Danish ISP BLOCKS Bitchute #censorship / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • I am a Danish citizen, and written to the police expressng my deep concern, in the violation of free speech.

  1. what you say is so true.
    truth always wins.
    truth is easy and requires no work.
    lies require constant management.
    the details of lies change continually – this is a characteristic of the Covid narrative.

    • Don’t call the elites they are parasites….

  2. Free speech has gone. The reason? The globalists don’t want the truth out there and they don’t want any debate whatsoever. The dumbing down of TV,, together with the complete control and manipulation of the media is slowly turning people into moronic zombies. The jabs will ensure that quickens the process. Get rid of muzzles, stop testing and don’t listen to the media and you’ll soon realize there is no virus.

    • Half a century ago my father told me, believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see and you’ll be alright. You can’t believe anything of what you even see now.

    • I have a VPN for the very rrason you stated

  3. The Darkside really turning the Screw now

  4. Keep going, you are great, i look forward to your talks, when all this is over, you will get your rewards, and your our hero, keep safe

  5. Absolutely fucking desperate. The leaders, health advisors, big tech owners and media should all be executed across the world.

  6. I wake up going on to your channel and go to sleep looking at it again. Please,please,please, Hugo, don’t ever give up!

  7. Hugo you KEEP f**kin’ going!!!
    I get a lot of my info from you.
    I gave up my TV license last year and will NEVER watch mainstream again.
    Everyone that replies to you is a supporter.

  8. Very soon everyone will need to go old school and print out newsletters and make them available to the local community.

  9. The truth is something the evil ones just cannot stand!!!!!! No protection against it!!!!! Thankyou Hugo. Nigel Moore.

  10. Is this a sign that they are getting in a panic?

  11. We have all gotten so used to being online. Didn’t China shut down the internet to the outside world?

  12. Just use a VPN. Pick a pc in China (probably less censorship) & surf from there!

  13. And so the censorship spreads. Nightmare. Don’t they realise that this makes us more determined! Keep going, Hugo, your work is much appreciated…and needed

  14. Great that you mentioned people setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Assuming this level of censorship continues, it may be worth while giving the TOR web browser a plug on your channel Hugo. TOR automatically sets up a VPN for the user encrypting each URL request as it passes through numerous VPNs. I think a lot simpler for non-technical minded people.

    • I’d like to know more about this and anything else that may help going forward in this war

      • Tor Browser is certainly one of the most secure ways of browsing. It will not only reroute your traffic (VPN) but will also encrypt and decrypt in oldschool ‘block-chains’ (before the term blockchain was coined)
        They call it onion routing, and Tor Browser is specficially made to access onion routing sites.
        What you’re browsing right now is the surface level web. Onion adresses is located in the sub-surface level web, and you therefore need the direct adresse and broswer to access it.
        They call it The Dark Web.

        Even just for surface level browsing, Tor is a great choice, and ever increasingly a necessity these days if you want to stay secure and anonymous.

        Only downside is it being really slow.

        Just DuckDuckGo Tor Browser, and be sure to download the correct one of course.

  15. It’s always darkest before the dawn, but I think we’re hours away from dawn at the moment.

  16. Great that you mentioned people setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Assuming this level of censorship continues, it may be worth while giving the TOR web browser a plug on your channel Hugo. TOR automatically sets up a VPN for the user encrypting each URL request as it passes through numerous VPNs. I think a lot simpler for non technical people.

    Apologies if this is a duplicate post. Fully logged in before submitting the 1st post but it failed to appear on your page after posting.

  17. They are also censoring natural health sites and pages under fhe premise that tbey’re dangerous and stop people having the jab and use other big pharma poison

    • And from using other big pharma poison that should of said!

  18. My Bitchute channel tells some people it is “deemed illegal” by your countries authorities but it can be accessed via VPN no problem. Like most content creators I am expecting my door to come through at some point! But oh well, I am more than happy to put my side of the argument up to whoever. If anyone is interested I will leave a link. If you have heard these speeches I will be very surprised and it may make you think about certain situations. I am not standing under any banner or backing anyone..


  19. I bet that some idiot will do something stupid now to shut the cyebr crime dept down in retaliation, like look up their address and send them a box full of some kind of white powder with “Anthrax” written on the lid, so they have to evacuate the building, bring in the “scientists” to test it and decontaminate, etc, and then maybe a week later when they can go back to work, I bet ANOTHER idiot will do something like send another package with something like “Smallpox” written on it, etc. Bah, those idiot conspiracy theorists, they just need to GROW UP. The Politi are shutting down sites like Bitchute for the good of the public. I despair, I really do at how silly the general public can be, just go and get your jibbety jabs. Etc.

  20. Thanks again for the update Hugo 🙏❤️👍

  21. I’m going to invest in Ham Radio.
    May come in handy soon.

    • The land of lego is now the land of the hammer and sickle

  22. Some rats are all ready jumping or preparing to jump ship in regard to fluvid. As the real truth starts to break through the cowards who support the narrative start to bottle it and run. Already emails are coming to the fore of how prominent people lied or made stuff up to push the narrative. That unelected body of clowns the WHO have already stated that they were lobbied by politicians, governments and other individuals to say that paper masks were effective. No science followed just the wishes of the powers in charge. This proves the cracks are forming and they are trying to cover or distance themselves from the shit storm thats coming.

  23. well said Hugo, you can’t prevent the truth from coming out, i believe Elvis Presley said and i quote “the truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a while, but it ain’t going away”

  24. works for me 22:38 03-06-2021 Copenhagen Denmark.

  25. I cannot believe how quickly this is unfolding. The elites must be positively buzzing with progress!

  26. All this crap about Fauci’s emails is a Drummed up script “ to convince the masses that a real threat exists “ when it’s an open bare faced Lie”
    MSN are carrying on with their crap again “

  27. You don’t need a VPN download and install TOR browser. It’s like a VPN but free.

  28. One channel that should definitely be taken down and given a permanent ban is the BBC. If anyone is guilty of spreading coronavirus misinformation it is the BBC

  29. Just a few points. The World Economic Forum is a PRIVATE BUSINESS, working in tandem with the UN, the WHO, etc. They meet at DAVOS every year to discuss world events. They also attend the Bilderberg every year. All of the CEO’s of the biggest corporations/companies in the world attend the event. So, we basically have ultra rich billionaire/trillionaire BUSINESSMEN ordering us to wear masks, to accept ‘vaccine’ passports, to socially distance, to have lockdowns, etc which are killing our civilisation. BUSINESSMEN! These measures are transferring our wealth, freedoms – everything over to them. These people are proven criminals, liars, cheats, etc.

    Also, they want us eating insects – cockroaches, etc. For starters, insects carry bacteria, viruses. I scoop my cat’s shit up and insects run out of the shit! Cockroaches feed off decomposed material. This is what they want to feed us. But we know instinctively what we like. You see a cockroach, you are repulsed, you see faeces, you are repulsed, you see an apple, you want to eat it, you see an orange, you want to eat it, etc.

    And Bill Gates is running most of this shit – ‘Windows’ – called so because they’re spying on us, as if through a window. This geek is ordering us all to live like this people.

    • True and very disturbing. The WHO, in particular, are clearly in the clutches of BigTech companies (which made/make a killing during lockdowns) and BigFarma (set to make a killing from vaccines, in particular), all at the expense of normal people the world over.

  30. Noone can’t stop the truth. They are all psychopaths fools..well done Hugo and thank you very much for your sensitivity to sensitivity stuff

  31. she was reading the plan she had been given that we all know and predict, there manipulating us to need the smartphone and cutting everything off. think they will cut the old phones off 2g 3g soon and the landlines. its not a smartphone in my eyes anymore. its a microchip, there is a technological nightmare that’s coming and i’m dreading it, be worse when the electric cars come in too they will be tracked and traced. sorry car will not start today please go inside and self isolate for 14 days or be fined 100000 britcoin 😉 its definitly planned she was reading from the script. in China its mandated to have a smartphone or you get detained, i wonder why? its not about covid that’s just the excuse to bring this digital nightmare. there’s no virus. the only virus is the plandemic pandemic. just prepare if it gets to bad live of grid, buy a camper for a few years till it gos electric. then that will be screwed, then get to a boat. if that go’s wrong hardcore camping. buy seeds that’s our best currency just in case, purchase now before you cart purchase when the cash is gone, you have got be one step ahead of there game, i am noticing people are not wearing masks at work. everywhere where i go people are happy, as bad as it seems, stay happy, anyone one that’s serious about what’s going on just laugh and smile, i do it all the time. thinking for yourself and smiling is the best medicine. it cart get any worse so smile. got nothing to lose. just waiting for the next variant to lock us down again think it will be the chicken tikka bhuna masala popadom variant 😉

    • POTS (The Plain Old Telephone System) is due to be scrapped by 2025. ‘Landlines’ will soon be a thing of the past. The UK is still one of the few countries to still use 2G. Most countries are in the process of scrapping 3G. Very soon it will be a ‘smart’phone or else.

      • Give the stupid betraying things the Boot” for good “ they don’t even deserve the rubbish bin” but should be smashed to smithereens”

      • Or letters, like in the past. I

  32. I use a VPN. I’ve lived in China for years and they usually do the trick but I’ve never paid for one. And it’s not as bad here as most people think.
    These people are so scared, they have to try and shut everything down but they can’t escape from themselves.

  33. I use a VPN and have lived in China for years. They usually do the trick and I’ve never paid for one.



  34. I wonder what the world will be like when they control all of the information that we get? Maybe it has always been like that but only recently have we become aware of the extent of the lies that surround us.

  35. Oh shut up. minds.com works fine. BNT and Bitchute compromised already in the UK. OFFCOM are censoring

  36. I find Brandnewtube the best video platform. Bitchute is clunky & Odyssee keeps telling me to change my password (suspicious).

  37. The elites are getting worried about the truth coming out. This is going to backfire badly for them.
    Good work Hugo.

    • I fully agree with you Steve “ Even now their wheels are starting to fall off and crumble “ and so they should be worried “

  38. The “Online Safety Bill” will allow this to happen in the UK too…


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