Public REACT To Kids 12-15 Years PFIZER APPROVED JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Here is a pdf from CDC which tells just how bizarre it is to recommend vaccine for the 12 -17 age group.
    The graph in the pdf shows that in the 14 states which make up the data – on average approx’ just 1, that’s one, out of 100,000 confirmed COVID cases in the age range 12 – 17 was hospitalised per month. I don’t know what the entire 12 – 17 year old population of the 14 states there are, but you can imagine it’s much higher than 100,000 perhaps closer to 1,000,000 even that’s a conservative guess. Why would any parent vaccinate their kids with such a minute percentage of hospitalisation.

  2. Please share this information that I’m giving you here, so urgently needed to share!!! Dr Sucharit Bhakdi MD warning about the danger of the jab. He’s interviewed on Journeyman Pictures. “Perspectives on the pandemic: Blood clots and beyond, Episode 15.” This retired doctor who is clearly clued up on the horrors of what is going on is being interviewed, warning the public of the dangers of this jab. He’s speaking out!! Good for him!! Please share.

  3. Hi Hugo and everyone. As promised, here is the information about the video I just mentioned. It’s on Journeyman Pictures, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, MD being interviewed about the dangers of the jib jab. He says clearly how dangerous this thing is! Please watch and tell other to do the same. Couldn’t find the link, but I hope this information is sufficient for people to find it. Its on you tube.

  4. Beyond sinister, sick, evil and twisted is this Government and all the pharmaceutical companies making and selling this poison!! So glad I don’t have kids, but my husband has recently told me that he had the jab several months ago, which he had to do because he’s going to have heart surgery soon. He was forced into it, and there was nothing I could have done to stop him! This whole thing is hell on earth, and there’s definitely a cull going on!! I watched a retired doctor being interviewed on you tube last night, and he was saying how dangerous the jab is. He said “well have the jab if you choose to, but don’t say you weren’t warned how dangerous it is!” I will find out his name and get people to watch the video. People really need to see it!! I will look for this video again and tell you all where it is. Watch it and share it, get the evidence of the horrors going on out there to as many people as you can!!!

  5. Any adult allowing this shit deserves all they get… Niet from me…

  6. Hugo – you said 99.999% chance of killing them. You meant 99.997% of them surviving.

    • I spotted that too, but we know what he meant I’m sure… but yes you know how people might get latch on to things like this and use it against those who are blessed to be confident in speaking publicly, I’m envious of your skill in speaking publicly Hugo…

  7. fed up with hearing this when we actually do something ile jump in with both feet kicking and screaming these people are terrorists deal with them accordingly …..hang them

  8. We have been too patient from the beginning. We should have started rebelling from 27th March when these tyrannical lockdowns were announced. Its absurd. .They said people should be abbed so that they travel now they are jabbed but can’t travel because of fear of them getting blood clots in the middle of nowhere flying. Anyone advocating the jib jabs is a psychopath. Now children 🤮😰😨😭😭. They are getting out of hand and someone should stop them.

  9. Anybody putting their child forward for this experimental gene therapy is committing child abuse

  10. Some things for your kids need both parents consent so might be worth at least looking into it Rob and getting legal advice Hopefully although your ex and her partner got the jab she may think differently in terms of giving the jab to your kids

  11. Sorry to hear Rob. If the partner’s heart attack does not make her think twice…… My ex husband has taken the experimental drug,thankfully the children live with me. I have 7 children all the older ones are clued in bar 1 who I have simply said to him to wait till the experimental stage is over then decide. I hope he listens!! Would be interested in finding out if there is any legal support in case the ex tries to convince the younger boys.

  12. Hi Hugo, think you made a mistake on this video, you said this virus has a 99.99% change of killing kids….I know that definitely not what you meant, need to correct that before too many people share video, thanks again for being on the ball and keeping us informed.

  13. Thanks Hugo. Keep at it. If you can reach a few then that’s good. This whole society have become like dumb sheep being led to the slaughter. FB deleted some of my factual post as well. Not sure why people cannot see that freedom of speech no longer exists in the UK when it comes to C19. There is one way and if you dont follow that way, you’re out.
    Well I rather be out than in a club of dictators and murderers filling their pockets with blood money. I say “Leave our children alone!!”
    We do not want part of your NWO.
    Looks like Hitler has resurrected. 😡

  14. Straight from Pfizers own website

    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older. The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner. Please see EUA Fact Sheet here.

  15. I’m terrified that my ex wife will push my teenage children to get the vaccine as she already brand’s me as a conspiracy theorist as both her and her partner have been jabbed so they can go on holiday! Her partner suffered a heart attack within 48hrs of receiving his!!!
    Is there any way of getting legal support to stop this happening??

    • It’s a nightmare isn’t it. There’s no such thing as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. As you probably know, it was a term created by the CIA to ridicule people looking into the JFK assassination. And it’s worked ever since. In terms of legal support, I don’t know Rob. What the ‘government’ is doing is illegal, but if your ex-wife demands they take the shot I honestly don’t know. And if she has custody of the children. I don’t know.

  16. Agree that vaccinating children is idiotic. If the vaccine is dangerous because of the spike protein passing to the brain wouldn’t the virus be as dangerous?

    • My worry is like Hugo had put in a previous article about this with regards Gillick competency for vaccinating children whereby it takes away the parents choice with regards vaccinating their child. The reason this has particularly concerned me is that my son who’s 16 doesn’t see anything wrong with having the vaccine So young minds can be quite impressionable with regards the decisions they make. I was a bit of a rebel at that age so would have gone against things like this. Whilst my lad can’t currently see any reason why they would be doing it for the wrong reasons despite what I say to him. So this is why this whole thing really concerns me as some children could be really easily manipulated into having the vaccine

      • I understand what you are saying and I agree. I do not think children should get this vaccine, at least not yet. I really do not agree with the widespread use of the mRNA vaccines, at least not yet, until we see what their effects are. I do agree with vaccination as a concept, but not with widespread vaccination with new vaccines that only have EUA. And, unfortunately, you didn’t address my question. If the spike protein in the vaccine is dangerous for people getting the vaccine, isn’t the virus the same? How come hugo downplays the effect of the virus, but the vaccine is dangerous? Yeah I get that the mRNA vaccines that multiply the protein are as dangerous as the virus itself but what about the classical vaccines that use inactivated viruses similar to the sars? Those do not multiply the protein it just introduces the protein to the body. But yes they are pushing for the mRNA vaccines instead of the classical ones, even though the mRNA have greater number of side effects and more severe.

  17. It defies all logic why any parent would allow their children ( I hate the satanic term ” kids ” ) to receive this experimental gene therapy ( IT IS NOT A VACCINE ) This insanity needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY before irreparable damage is done to our children. How on earth people can still not see through this monumental fraud is totally beyond my comprehension.

  18. Hugo, you need to correct your words at 1:46. You said “for what…a so called virus that has a 99.999% chance of killing them”.
    That’s the opposite mate. Just a mistake i know, but a big one. Need to sort that.

    • Yeah Hugo! Was it just a slip of the tongue? Can you please explain?

  19. The mNRA jab was tested on animals. They ALL DIED…..

  20. Small note Hugo…NONE of the MRNA jabs have been approved they have only been authorised and under the emergency use legislation….big difference…just saying cause I’ve noticed you’ve used the word approved in a few videos….I know what you mean but think the language very important. Approval to me means ‘agree with, accept, pass etc…while authorise is more like permission, let, allow….just saying. Thanks for all you do!

  21. This is sinister and bloody obvious, it’s a population reduction plan. june raine, the head of the mhra has been added to the list of disgusting, corrupt degenerates who need to be hung by the neck for crimes against humanity. She’ll be in company she would enjoy including johnson, hancock, whitty, vallance, van tam to name a few of the sock puppets. Clearly bought and payed for. While we’re at it, most journalists are complicit in murder and now they are spinning jabs for kids, the bbc should be destroyed along with nearly all MSM companies. All governments across western societies are now illegitimate, they should not just be removed but scrubbed from reality in a severe way. Peaceful protests won’t help us beyond raising awareness, more direct action is needed to extinguish these evil pices of sh**.

    • I really don’t get this whole ‘de-population agenda, and to be honest I think it is all a load of guff. Who exactly are you ‘de-populating and why? What is the point of ‘de-populating’ already sparsely populated countries. Most countries are not densely populated. The USA has only a population of 330 million spread over a huge landmass. The UK is over-populated by comparison with 80 million crammed onto a tiny island. Mainly due to deliberate government policy – immigration. Why would you give a ‘genocide vaccine’ to the population of the UK yet not give it to the most densely populated countries – in africa, india, china? Does anyone really think everyone taking this cocktail will be dead come Christmas? It makes no sense whatsoever, basically just a load of guff. Oh, and this is for you, Pete, what do you mean by ‘direct action’?

      • Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Or the quote from Prince Phillip stating “if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as a virus and wipe out 2 billion people.” We are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution – AI, robotisation, digitisation – so there’s going to be huge job losses. What is everybody going to do? Sit at home, getting free money and shitting out more and more people?

  22. This is so twisted and sick. If remember the general consensus was in December, when the elderly and vulnerable are vaccinated we will open up the economy. No empathy for any human young or old, just like nazi Germany.

  23. Guys,i have been telling you….this is a war!!! At what point we go out for them and not back off till this is stopped. ITS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! what are we waiting for? This will never happen in bulgaria!!! What these lunatics have to do so finaly britain rises? I dont get it. We all going to sit and watch while our heads are on the gillotine? 21 june we need to be out and london flooded

    • I hope and pray London is flooded with people like never seen before “ on the 21st” These Lying Scum” need to pulled out their foxholes and face the Gallows “

    • As I’ve said on another post = June 21 – Solstice Feast – Animal or Human sacrifice according to the satanic ritual agenda. Just saying.

      • According to my calendar June 21 2021 is the Summer Solstice, The First Day of Summer and the Longest Day this year. It makes no mention of feasts, human or animal sacrifices 😀

      • Because as I explain in the post, according to the Satanic Ritual Agenda.

  24. Americans are already calling for Fauci’s arrest “and when he is “ this whole diabolical Lie” will crumble quickly “ like a house of cards!
    This is the last straw , You’re not touching our kids you psycho freaking Leeches”

  25. In The Sun there jabs army and want more traitors.
    They can Feck right off go and do a proper paid job
    The MURDERERS it’s going to get nasty and they will pay 🐀

    • Yes, I saw that Vernon Kaye shilling for this shit in Bolton yesterday. Just shows you, how they’re all sell outs. It shocked me because I lived there for a good part of my life. They’re obviously ordered to do this stuff. So, that’s a Silver lining – it highlights the reality of the world we live in.

  26. Virus has a 99.99%chance of killing them? Did I hear that right at 1:50 on video.

    • Yes ,I re-wound that bit too , great work again Hugo but you really need to proof read and edit .
      Afterall we all know it was a slip of the tongue but the fuckwits we want to share these videos with wont. As a result I cant share this video which is a great shame.

    • I’ve just listened to that. I was obviously a mistake. There is a 99.99% chance of RECOVERY from the virus

    • I’ve just listened to that, and it was obviously a mistake. The 99.99% is the RECOVERY rate from the virus

  27. Remember..Hitler KILLED the KIDS too..our are repeating history and most of the sheeple are still asleep..WAKE THE FUCK UP….JOUN THE FREEDOM ALLIANCE AND STAND WITH US IN LONDON…cov 19 is FAKE..LooK AROUND..HOW MANY PEOPLE DO U FKIN KNOW DIED FROM THIS BULLSHITE SCAMDEMIC

    • Thank you so much for posting this Sandra. I was hoping to hear more from Mike Yeadon as I found him to be a true voice of reason in all this madness. I really hope we can turn this around. I have shared it with quite a few pro vaccine friends. In fact almost everyone that I know is pro-vax surprisingly. Thanks again 😊

  28. …”The more you give away, they more they will take”. -Hugo Talks


  29. Horrific.. it’s NOT LICENSED.. I will never agree to this for my 15 year old..mind blown

  30. No no and no. Why give kids a jab that they don’t need and are a low risk from getting covid anyway and most likely to survive from it, doesn’t stop the spread or stop them getting it and have no evidence of the effects it will have on adults not alone our kids. It is not a vaccine a vaccine is one injection and protected for life. No way leave our kids alone leave us all alone and no to force vaccinations, masks, social distancing and covid passports. Enough is enough put a stop to this nonesense once and for all and give us back ourlives lives and our freedom. We were born to be free and life how we want too not by dictation.

  31. Quite. The sheeple waking up…too late!!

  32. How can the Dr’s and Nurses of any country put this into any child!
    They are just as bad! Shame them out!

  33. Oh ffs, just look what happened in the 1950’s with polio vaccine

  34. There is a shift in the sheep’s attitude one person at work has said to me this week “you were right about the vaccine I should never have had it” let’s hope they’re waking up and going to start standing up to this at long last

    • Something saddened me at work before. A man who had been my manager, about 32, a good bloke really, was talking with somebody how he’d had his first ‘shot’ and his next was in July.

      • Andy, I feel the same i personally am waiting to have the first person to say to me that question I not having it I will shake there hand or hug them.
        As for children i see on crap news today I if had kids would never let them have this experiment poison.
        Don’t give up you may hear of person sane not to have this crap

      • I also feel really sad for all those who have taken the jab. Friends, families and strangers. This is just unnecessary and harmful, it is becoming more sinister daily.

  35. This is what it is all for ! if any parent would allow this they don’t deserve to be parents what is this all about? Money, Power, how many people have died from this so called virus not enough to imprison millions of people there is no logical reason to vaccinate healthy children surely there has to be some ethical health care professionals that will stand up to this!,

  36. Keep going Hugo. I believe you’re having an absolutely massive impact on waking people up. On the train on the way home from work, most people didn’t have masks on. People are just utterly sick of it all now. Especially when they’ve complied and it’s got them nowhere.

  37. It’s been said time & time again that none of these vaccines are safe & will cause Infertility, but they still keep rolling them out. IT’S ALL ONE BIG CON!!!

  38. 99.99 chance of killing them? Can you change this Hugo?

  39. All children in trials – let’s not forget that initial trials screened them out….for a reason….. Why would anyone trial their child?? I hate to say it but where did those children come from? I’d seriously question that…. Only time will then tell how many people would follow that lie because it was in the media.

  40. When they assess ‘risk’ they mean the risk to the product and it’s profitability, not the risk to our health..

  41. How else can the sociopaths reduce the world’s population? Who they cannot sterilise they will starve, eliminate livelihoods, censor, or murder.

  42. Not safe and no benefits….it’s a cull….

    • I wouldn’t let my kids have the vaccine I’m not having it.

      • You’d better make sure you tell your kids not to take it because there is now no parental signature/approval required. The schools will just do it. My sister (who hasn’t had the jab but her ex has) asked her teenage kids: What would you do if you were at school and they said you were to have the jab? They answered: We’d have it (probably swayed by their father) there is no hope left.

    • Information building that RNA(in the vaccine), is surviving long enough to attach itself to your D.N.A.

    • It’s not a cull yet. This is about setting the framework and getting us all chipped, compliant, controlled and monitored, for when they do intend to implement a cull.

    • June 21st has to be a red line. Begin occupation of the institutes of this criminal establishment

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