Public REACT To Kids 12-15 Years PFIZER APPROVED JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The bottom line is that there is no COVID-19. It’s a hoax. I can’t take people still talking about the survival rate or that it doesn’t affect children . If there was a deadly virus it would have affected everybody even infants.I don’t even believe all this deaths from the so called vax. I think it’s all a psyop to have people in fear and confused. We ve got 2 more shills Dolores Cahill, Vernon Coleman

    • Why, what have Dolores and Vernon done? I haven’t really looked into Dolores but the last time I checked she was against this ‘covid’ ‘vax-ceen’ and the last time I checked in Vernon was in tears imploring us not to take the vaccine. Have the done volte-face (about turn) ? I have to admit I haven’t being paying much attention to many of them of late since I have got kind of bored with all things ‘covid’. What about David icke? Is he now imploring us to ‘roll up our sleeves’? 😀 It is annoying to if you have been following someone for a while and they suddenly go of it the opposite direction, it happens quite a lot.

    • SO PIA,, Do us all a service and explain how you have come to the conclusion that Cahill and Coleman are ‘shills’. If it is, as you claim, Then we all need to be INFORMED, so, as with all things around ‘covid’ WE can make judgements and decisions, based upon the Facts.

  2. I myself keep getting pressured from family who fell for it, they keep saying i am so wrong, mums new boyfriend ripped me to pieces today saying i’m wrong. so disrespectful, its causing problems in relationships, behind closed doors this is top topic on every ones minds, they keep saying what if you give me it. you cart go the the pub you cart fly, etc etc, i say im doing it for your freedoms and they just laugh. so i’m not going round anymore they can see me. the great spilt vaxed vs unvaxed seems to be working, going to say its private information now to anyone, and change topic. i’ve got rid of everything digital now. im working on getting rid of the net and cancelling monthly payments. and do a hour a month to go on it when i really need it. need a detox. stay strong awake ones…

    • Christopher, sorry to hear about your family issues. But your mum’s new boyfriend has absolutely no right to speak to you like that. I don’t let anybody speak to me like that. They may do it once, they won’t be doing it twice. Hang in there mate. When they laugh at you for saying you’re doing it for their freedom, it just highlights how ignorant they are. IE if a government is deciding when you can have a little bit of freedom for doing as they say – that is obviously not freedom.

      But, as you say, this divide is going to happen unfortunately.

    • MUM’s New Boyfriend is Jealous of you son. He sounds like he is an Insecure Saddo, that needs to flex his macho brain muscle, the only way he knows how.
      With time, his ‘light’ will fade.

      I guess I am a lot closer to the ‘exit’ door of life, than yourself, – my one recommendation to you would be, Through life, TO THINE OWNSELF, BE TRUE !

      Stay Strong, Stay Safe.


  3. Time for armed resistance – we need the same rights as the USA – take down the establishment with a 9mm between the eyes.

    • It is very clear that you have NOT served in the Armed Forces !

  4. No one mentions this but W.H.O.’s own regulations for the issuing of emergency licences for drugs and medicines clearly state that there must be no alternative treated for the illness or disease the drug or medicine is meant to cure. Yet there is Ivamectin and other drugs that have been on the market for decades, are safe and effective and cheap. It is why it was put on the banned list by Fauci, otherwise they would not have received a license for their vaccine.

  5. Does the audio say 99.999% chance of “killing” because I didn’t hear “not”?

  6. Here’s a horrible thought. Because the vaccinated won’t be able to give blood or donate organs because they are contaminated, the unvaccinated will be used to harvest blood and organs because they will be the only pure ones left!

    • Ziggy, my understanding is that they are not stopping vaccinated people from donating blood…they are asked to wait 7 days or 14 – 28 if they had a reaction only…scary eh? Thing is they are not seen as contaminated by the NHS…

  7. It’s fucked the vaccine is going to make kids and adults i impotent and much up the human race forever the world’s gone mad but it’s like sleep to the slaughter cities in the Bible many will perish from lack of knowledge

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