabbing this poison into everyone. So, on that basis, I presume violence will be used at some point, as a last resort.

    • Hmmm… Jim ‘Justice’. What an imbecile.
      Until now, we all thought poor ol’ Joe Biden was the only total moron in US politics.
      Was he drunk too, or does he normally talk like that?

  2. We know it’s not about our health. Bribing with guns just further proves it. What happens when gun shots are fired? People die.

  3. They know the owner of the prize won’t live long enough to use the gun against them.

  4. Only one thing would make me get the jab. And that one thing is when I’m in my coffin Apart from that they can bribe and pressure me as much as they want but I’m not budging one inch. They can keep their poison.

  5. the carrot is getting more seductive for the sheeple. yeah you might win or might die or be maimed not worth a shotgun or a lapdance.

  6. So you can have a daily fat ridden donut, free spliffs, ice creams for the kids, burgers and fries, free budweiser, be entered in a million dollar lottery and now they are giving away a daily lap dance for a year in Vegas and a lottery for shotguns and hunting rifles along with four wheel drive SUV’s, I call that desperate.

  7. The value of Human life to give guns away so people can shoot each other,have they not learnt anyting from the school shootings in the past.
    One thing we can be sure is the Gun laws are different in the Uk so won’t happen over here

    • A great comment. I would love to be able to agree with you re UK’s Gun Laws. The Agenda is for a Global World controlled by the few percent of the rich and powerful/selected politicians. London’s illegitimate shootings are enabled by the Mayor so that shootings are on the increase. The Gun Laws may never be quite as in the US but perhaps there could be a tinkering with it for their must have use by law enforcers, and ‘armed’ bodyguards for the elite. The UK leadership are attempting to make their own wealth and importance by fitting in with this global plan. So unfortunately the goalposts will continue to change.
      I loved your phrase ‘the value of human life’…It’s heartening to know that there will always be people who ‘are not for turning’.

  8. When will they stop with all the coercion, pathetic, they will be trying this in the UK before long.

  9. Just wondering how powerful the crap they are going to out in that jab.
    These guys are needing their trucks and guns back,aren’t they?

  10. So the jab gives people a dodgy heart as do junk food and too much beer. Then they offer folks a free lap dance?! Get the old heart rate going with a lap dance and they’ll be off to meet their maker in no time!

  11. See old tosspot Biden watch your young daughter’s next week when he for the G7
    Offering Free beer Basketball tickets to have the jab ‘ Bojo next idea ‘

    Young people queuing outside a Harrow health centre in North West London to get there jabs for any over 18.
    One young bloke saying his having it to go clubbing like a female friend say she had her for Mugs.
    You could offer anything i still wouldn’t have this poison for love of money

  12. Governor appears to have won a bottle of Jack Daniels for his jibby-jab!

    Seriuosly looks like the NWO planning department over estimated the injection take up.

  13. They want you to believe that getting the jab is important because they are concerned about your health, yet only seem to offer incentives which in one way or another make you unhealthier (donuts, booze, guns etc.).

    Also, he talks about how this is going to make people run to get the jab. If this was a real pandemic, people would already be running to get the jab, if not doing worse things to one another to get to the front of the queue. Not only would you not need to offer incentives, you wouldn’t even have time to think about which ones to offer in the first place.

  14. Imgine if the end of the world was coming like in that film was it 2012 or something, the Mayan calendar. And in this film there were some arks built to save peoples lives, but only the rich could afford to be on them. So imagine the end of the world is coming, but the govt say you can ALL get on one of these arks, we have enough to save everyone.

    But then they have to start saying – hey, get on the ark and you can get a chance to win a million dollars, get on the ark and get a free donut, get on the ark and get free lapdances for a year.

    Wouldn’t that seem a bit odd? I mean why try and bribe people to save their own lives when they can do it for free anyway?

    It suggests that (A) most people have seen through the lies and don’t want the jab and the claims for how many have had it are way exagerrated, and (B) that they are so desperate to get everyone jabbed that they want to throw money on top of the free jabs (that are costing money) to make sure you cost them even more money. When normally they don’t want to spend any money on you at all.

    So in summary the objective is – get as many people jabbed as possible – so for what end is this the goal? It certainly isn’t good, it suggests it probably is for depopulation or a similar agenda, like passports so you will do what you’re told, or else. Which will lead to – depopulation.

  15. Police in the USA told to hide, what department there from, there badge number and name, secret police are getting nearer.

    I’ll stop asking, do you know of any covid deaths ( found 1 finally) and start asking how many of your friends disappeared in the middle of the night, obviously, they’ll blame that on UFO’s LOL

  16. They need all jabbed for few reasons…..infertility longterm,obviously depopulation,dont forget the cashless society part….i do believe what meant to be conspiracy year ago is true…..surveilance of everybody and the 5G….they must be thinking of using whatever is in the deadly jabs to use it so population works for them….i am pretty sure these are the reason for such a push…..i will have my jab on 1 condition….if Doris,Handcock,Gates,Soros,Zuckerberg agree to be fucked on national tv from bunch of gorillas…..i will have it then🙂

  17. Didn’t think democrats liked guns , or is there some rogue republicans

  18. They are fucking desperate to get that first injection into the 40% of Americans that have the sense to say no. So many have refused Biden is now trying to get the stuff into African kids, these people will stop at nothing to reduce world population, irrespective of colour creed or age.
    They are not our owners and God did not invert money or give them dominion over the people, they are trying to take it by deception and force !

  19. These are all psychopaths and they need to be stopped

  20. So now the governor of New York is offering free guns to anyone over 12 who gets vaccinated. Highly irresponsible and he should be locked up. Or maybe shot.

    • They should be locked and not see the sun again. They psychopaths

  21. Poor strippers,they will have to give lap dances to a bunch of morons!

    • LOL. That’s what they do anyway. It’s a strange way to make a living, that’s for sure. It’s a strange job description too – a LAP DANCE. Don’t they just rub themselves on a man’s ‘privates’ until he ‘reaches a happy ending’? What a world. This world we’re living in must be hell, it has to be.

      • They are properly whore’s who have the prick in there ARM’S 😆

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and psychopaths

  22. This man looks drugged up. Compromised to such a degree that he can’t function? This whole scene is so hideous.

  23. The Jab is a certain death sentence,I wouldn’t take that poison, if they were literally giving away Gold Bars” for it “ you wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy 😉

    • True, there was an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ like that. It was set in the future. These people fought like animals over gold,. One guy killed the others to get the gold, trouble was, in the future, they didn’t know what it was and it was worthless.

  24. Just give me a Chieftain and an bucket load of M4s with unlimited ammo, ignore the jab get ready for civil war.

  25. On one hand this is sick but on the other, people in the US and GB will need guns in the home to protect themselves from the intended genocide. When will they start knocking on the door of the injabbed?

  26. Wow you can tell this guy is being douched into doing this, doesn’t even sound convinced himself, why the hell should anyone else be.

    Further more, the irony of receiving a rifle for the shot, imagine being swatted not days after taking the jab

  27. They’re DESPERATE for people to take the vaccine!!!

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