You WILL Eat BUGS And You’ll Be HAPPY / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Hugo I’m not great with modern tech but I’m saying what I’m saying on a reply to someone else’s comment cos I don’t even know how to start a new comment anyway you are not talking bullshit I come from a large Irish family and have just said to many of do me a favour and yourself a big favour stop listening to me go to Hugo talks. Com I’m 52 I’ve told all my family to go to your channel wat I’ve noticed is only the 14 to 16 Yr old s have gone there and now because their saying to their friends hey my uncle told me watch this their friends who mostly know me go their aswell and then the parents who never bothered are going there because their kids are telling them it’s not thousands or millions but it’s growing so don’t stop with the videos

      • Well, this is what gets me. I was in Cork about 5-6 years ago, staying in an apartment. I tried to look up this stuff – it was censored, and then I was receiving messages on my screen about “you’re not masturbating enough, or whatever.” I couldn’t believe it. I thought: “What the fuck is this?” So, the Irish are being controlled by someone. It genuinely shocked me because it was instant. I was criticising the ‘royal’ family – that’s what triggered it.

      • That is a great idea! Forget the ‘already-made-their-minds-up’ parents. Just chat to the youngsters. They love anything that is seen as rebellious and also know their way around the internet. If you get just one youngster to share a video, it is likely to go to 100 of their mates. 🙂

      • Well done Thomas. Maybe you would like to share this documentary about WWII and what really happened to Germany in the aftermath. Some is very shocking. Just remember and I don’t know who quoted it originally “It’s the victors who get to write the history books”.
        I’m not saying that its accurate. Just that is make you think where we told the truth in our history lessons at school? Did the ITV series World at War misrepresent the truth? What is the hidden agenda? Who are these people really and where did they come from as we know that the original Israel was destroyed at the time of the Roman Empire? Do some digging on that last question you might be surprised.
        Who knows Hugo might like to watch and comment on it as well.

  1. Hugo, you’re certainly not the only one who gets constantly moaned at for talking about these real issues. I get it all the time, rolled eyes, groans, stop talking bollocks, shut up, not again, etc, etc, etc. I can’t believe just how I’ll informed and uninterested people are at what is going on right in front of their eyes. I’m happy in my world, the real world and if people don’t like it they can feck off.

  2. Makes you think about I’m a celeb was that preconditioning

    • I’ve always said that. And these TV ‘presenters’ are best buddies with the ‘Royal’ family. Just goes to show who you get to meet when you sell out.

      • Check this out, what Jim Calviezel, who played Jesus in ‘The Passion of the Christ’ said a few days ago about the Hollywood ‘elite’:

        “elites and members of Hollywood are secretly killing children in order to harvest adrenochrome from their blood for psychedelic experiences, satanic rituals, and even to extend their lifespan.”

        Here’s how Caviezel explained it. “I’ll just simplify it,” he began. “When you are scared, you produce adrenaline. You’re an athlete, you get in the fourth quarter, you have adrenaline that comes out. If a child knows he’s going to die, his body will secrete this adrenaline. They have a lot of terms that they use that [Tim Ballard] takes me through, but it’s the worst horror I’ve ever seen. The screaming alone, even if I’d never, ever, ever, ever saw it, it’s beyond.”

        “These people that do it,” he paused, seeming to hold back tears. “There’ll be no mercy for them.”

      • And this is why they hang around with peodophiles, psychopaths, money launderers, murderers, pornographers/snuff film producers, and why their ‘security’ are all of this persuasion too. They’re all up to their neck in it and are in it together. And it’s a self perpetuating nightmare, because you have people like Hunter Biden engaging in horrific abuse, filming himself doing it and basically leaving it for the world to see – to PROVE he is compromised and part of the ‘club’.

  3. The only Bug I will be eating is BUG’S BUNNY

  4. Dude, people don’t believe you because you don’t provide the links to what you’re talking about. These cropped screenshots probably look fake to them because nobody can check it for yourself.

    • I agree with that. I always post a link to my comments if required. The problem is that I have had stuff ‘fact-blocked’ on FB and stuff that does get through the censorship is ridiculed by many, many sheep. Last week I posted the TRUE video of the Senate debating the Adverse Effects of the ‘vaccine’ for Convid. I got so much flak that I have given up trying to share anything that is true. We are doomed. 🙁

    • There is an old advert for Yellow Pages.
      It has a rather catchy tune, Let your fingers do the walking.
      Basically think about what you want and find it in the directory.

      Don’t believe it. Try some simple searches. Here’s one Bug Burger

      Because you are lazy for this occasion and only this one I’ll tell you what’s in it Beans, Oats and Mealworms and here is a link to mealworms

      Seems you are too lazy to try looking up stuff for yourself. What value is something if you have not worked for it. Oh hang on you just want to be spoon fed cus you are a baby.
      Go ahead and hate me, You know the truth in your own heart.

      • Dried mealworms in the UK come from China and are not for human consumption, as clearly stated on the bags. Live mealworms are from the UK and there are/used to be/ought to be better welfare involved. Defra states that poultry is not to be fed dried mealworms because they contain pathogens. Beetles are fed on rubbish as calcium – they are not meat eaters themselves but eat wheat, grains etc Apparently OK to give to wild birds – poor things. Maybe that’s why avian flu (also from China) is running amok every winter.
        So if you or anyone else still want to try them then go ahead. I think we have enough crap to deal with. I don’t hate anyone – I hate the situation we have been dealt by corrupt heads of state.

  5. This is interesting. in 1987 Schwab renamed his European Management Forum to the World Economic Forum and it is a private business, a fund-raising and lobbying operation disguised as as an NGO think tank. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of these plant based food products are owned by Unilever.

  6. Never stop Hugo 👍👍👍💪💪🕺🏻
    I said it before ,say it again you been a great help Hugo I feel personally ,,keep strong & up the good work I share & talk of this site every were I go & I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ who cares lol 😂 I am Free & appreciate people here & who are saying NO ! To this insanity 👍

    I won’t eat bugs i won’t do Feck all they want!!

    Have great evening to All & thank you Hugo


    I noticed Matt wankcock has a tan, been on holiday Matty? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. I thought they wanted non cruelty to living creatures – or is that just red blooded animals. Insects poop – there are billions of them – imagine all that carbon they give off! Insects are living things – isn’t it cruel to eat them too. I used to get dried mealworms for the birds, but as the majority of them comes from China they are full of pathogens – given what they are fed on. I would imagine those destined for human consumption would also contain the same pathogens – haven’t we had enough of those!

  9. Apologies as this is slightly off topic…I needed to vent my anger!
    Youtube censor videos that highlight the potential dangers of 5G and covid vaccines as well as videos that dont conform to the NWO-WEF-Elites agenda, yet they recommend I watch this disgusting horrid shit:
    God help humanity as it appears we are unable to help ourselves.

    • Don’t apologise, this is how we get to the truth. Whatever you put out it, it will resonate with some people and will lead to further truth.

    • They blocking stuff I try to send from brandnewtube. Can someone make them aware of this was sending over what’s app so not surprised.

      • If you put a link, it needs to be verified and can take a while. I’m still waiting for one of mine to be uploaded. It should show up eventually.

    • I agree mate. The ‘fact BLOCKERS’ at Youtube and FB are doing WEF work for them. We are f’ked. The sheep love being told what to do… 🙁

  10. Hugo, I think you are over-egging it here. Even if the ‘let’s start eating bugs’ fledgling industry is backed by global interests, it’s gonna flop. Trust me. We are not going to warm to eating bugs. The revulsion is practically hard-wired into us. Invest in the bug-eating industry if you want to – but expect to lose your shirt in the process.

    • If we are locked down on our houses and other food chains have been interrupted by cyber attacks or fuel shortages we will have no choice. They made a point to say they fit through your letter box 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Eat bugs,not against it in a survival situation. If nothing else ,sure you do what you need to survive. And it may well come to that. But I wouldn’t worry about that ,the great culling has started, they want ninety percent gone, so will only be 9% who have to get used to eating bugs. Only question is will they be genetically modified bugs by any chance???? Like bills mosquito.???

  12. There are going to be massive food shortages around the world. The grand solar minimum has already started, its going to last untill 2053. Look it up and prepare for what to come. The great rest and covid19 ties into this. That why everything is happening now. billions will die. The Grand solar minimum is here.

  13. HUGO you are awake and truthful Thank you for what you do. If people trusted and believed in God they would realise what is going on.

    What was classed as conspiracy is now truth so hold on to the truth. They have nothing to gain everything too lose. We have a Saviour

    Hope they like it hot ::::::::::::

  14. They really are a twisted sick bunch of freaks “ I can’t imagine” Bug Burgers”
    taking off” it’s one sick thing after another “ pointless sick stories “

  15. I watched a film a few months ago – can’t remember the name of it now of off the top of my head but can look it up if anyone is interested – in which the characters lived of off bugs. They collected them in a glass jar; carpet beetles, cockroaches, spiders, ants… One of them looked at the jar of which the bottom was hardly covered and said: “Yummy, this will last us a week 🙂 ” and that was to feed a family of four! Pre-conditioning, predictive-programming or what?

  16. On mexico there’s a strong ancient culture of eating some bugs and is well known it contained high protein.

  17. Bugs deserve to live just as any other species plus we need them for the planet to survive. I do like your videos Hugo. Don’t stop!

  18. Hugo, I believe many people are too lazy to research as you say, and some cannot comprehend what the powers that be want to to do us, or they have an inkling and are afraid. I won’t be eating bugs or insects.

  19. If we can, we should be applying for jobs like this. If you are capable you should be trying to get in with them, document everything and expose what is said and done at the appropriate time. Just like they have done to us, the only way we will cause real damage is by bringing them down from within. It is not going against your morals if you take these jobs for the purpose of exposing them. We should be trying to get in on all positions they offer.

  20. I’m convinced that sublimal programming is happening with the MSM despite it being illegal. All the people I knew who were previously free thinking logical people before Covid are now paranoid scared witless morons who believe the vaccine will save them from certain death! They all look down on me as a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist despite me only using tinfoil to cook with 😩.

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