Lockdown News Roundup / Nepal Variant / End Of 2022 / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Nice piece Hugo mate. Top job. And no, Shapps is not human as you rightly say.

    • Shapps is a evil eye C***
      The man who brought in face nappies in middle of June last year on transport.
      I Hate him tell anyone in Welwyn Garden & Hatfield to kick him out at the next election I planned to do so.

      • Darren, what? you actually think your vote will be allowed to count. That is IF you are allowed to vote in the first place. Donald Trump won the American election in a landslide, yet we got the criminal Biden as president.

      • Borris johnson – bill gates pet parrot

    • Boris Jhonson and Matt Hand on cock will face JUSTICE for what they have done to the people of UK….

  2. Shops not human.true… also look at the state of bojo the clown….he is no longer a clown he looks like a dangerous criminal….

  3. I’ve started to check every date they put out there against the Satanic Ritual Agenda and June 21 is Solstice Feast – Animal or human sacrifice. On June 23 – Midsummer’s Eve – Practice of Magic. Just thought it was quite interesting.

  4. The Nepal Government just wrote to our government demanding to know why this variant is called the Nepal Variant, because they do not have a problem with the virus….FACT. Boris is trying to keep the pandemic going, to keep his unlimited power

    • Julia Hartley Brewer mentioned the fact that the Nepal has NO connection to the Nepal Variant at all. She said the Nepalese Government were enraged by this ‘ slur’ . We are in very troubling times. 😔

      • You shouldn’t listen to Julia H B. She is controlled opposition. Not to be trusted.

      • Hartley Brewer MAY BE ‘controlled opposition’ but currently there is F All else to cling to! We do not have much opposition at all to hold on to!

  5. Hugo I can hear frustration in your voice. I love your impersonations. These muppets must really be laughing at all the morons who still believe that things will go back to normal!

    • Yes I hear the frustration too. I believe we all feel this way now, the awake anyway.
      I get very frustrated with the majority of people still complying with all this utter nonsense. How we end this? I wish I knew!

      • There have been so few deaths of people WITH Convid in their system ( as opposed to dying BECAUSE of it ) this week, yet I see 100’s with silly blue masks on when walking in the fresh air. It just prolongs this scam. How are people so brainless that they continue to obey the stupid rules??? Or … Is it just this sleepy old coal-mining town where I live??? 😂😷😂

      • Withdraw from society. Get out of the beast system by finding like-minded people, setting up community to live off grid.

  6. Saying tikka masala variant is not nice to Indian folk. They are fucked off with the bullshit Indian variant propaganda and definitely don’t need comments like that. It just leads to more racism and casual insults. Boris said letterbox Muslims, Bush said those pakis. I’ve heard kung flu. Whats the African variant going to be called? There are actual humans who come from these non UK countries who may be bored and pissed off with ‘funny’ comments.

    • Get a grip mate. If they’re so offended by shit like this, they need to grow up. Notice you didn’t mention the endless racism against white people. I’m not trying to “divide and conquer”. I’m just living in the real world.

      • And this is engineered, to infantilise people. When people feel they are ‘victims’ all the time, they become emasculated, they never grow up. That is what the Civil Rights movements was all about – to destroy the black population in America. Lyndon B Johnson said: “I’ll have these ni**ers voting Democrats for the next 100 years.” Black people had the lowest divorce rate in America, until this ‘Civil Rights’ movement was rolled out. Jesse Lee Peterson will tell you that – a black guy in his 70’s – it was the worst thing that happened to black people in America. And this is what all this BLM shit is about. It’s an attack on the people you claim to be defending.

      • So, my point is this – they’re creating brown/black people as eternal victims – which weakens them, and basically blaming/victimising whites – which will lead to strengthening whites ultimately. This is the game they’re playing. So, Keith, I know you you want to do good, but you’re being played like a stringed instrument.

      • And to prove my point. There was a good documentary called ‘Fire in Babylon’ about the West Indies cricket team in the ’80’s. An English cricketer said basically: “We’ll have these people grovelling at the end of this tour.” It offended them and they decided to prove them wrong. They became the most successful sports team in human history. Undefeated for SIX YEARS!

    • Indian folk don’t know what tikka masala us. It’s purely a UK concoction as us Bombay potato and most UK curry recipes

    • Jeez stop wetting your panties over something so pathetic as a fabricated sense of national identity.

      It’s all a load of bollocks.

      I’m looking at the people who see through this shit as my family now. They are my countrymen and women regardless of which part of the world they hail from.

    • I had to smile at the “Yorkshire pudding variant” and thought if this carries on we’ll be getting the “Bury black pudding and the Lancashire hotpot” variants next. Enough is enough but how do we stop it?

  7. Here’s some truth, things are gunna get waaay worse for the “un-vaxxed” over the next couple of years, but these “we will own the world” types always fall in the end. It’s karma, universal debt. Whatever you wanna call it.
    There are only 2 forces in this universe. Contraction and expansion, a push and a pull. The “primordial creative force”. An atom.
    There’s only so much shit you can push before it’s pulled right back.

  8. bojo parroting bill gates talking points from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJtblo12UxI They are openly telling people what they want to do, they want a global network of surveillance and vaccine passports which will turn into a social credit score system so they can monitor everything you do. If you say or do the wrong thing they will punish you by removing your access to society, banned from the internet and denied access to your money. You will be their pet, livestock they control and milk for data. Do not comply and spread the word with everybody you know, they are scared of people learning the truth and we all can help spread that truth.

    • Unfortunately, the sheep can’t handle the truth. That is why they dismiss us Thinkers with a simple ‘ conspiracy theorists’ , it makes their lives more bearable. They are called sheep because they follow orders….. They will have us ALL wearing striped pyjamas before long. ( NOT me though! )

  9. Borris Johnson: “We Need, We Need, We Need”. No let’s get it straight, YOU Need, you and your guerrillas in the EU and those G7 elitists, to implement your devices of control over us. Well guess what, WE DON’T WANT YOUR B.S!

    You can shove all that where the sun don’t shine.

    What we REALLY need is mass marches on G7 and parliament, the MSM surely couldn’t ignore that, right?

  10. Cant watch video.is some one folowoing you and blocking your website? F natzis

  11. Hugo it’s so so annoying like my friend got the jab after hours and months of sending info his 1st 1 and the reason was to go on holiday to Portugal and the very next day Portugal got removed from green list, its nice to be proven right but not in this case . Unfortunately some people really believe what government is telling us. But keep pushing the info and great job we appreciate it.

  12. Sorry to disrupt your jabbing plans boris but none of me & my family are taking the gene therapy. over our dead bodies first.

  13. Somehow don’t think gates , doris and company..Will be eating these..

  14. Johnson is so arrogant,..”vaccinate the world” he doesn’t speak for us…these people need brought to heel!

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