ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL / Hugo Talks Some More Yet Again #lockdown

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  1. Just keep making more channels you’re only fighting AI if it helps you spread your word don’t take any of it personally
    Make another 10 channels now in anticipation of it the robots won’t know they aren’t that smart … Yet!

  2. All we can do is refuse. The power is always with the people, but they’ve got to stand up and be counted by deleting, refusing and protesting against these vile people who are determined to rule every aspect of our lives

    • Van Der Leyen – fled to the UK to avoid the Baader-Meinhoff gang, and is now the head of a multi-government run terrorist organisation that is taking great pleasure in terrorising and coercing and trying to take control of hundreds of millions of people. What a hypocrital piece of shit.

    • I’ll repost this comment I’ve made on the newer video. Apologies, I just feel it is very important.

      Just a few points. The World Economic Forum is a PRIVATE BUSINESS, working in tandem with the UN, the WHO, etc. They meet at DAVOS every year to discuss world events. They also attend the Bilderberg every year. All of the CEO’s of the biggest corporations/companies in the world attend the event. So, we basically have ultra rich billionaire/trillionaire BUSINESSMEN ordering us to wear masks, to accept ‘vaccine’ passports, to socially distance, to have lockdowns, etc which are killing our civilisation. BUSINESSMEN! These measures are transferring our wealth, freedoms – everything over to them. These people are proven criminals, liars, cheats, etc.

      Also, they want us eating insects – cockroaches, etc. For starters, insects carry bacteria, viruses. I scoop my cat’s shit up and insects run out of the shit! Cockroaches feed off decomposed material. This is what they want to feed us. But we know instinctively what we like. You see a cockroach, you are repulsed, you see faeces, you are repulsed, you see an apple, you want to eat it, you see an orange, you want to eat it, etc.

      And Bill Gates is running most of this shit – ‘Windows’ – called so because they’re spying on us, as if through a window. This geek is ordering us all to live like this people.

      • The trouble with all this app bollocks is, what happens when they shut it off? Then what? You’re dependent on the people running this shit. They’ve got you, they OWN YOU!

  3. Yeah all the same shit, can insurance, job searching, universal credit etc, all the same

  4. I have a smart phone – no SIM – which works fine for online banking. I use an old Nokia mobile when not at home.

  5. I’ve never used an app in my life. Yet I do my banking via pc. Over the last few months. I’ve found it getting harder & harder to send money to family/friends. Without having to explain why I’m sending ‘my own money’ to others…..

  6. I don’t use internet banking as my bank account was used for money laundering BUT when I try and call my bank Santander they started recently to demand a voice ID to which I don’t consent. They make it harder to reach the operator so you hang on the line for ages. I told them numerous time I don’t give a flying banana about their idea of security and refused point blanc. I use money wherever possible so guys USE REAL CASH or these bastards will see it as a signal to remove money from the high street. This world is rapidly going nuts. I wish i could go back to 90′ I toy with the idea to use only brick phone as well. Thank you Hugo for your work. You are others like minded individuals keep me sane in this insane world. don’t give up!

  7. I had to give up my creditcard because of forcing me to identifying myself with pictures for their facial recognition database .
    Not doing it.

  8. I vill say this only wernce, ve hev wayz of making you talk!

    • Allo Allo is literal dream world compared to this demonic shit show.

  9. Brilliant Hugo – we need to educate the younger generations ( Im 56!) about what they are loosing and how to live in an alternative paradigm within this virtual one. We need to offer solutions and alternatives , which is why your channel is so good.

  10. It looks like they are getting ready for a federal (Europe) tax?

    • 2 of my local HSBC branches are closed/closing I’m no good at the Internet banking. Think we should all get our cash out and leave what we need in to cover debit cards . satan is a liar . God is sSovreign!
      They can’t stop cash if we have it all . The vendors will have to accept it. May God bless and protect all who read this.

  11. My half way solution to the phone problem – I have an older smart phone which never leaves the house with only the apps I need ( ie banking) NO SIM card – Yes I know they still get some data but it is a lot less than a full time phone user.
    No Google No FB No Location beyond my home space etc I basically only use it for 2FA

  12. Same situation. Can’t access my funds in UK online without using my mobile. Have had probs doing it because my UK mobile sim card has become deactivated. Not in UK to sort it out. As l’m in China, l use a Chinese number in any case but still can’t use my mobile number. Somewhat of a pain

  13. Google were insisting I confirmed my age by giving them my exact date of birth, apparently just to confirm I was over 18 years to comply with age related material.
    Google then asked me to confirm the day/month/year dates I entered matched my computed age.
    Unsure why they needed this level of detail and why they just didnt ask me to click a box confirming I was over 18?
    The NHS cold called me to discuss the poison, err vaccine and they asked me to confirm my date of birth so I hung up.
    Resistance is NOT futile, I am NOT Borg and I will NOT comply.

    • NHS called me – I “could not confirm” my home address (bad memory you know) – they hung up

    • NHS need to make sure they are talking to the right person that is why they need your birthdate. Years ago my surgery started putting someone else’s health records on mine because that person had the same name as me. It is for your own good to give your birthdate when they ask.

  14. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling especially when said in a Jerrrrman accent…. Zig heil Mein commandant…..
    I think I’ll cope without.

  15. I was looking into VOIP options the other day. Several blogs recommended Google Voice. After extensive research into it, I laughed out loud when Google states that you must have an existing cell phone or landline number to get a GV number. What is the point of a VOIP Phone then??
    Imagine any other “service” that required you to already have the thing you’re trying to procure??

  16. And another conspiracy FACT!!
    How convenient that bank staff have been telling everyone to download their banking apps over the last 18 months!!
    And don’t think for one minute, that because of Brexit, this won’t get used in the UK either!!
    The UK is still part of Europe, and it’s coming!!

  17. One app to rule them all..🤔🤔🤔
    Interesting sounds like one ring to rule them all..lord of the rings..
    Have you noticed Elon musk space ex badges ..ok call me a conspiracy theorist for another 12 months lol

  18. Will the app also change the Skidby cracks of Wanda Lieing’s fans or do they have to stink for themselves?

  19. The only way we can beat them is:
    Leave your phone home. Doing so they don’t know where we are.

  20. I have online banking, no app. I use an iPad at home. I also only have a 2006 Nokia payg with no internet because I’m not on the mobile having long discussions. The bank never calls me on my mobile.

  21. Hugo, you must have mobile banking. I have online banking accessed by Mac or iPad. I go through 3 hoops and a one time code that is issued on a tiny gadget smaller than the size of a fridge magnet to get online to bank.

  22. If anybody thinks there is anything secure about any app you download to your phone then you are a fool. This proposal here is all wrong. You do not need a smartphone.

  23. For 2FA (two-factor authentication), you can use a program on your computer.

  24. Real problem here is older people, they don’t understand tech, so they will be scammed all the time.

  25. Notice they wear pink pink ties suits etc in 1800s pink represented the beauguiois

  26. Yes, I’ve had issues with both bank and Paypal – I can’t get a signal where we live for my phone as we are so remote. Yet they still insist on sending a text to a phone that I have to travel away from home just for a signal. By the time I retrieve the text, the time to respond is up. The last time they blocked my credit card for purchasing an item that I’ve purchased quite often – if they looked at the records they would have seen it was a regular thing, but noooo. I had to ring them on the land line but they refused because it had to be the phone that was registered with them (we moved house a couple of years before that) – there I was in the middle of nowhere outdoors with a monsoon raging and trying to find somewhere to block out the wind talking to a man – not from this country – and apart from the howling gale and lashing rain I had to contend with his lack of English! One extremely frustrating time. Last week they did it again. Fortunately a weak signal was just enough to unblock my payment. I’m about ready to chuck the damned thing out of the window!

  27. We should lean away from everything digital “smartphones and all “ It’s the digital nonsense that will enslave everyone “ go back to old school “everything” every day “and withdraw money from accounts and pay for everything with cold hard CASH “ is a good way to say NO” to this shite”

    • What if they say no to cash what can you do

  28. I think the time is coming we need to start concentrating on how we create new societies outside of what they want us to conform to. It’s a tricky one but the more we concentrate on the negative energy this agenda creates and feeds off, the more difficult it becomes to look beyond it, which is exactly what we need to do. And to make it more attractive than what they try to create so even the blind (now) may start to look and say “Hey, that looks way better… Let’s try some of that!” It’s just a thought but I think it’s one to be considered… The question is how?!

  29. Soon there will be a mass migration to the underground way of doing things. Get hard assets, learn to hustle and trade outside of babylon and learn some digital “anonymity” skills, even if you have to “make up” a few things just to get by, if you know what I mean.

    Keep your privacy and autonomy alive, the real criminals are the heads of states.

    • There’s a good British film that alludes to it called ‘Code 46’. If you retain your humanity, you live like a peasant in the fourth world basically. This is their goal.

      • So, we need understand and accept this reality and use it to our advantage. This is going to happen, so lets breakaway from it and prepare. It may be the best thing that ever happened to us. What do people think about that?

  30. Dumped my mobile phone a few months back,, seemed strange for a few days and then I realised the benifit, I had time to myself, no one could find me the leash was gone, it was freedom. Evetualy friends stopped asking when I was getting another and one freind keeps saying he is going to do it as well.
    I still have a house phone,,, but do I really need it?

  31. Use cash as much as possible and support small to medium businesses with our pockets

    • Hi mik, what if they don’t take cash ,you can’t make them can you.

  32. think it will be very heathy for us to cut off from the net altogether and disconnect from the net and save your money, if you’ve got a tele. get rid of that to, save your money. what you don’t know doesn’t affect you, its in the pipeline far me learnt a lot on the net. and don’t really need it anymore. looking back most of it has been a waste, and wasted a lot of years, candle lights in the dark for me and a good book that’s where i want to be.

  33. I do my bets to opt out by exchanging things. Battering between us. Using cash.
    Maybe we could think baout setting up a banking union?

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